How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android App?

We are living in an era of smart technology, which ultimately makes mobile app development one of the most lucrative ventures. Anyone who is willing to venture into the mobile app development industry needs to figure out the foremost thing – “what platform should I target first”?  Well, in the case of larger mobile app […]

Updated 19 September 2023

We are living in an era of smart technology, which ultimately makes mobile app development one of the most lucrative ventures. Anyone who is willing to venture into the mobile app development industry needs to figure out the foremost thing – “what platform should I target first”? 

Well, in the case of larger mobile app development companies, they have the freedom and privilege to pursue development simultaneously across multiple platforms. But for startups or mid-sized firms, have to make a choice of a particular platform to develop an app on. 

The words “Android” or even “Google” may pop up at least once every day, if not more. This is the height of its appeal.

The fact that there were 3.29 million mobile applications in total accessible on the Google Play Store during the first quarter of 2022 makes the data even more fascinating. Not to mention that the number is anticipated to reach 4.67 million by the end of 2021 as a result of the dramatic rise in Android app users.

Since more digital businesses are converting to Android app development, it is important to note that there are already over 130 million active Android app users in the US alone.

How is App Development Cost Estimated?

The answer to how much it costs to build an Android app lies in calculating the number of hours it would take for every single one of the development process and multiplying it by the chargeable hours of resources.

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Why Do Businesses Choose to Develop Android Apps?

A well-designed and created app will likely be the most crucial tool for a business in 2022, as shown by the statistics. The benefits of developing android apps to gain the quickest popularity, build a large user base, and foster trust and authenticity is through a business application. Other than that, why would a company want to design an Android app? Let’s investigate.

1- Vast Customer Base

You are undoubtedly familiar with how widely used the Android platform is. The fact that over 130 billion Android app downloads are anticipated in 2022 justifies its renown. By 2025, users are expected to download 187 billion applications from the Google Play Store, according to Statista.

This means that your software will ultimately garner a greater ROI and will benefit from exposure to a million users as a business. A program with a diverse user base, like WhatsApp, could cost more than other apps.

2- Highly Cost-effective

It is a well-known truth that Android is more cost-effective than Apple, thus it stands to reason that this trait also affects the price of development. Android applications are inexpensive since they just require a one-time $25 registration charge.

Developers may create and test the software on their own devices after registering, which reduces expenses. When it comes to Apple, the price is roughly $99 a year. Android is also an open-source operating system. Using the software development kit, Android app developers are not required to worry about licensing fees or royalties (SDK).

3- Easy Integration

The Android platform enables internal app integration in addition to efficient customization that satisfies the needs of the business by offering the right tools. Because these apps are simple to link with third-party APIs, less time is needed for development.

4- Compatibility with Devices

The fact that Android applications work with a wide range of consumer electronics is another advantage of creating them. Because Android dominates the market, a significant number of manufacturers (Samsung, One Plus, etc.) are creating products for the Android operating system. One of the main causes of this is that Android-powered devices and smartphones are less expensive than Apple-powered ones.

5- Highly Customizable 

Android applications may be customized to a great extent since the Play Store’s rules allow for a lot of creative freedom. The adaptable applications may be used both as a standalone tool for process simplification and as an add-on to existing systems to improve capabilities.

Your application should accurately reflect your company’s vision, which may be done with the help of Android mobile application development. High scalability is another feature that Android offers, which is essential for any startup or even an established company.

The Average Cost to Develop a Mobile App

You should be prepared to spend closer to $100,000 than $10,000 if you want to create a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS. According to our experience, thinking of mobile app design costs in terms of complexity is the most effective method to discuss them. Our categorization is as follows:

mobile app development cost info

Basic mobile app for 1 platform costs $25,000 – $50,000

  1. The development team (325–650 work hours) will be composed of developers and a scrum master.
  2. The suggested QA basic plan for these types of apps includes 50 hours of QA specialist labor each month.
  3. If you have two developers working on each platform, the development will take between 4 and 9 weeks.

By “basic app”, we mean an MVP app:

  1. Having a distinct vision for the collection of basic elements with simple business logic, which may include up to five screens,
  2. without any unique UI components, using basic UI.
  3. Usually, startups seeking for their market fit build these kinds of apps.

Medium-complexity app for 1 platform costs $50,000 – $100,000

  1. The development team’s (developers and Scrum Master’s) working hours will range from 650 to 1100.
  2. The suggested QA Extended plan for these kinds of apps includes 80 hours of QA specialist labor each month.
  3. If you have two developers working on each platform, the development will take about 10-15 weeks (about 2-3 months).

By “medium-complexity app”, we mean an app:

  1. A few sophisticated features and intermediary business logic,
  2. Containing between 6 and 15 screens,
  3. Includes a few unique UI components and animations,
  4. With up to two language localizations.

For one platform, complex software costs more than $100,000.

  1. More than 1100 working hours will be clocked by the development team (developers, scrum master).
  2. The suggested QA Enterprise package for these kinds of apps includes 150 hours of QA professional labor each month.
  3. In the event that there are two developers working on each platform, the development will take at least 16 weeks, or more than 3 months.

By “complex app”, we mean an app:

  1. including several intricate features and sophisticated business logic,
  2. This includes more than 15 screens,
  3. Featuring completely customized UI and sophisticated animations,
  4. having a substantial user base (multilingual)
  5. that demand developing a complex architecture, numerous interconnections, or necessitate,
  6. a need for rigorous security.

