Why Should You Outsource App Development?

Mobile apps have proven to be the core pillar of business success. They have offered a plethora of opportunities to both the business leaders and their target audience – an outcome of which is that almost every startup and established brand is investing in trending app ideas for businesses that are raising the competition in […]

Updated 23 January 2024

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

Mobile apps have proven to be the core pillar of business success. They have offered a plethora of opportunities to both the business leaders and their target audience – an outcome of which is that almost every startup and established brand is investing in trending app ideas for businesses that are raising the competition in the market To beat the competition and gain other advantages, various companies included Slack, Skype, Whatsapp, and Basecamp have invested in the outsource app development approach.

But, is the same possible in the case of your brand too? Will you be able to enjoy a competitive advantage with this approach?

Let’s find out answers to all such questions in this article, starting with a few mobile app statistics proving how this approach of hiring a team overseas is helping to make the best of the mobile market.

Statistics Representing the Outsource App Development Market

Statistics about Outsourcing Market

  1. The global outsourcing market grew from $45.6 to $85.6 Bn between the period of 2000 and 2018, and it is predicted to cross $409 Bn by the year 2022.
  2. More than 2.4 million jobs have been outsourced from the United States in the last decade.
  3. 2 out of 5 CIOs aim toward how outsourcing app development needs
  4. When asked about the reason behind outsourcing, 59% said cost-cutting 57% declared time-saving, and 47% claimed business capacity issues as the prime reason.
  5. 78% of businesses admitted having a positive relationship with their outsourcing companies.
  6. Outsourcing has proven to save 60% of overhead costs
  7. The process can boost productivity and competitiveness by 10- to 100 times.
  8. Since the Great Recession, 57% of firms have increased their investment in outsourcing and 34% of them have revamped their outsourcing agreements, while only 9% of them have terminated their services and brought jobs back to the USA.

With this, we have taken a quick outlook of what is the present scenario of the Outsourcing app development market that will lead to tech upgrades for businesses
. But, what are the reasons behind these whopping numbers? What makes the Outsourcing approach so popular? Let’s find out the reasons behind this in the next section of the article.

8 Reasons You Should Outsource Your App Needs

There are several reasons why a startup or established brand chooses outsourcing over an in-house app development approach. Some of the common reasons are:-

Reasons why outsource app development is getting popular

More Options

When you plan to build an application in-house, you have a single pool of talent. You have to look into what your team is expert at, and what resources are available to you before planning to turn your vision into a functional application.

However, there is no such constraint in the case of Outsourcing. The approach provides you with an opportunity to interact with professionals from different parts of the world and determine who can provide you with trending app ideas. This implies you have more choices with you when it comes to deciding who will work on your app idea.


In the case of In-house application development, you have to hire experts, avail them of the requisite resources, pay salaries, run the business with a distributed agile team
. You have to ensure that they do not leave in between the development process and even have to hire an expert for help when they encounter a challenge.

But, when it comes to outsourcing, you get an escape from all such expenses. You just have to pay for the offshore app development cost and wait for the project to be delivered – an impact of which is that 59% of companies are embracing the outsourcing application development approach these days.

Ease of Time Management

One of the main outsourcing software development benefits is that it helps you to manage your time effectively. While the outsourced developers handle all the tasks associated with developing a mobile application and ensure that the app project is delivered to you at the stipulated time, you can focus on other related tasks including market research, competitive analysis, and how to promote an app. And, in this way, make a remarkable entry into the mobile market.

Lower Risk

When talking about how to create mobile app development strategies, the process comes with a certain amount of risks, including consumer behavior, competition, financial conditions, government regulations, and more. While an in-house mobile app development team might be unfamiliar with all these, an outsourced app development provider would have comprehensive knowledge about these factors. This will lower the risk and help you to relish effective app development services.

Better Efficiency

Not only development, but various outsourcing application development companies deliver you the best solutions in terms of market research, designing, mobile app launch checklist, and promotion. They provide you with insights to beat the competition and gain maximum revenue. Besides, they also encourage you to employ different management tools and ensure that all the work is done smoothly and efficiently.

Impeccable Security

The best app outsourcing companies not only keep themselves abreast with the latest and useful security tools and techniques but also provide you with detailed information about legal documentation and how NDA works (Non-disclosure agreement)
. This will make it possible for you to consider the best security approach for your application and deliver a secure experience to your target user base.

Real-Time Assistance

Unlike In-house where the team works for a fixed 8 hours, the outsourcing application development service providers make themselves available 24×7 even when residing in different time zones. This provides you with an opportunity to ask for any query or suggestion at any point in time and get the best outputs delivered.

Freedom from Licenses and Tools

Last but not least, the approach for how to finalize app development company that delivers outsourcing services is that you get rid of responsibilities associated with licenses and tools. You neither have to watch out for the expiry date of any tool/license nor have to focus on the related conditions and the ways to fulfill them.

So, these are the reasons why outsourcing app development is getting a huge momentum in the marketplace in the present scenario.

While these benefits are enough to make the decision to outsource your app needs, let’s determine what the future holds and thus, take a step that reaps higher benefits in the future also.

