Quick Guide To Determine The Cost Of Website Development

By Ajay Kumar | August 5, 2020
cost of website development

Websites are the major form of digital communication with customers around the world two decades back. And then the market introduced mobile apps.

But even after the launch of mobile apps, the importance of websites is something that we can’t ignore. If anything, users trust mobile apps that have a website.

Yes, that is the truth.

Hence, your first thought will be to develop a website for your business and then comes a step to determine the cost of website development.

But before we get down to “how much does it cost to build a website”, let us settle down with the number of websites that are ruling the market. 

total number of websites

This is the number till 2019 and now the number is growing rapidly. These numbers are extremely hard to come by and hence are tentative.

It is becoming a common thing to have a website that can answer all the queries for valuable customers. Hence, its costing is a bit similar to the cost of mobile app development that depends upon essential factors.

To help you out in understanding it, here is a brief of what we are going to cover in this piece.

  • Factors that determine the cost of website development
  • Types of website development
  • Complexities in website development
  • Hire developers & designers
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Additional Expenses
  • Top mistakes to avoid

With this list, let us get down to the amazing ride of “how much does a website cost” with a hot brew and choco chips. 

Back To Basics Of Website Development

The cost of website development is still a brief of the overall cost. Some technical aspects and features are included in the total cost that must be kept in mind.

Let us give you an insight into the world of website development on a deeper level and get you some answers to “how much does it cost to build a website”. Or know the answer to “how much should I charge to build a website”.

#1 Technology & Development Approach

Developers need to choose the right technology stack for your mobile app and website very carefully which has a lot of effect on the costing factor.

How much can technology and software affect the total cost of website development?

Let us explain some of them to make it easy for analysis. 

  • Website Building Software – The ready-made solutions are famous in the market. More than 30% of websites are developed using WordPress and others use Drupal, Shopify, and Joomla. These websites already have the necessary building process and ingredients that can help in delivering the smacking product when elements are assembled in the right order. However, it is essential to know the methods to design and implement features on the website. It is usually best to hire the experienced website developers or website or mobile app development company for design layout and technical skills. One can use a website cost calculator to determine the actual cost.

  • Drag & Drop Web Builders – Drag & drop is usually are the doing it yourself development form that is explained later in detail. There are different tools like Weebly and Wix that are famous for building a website easily with predefined web modules. With tools like this, the owners don’t have to require designing or development skills. However, there will be its limitations in terms of functionalities and website design when it comes to tools.

We will explain these aspects in detail since they are like the final lid to the cost of website development.

#2 Web Design Complexities

Now comes the determining the average cost of website design for small businesses that influences the overall cost. Let us settle down to the major aspects.

  • Custom Website Design – The website design includes the mockups and wireframes that will be explained in detail in the piece. These also play a major part when it comes to budgeting.

  • Pre-made Design Template – If you are running on the limited budget then several design themes can come handy to you. However, it is a bit difficult to go for design customization since not everyone is aware of website design. It is essential to hire designers that know the hook of ready-made designs by services.

  • Branding, Animations, & Illustration – The images and dynamic objects are other factors that affect the average cost of website design for small business that includes banding material and logos that can be an extra spend on the budget. 

The website can be responsive, fluid, or static that depends upon design optimization. In the present world, we usually go for website responsiveness that makes it easy to use a website on different devices making it adaptable. Be it tablets or mobile phones, users can easily access the website. So, design complexity adds to the cost of website development.

To know more about UI/UX designs on the website, you can also read 

#3 Website Development & Functionality Complexities

The website functionalities include its complexities that determine its overall costing factor or you can say a large portion of it. The website development costs include the basic features for the website that almost everyone goes for such as contact us, informative web pages (FAQs, About us), portfolio, blogs, service pages, admin panel, and so on.

The editable and dynamic content includes the complex website functionalities. The admin panel is used to manage the content depending upon the complexity and variety of websites. In addition to this, a sophisticated backend website infrastructure is needed to streamline the website development.

