How To Estimate The MeWe App Development Cost?

Would you ever believe that ‘Facebook’ is not a kingpin of social networking platforms? Well, the buzzworthy popularity of some trending socializing apps like MeWe will make you think about it again.  The moment MeWe hit 6 million active members in 2019, it created a dramatic sense of curiosity among so-called social media influencers & […]

Updated 29 January 2024

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

Would you ever believe that ‘Facebook’ is not a kingpin of social networking platforms? Well, the buzzworthy popularity of some trending socializing apps like MeWe will make you think about it again. 

The moment MeWe hit 6 million active members in 2019, it created a dramatic sense of curiosity among so-called social media influencers & users connected on its ever-growing network. It was a time when MeWe got recognition for being “the best entrepreneurial company” by Entrepreneur magazine & later announced itself as the no.1 trending social app on the Play Store.  

It’s no more a mystery that’s why people are spellbound with MeWe & its features over other social networking platforms or you can say Facebook. Knowing that the social media category is one of the most favored & trending app ideas for your business, you must think about the bright future of the MeWe app to make a profitable investment. 

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or a social media enthusiast, the obsession with social media platforms like MeWe will always steer you to more innovations & other than Facebook existing in the league. With ample no. of statistical & controversial revelations to make, the world is totally hypnotic to get familiar with the idea, strategy, & MeWe app development costs or budget marking as one of the latest technology trends. 

A noticeable alignment of Americans on the MeWe app was witnessed during last year’s presidential elections in the US. MeWe was noted as one of the most downloaded social networking platforms including Parler, Clouthub, Rumble, DuckDuckGo, & more. 

a growth graph to reflect mewe's battle for popularity

With almost zero spending on paid ads, MeWe social network made a spectacular debut in 2016 & continued to grow exponentially with a record of 9 million registered users worldwide till 2020. 

So, isn’t it worthwhile to know more about MeWe’s business strategy alongside the mobile app monetization model? Be patient as we’re yet to give a quick overview of the MeWe app. 

What is the MeWe App?

MeWe emerged as a game-changer when socializing was all about browsing timelines & sharing stories with Facebook friends. 

Designed & developed by Mark Weinstein, MeWe entered the market not only as a free social networking platform to connect but also the most promising privacy-centered socializing network with ad-free & zero manipulation of news feed content. 

MeWe’s motto i.e No ADs, No Targeting, No BS serves it a competitive differentiation from other identical yet not-so-popular social networking platforms. The CEO of the MeWe app for Android & iOS brought this revolutionary platform with these peculiar specialties:

  1. One of the members of MeWe’s advisory board, Sir Tim Berners Lee ( creator of the World Wide Web) was quoted saying, “MeWe gives the power of the Internet back to the people with a platform built for collaboration and privacy.” in news coverage by PRNewswire
  2. MeWe secures its “Privacy Bills of Rights” to ensure guaranteed & unbiased control over the data, newsfeed, & privacy of the users. 
  3. MeWe’s strict “Terms of Services” promise protection from misguiding practices. 
  4. The ideology of #Not4Sale is prioritized by MeWe to restrict the distribution of member data to marketers or third parties. 
  5. MeWe holds the pride of being called the ‘future of social networks that gained traction with maximum ‘Trump supporters’ during the U.S. presidential elections in 2020. 

People who are fed up with privacy abuses, online bullying, hate speech, promoted & provoking political agendas, or biased content on one particular social media platform are abruptly migrating to MeWe as an alternative to Facebook. 

Now when you’ve realized the positive points of getting a clone MeWe app then you can confidently go ahead with this superb business idea of mobile app development for startups

The question of MeWe app development costs will arise once you get started with your project. However, it will be a more sensible approach if you follow a strategic roadmap to make a precise estimation of the funds needed for full-cycle mobile app development & strategy

Top Factors Influencing The Cost Of MeWe App Development 

The popularity stats of MeWe have already agitated the ongoing digital transformation trends.  Today, this award-winning social media app holds a user base of 16 million users across the globe & there is a massive hike in the number of user signups. 

Let’s step ahead from these figures as the majority of business entities are eagerly waiting to fund their cross-platform app development project for MeWe-like social networking platforms. 

