How much does it Cost to build an MVP App?

By Sitaram Sharma | August 11, 2020
cost of mvp app development

Having an app idea for your business is not enough. You need to showcase a demo for your audience to know whether your idea can bring success to your venture or not. While focusing on the brand success, the idea should solve a real-world problem to gain reliability of your audience. A lot of brands use this strategy to determine the scope of their vision as well.

If this will be the case, building a minimum viable product for startups and other businesses is the most utilized and effective idea. The MVP app development is becoming popular and a much-needed approach. It is not just productive for small-medium and startup businesses but well-established companies can see a lot of success through it.

The strategy of MVP app development includes the implementation of only core features for the users before getting to its final launch. Developing an MVP app allows determining customer’s feedback and initializing improvements. Thus you will require less time and resources for the final development and testing.

So as to achieve this objective, it is crucial to know MVP app development costs at first and manage the overall development process appropriately. In this guide, you will get to know how much does it cost to build an MVP app, and what factors you should consider while estimating the cost.

However, let’s first know about an MVP app and the main reasons of choosing it:

What is an MVP app and why should you go for it?

The concept of mobile apps shouldn’t be taken lightly. Nor are they easy to maintain nor can they be built at less cost. So, it would be a progressive and profitable method to create and launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before you go for the final product.

Following this approach will have a lower risk as well as cost for product design, development and testing. Developing an MVP app helps to check the viability of the product and how your idea will work for your audience. 

MVP app development results in meeting the user and market demand by performing one core function. Combining the ‘viable’ and ‘minimum’ for product development ensures that people will use the app for solving real-world problems.

An MVP app development helps to recognize data confirming users’ interest and market reach of your product.Here are the key reasons why you need to invest in MVP app development.

  1. Saving resources like time and money by ensuring that your idea will likely be successful.
  2. Making sure that your product is engaging and useful to potential audiences.
  3. Determining the trending app ideas for business from which you can take advantage while developing the final complete product.
  4. Building a potential customer/user base for early adoption of your product.
  5. Determining costs and time for building the final mobile app.
  6. Attracting and engaging with investors at an earlier stage.

As you know how significant an MVP app can be for your business app idea, you should start finding factors that will be included in MVP app development cost. Let’s get started with them:

Factors to include in MVP App Development Cost

mvp development costing

#1 Determine an Initial Budget

There are various approaches to develop an MVP app for your startup – recruiting consultants, dealing with the development all alone, or employing a mobile app development company. In any case, each alternative requires a venture of time and cash. 

While recruiting a development company with an experienced team, the budget can run somewhere in the range of $5,000 and $50,000. The cost may vary according to your necessities and financial plan. 

All you need is to pick the right MVP app development team to get dexterity with the organization you choose to collaborate with. Typically, mobile app development for startups or other businesses will in general give significant feedback or review on the new product development project.

#2 Approaching User’s Point of View

One of the fundamental standards of any business is to comprehend the users well. Hence, MVP app development and customer experience development should be connected systematically to get the exact product you are looking for real-world implementation. 

By testing your product, you get away from what your users need and how well your product lines up with the market demand. Picking customer fragments smartly permits fitting the promoting blend to more engaged user needs.

#3 Costs for MVP Design

The design costs rely upon the complexity of the structure. The best way to recognize the MVP app cost for its design is to determine the User Interface (UI) requirements. Recollect that the underlying structure has a different expense. 

To guarantee a perfect User Experience (UX), the design ought to be easy and flexible to access so that it keeps the users engaged.

To implement the latest designs, refer to the top mobile app UI design trends for your MVP.

— Preparing UX Design

Doing preparations assumes having a pivotal job in choosing the cost to design mobile app. If you need to save money as well as time, interact with the MVP app development teams and try to sort out the requirements. 

When the arrangements are done, you can start making the wireframe and mockups to guarantee that things are on target.