This along with the timeline determined the website development costs that include features and complexities. This is a way to determine the cost since it includes the costing of tech professionals for the backend and frontend development, quality assurance, design, project management, and so on.

Due to this, the developers opt for custom website development due to its several benefits.

  • Easier website maintenance and support
  • Customized features
  • Possible for website scalability
  • Easier bug fixing
  • No-load time issues
  • No need to rely on templates or third-party themes
  • Cover all essential business requirements
  • Build the functionalities that are required
  • Control the design, code, and website on your own
  • Website performance optimization
  • Be unique and include the design and interface elements
  • Hand-in-hand technologies and tendencies

With this said, let us help you in determining the cost of custom website development. 

Factors Determining the Cost of Website Development

The website development or customer website development depends upon its functionalities and functions that determine its working. Different factors are included in the custom website development that will help in determining its cost.

But let us give you an insight into the whole process of website working. 

custom website development

With this, you will be able to understand the basic working of a website and where its design and development falls in.

We are not going in a nutshell but the average cost of website development is divided up into different factors. The custom website development includes UI/UX, frontend, and backend development that sums up the overall cost.

Without further ado, let us get down to understanding the factors that are affecting the cost of website development. 

#1 UI/UX Design

design tools for uiux

If a product is successful then it is designed amazingly well that includes outstanding visuals that can hook the audience. If the design of the website is not to the mark then the users will simply switch to something that can enhance user experience.

Website design services are an essential aspect of websites that helps in determining the cost of website development. The cost of mobile app design and website design depends upon the major three parts.

  • It is essential to do the right research through preference, target audience, and tracking competitors.
  • Another factor is a schematic placement of different website elements in the form of wireframes that work well for the clients.
  • The last aspect is to craft the user interface as a prototype that makes the website or app look perfect for users.

This breakdown of the average cost of website design for small business helps in determining the actual cost of Ui/UX, graphics, logos, and so on. The cost and time required to design the website along with its animation complexities, total pages, and many more aspects. 

#2 Frontend Development

frontend development tools

When you start a website, you see different shades and elements in it. For a registration page, it can be the Registration button, input fields, and so many other things that make it frontend development.

It is like bringing in the design on a web that makes it easy for the audience to interact with each other. The developers use the prototypes and convert it into a website that can run over a browser.

In this stage, the QA engineers come up and work till the final release but what a frontend developer needs to keep in mind is 

  • Complexities of the animation of the design for development
  • Adaptiveness and responsiveness of a website

These are the major factors that determine the cost of frontend development on a website. 

To know more about the technological tools of Frontend Development, enjoy the read – Frontend JavaScript frameworks guide.

#3 Backend Development

backend development tools

As mentioned in the frontend development, you clicked the Registration button, and then what? This is determined in the backend development that sends the data to the server that is input in the textboxes and completes the registration process.

It also sends out an error in case of any issue in registration. In simple words, you can say that a webpage is just a bunch of codes that are displayed on the web browsers but its heart is given to it with the help of a backend that can be determined by the website cost calculator.

This makes it a vital part of the backend development that is included in the total cost and time used to develop the website. It includes the factor like:

  • Complex queries
  • Non-standard data processing
  • Integration with third-party

These are just a few aspects that are included in backend development.

To know more about Backend development, you can enjoy the read – Essential mobile app backend development guide.

#4 Admin Panel Development

content management system

Website development is not just about amazing UI/UX and development front, it also includes the Content Management System that is famously known as Admin Panel. It makes it easy for the admin to edit, manage, create, and publish the content on the website without involving website developers for every single task.

There are different read-made Content Management Systems that can be used for the reduction of website development costs and manage the development hours.

However, the solutions are limited when it comes to security and functionalities of the website development. This is because custom-built websites are easily managed when it comes to security since malicious software targets off-the-shelf products. 

These are just the major aspects, apart from this, there are additional factors that are included in determining the cost of website development. 

#5 Domain Name

domain name registrars 1

The permanent address of the website holds the maximum power since it is something through which the audience will recognize the project. All you need to do is select the domain from the domain registrar and purchase the name.