If you’re planning to fund your social media app then do consider these factors to determine the cost of MeWe app development:

  1. Type of App
  2. A team of dedicated developers 
  3. Location of the development service provider
  4. App Designing 
  5. Q/A testing & maintenance 

Now set your eyes on the below elaboration of each of these factors:

Type Of App

The ground-breaking MeWe app holds a lot of exemplary features & functionalities that mark out its persona from other traditional social networking apps. 

The cost of MeWe app development differs from the parameters of type & features which together add to the complexity & elongation of the mobile app development lifecycle

When it comes to creating clone social media apps, the estimated cost to launch the MeWe app depends on these perimeters:

  1. Data, features, storage requirements, & APIs to be integrated into the development process.  
  2. Time, effort, & resources to be used in cloning social media apps like MeWe.
  3. The type of app you choose to create from basic, data-driven, authentication, on-demand,  social media, IoT/Wearable/other hardware-based apps, & different categories. 

While working on such projects, most developers may need a guide to API development to catch the real essence of cloning the MeWe alternative to Facebook.  

The estimated cost of MeWe app development comes into the bracket of $80,000 to 250,000 while it will take more than 7 months to complete this project as per the mobile app development timeline guide.

Team Of Dedicated Developers 

The impact of the pandemic left app creators in the misery of how to manage remote developers as it was very challenging to monitor their work progress efficiently. However, the majority of reputed technology firms managed to cope with the situation as they continued their operations even during the worst days of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The present scenario contributes to bringing a lot of ifs and buts in the minds of aspiring appreneurs as the charges of hiring mobile app developers greatly influence the overall cost of launching a MeWe app.  

Not all business owners know how to hire a mobile app development team & there is no reason to hesitate for this. One definitely chooses the best team of professionals to code a powerful MeWe app for Android & iOS at any renowned mobile app development agency that serves quality with these benefits:

  1. On-time delivery of projects with guaranteed satisfaction & quality.
  2. Round-the-clock availability of the backend team for client support
  3. A team of dedicated strategists, project managers, designers, programmers, & testers on board.
  4. Regular reporting on project progress.
  5. Transparency in pricing models & payment process. 

The hourly rates of hiring a dedicated developer at any mobile app development service provider vary according to the project requirements. You can consider choosing a freelancer to cut down the overall MeWe app development costs if you can risk your project with uncertainties in the aforementioned 5 factors to look out for before hiring mobile apps. 

Location Of The Development Service Provider 

Well, it’s your sole decision either to hire an independent mobile app designing & development company or a freelancer to outsource your project. But do you have any idea about how to outsource app development for building apps like MeWe?

Let’s give you a brief on estimating the MeWe app development cost when you’ve got a team of offshore developers to handle your project. As far as the charges of hiring a dedicated staff of project managers, UI/UX designers, developers, & QA testers is taken into consideration, they vary with the location of their availability. Check out the cost differences below:

  1. The charges of hiring a project manager in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, & India vary b/w $90-$100, $55-$65, $35-$45, & $30-$40 respectively. 
  2. The costs of appointing dedicated developers in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, & India are marked b/w $60-$80, $45-$65, $30-$40, & $25-$35 respectively.
  3. The rates of getting UI/UX app designers in regions of North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, & India are marked within the brackets of $50-$70, $40-$60, $50-$60, & $20-$30 respectively. 
  4. And at last, the margin for the cost of hiring QA experts to test mobile app usability remains between $70-$90 in North America, $45-$55 in Western Europe, $30-$40 in Eastern Europe, & $25-$30 in India. 

Technology Stack To Be Used 

Another aspect of calculating the cost of MeWe app development emphasizes the technology & platforms you choose for your social media app. Like other best-rated social networking & instant messaging platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., social networking apps like MeWe are also inspired by technology trends in 2021.   

Choosing the best-suited platform (Android or iOS) & technology or framework (cross-platform or hybrid & PWA) is a crucial factor to cut down MeWe app development costs. Let’s bring some clarity over the technological impact on the estimated cost of creating a clone social media app like MeWe:

  1. The average charges of native app development for iOS & Android platforms are estimated to vary b/w $150K to $250K & $200K-$350K respectively. 
  2. The react native app development costs for building MeWe alternative to Facebook as a cross-platform social networking app are determined to differ from $150K-$300K.
  3. Be confident when you choose the right technology stack for your mobile app as your budget greatly depends on this factor. 

App Designing 

Isn’t it interesting to know that what makes MeWe distinguished among dozens of social networking apps? The credit goes to its user interface designers who prioritized using top mobile app UI design trends to justify how MeWe is different from other social apps.  

