When & Where to Use a Cross Platform App Development?

The market trends keep on altering with time, making companies explore new options that are accessible and popular. Companies are smart enough to go for options that are reliable and can help in thriving. For this, the best market research is at the top of the list. Mobile app developers need to understand and analyze […]

Updated 22 January 2024


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The market trends keep on altering with time, making companies explore new options that are accessible and popular.

Companies are smart enough to go for options that are reliable and can help in thriving. For this, the best market research is at the top of the list.

Mobile app developers need to understand and analyze all the possible platforms to ensure that the business models and goals are met.

This opens the door for the use of Cross-Platform app development.

The best thing about this type of development model is the market expansion and engagement of users around the world.

But why Cross-Platform when we already had Native app development?

Is something wrong with the native app or Cross-Platform is just a better choice?

The major reason Cross-Platform development is at its peak is native development is a bit expensive. Cross-platform apps are developed using one code for all platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

Before diving into the world of Cross-Platform app development, let us understand all the aspects including the current state of mobile.

Present & Future of Mobile Apps

If we go on the market status then the mobile app users are increasing at the rate of 11 people per second. Be it mobile or desktop, the number of digital users is increasing at a drastic rate.

The reason for this sudden increase in demand is simple, the user lifestyle is altering and is now dependent upon digital advancement which is well described in the mobile app statistics.

Moving forward, more statistically, users are now using mobile apps on their tablets and smartphone, almost 7 hours a day. This has increased the overall traffic on mobile apps and websites.

This is making companies depend upon mobile app development as well. If we only go on as per Statista then in the USA, the mobile app revenue is subject to cross the benchmark of 693 billion in 2020

worldwide mobile app revenue - presenr and future of mobile apps

By 2023, it is predicted that the overall mobile app revenue generated via in-app advertising and paid downloads will be around 935 billion.

With this data, you can understand how beneficial mobile apps can be for the business. The modern world is now changing and becoming more lucrative making it the right choice for businesses.

The major aspect that falls in mobile app development is a mobile operating system that can be Android or iOS. 


The fact is that there was a time when the operating system choice was extremely difficult. But in the present time, there are only two major platforms – iOS and Android.

If we check on the stats then you can see that Android is clearly in the wins here than iOS in terms of users. But when it’s revenue, you will be all confused on both platforms.

It is essential to make the right choice when it comes to mobile app revenue selection. Here is the major mode of development that Mobile App Development Company considers. 

Progressive Web Apps

Why the web when we are talking about mobile apps? The fact is that web apps are a great addition to the mobile app world and progressive web apps are a great addition to it. These PWAs are the type of one that mimics website nature and native app behavior. These features include working offline, push notifications, and home screen icons. PWAs are also not available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There are a few flaws that are in the PWAs such as minimum device features to access and mobile battery consumption. 

Native Apps

Native apps are the one that requires separate code for each platform. Mobile app developers need to understand Swift or Objective C for iOS and Kotlin or Java for Android. It is system-specific and helps in enabling all the operating system features that prevent performance issues, enable unlimited interface customization, etc. However, the native app development requires double efforts, double money, double time, and whatnot since two separate codings are required. 

Cross-Platform App

Two systems and one code is the right definition for cross-platform apps. The code-sharing is followed in the uses of Cross Platform app development that makes it possible for the developers to run the application on different platforms using a single code. The native programming language is not used for writing code but it does offer a native-like experience. Now, this might have cleared “what is cross-platform app development” for you.

Why Cross Platform App Development is the Right Choice?

Now as you know that there are majorly three major mobile app development modes, which one is going to be ideal for your business? Why even go for uses of cross-platform app development? Is it the right choice for the business?

There is a list of criteria that developers need to keep in mind while opting for Cross-Platform app development. Let us give you a better understanding of the world of Cross Platform and the factors that one must keep in mind. 


It is a pertaining point of the Cross Platform app development that is divided into two major factors. These factors include the fully-fledged application of cross-platform app development or involvement of minimum viable product for startups as the app. Then comes the product functionalities that are platform-specific or mobile device hardware functions. 