— Wireframing

The wireframe can be considered as the skeleton for your MVP app. Designers might even draw this outline on paper to determine the screens and navigations. There are various wireframing and mobile app prototyping tools for UX designs that can be utilized. 

Utilizing them will help to highlight the features required and the total idea of your MVP app development. Instruments, for example, Bootstrap can be utilized to make a wireframe. With accessible formats, you’ll have the option to assemble a harsh design inside hours, and for nothing. 

— Mockup

A mockup is a significant part of the design and present undertakings dependent on ideas to the customers for a superior experience. Whenever introduced well, a decent mockup can enable you to succeed in the MVP app development process.

— Interaction within the pages

Along with the mockups, there should be proper alignments within the pages for better user interaction. From navigation to link access, every aspect is considered during this page optimization.

#4 Features to be included

The following factor in determining the cost of MVP app development is the need to organize and list the number of significant features. Here are the features which should be integrated into MVP app development process: 

— Login/Signup Page

This is one of the must-have features to be included in MVP app development cost. Users will be able to create accounts and sign in anytime for managing their profiles.

— Notification Center

Email, SMS, or mobile pop-up messages with updates will assist users with the latest alerts and more information. This feature integration will add up to the MVP app development cost as it will be combined with SMS, emails, and other notification systems.

— Location services

GPS and location-based services are applied to assist users with tracking their present movement course. This feature guarantees the dynamic working of the MVP app while estimating the exact location.

— Priority task management

The feature helps to upgrade the process management system and prioritize the tasks that are essentially required to be executed. Adding the feature in MVP app development will help users to cope up with their scheduled work.

— Profile management

Users will require a framework to sort out and search the tasks utilizing labels and channels. Priority labels will assist them with handling critical and imperative assignments without dividing their concentration with minor tasks.

#5 Choosing the Technology Stack

Recognize and choose the right technology stack for your mobile app. Regardless of whether you are a geek or a beginner, you can generally request proposals, and see what your improvement group recommends. 

While building the minimum viable product you can consider a couple of custom-made arrangements that can be handily organized. While you’re doing your industrial analysis, it allows considering different alternatives as well.

Ruby on Rails development for your backend on the grounds that it’s 30–40% quicker to create with Ruby on Rails contrasted with comparative innovations. Picking the correct tech stack guarantees ideal undertaking quality and its future development to make a decent impact on the intended interest group. 

#6 Time Required to build an MVP app

On average, the time for MVP app development takes between 12 to 15 days, including the estimation of stakeholder map, persona, MVP backlog, and user journey integration. And the generic cost is estimated at around $15-$20 for every hour.

The early spending plan shifts a great deal and depends on the organization’s hourly rate and the number of developers related to the task. 

For instance, an organization labors for 2 months with 8 developers at a cost of $20/hour, and another organization labors for 4 months with 4 designers at a cost of $20/hour. That’s where you can play smartly and keep the cost of MVP app development controlled as long as your team is working qualitatively.

Read about how long does it take to develop application to estimate your MVP.

The appropriate response is, obviously, the expansion of the team according to the different MVP app development sessions and the time taken to build up your product was diminished. This encourages an ideal opportunity to showcase and a superior ROI. 

The lean startup MVP requires different stages any originator normally takes. It’s a notable complex that assists with changing thought into a gainful and mobile. 

The principal motivation to follow the example in the MVP app development process is to test business speculations methodically. It will assist with building forms inside your startup proficiently and forestall cash squandering. 

Along with knowing these factors, you should also plan a strategy to design, build and launch your MVP app. Let’s get to know them:

Planning the Strategy for MVP App Development

mvp app development stages

There are various steps involved in developing an MVP app for your project. It’s a well-known complex that helps to transform an idea into a profitable and scalable product. The process is focused on transforming your idea into an effective, useful, and scalable solution.

