• Android App Development

    AppVenturez develops the best user friendly android applications that will boost your business with the latest technology at an optimum cost. While developing an app for you, we will consider all the important aspects such as latest trend, future developments and smooth running of the application. Our team of developers is skilled in the basic programming languages like Kotlin, Java and hybrid programming languages like ionic, flutter and reactjs. Be it gaming, healthcare, social media, sports, utility, entertainment, travel, education, lifestyle or any other industry, we provide our app development services to all.

    • Native Android App
    • Custom Android App
    • Android Tablet App
    • Android Games
    • Android app Upgrade
    • Android Wearable apps
    • Android Support & Maintenance
    • Upgrade and Migrate existing iPhone Apps
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  • iOS App Development

    When it comes to iPhone App development, there is a requirement to study thoroughly, train continuously, hone core skills and extensive experience. At AppVenturez, we have successfully worked with businesses and enterprise clients and provided complete satisfaction with our work. We proudly say that we emphasise on human interface guidelines for best user interaction and don’t compromise on data privacy and securely deliver uninterrupted iOS apps to iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch and iPad.

    We are appreciated for delivering consistently over short periods with the right experience to our clients.

    • Custom iPhone Apps Development
    • Custom iOS App Design
    • Apple iPad App
    • iPhone Games Development
    • iOS App QA and Testing
    • iPhone Social Networking Applications
    • iPhone Apps Testing and Porting
    • iPhone Support and Maintenance
    • Upgrade and Migrate existing iPhone Apps
    • iPhone eCommerce Applications
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  • Web Development

    AppVenturez provides trustworthy HTML5 development services to various industry verticals which makes it a reputed name in India and the USA. By using the latest best HTML5 tools like Ember.js, AngularJS, SproutCore and PhoneGap, we build the highly creative and innovative solutions for different platforms and devices.

    • Custom HTML5 Design & Development
    • HTML5 Website Development
    • HTML5 Application Development
    • HTML5 Mobile App Development
    • HTML5 and CSS3 Development
    • HTML5 Plugin Development
    • Silverlight to HTML5 Migration
    • PSD to HTML5 Conversions
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  • Cross-Platform Development

    Cross platform is an idea that a software app or product can work smoothly on many digital platforms such as both on Apple and Microsoft platforms. There are multiple platforms these days and because of their existence, cross platform development has become an essential part of our work AppVenturez.

    • Xamarin
    • React Native
    • Ionic
    • Phonegap
    • Titanium
    • Corona
    • Appcelerator
    • Sencha Ext JS
    • MonoCross
    • Adobe Build
    • Kony
    • Convertigo
    • NativeScript
    • RhoMobile Suite
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  • UI UX Design

    We always focus on design-driven development which ensures that we deliver a meaningful product to the users. Keeping your needs and demands as a priority we form a passionate team of designers and developers that makes sure you get what you dreamed of. We don’t ask users what they want, we understand what they need.

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe After effects
    • Adobe Experience design
    • Sketch App
    • FIgma
    • Flinto
    • Marvel
    • Invision
    • Balsmiq
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  • Node js Development

    The recent technological advancements are focusing on unifying the web app development into a single programming language and that is ‘JavaScript’. Our team at AppVenturez, is highly skilled and has an expert hand in Node JS API development which allows clients to handle high-speed data. We use Node JS to develop high performing web applications.

    • Node.js API Development and Integration
    • NodeJS CMS Development
    • Node.js Server Side Development
    • Node.js Web App Development
    • Node.js Packages Development
    • Node.js Plugin Development
    • Custom Node.js Application Development
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  • iOT App Development

    By establishing an IoT ecosystem, we will ensure a smart home device control giving people access to control every device at one place. Our IoT home automation solution allows clients to control music, lights, temperature, videos via smart devices, keypads and touch panels.

    • Node.js API Development and Integration
    • NodeJS CMS Development
    • Node.js Server Side Development
    • Node.js Web App Development
    • Node.js Packages Development
    • Node.js Plugin Development
    • Custom Node.js Application Development
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  • Cloud App Development

    Amazon Web Services being the best provider to move the workload from infrastructure to the AWS cloud, we have built a team who are AWS certified experts and have been working in Auto Scaling, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon VPC, Amazon SNS, Elastic load balancing, Amazon RDS, Backup and Recovery, Amazon EBS, etc for quite some time. With this experience in AWS, our team will be perfect for customization to increase your cloud capabilities.

    • AWS Mobile Services
    • AWS Application deployment services
    • AWS Business apps solutions
    • Business model integration
    • Server & App Solution Management
    • Enterprise IT App from AWS
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  • Ruby on Rails Development

    We like working with the best new technology available. At the time of this writing, we are using Rails 3.2 on Ruby 1.9.3 as our development platform of choice. We have used MySQL 5, MongoDB with rails application for client projects. We have experience with PostgreSQL as well. Our team is very experienced in web services development. We have used sinatra in api development. We use devise and oauth 2.0 to provide authentication and security to api end-points. Yes, we have implemented gcm_on_rails and apn_on_rails gems for it. We prefer to use the best tool for the job. Sinatra is a wonderful, light-weight Ruby-based platform. It works through RACK on either the Nginx or Apache web servers. For general development, however, Rails tends to provide more long-term flexibility. We prefer to use Rails, unless there are clear performance reasons to use a smaller framework.