As mentioned earlier, Cross Platform app development is a great choice that works on a single code for multiple operating systems. It is a great way to target a potentially large audience of multiple platforms including iOS and Android. It is a great way to provide a flawless user experience and be a go-to solution. 

Price & Time

The third part is time and price which are minimum with the Cross Platform app that is doubled in native apps. The reason is that it requires a limited number of developers and designers instead of a different team for iOS and Android app developers. It is a cost-effective and time-efficient solution that can be developed by a professional yet smaller team. 

Natives feel

The last but major aspect of the Cross Platform app development is to get a native-like experience for the users which can be achieved with Human Interface Guidelines for iOS or Material Design for Android. The major aspect is user-friendly and intuitive product development that makes Cross Platform an ideal choice. 

Business Benefit of Cross-Platform App Development

Yes, we have discussed the pros, cons, and uses of Cross Platform app development but how it is related to the business world is the key question here.

Why would any business owner like to go for Cross Platform app development for their business?

Is it a good option?

Let us answer “What are the benefits of cross-platform app development”.

One Codebase

The Cross Platform app development uses a single code for multiple operating systems. It is easy to handle the platform differences since less effort and time are invested in Cross Platform apps. It has a huge influence on the decisions of businesses since they need to save money and effort. Additionally, the single codebase is a great way to upgrade the code for different operating systems. 

Wider Market Reach

Users have their preferences when it comes to choosing an operating system. Some prefer iOS while others go for Android without any major changes in the future. Hence, the best thing business owners can do is to target both operating systems that not only attract the audience but also increase revenue.

Reduced Workload

The Cross-Platform projects work well when it comes to reducing the workload. If the mobile app developers have a better understanding of iOS and Android apps then it will be a cakewalk to come up with the solution that can be used on either of them. The iOS and Android platforms are different from each other and follow a distinct requirement flow. These are merged to develop an app that can be used on both platforms. 

Cheaper & Faster Deployment

As mentioned above, the use of cross-platform app development is a great way to put the business in the market that can handle different operating systems. It also includes the platform-specific store and user interface features that work efficiently in the Cross Platform application. This form of development has optimized and reduced the sketch-to-launch time while saving time and money. It offers perfection to the Cross Platform apps while devoting a large proportion of the development. 

Platform Consistency

iOS and Android apps work differently in terms of UI and UX as well. This is possible with Cross Platform app development to work well for such cases since the disparities are maintained and designers can easily work on design while maintaining consistency in the navigation method of the application of cross-platform app development. 

Factors of Cross-Platform App Development that can go wrong

Not all is good in paradise as there are flaws that can go drastically wrong. However, it won’t affect the performance of Cross Platform app development. Here are a few things that can go wrong.

Inferior UI & UX

One of the major concerns that fall under the uses of Cross Platform app development due to the importance of a graphical user interface. The fact is that the apps include buttons, navigation, and lists, be they iOS or Android. Cross Platform app developers know about user-friendly development aspects and discrepancies. This works great with the native apps but not with Cross Platform which can be maintained easily with time. 

Possible Lower Performance

Time is precious and so is the performance of the product. It is extremely vital to ensure that the Cross-Platform app is at the top of its performance chart. The fact is that the deployment is faster in Cross Platform but the working can be a bit slow as compared to its counterpart.
Cross Platform apps must be faster when it comes to performance but the fact is that they are a bit slow as native apps. It can be a complex video chat or mobile app development. However, developers can use the Cross Platform App Development frameworks that can enhance the performance of Cross Platform apps. 

cross platform app development frameworks

Tips on Cross-Platform App Development

Just like any other application, the use of Cross Platform app development is not easy. It includes several aspects that can go wrong. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, the best thing that a developer can do is follow the right development form.

The motive of Cross Platform apps is to design beautifully, focus on UI, and enhance user experience. To help you out, here are the major tips on cross-platform app development that can help developers to work like pros. 

