How Much Does it Cost to Develop an E-Learning App like BYJU’s?

The average cost of an e-learning app like BYJU’s depends on different factors including the features of the app as well as the payment gateways integrated into it.

Updated 31 January 2024

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

BYJU’s, as an e-learning app, has carved a niche in the education industry. What makes the app different from others in the market are its futuristic features that have made learning seamless and enjoyable for the students. 

With a user retention rate of over 85%, it has become a perfect example of how to develop an educational app that is cost-efficient. Notably, the average cost of developing an e-learning app like BYJU’s can go up from $10,000 to 30,000, depending on the number of Byju’s app features integrated. 

However, before we dive further into the cost, let’s understand the breakdown and what factors affect the development cost of an e-learning apps like BYJU’s. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an E-Learning App like Byju’s

E-learning apps like Byju’s are altering the way students are opting to learn. With the growing market trends, there are various factors that affect the development of an e-learning app that is integrated with advanced features and functionalities. Some of the factors are:

Mobile Platform

Cross-platform apps can aid you in getting higher reach and thus more revenue. The E-learning app BYJU’s is one of the successful examples of cross-platform app development as its availability on both iOS and Android platforms resulted in BYJU’s revenue graph increament over the years. Take a look at BYJU’s growth chart below. 

byjus revenue

App Design

An attractive and user-friendly design is significant for the byjus success factor in order to build long-term relationships and increase retention with the users. It might seem like the design elements are expensive but the unparalleled advantage will help the app and the business in the long run.

Multiple Payment Gateways

It becomes important to provide multiple payment options to the users to enhance their experience while using the app. This will require the implementation of the different payment servers for the seamless functioning of the application.

Software integrated into the app

The inclusion of third-party apps software, and services will influence the overall cost of the app. While developing an education app, it becomes important to properly use the appropriate elements in the app. A reliable education app development company will not only provide quality services but will also guide you through the best software that will enhance user engagement on the app.

Developers hired for the app development

The selection of app developers for quality education app development services can contribute immensely to the success of the app. Even if one wants to hire a company or a freelance developer, the research of the developers should be done thoroughly, as the expertise of a freelancer might vary even though it might cost less. The development cost varies across diverse locations and greatly affects the overall development cost.

educational app development services

Features & Functionalities

The absolute application size will rely upon the number of features and functionalities incorporated into the e-learning app development. It may be video exercises, digital book tributes, chatbot development services to automate the responses for queries, or payment offices.


byjus app featuresMaintenance of the app

After deployment services are significant for the success of any application which makes them an important factor affecting the cost of app development. There should be regular updates and marketing of the app features that will enhance the richness while also addressing the issues raised by the users.

Explaining the Cost-Breakdown of Developing an E-Learning App 

The cost of E-Learning app development depends on its size & complexity. In addition, the developer’s location and the number of hours that will be contributed to develop the application play an important role in deciding on application development costs.

  • Technical documentation: 42- 50 hours (average cost of $850 to $1800)
  • UI and UX design: 70-80 hours (average cost $1,200 to $2,700)
  • Front and Back-end development: 450 hours (average cost of $8000- $18,000)
  • Testing: 80-85 hours (average cost of $1500 – $2800)

A reasonable app or a simple replica of Byju’s learning app with a limited number of features may cost up to $10,000 to $30,000 (if submitted to a local mobile app development company) and the charges can extend up to $45,000 in case the app developed is feature-rich, complex and is driven by high-quality standards. The ultimate cost, however, may vary depending on the additional premium features.

e-learning app

How Appventurez Can Help in E-learning App Development?

Educational apps like Byju’s have become game-changers in the learning industry. With their futuristic features, they aim to enhance the experience while increasing user retention. 

Our team at Appventurez facilitates advanced educational app development services that give the apps an edge over their competition. Our developers excel in the domain and are equipped with all the requirements fulfilled with advanced technologies. Our agile approach toward every app development project made us well-experienced in crafting a unique and enticing mobile app.

If you have a vision or a business idea that can help you grow your venture, just interact with us and we will lead you towards futuristic innovations. Don’t be too late thinking about the right time, because the mobile-oriented approach is already at its peak.


Q. How much does it cost to develop an educational app?

The development of an educational app depends on various factors including the integrated software, developers outsourced for the project, and the geolocation of the app, among others.

Q. What is an e-learning platform?

An e-learning platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provide learners, trainers, and others involved in the education sector with tools, information, and details to support and enhance education delivery and management.

Q. What is the objective of an e-learning platform?

The aim behind developing an e-learning platform includes- enhancing the quality of learning and teaching, meeting the learning style and needs of the students, improving efficiency and effectiveness, and improving user accessibility.

Q. what are the features of byju's app?

The top BYJU’s features that make it unique include- offering unlimited practice and revision tests and quizzes for different streams, providing real-time feedback for the students, and in-depth analysis of the test results.

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