The key objective to follow the products in the MVP app development is to recognize and analyze the product’s hypotheses systematically. This will help to result in more time and cost-efficient development process of the MVP app.

Defining the processes included in MVP app development also helps to break down the budget to build it. These processes include:

#1 Idea Validation

If you need to build a beneficial product, make a point to discover a match between your idea and audience expectations. The most ideal approach to do so is to utilize the idea validation. Make sure your idea has the ability to solve real-world problems and ease the life of the target audience.

#2 Defining User Journey

The user journey refers to how a user will interact with your MVP app and what features are necessary to make their experience better. Tools like UXPin can help to achieve this target in the MVP app development process.

#3 Gathering Core Requirements

By analyzing the core objectives behind MVP app development and user journey you will be able to recognize the core requirements and gather them to build it. This will include technologies, resources, platforms, etc.

#4 Design & Code

This procedure incorporates the UI/UX design, coding, and function integrations, along with debugging and testing. The objective of an MVP app development is to discover the product fit for the market. This is one of the stages at which the MVP app development cost varies.

#5 Launching End-product

Launching products on different platforms, marketplaces (App Store & Play Store), and for different audiences also adds up in MVP app development cost. Businesses need to determine these considerations to have the exact idea of how much they require to spend on this process.

To ensure successful launch of your product, follow our mobile app launch checklist.

#6 Review & Maintenance

Users’ input assists with checking on and assessing your past work. Gathering and learning the remarks on your MVP app development plan and execution, you will discover what is missing and what highlights are a bit much. 

Integrating the solutions for MVP app development will help you to implement all the improvements after considered corrections. You can generally change the procedure as required.

The cost of MVP app development is a crucial factor in which you need to think seriously. It’s like you are putting up important resources to visualize your business idea through an app and determining the response of your target audience.

There are several options available when you are looking for MVP app development through a professional touch. From outsourcing companies to freelancers, have a look on them along with their costing:

Costing Options for MVP App Development

#1 Hiring Freelancers

It is a snappy, modest, and simple approach to begin an undertaking. There are many independent platforms to assist you with discovering developers that can meet your requirements. 

The principle issue in employing independent developers is their absence of commitments towards the task. When something turns out badly, they can without much of a stretch simply leave.

It additionally implies you need to turn into an undertaking service, and all coordination and correspondence are your obligations. This issue is truly difficult to oversee while building a project like MVP app development.

average cost of freelance developers

If you, despite everything, wish to enlist independent developers, make sure you choose the team from known sources. For a run of the typical venture, you would need to employ a full-time group. You should think about the paces of independent mobile app developers. 

#2 In-house Development

Now and then authors pick in-house software development. It gives simple relations and transparent communication. The In-house MVP app development company leaves the group alone completely engaged with the venture. The quality is as yet your duty. Your designers are more propelled on the achievement of the organization, however. 

A professional internal team is likewise a lot simpler to coordinate. The primary hindrance to this alternative is altogether greater expenses. It could be an issue if you start with a restricted spending plan for MVP app development costs.

If you are utilizing full-time developers, you are required to pay occasional costs and employ costs just as numerous different costs. Ensure your task requires this degree of spending at the MVP app cost. This will help in estimating the cost of mobile app development.

#3 Local App Development Companies

Local software development companies are additionally a costly alternative for MVP app development. Be that as it may, the cost incorporates developed business and innovation forms. You would get a dedicated app development company, a venture chief, and an analyzer with the degree of involvement is lawfully reported. 

Clutch and GoodFirms are preferable alternatives to locate a notable neighborhood organization. These locales show appraisals and criticism from past clients to assist you with picking a capable and solid group. 

#4 Outsource App Development

Outsource app development projects are somehow trending options nowadays, especially for start-ups. You can employ a nearby company at a lower cost but there are two primary difficulties while redistributing your MVP app development — building trust and team involvement. 

Also, read the guide on how to outsource app development for MVP projects.