For crafting a simple design with minimal elements, a designer will charge you between $5000-$7000 while this price range will increase to vary b/w $10,000 to $15,000 for designing a social media app like MeWe with medium complexities. 

In case, if you’re are eying the must-have features in the MeWe app then its UI/UX design will cost you around $25,000 due to high complexity.   

Testing & Maintenance Costs

Lastly, the approximate pricing of availing full-fledged outsource app development services for innovating next-gen social networking platforms like MeWe will involve the charges of QA testing alongside app maintenance costs

Here comes to the end of a list that highlights major parameters to determine the cost to launch the MeWe app. 

Wait, there are still a lot more things to discuss on MeWe app development costs. Go ahead with the next section to discover them!

Features To Consider For MeWe Development Cost Estimation

To get a clear picture of the cost of developing a clone MeWe app, you must explore some of its exclusive features or offerings that make it stand apart from other existing social networking platforms. 

Always keep the following points in mind in order to interpret accurate MeWe app development costs estimation as there are several social media apps with identical features & functionalities.

  1. User registration & Profile creation
  2. Signup/Login & user Authentication
  3. Instant messaging
  4. User search 
  5. UI/UX design 

Let’s share a short description of these important features in MeWe app:

User Registration & Profile creation 

When you’re ahead to determine the estimated cost to launch the MeWe app, you must not neglect this particular feature at any point. 

Like every trending mobile app category, social networking platforms like MeWe feature simple & single-step user registration. Once a user is done with the registration process, the next screen for profile creation further opens up to add personal details including name, profile picture, address, gender, email address, contact, birth date, bio, & other info to get identified. 

Signup/Login & User Authentication

The first-hand rule to succeed with your expectations from the future MeWe app development goes around easy & secure log-in or signup features. 

The building block of clone social media apps of MeWe must be based on the privacy & data of users. Incorporating a solid architecture for user authorization can influence MeWe app development costs up to a great extent but it’s a significant step to enhance mobile app security keeping all interventions at bay.

A simple user authentication procedure through easy signup or login with a contact number or email address works well in the context of secure access to the social media account. 

Instant Messaging

Messaging remains at the top of the most important features of any social networking app. This will definitely make you wonder how to build an app like Clubhouse which is a popular audio-chat social media platform. 

From chatting to sharing media files, emojis, stickers, Gifs, & other interesting stuff to interact with, the fun of instant messaging compliments the need for MeWe app development. 

End-to-end encryption of messages with social networking apps like MeWe dissolves cybersecurity challenges that are worth including in the MeWe app development costs.  

Advanced search option boosts the usability of your app no matter what’s the purpose behind its development. 

Therefore, make sure to include a filtered search function to let users find their friends, groups, or any community of their interests. 

UI/UX Design 

Ever heard about the best UX techniques to follow? While determining the cost to launch a MeWe app, developers are seriously concerned about the user interface design as that’s a major attribute to make it unique. 

Make sure to give an aesthetic touch with an appealing look to the entire interface of your clone MeWe app. 

Don’t forget to explore more interesting features of MeWe app!

What About Using MeWe For Business Promotion?

We’ve described plentiful factors impacting the MeWe app development costs till now. Aren’t you inquisitive to know how can MeWe be free and make money? Read this section to find your answer!

To confirm the need for MeWe app development, every startup or growing business must get insights into the user base & revenue share of this social networking app. The business model of MeWe targets small enterprises & startups with a series of promotional benefits.

Why Choose MeWe? 

While marketing on other MeWe alternatives to Facebook is expensive, this social media network brings a platform to expand your market reach with more opportunities to advertise your brand among worldwide users. 

MeWe app was witnessed to drive 60% of traffic from international regions with 35% of active members. In addition to this, it was awarded as the most innovative social media company in 2020 by a leading listing site i.e The Fast Company.  

Here are more facts & figures that will encourage you to find out how MeWe makes money & how your business can earn profits on this eminent social networking platform:

  1. MeWe’s freemium revenue model gives access to its basic features with options to purchase subscriptions for advanced social media experience. That’s how free app make money to multiply their revenues. 
  2. MeWe’s mobile app monetization model includes premium enhancements for additional features at a monthly payment of $3.99 for extra storage, $1.99 for live voice, & $1.99 for MeWe journals.  
  3. The advantage of the paid feature in the MeWe app brings relevant posts & content to every target follower without highlighting them unnecessarily. Its recent update for the MeWe Pro version initiates a cut-throat competition b/w this social networking platform & Slack. 

