A Comprehensive Estimation of Mobile App Maintenance Cost

Mobile App maintenance work towards providing ultimate technical support to the users while also ensuring the security and reliability of the app.

Updated 19 January 2024

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

Mobile apps have become such an integral part that it impacts billions of smartphone users across the globe. By 2025, the number of smartphone users in the US is expected to reach 311 million. They have become integral for online shopping, creating and sharing content, communicating, playing games, and accessing information. However, in most cases, users do not think twice before uninstalling the app if they face even minor performance issues. 

As a result, businesses do not want to compromise on the timely updates and regular maintenance of the apps. App maintenance is not only significant to avoid errors but they are also required to be upgraded and modified. 

Mobile app maintenance cost includes long-term investments to achieve higher ROIs and better UX. Hence, it is important that businesses include mobile app maintenance costs in their development process to keep themselves updated as per the customer’s requirements. 

In this blog, we are further putting across the points and factors that impact the cost of mobile app maintenance. We will also discuss the services that are included in the mobile app maintenance cost. 

What is the Meaning of Mobile App Maintenance?

The number of mobile apps available on Google Play Store was most recently placed at 2.67 million apps, after surpassing 1 million apps in July 2013. However, most mobile makers are not able to keep up with the fast-moving mobile market which brings mobile maintenance into play. They are considered to be a crucial aspect of the app development process. 

Maintaining a mobile app is an ongoing process that includes updating, improving the functionality of the apps, and fixing bugs after its launch. The process also integrates maintaining the compatibility of the app with the changing operating systems and devices. 

App maintenance support works towards providing ultimate technical support to the users while also ensuring the security and reliability of the app. Businesses under mobile app maintenance strategize for the success of the application while also providing customer satisfaction and enhancing user engagement. 

Some of the different types of mobile app maintenance services that are integral to the app’s performance are: 

Emergency Maintenance

There could be an emergency, which means the nature of the problems- the issues or errors would be unexpected and unpredictable. In such scenarios, businesses need to address the concerns immediately to offer a seamless experience.

Preventive Maintenance of the app

It implies the intervention or elimination of the occurrence of errors in the app. The focus is to reduce the complexity of the app and improve it through code restructuring, optimization, and updating documentation. 

Perfective Maintainance

With trending mobile features and functionalities, businesses are required to keep up with the changing demands of the user. It will also make sense to proactively take feedback into account and take care of the functional modifications of the source code, further offering a perfect user experience. 

Corrective Maintenance of the mobile app

With the implication of corrective maintenance, businesses can take care of the repairs, defects, and faults in the application functions. This form of maintenance also includes errors related to design, coding, and application logic. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Mobile App?

When looking into mobile app maintenance costs, various factors are to be considered including updates and maintenance, UI/UX, building platform, app design, and functionality. In the app development cycle, the mobile app maintenance stage comes after the development and launch stages. 

The app maintenance services typically need additional expenses and the cost can be significantly higher in the first year. Notably, it could be up to 50% of the total development cost and could decrease to 15%-25% for each year after that. Notably, the cost to develop an Android app could differ from the cost of developing an iOS app, which will also further affect their maintenance costs. 

Figuring out the exact cost of maintaining a mobile app can be difficult as it will involve multiple predictable and unpredictable aspects. This may happen because of the numerous upgrades in the app in response to the feedback from the users. 

The table below mentions some of the recurring expenses such as payment gateways, push notifications, and server costs for apps that will be part of the mobile app maintenance. 

mobile maintenance app

Factors Determining the Mobile App Maintenance Cost

There are several factors that help in determining the cost of maintaining an app. Some of them include introducing new features and functionalities, investing in marketing activities, fixing bugs, and much more. Check some of the significant items to keep in mind when taking the cost of maintaining the app into account. Also, find out how they directly impact the mobile app maintenance cost.

Keeping up with the latest Android or iOS version

It is possible that the business app would either be Android or iOS, or cross-platform i.e. for both platforms. Quarterly, Google and Apple release their OS updates which makes it essential to keep up with the latest changes so that app performs well on all the platforms. Generally, companies levy an annual app maintenance cost to ensure that the app remains error-free and updated to the latest OS version for a full year. 

Improving Customer Experience

Solving app-related problems raised by customers is also crucial for any developer. It is important to work on the consumer’s feedback and resolve them. However, since it is not possible to interact with users directly, customer service representatives (CSR) play a crucial role in this. The service helps in brand awareness and creating goodwill among customers while also affecting the cost of app maintenance. 

Database Updates

The most important function of a database is to give insights into various processes and help in identifying the trends that may adversely affect the business. Good data maintenance and updated service providers can let streamline organization-wide data management, create practical impact and reach out to more customers. 

Security Updates

Under security updates, developers can implement the newest protocols to enhance the overall security of the app to avoid data theft. These updates keep in check the threat from hackers who are constantly looking for vulnerabilities and developing new ways to acquire financial information. 

Calculating Third-Party Costs

While developing a mobile app, businesses may choose to use licensed technology at a fixed fee. So anything in the app that comes from someone else involves a monthly cost. It is important to consider such third-party costs while calculating app maintenance cost. 

Bug Fix and Updates

Updating the mobile app at the right time can help in resolving and fixing the bugs and enhance the UX. However, the cost of mobile app updates varies and depends on various factors. The price of the updates usually depends on the size of the app and the nature of changes in the functionality of the app.