Hooking Apps

Mobile apps are famous since they can hook the audience and make customers come back again and again to use the product. Cross Platform apps work on various platforms and hence it is essential to be consistent and one-of-a-kind for the users.
This helps in determining the overall brand success and offers identification of the product in the market. It is best to go for the design and development that can hook the audience and establish a level of recognition. 

UI Guidelines

Android and iOS follow different UI guidelines that are developed to know both platforms. This helps in enhancing the user experience and renders uniqueness in the application. The developers must know all the corners of the guidelines and requirements that can help in the use of Cross Platform app development.
Developers who know how the guidelines work can easily build apps for multiple platforms. It is easy to operate both platforms if the developer is aware of what they are getting into. Especially the core features make it easy for the developer to work on the perfectly handy application of cross-platform app development.
This also enhances the overall performance of the Cross Platform apps and is simple yet effective. Also, the developers will know the features or aspects that can work on iOS but not on Android and vice versa. Hence, the developers can choose the features that can work on the platforms without affecting user performance. 

Platform Independent Approach

The developers usually depend upon one operating system for mobile app development, either Android or iOS. However, with the use of Cross Platform app development, a single code is more than for multiple platforms that include all the essential components.
Additionally, it includes an independent programming module that helps in developing Cross Platform apps. This increases the performance of mobile apps for both operating systems.

Reliable Modules

The Cross-Platform modules are extremely essential for the development of the app. Hence, the developers need to be aware of them so that they can easily include the handling and reduce the development time. Additionally, the native SDKs are a great add-on that helps in increasing the quality of the app.
The developers need to know about the third-party modules that can help in building unique apps using extensive toolsets and new features for flexibility. 


A perfect picture of the mobile app is the design that hooks the audience and makes them try it out. Hence, it is essential to do some research to come up with designs that can work well for both platforms and make them usable.
The navigation of the app and visuals are the key factors for the designers that can do wonders. The Cross-Platform apps can also enhance the usage of both platforms while managing the user experience.


The Cross Platform Vs Native App Development depends widely upon the users that are the key factor. The fact is that Cross Platform apps are developed for multiple platforms and hence it is essential to keep the audience of every platform in mind while developing the app. This offers a better understanding to enhance functionalities and usability in the uses of Cross Platform app development. 


The Cross Platform app development offers a unique combination with the right order and universal elements. It helps in including and testing off all the specific features but it is essential to include all the platforms that the app is going to be for. This helps in estimating the process of the app and includes the requirements that can be adjusted when required. 

How to choose the tools for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

The ideal way to choose the best cross-platform mobile development tools is to know the concerns, requirements, and demands. However, it is essential to know the continuous updates and changes in the market to make the right choice.

Here are the major factors that directly affect the choice of mobile app developers.


The cost of the best cross-platform mobile development tools must be as per the overall budget of the project which includes that tools are open-source as well. The framework can be ionic or React Native which can be extremely good for startups with a limited budget. 


The companies must go for the tools that are reliable for the uses of Cross Platform app development and can reach that highest benchmark. 

Support of tools

Last but the final aspect choosing the tool is the support of the framework for the code. The best cross-platform mobile development tools must be supportive, the code and community can be just a plus point to it. The motive is to support the code and even the developers who need to develop and require readable documentation. It is vital to count the challenges of the projects and the large community for major support when required. 

Wrapping up

These are the major aspects of Cross Platform app development that will give you a clear understanding of when and where to use it. The world of coding is extremely large and so is Cross Platform.

Hence, it is best to know and understand all the aspects of Cross Platform apps that can give insight into the world of development. It is a great way to conquer and thrive in the market.

The fact is that businesses need to target all the platforms to be present for a large audience. It helps in separating paths without being time-consuming and expensive.

So the best thing that one can do is find the best tool for uses of Cross Platform app development that can help in developing the ideal app for business. This offers a broader scope while covering general purposes.

So, get started with the development and contact us for any help.

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