You may use this preliminary estimate as a jumping-off point to learn how much it actually costs to design a mobile app.

Having stated that, you may anticipate that it will cost between $100,000 and $200,000 to construct a native, medium-complexity mobile app for two platforms (iOS and Android), with your development team traveling from Eastern Europe.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing An Android App

Is it $12,000 or $100,000 or even more for developing an application? 

Well, to be honest, there is no concrete or particular figure that can represent the overall app development cost. Meanwhile, getting a rough idea of how long it takes to develop an application can surely highlight the estimated cost of developing an application. Whereas there are several android app cost estimation factors of Android app development, which may vary as per the need, features, and functionalities of the app. Also, these factors vary from app to app.

So, without further ado, let us now check out those factors one by one-

1- Internal vs External Development Sources

No doubt, different teams have different skill sets. Even if you have a team of talented and skilled developers, designers, and testers, there might come chances when you need the support of the offshore development team for complex project costs. Hence, in such a situation, the type of support will ultimately determine the Android app development cost. 

For instance- you have a team that has an Android app designed the app but they also require some engineering support from outside, hence in such a scenario hiring support from an outsourcing company becomes a priority. Therefore, the type of work you are planning to outsource will play a key role in deciding the pricing of an app.

2- Development Platform

There are basically two ways of developing an app- Native and Hybrid app development. The native apps are meant for a particular platform. For instance- apps built with Android will work for the Android platform only and they will not work for iOS or Microsoft platforms. Though Native apps over Cross Platform apps are considered better but the cost of it is higher than the latter one. 

Those developers who are willing to make the app work on various platforms can choose hybrid app development by using tools like PhoneGap and React Native. Being a cost-effective solution, the user experience with it is not that up to the mark with small setbacks.

3- Backend and APIs Development Cost

The backend is the powerhouse of the application and every app project requires elements of engineering work that will help the app to communicate with the backend. 

The various variables like- API, and middleware that are involved in the backend process play a major role while deciding on Android app development costs. APIs are very crucial for every app and if they do not get completed to be scaled for future use, it may result in an increase in the cost of the app. 

One of the mistakes which are often done by app developers is designing both APIs and apps at the same time which directly affects the cost of creating an Android app.

4- Third-Party App Integrations

The apps carry a series of different features that come from different sources. And if the app requirement consists of UI, Social media analytics, location, etc, the price will increase automatically.

5- Animations

Who doesn’t like animations? Well, in order to give the best-in-class experience along with letting users stick to the app, animations are the ultimate solution. But before adding too many animations, remember that it can affect the app development cost. 

Also, the UI/UX of the app is important in determining the cost of the app and the cost of the app will automatically increase as per the face of the app. 

6- Maintenance and Support

The role of the developer does not end with the completion of the app development. Even after the launch of the app, it is required to be maintained along with constant updates and frequent feeds that lead one to the cost of Android app maintenance. 

Not just that, shooting bugs in the app can also be rectified with constant updates. Hence, maintenance and support for the apps play a crucial role in the overall Android app development cost. 

Attended the cost factors of Android App development, let us quickly get a glance at the difference between Android and iOS app development costs to understand which one stands higher. 

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How to Cut the Cost of Android App Development?

Here are some strategies for lowering your Android app development costs:

1-Create Product Requirement Document

When it comes to launching your Android app development process, planning is essential. To achieve this, you should write a product requirement document that details the features of your app and the anticipated tech stack you’ll be using to build your Android app.

You should include in your paper details about the company’s history, the app’s features, the timetable, the planning that went into creating the app, projected costs, and platform needs.

2- Prioritize Features 

Discuss the features your app needs with your team as you plan to construct an Android app. Select only those that are essential and sensible for your app. Run this test app and gather user feedback to learn how to make improvements and continue developing Android apps.

3- Build an MVP

Know how it costs to build a minimal viable product (MVP) with fewer features so that both regular users and app developers may test it early on in the app development process if you want to save money. If there is a problem, it can be fixed right away.

4- Choosing the right app development company 

You may only be helped if an Android application development business fits your tastes and budget. In order to obtain the most return on your investment, pick the finest app development firm.

How Does Appventurez Estimate The Cost to Develop An Android App?

Appventurez is a reliable Android app development company that guarantees scalability with expertise in everything related to successful Android application development. Our Android app development services suite of services ranges from Android app development consultation to UI/UX design, software testing, and multi-platform deployment.

Once our client approves a rough estimate, we then draft a detailed Android app development cost breakdown structure document stating the scope of work requirements, create a framework, and prepare the other project-related documentation.

So, this is the answer to your question- “How much does it cost to build an Android app”.

If you have an app idea, let us make it a reality with our hard work, innovation, and creativity. Contact us for more information…!

contact appventurez to build robust features apps and websites


1- Should I patent my Android app?

It varies. You could consider patenting your Android app if it is genuinely unique—it targets an entirely new user base or makes use of previously unexplored technologies. However, if you want to double-check, you may use Google Patents or the USPTO website.

2- Can I make my own app?

You can make your own app, but it’s advisable to work with an experienced app development company, so you can save money in the process while getting a better end result.

3- How to estimate the development cost of an Android app?

There is a simple formula that is used to calculate the average cost of app development – Hours spent in development multiplied by the billable hours of resources spent.

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