App Scalability

Ensuring app scalability offers a better user experience and also improves the prospect of the long-term success of the business. 

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Why Mobile App Maintenance is Significant for Business?

Maintenance of mobile applications and enhancing their features ensure that their user interfaces remain of the highest standards. Businesses must focus on investing in long-time maintenance that can save the app from becoming out of date. Mentioned below are some of the points highlighting why mobile maintenance app is significant for the business.

Keeps mobile apps updated and reduces uninstall rates

It is important to understand the likes and unlikes of the users. As per the study, 71% of users uninstall mobile apps because of notifications. It means that the consumers are well aware of the features and benefits of the app and if something doesn’t fit their expectations, they might delete it. It is important for the business to continually monitor user preferences to reduce the uninstall rates of the app.

Increased ROI

If the mobile app support is regularly updated, it could result in financial benefits, such as maximizing ROI (Return on Investment). The regular updates of the app and adaptations as per the market requirements and user expectations, will significantly help in boosting the ROI. This will also allow businesses to seek new ways to cut expenses and attract new users for the app.

Better User Experience

When you invest in long-term and regular maintenance, you become aware of the user’s issues.

Regular mobile app maintenance is necessary to provide a better user experience. Moreover, constant improvements in the app help in gaining positive reviews across the app stores leading to an increased number of users. 

Keeping apps safe against glitches

With time developers need to keep updating smartphones and technologies. However, it might make the app incompatible with new updates. It might also cause security issues in the app, glitches, or UI/UX issues. Regular maintenance of the application will help in avoiding these possible issues even before they occur.

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What are Some Best Practices for Mobile App Maintenance?

Implementing best practices for mobile app maintenance leads to the branding of the app which further enhances user engagement. The best application maintenance practices will not only help streamline their work but also enable the users to plan their deliverables. Some of the best practices for mobile app maintenance are:

Keeping the User Interface (UI) Updated

With usage habits and trending styles, businesses will be able to keep track of and keep the user interface updated, which is essential for the app’s success. The more trendy the app, the happier the existing user is.

Adding New Feature Updates

It is great for monitoring and checking out the improvement areas while also including new features that will add value to the application. 

Monitoring Performance

It is important to check the app’s performance while it is loading. It helps in monitoring the responsiveness issues of the app and to stay updated with the help of the analytics reports. 

Scheduling Regular System Maintenance

Scheduling regular system maintenance is an excellent way to avoid missing out on issues or bugs. Users can be informed beforehand about having the system down for maintenance and to keep the app up to date.

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Tips to Reduce Mobile App Maintenance Cost

Every business that runs on a budget look for methods to reduce mobile app maintenance cost. There are several methods that can be followed to reduce the cost of maintaining an app while also maintaining the app’s quality and enhancing user engagement. Here are some of the ways that can help in reducing the mobile app maintenance cost to a certain extent. 

Outsourcing Mobile App Development and Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to reduce the mobile app development cost is to outsource the project to an external source who is an expert in it. They will have both the resources and the potential to complete the task in the shortest time span possible without compromising the quality of the app. 

Planning the lifecycle of the app in advance

A lifecycle of an app is planned in advance and is spread over the years. It also includes strategizing how the application will grow in features over a period of time. Keeping this in mind, businesses can set up an in-house app development team or even engage an offshore development team to finish the task on a timely basis. 

Investing in the right type of maintenance

Mobile app maintenance should be a conscious effort. It is important to decide what type of maintenance is required by the app and at what frequency. This will help in allocating the right amount of resources while also figuring out the mobile app development cost.

Opting for cross-platform app development

The use of cross-platform app development facilitates the reuse of the same code base for creating multiple apps across multiple operating systems. A single maintenance activity can be replicated across multiple variants of the apps to save time and effort. 

How Appventurez Can Assist With Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is a process that never ends, however, updating and offering the users something new is vital for the long-term success of the business. Maintaining a mobile app with the latest updates, which is free from bugs and glitches is essential for the success and growth of the business. 

At Appventurez, the team of professionals is well-equipped with mobile app development frameworks. We ensure quality app performance which will help take your business to the next level. The team is also well aware of emerging technologies and keeps a check on the app performance, user habits, market trends, and the latest technology to offer regular updates. 

The process further leads to the profitability of the mobile app in the long run. Appventurez will help scale your app to the next level and will offer maintenance services that will help improve your product. 

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Q. How Much Does it Cost to Maintain an App?

The standard cost of mobile application maintenance and support is evaluated to be around 15-20% of the original cost of developing the app per year. It means that if the app costs $1,00,000 to build, you should set aside about $20,000 annually for upkeep.

Q. How Much Does it Cost to Host an App?

The cost of hosting an app can range in price anywhere from $70 per month up to $320 per month. It largely depends on factors such as the number of active users, content, and the projected growth of the app.

Q. What are some of the factors that affect the app maintenance cost?

Some of the factors that affect the app maintenance cost are- product requirements, type of business model, applying UI/UX, features and application maintenance, and location of the development team, among others.

Q. Why mobile app maintenance is significant?

Mobile app maintenance is significant to avoid interruptions and errors. Application maintenance service helps to ensure continued success and user satisfaction with the app.

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