However, the cost of the domain depends upon its name that includes .net and .com. The cost of the .com domain is approximately $10.

There are different companies from where one can purchase the domain such as Bluehost and GoDaddy that have work for the annual costing aspect. This includes a major ”how much does it cost to make a website” aspect. 

#6 Hosting

hosting providers

Another aspect that holds greater importance in the website development world is hosting that is like powering up business in the computer space. Through this, the users can easily access the website while just searching the name or via URL.

The hosting services are already available on the platform Wix and Squarespace that means that companies don’t have to pay twice. Then there are other Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress that have self-hosted software but companies need to purchase the hosting and use their system to run it.

Even for web app development, it is vital to know about hosting and domain.

#7 Maintenance

The work is not done just because the website is in the market, there are so many things that are included in it such as maintenance and upgrades as per the latest trends. The fact is that even after the final update, the users can face any issues or hitches that must be optimized instantly.

In addition to this, the owners need to be updated about the latest trends so that they can leverage them for website development. In addition to this, the regular checkup is to be done for the website that is added to “how much does a website cost”.

  • Updates – The code improvements and new features are a major aspect when it comes to the software or website. The self-hosted website requires the developer to update it and implement new features whereas hosted websites are taken care of.

  • Domain & Hosting – These are the major aspects of the website that must be checked regularly to ensure that it works well. It works on the fee plan that helps in determining the self-hosted sites. In addition to this, the hosting and domain process usually work on yearly renewal that requires fee structure as per the provider.

  • Security – Another aspect is the security of the website that must be maintained since everything online is hackable, believe it or not. It is essential to use the plugins that fall under your budget but maintain the security of your website as well.

  • Premium Renewals – The license model is something that plugins and themes are following which means that developers need to have the support and regular updates in a short time. The maintenance cost is required to renew the license as well.

  • SSL Certificate – This is another type of certificate that the owners need to keep a track off to ensure that they renewed it on time. This is included in the answer to “how much does it cost to make a website”.

#8 Website Additional Expenses/Marketing Expenses

Once the development phase is over then comes the marketing aspects or other additional parts. Why marketing?

Well, if your audience doesn’t know about the product, then how will they purchase it?

Is it a vital part of the segment of “how much does it cost to build a website for a small business”?

Hence, comes marketing which is an additional cost for the website. Marketing includes several aspects such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a major trick that is we use to rank the website on Google or other search engines. For this, the SEO executives work with related keywords while keeping Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) in mind.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – One of the major marketing tricks is PPC that is a great way to be visible in front of the audience making it a powerful weapon. It works on different campaigns through which users can navigate to the website. Usually, Google AdWords is famous when it comes to run the campaign.

  • Social Media Marketing – SMM or social media marketing is a platform that helps in promoting the product from the audience that is extremely active on social media. It is a great way for enterprises and small companies to advertise the brand in the right way.

  • Copywriting – Then comes the copywriting cost that focuses on the engaging text. This type of text helps in attracting the audience. It is a great way to hook potential customers and generate leads.

Types of Website Development

Every business creates a website for different reasons such as managing the portfolio, blogs, business, shopping, and whatnot. The type of website influences the cost of website development.

The main reason is that the website and web application architecture depends upon its types. Here are the basic types of websites that can give you a better understanding.

Read More – eCommerce App Development Tutorial

  • Business – The key focus of business website is to gain loyalty to customers, brand promotion, and increasing visibility. However, its complexity determines the cost of development that includes pages like services, about, blogs, contact, testimonials, etc.
    In addition to this, the website is of different numbers that also includes features like contact back form, on-site search, integration of live chat, SSL certificates, Admin panel, responsiveness, and so on. The website can be for the enterprise, small or midsize businesses. Hence, know “how much does it cost to build a website for a small business” or any other.