Let’s compare MeWe & Slack before you pop up a big question i.e. how much does the Slack app cost midway while determining the MeWe app development costs?

Steps To Promote Your Brand With MeWe

From the perspective of the user base, it’s undeniable to say that Facebook is a winner with a billion users across the global nations while MeWe’s subscription-based network is still scattering to connect people. 

But it’s a matter of fact that businesses are more opportune to get promotional benefits on apps like MeWe in comparison with Facebook. So, are you ready to make it to the top tech upgrades for business?

Here are some MeWe tips & tricks for result-driven business promotion:

  1. Install the MeWe app for Android/iOS or visit its website & create your account to get registered in a couple of minutes. 
  2. Explore the news feed which is completely distinctive from Facebook but works in a similar way. All the buttons, gestures, likes, comment sections, & other elements of the home screen will simplify how to MeWe.
  3. Join MeWe groups to meet your target audience from a specific location & with similar interests. This will take your marketing campaign in the right direction! You can also create your own business group for advertising purposes.
  4. MeWe charge businesses for creating their pages as there is no other way to promote your brand there. Unlike Facebook, you’ve to pay for your business page on clone social networking apps like MeWe.
  5. Make a smart MeWe marketing strategy to generate maximum revenues from your advertising investments.  

What Makes MeWe An Anti-Facebook App?

MeWe has been capturing millions with a drastic surge in its user base over the last three years. The battle is on as it’s observed with an unmistakable shift of users to MeWe alternative to Facebook. 

MeWe has itself approved its rivalry by admitting its ‘Anti-Facebook’ theories with pride over its privacy-centric services. 

While people are accusing Facebook & other social media platforms of privacy abuse & restricted opinions, the emergence of MeWe alternate to Facebook got in the talks of the town. 

MeWe vs Facebook, an unbiased comparison b/w the two rivals

Take a look at some differences where MeWe dominates Facebook to mark its victory as the future of social networking platforms. 

Key Takeaways To Create Social Networking App Like MeWe With Appventurez

The need for MeWe app development upscales the demand for highly skilled & talented social media app developers who can handle your project proficiently. 

The only way to stand out in a cluster of social networking platforms is presenting a secure, user-centric, free, & privacy-based mechanism for people who are hunting for a safe and reliable platform to share their opinions & find unaltered content of their interests. 

If you’re the one who is juggling b/w certain dilemmas for the MeWe app development costs then we’ve got the right solutions to clear up your mind. We at Appventurez are not only innovating apps but also empowering startups & emerging businesses to multiply their profits with impactful mobile app strategies for social media as well as other trending business categories. 

Social media is a future & we’re visionaries for its transformation! Join us.


Q. Who is using MeWe currently?

MeWe users are everywhere! In fact, celebrities, politicians, & many popular names are active on social media apps like MeWe to share their points of view on this “free speech” platform. Not only Americans but more & more people from other countries are also switching to the MeWe alternative to Facebook, ditching Mark Zuckerberg’s social media network for privacy violations & news feed manipulation.

Q. How does MeWe clone app kill privacy concerns with users?

MeWe was once featured at a second position on the Apple app store & today, it presents a network of 16 million users all across the world. The secret behind the abrupt rise in MeWe’s user base is data security & strict privacy policies to restrict data manipulation. Even the founder of MeWe gave a statement, “Haters, bullies, lawbreakers, and people promoting threats and violence are not welcome. The MeWe Trust and Safety Team work hard every day to remove them.” The clone apps of the MeWe app are inspired by the idea of presenting a platform where people can embrace privacy & freedom of speech with no interruption from provoking & harassing parties. MeWe erases false information, hate messages, irrelevant political propaganda, & almost every information that can misguide its members. The feature in MeWe empowers users to participate in polls & share their opinions without being judged by users.

Q. What is MeWe secret chat?

The premium subscription of MeWe app comes with a secret chat feature that restricts others to access messages in the inbox. Apart from secret chat, some of the unique features of MeWe Pro include ‘my cloud’ from cloud app development, voice integration, MeWe journals, Universal tagging, Authentic user profiles, dual-camera videos, & more.

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