Future Scope of Outsourcing Application Development

The outsourced app development trend will continue to grow in the coming years as a new normal for software development companies. More and more businesses will look forward to embracing the approval over in-house app build and ensure higher outcomes – proof of which is that 70% of companies are expected to consider outsourcing in the coming years while the global outsourcing company is predicted to generate a revenue of around $409 Bn by the year 2022.

Now that we have looked into what are the benefits of considering outsourcing an app development approach and what the future holds, it is likely that you would be excited to hire the best software development partner.

To amp up the level of your excitement, let us look into what brands have gained huge momentum in the marketplace by investing in outsourcing approach:

Brands who owe their success to outsourcing approach

With this attended to, let’s wrap up this article by looking into how to outsource app development to the right company.

Factors That Will Help to Select the Right Outsourcing App Partner

Though there is no definite answer to how to outsource app development, here are some of the factors that can help with making the most profitable choice:-

Factors to consider when outsourcing App Development needs


The very first factor you need to consider when choosing an outsourcing app development company is the location they are based out of. This is because location differences can bring a drastic difference in your time zone, official languages, weather conditions, legal practices, and most importantly, in the cost of outsourcing app development. So, check for the location of the company first.


Not all IT sourcing companies have vast experience in developing mobile apps. So, ask them different questions to test their knowledge and ensure that you pick the right partner – rather than blindly trusting their words.

Market Knowledge

The mobile market is progressively growing – resulting in a drastic change in the programming languages, technologies, and tools to consider during the development process. In a scenario like this, it is necessary to connect with a team that is well-versed in what’s trending in the market and has expertise in overcoming mobile app development challenges. Otherwise, you might end up developing an outdated mobility solution.

Brand Reputation

Various outsourced mobile application development agencies lure clients with the cheapest deal and plethora of services but go alien just the moment they get the payment. Or, deliver low-quality solutions in return for their efforts.

To ensure that you do not fall into the claws of any such company, invest time in evaluating their reputation – starting from B2B review and rating platforms like AppFutura and Clutch.


While every outsourced mobile app developer will say good things about their app quality, it’s the portfolio that can help you get a clear idea. So, go through their portfolio and if possible, try all the live applications designed by them. This will give you a sound knowledge of the type of app you will be delivered with and the popularity your app will gain.

[In case you wish to know what types of apps we have developed so far, check our portfolio from here.]

Resources Availability

Another thing to consider before outsourcing app development is the availability of resources within the company. That implies, getting clarity on whether they have a complete team who will be dedicated to your app project and which tech stack for mobile app they will pick. This is because the absence of proper resources can result in project delays, and miscommunication and ruin the quality of your application in the long run.

App Development Approach

When it comes to the mobile app development approach, some rely upon Agile to embrace flexibility in making changes in their development plan as per the change in market trends, others go with the traditional Waterfall approach where you have to begin from scratch every time. So, pay attention to this factor while hiring an outsourced iOS app development company.

Security and Testing Considerations

Considering the growing risks of data breaches in apps, looking into the level of testing and steps to enhance mobile app security efforts the teams put into the app-building process is also crucial. So, take time to learn about the security practices they follow and the tools they employ.

Communication Mode

Considering the changing digital transformation trends and customer behavior, you must remain in touch with your mobile app outsourcing company throughout the process. That implies it is necessary to remain in touch with each other throughout the day and night to ensure that you both are on the same page. It is important to remain connected to share your concerns and suggestions and get your mobile app development life cycle modified accordingly in real-time in this way, increases the chances of your project being a success in the market.

So, don’t forget to watch out for this factor while selecting your outsourcing app partner.  And, if you are hiring a company from another location, make sure that the time zone difference does not become a barrier in your communication flow. That means, look forward to selecting an agency that is ready to interact with you despite the differences in your time zone.


Though often overlooked, NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) is also a crucial part of the mobile application development process. It helps to bring your deal to the legal front and reduce the risk of getting your idea stolen or misused by any means. It also helps to stay away from companies who do not share the source code of your application at the time of delivery, making it impossible for you to get an idea of app maintenance cost and update services from any other company.

So, look forward to requesting the outsourcing development process to a mobile app agency that encourages the idea of signing an NDA.

Mobile App Development Services

Another factor to consider before hiring an app development outsourcing agency is the set of services they offer. This is because while some companies offer only specific services, others provide a complete package of services making your journey from getting an app idea to making it go viral seamless.

App Development Timeline and Budget

With the growing competition in the mobile market, it is necessary to make an entry at the earliest and focus on various other factors besides development which includes competitive analysis and app promotion. So, select a company that offers exceptional services at the shortest mobile app development timeline and the lowest outsourced app development cost.

While we covered everything that you need to know about outsourcing your app needs in this article, feel free to contact our mobile app developers for any further queries or to get our outsourced app development services.

Outsource App Development Infographics

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

Ajay Kumar has 15+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, project management, and team handling. He has technical expertise in software development and database management. He currently directs the company’s day-to-day functioning and administration.

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