  • eCommerce – It is another aspect of the website that is thriving in the present world. The eCommerce website allows users to browse through several products that can be ordered online and delivered at the doorstep. Not only this but once the website is famous, the company usually goes for the eCommerce app development that includes the main page, favorites, shopping cart, blog, check out, product pages, category pages, and so on.
    In addition to this, it includes features like recently viewed products, integration with payment gateways, search, push notification plan, review or rating, and admin panel.

  • Landing Page – The landing page is mainly a separate or single page on the website that is mainly to sell or promote products. These pages are not a combination of images and content but are mainly for the call to actions and user-focused for downloading a file or purchasing something.
    In addition to this, the landing pages can go extremely long or can be small. The companies use landing pages for campaigning or promoting a product or app. Hence, the cost depends upon the length and complexity of the page that is still lower than the whole website. The cost of landing page development can also be for animation complexity.

Cost Of Hiring A Vendor For Website Development

The above aspects showcase the overall cost of website development but what will hit the nail is choosing the vendor time. Are you going to hire a professional? Outsource a company? Do it yourself? How much does it cost to hire someone to build a website?

Let us give you a better insight into the world. 

#1 Hire A Professional Cost

hire a professional

Running your business and understanding technical jargon are two different things. Just because you are a great business doesn’t mean that you know the tech trends, programming languages, frameworks, third-party integrations, etc.

As a result, it is best to hire professionals that know the hooks of website development and come up with the actual cost. Not only this but to determine the cost, you need to understand how long does it take to develop an app (or website), since both work in the same way.

While determining the cost, you will get two aspects, ridiculously crazy or cheap prices and no listing at all. The website design and development work on the blueprint that experts can prepare to get an inclusive cost.

How much does it cost to hire someone to build a website? There are different aspects that professional can take care of that also determine the cost of website development such as:

  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Site Layout
  • Page Volume
  • Image & Graphics
  • Design Revisions
  • Programming
  • Content Development
  • Custom Programming

#2 Do-It-Yourself Cost

doing it yourself

You can do it yourself as well if you have a basic knowledge of technology. It is not that expensive if you are doing it on your own but it is not ideal. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind and might not even be that easy to maintain.

  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Premium Plugins
  • SSL Certificate
  • Website Theme
  • Education
  • Stock Photos

There are Websites for Android Developers, iOS, and even for website developers that you can check out if you want to learn it is going to take a lot of time in total. 

Then there are options of freelancers and in-house teams that are not much cheap as compared to hiring a professional. Just keep in mind the most common mistakes that you must avoid while developing the website. This will fall under ”how much does it cost to create a website”.

website development mistakes


The best thing to do is just hire someone capable enough to take care of your whole project while you sit back and reap benefits while focusing on other tasks. You might feel that we are getting bias. But the fact is that it is the most ideal thing that you can go for.

To understand the cost of website development, you can also go through:

Now, we have given you all the aspects of the cost of website development and design through which you can estimate it easily. However, the cost of a website is not just money but it includes tech skills, time, resources, design skills, and so on.

In addition to this, you need to think of what is best for your business and be realistic with your website as the best option.

To sum it for you, here is a quick recap of when to use WordPress, Website Builder, and Web Designer or Developer. 

Website Builder WordPress Web Designer & Developer
Tight budget Can wriggle room in total budget Large budget
Short on time Plenty of time Short on time
First-time builder Total control on your site No responsibility for website development
Don’t want to deal with technical stuff Handling on the technical stuff Professionals help for website development
Want to develop your website High level of customization Custom and complex design and development

Just get the actual value of the website and right method in the single line, then you are good to go. Enjoy your website!

If you have any query then feel free to get in touch with us. 


Q- How long does it take to develop a website?

The total time of website development depends upon the type of website. A landing page can be ready in a maximum of 50 hours whereas the business website will take approximately 250+ hours.The time can vary as per the website features, functionalities, pages, and so on.

Q- How to develop a website from scratch?

As mentioned above, everything depends upon the functionalities and requirements of the website. The cost can be calculated on an hourly basis or even the whole project that depends upon who you are hiring. So, know the requirements and then go for the hiring.

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