    • Web and Application servers
    • Agile practices, particularly test-driven development
    • Ruby on Rails Ajax , Testing , Web 2.0 app
    • Ruby on Rails 2.2,3.0,3.1,3.2,4.2
    • Payment Gateway Integration in Rails
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle
    • HTML5/CSS3, XHTML Publishing skills
    • JavaScript & libraries: Jquery, MooTools, Prototype, etc
    • Active record, Merb, Datamapper Frameworks
    • Mootools, Lucene, Solr Technologies
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  • Wearable App Development

    Strategizing, designing, development and deployment- AppVenturez is the one for your Wearable app development. We provide best services for all types of smart watches such as Apple, Android or any fitness tracker apps by turning your ideas into ground reality. Wearable apps are in for a long time and we can guarantee to develop solutions to extend ubiquitous wearables for enhanced user experience.

    • IOT-based Wearable Apps
    • Wearable Healthcare Apps & Utility Apps
    • Augmented Reality Apps for Wearables
    • Wearables for Entertainment and Games
    • Wearable Apps for iOS and Android
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  • Smart TV App development

    The television box has evolved a lot over time. Now it has become a Smart TV which has everything you’ll ever need for entertainment. AppVenturez gives you the innovative solutions for your smart TV app development. We develop apps for Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, LG Smart TV, Chromecast, Vizlo Smart TV that serve the demands of gaming, music, entertainment, food and e-learning platforms. We have provided products for payment gateways, video calling, chatting, live streaming, mobile and TV interaction apps by extending 3rd party tools.

    • Amazon Fire TV App Development
    • Android TV App Development
    • Tizen TV
    • Chromecast App Development
    • Apple TV App Development
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  • VR & AR App development

    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two very important parts of digital world. AR developers at AppVenturez have distinct technical skills who can build a high quality AR for both customer and business projects. We also have an innovative Virtual Reality developers team that can evolve the jejune apps into those aesthetic VR experience. Our experts will enchant the users with their VR solutions which will multiply your ROI.

    We are an innovative VR app development company that transforms the mundane apps to those that provide seamless Virtual Reality experience. Our expert UI/UX designers and app developers explore the inert potential of VR technology to enthrall users and multiply your ROI.

    • AR: Vuforia, Google Tango, Windows Holographic APIs, ARKit, ARCore
    • VR: Oculus Platform, WebVR
    • Game Engines: Unity, Unreal
    • AR: Microsoft HoloLens, Epson Moverio Glasses, Google Cardboard, Google Glass
    • VR: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream View, PSVR, Fove VR, Star VR, Windows 10 VR
    • Consoles: PS Vita
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  • AI, ML Development

    Artificial Intelligence is said to be the future of mankind that can replicate the human intelligence. It is beyond saying how useful AI is for businesses and enterprises. AppVenturez can help you in building some amazing AI softwares, virtual assistants or agents that will understand and translate the human behavior to support and enrich user’s experience. We create AI apps that can use the benefits of machine learning which allows machines to self-learn data.

    • Image Processing
    • IoT Text Analysis
    • Data Analysis
    • Data Visualization
    • Data Mining
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  • Unity App Development

    Unity for game developers is what photoshop is for media. If you want to reach a huge audience then hire a game developer who is an expert in Unity3D so that you can release your content worldwide. The future is in the hands of game developers and the audience is huge with 25 platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Facebook.

    The future of gaming and entertainment lies in virtual reality and augmented reality. The Unity3D engine supports development for major VR platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony Playstation VR and Gear VR. Work with a Unity3D game development company to launch your product on multiple platforms all at once, without having to code for each device separately. This reduces the time-frame of the development cycle and paves the way for faster releases.

    A tool that can be used for both 2D and 3D development, Unity3D lets you create games and apps with high-quality graphics and engaging features. We offer high-quality Unity mobile game development services for each and every game genre.

    • Action & Adventure
    • Trivia & Puzzle
    • RPG & Arcade
    • Casino-Poker
    • Educational Games
    • Single & Multiplayer Games
    • Board Game
    • MMORPG & RTS
    • Simulation
    • Augmented Reality (AR)
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  • Big Data

    With the extensive need of data in IT sector, proper management of the emerging big data is becoming essential. Our Big Data solutions and services will allow you to handle the data without any fuss. We provide you the comfort of easy sorting, pattern identification, scanning data, updating, analysing and transferring the data with ease. Big Data has become the competitive advantage in the market and thus an asset for the companies. All you need is the perfect blend of expertise and experience and you will have yourself the best Big Data manager.

    • Consulting & Development
    • Big Data Batch Processing
    • Real Time Data Processing
    • Data Storage & Playback
    • Real Time Data Analytics
    • Mobile Push Notifications
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  • Blockchain

    Our reliable Blockchain consulting and development services has always proven to be fully secured and useful to our clients. The experts at AppVenturez dispense their best knowledge so that the clients experience a smooth implementation of blockchain to enhance their overall business functionality and security. We customize the development modules as per the client’s specific needs and requirements.

    • Cryptocurrency Development
    • Blockchain Consulting & Development
    • Decentralized Blockchain App Development
    • Private Blockchain Development
    • Smart Contract Development
    • Smart Contract Audit
    • POC Development
    • Hyperledger Development
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  • Data Science

    We help businesses with our knowledge and expertise on data science to make smart choices. To make the right decisions, unbiased and accurate data is important. By providing our clients the right analytical services we help them gain valuable insights to determine possibilities. With the technique of quantitative database, deep learning and modern technologies that we provide, our clients will always get an upper hand over the competitors.

    • Services using R
    • Data Services using Python
    • Big Data Processing with Hadoop
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  • ibeacon

    AppVenturez is also known as the best ibeacon app development company because of its extensive knowledge on the same. We understand how to use the power that ibeacon provides using BLE. We only believe in providing our clients the best in the market because that is how we grow. Our strong dedication is towards providing not only content but also closeness to the physical world.

    • Mobile Payments
    • Indoor navigations & maps
    • Vehical tracking
    • Providing information on location
    • Discount notifications
    • Document transfer
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