Be that as it may, both of these issues can be easily overseen. Ensure you have altogether explored the possible organizations before recruiting them. You can do this by checking audits, organization sites, and seeing late contextual investigations. 

A correlation of the evaluating plans of these alternatives will give you away from how you can spare more without influencing the cost of MVP app development.

— Summarizing MVP App Development Costs

  • The cost of MVP app development depends on the team of developers or agency you hire. Hence, if you hire freelancers, it will cost you about $13 000.
  • The in-house team will cost approximately $25 000 for MVP app development.
  • Hiring a local company will require up to $65 000.
  • At last, an outsource development of an MVP will cost up to $35 000.

Post-launch Costs for MVP App Development

Presently, your MVP startup is at last ready to execute. It doesn’t mean you are done here. To accomplish the best outcomes, you should be prepared to put resources into post-launch exercises after MVP app development.

The significant results of consumption here are advertising, sales, and app maintenance cost for your minimum viable product. We should consider each progression of the post-launch methodology you have to take and their expense. 

#1 Marketing & Advertising

Marketing techniques for new companies or new item jump-starts ought to be thoroughly considered in advance. It is smarter to begin advancing your application as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected, regardless of whether the product is at the development stage. 

A normal expense of a promoting effort of an MVP is in any event $10,000. The advertising plan relies upon the reasons for the item and the financial plan. The most financially savvy approach to promote your MVP is through inbound promoting, which is online life posts, blog entries, email pamphlets, and systems administration. 

#2 MVP Sales

Sales funnels assume a huge job in picking up the intended interest group and augmenting the benefit of your item. All things considered, originators need to contribute $5000 – $10,000 to test the suppositions and locate the correct sales funnel.

#3 Support & maintenance

An MVP app support cost is normally 20% of the underlying MVP app development spending plan. The general expense of item upkeep altogether relies upon the MVP multifaceted nature, group area, and experience. 

Expenses maintaining the application ought to incorporate team costs ($15 – $20 every month), cost of mixes and APIs, steady help, and the pay of developers, who will refresh the item and make different emphases.

Examples of Popular Start-ups

mvp cost examples

#1 Facebook

The idea is to build an MVP app that can help people discover and connect with people in other locations and develop social networks. Company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg first came up with this idea and built a team to first launch a smaller version of the platform.

The final product then scaled up with a massive response from across the world. The US-based company is now among the top revenue-generating companies across the globe.

#2 Twitter

The idea came in one of the hackathons to create an SMS-based messaging platform where users can interact and post their ideas. The app name was set to be ‘twttr’. First, it was only built for internal organization usage, but when the company saw their employees spending a lot of money SMS to post on the platform, the founder knew exactly that this might be exactly what they aim for.

#3 Uber

Uber is a well-known company providing public transport and delivery services. First the company came up with an idea to provide a platform where drivers can connect with the passengers for providing rides.

The idea got successful in many big countries and metropolitan cities across the world. The company expanded the final product and is still growing to a great extent as people as well as businesses are accommodating for travelling.

#4 Instagram

World’s one of the most utilized and popular social media platforms is Instagram. It also started off with an MVP app development idea in which users edit and share pictures while doing check-ins on different locations.

At that time, Facebook was already dominating the market but the company saw some limitations like limited editing and photo sharing options, which became their strength. People found the app interesting and engaging, which made the company release the final product with more features.

The journey of MVP app development that capacities delightfully isn’t a simple one. To transform your thoughts into the real world and get onto your intended interest groups’ radar, you have to plan a business theory, distinguish the primary capacities, and pick a decent MVP app development company.

How Appventurez can help? (Conclusion)

When it comes to making your idea successful and effective for your businesses, Appventurez makes no mistake in delivering the right solution for your success. MVP app development is a crucial process, which we initiate, implement,, and execute with the perfect platforms and technologies. Our approach consistently focuses on the quality, innovation,, and success for your venture.

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