Best CMS Platforms for Website Development: The Ultimate Guide to Follow

Our whole world now revolves around the internet. Whether it is on personal lives or business ends, we all are dependent on the internet. It is becoming a great way to generate traffic with the Right Content Management System. However, for businesses, it is essential to choose the best CMS platforms for website development in […]

Updated 22 February 2024

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

Our whole world now revolves around the internet. Whether it is on personal lives or business ends, we all are dependent on the internet.

It is becoming a great way to generate traffic with the Right Content Management System. However, for businesses, it is essential to choose the best CMS platforms for website development in 2023.

Before diving into the world of the CMS platform, let us dive deeper into the websites and businesses. There are more than 80 million users that depend upon the website to browse the business and its services.

But where does the Content Management System fall in?

Above all, What is a Content Management System?

Stats & Facts of Content Management System

Before knowing about the CMS system let us find out some amazing facts and figures about it. If we just give you a glimpse into the content management system platform then WordPress is the topmost platform with 44.6% of the market share.

Here are some other facts and stats that might leave you spellbound.

stats of cms

  • WordPress – 33.8%, Drupal – 1.9%, and Joomla – 2.9% are the average website use.
  • If we talk about market share then WordPress owns more than 45% of the overall CMS market share. 
  • Approximately 40% of the website has no CMS to monitor their work.

What is CMS Web Development?

CMS or Content Management System is one that helps in managing the website for businesses where they can easily edit, delete, and update the content. The users can easily modify, manage, and publish, or so on content easily on web pages or websites.

It is the easiest way to manage the content with no technical knowledge as well. In simple words, it is possible to maintain or build a website from scratch without the requirement of any code.

The working of CMS web development is also easy since it includes manipulation of database information, graphical user interface (GUI) design styles, and template files. The theme shown on the screen is something that is obtained for the website.

There are user-friendly CMS like WordPress that can be used to manage media, upload images, update content, etc. with no prior HTML experience. It is also easier for businesses to write HTML code while managing the server where files can be uploaded.

If you don’t know then HTML code is something that helps in building the website and visualizing the content or images for the users. It is not something that you will understand in a day or two but it is easier to get hands-on. This can help in determining the cost of website development

Top 10 CMS Platforms For Website Development

With the basics out of the way, here are the major content management system platforms that one must be aware of. With these CMS platforms for website development, one can easily plan their work and jump into the website easily.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the top 10 CMS platforms.


One of the major CMS that is thriving in the industry is WordPress, as mentioned above. 35% of the internet is powered by a website based on WordPress that is available in more than 60 languages and is free to install.
More than 55,000 free plugins are also available on this platform, making the website experience even better. The best part is that it is SEO friendly which helps marketers to work accordingly offering a high-quality and affordable experience. Major features of WordPress as the CMS platform includes:

  • SEO-Friendly – WordPress is considered the best CMS for developers that works in a streamlined manner for marketing strategies. It is easy to optimize the search engine and generate high traffic.
  • Simplicity – The complex website can be easily managed with the help of WordPress websites that require no major technical expertise. 
  • Theme System – WordPress is rich when it comes to themes and extensive libraries – paid and free. This opens several options for business owners that can help them thrive in the right direction.
  • Custom Content – Users can easily add code to WordPress with easy logins that can help in customizing the Website as per their choice. 

wordpress benefits


The next famous CMS platform other than WordPress with more than 2 million active websites – Joomla. If anything more than Joomla is powering up to 3% of the overall websites that are life at this present moment. It also includes the multilingual support and flexibility that makes the CMS software ideal for users. Here are the key features of this type of CMS that make it different from others. 

  • Multilingual Support – It includes additional extensions or plugins for the site that can be used to build websites in different languages for users.
  • Templates – This is an additional feature for the website that offers different page templates making it more creative and innovative.
  • Mobile-Friendly – This is a platform that can be accessed easily via laptops and mobile phones making it easy for users to view the content on any screen size or device. 

joomla cms


Drupal is one of the most prominent platforms in the content management system that is a completely customizable and powerful taxonomy system. This is a great way to outshine the competitors and make an impact in the market with the right platform.
However, it is a platform that works best if you have hired trained professionals that know ways to implement all the features. 

  • Taxonomy System – This facilitates the discovery and search options when it comes to managing the content strategy and even improves them as per the trends. 
  • Extensions – Just like any other CMS, Drupal comes with approximately 36000 extensions that can be used to tailor the website as per the features and requirements. 
  • Custom Controls – It permits access and controls of the website including custom controls. 

use drupal for business


Magneto is considered one of the topmost content management systems that is ideal for eCommerce development. This is the best cms for eCommerce that works well for the optimal shopping experience and enhances the content flow. The key features of this CMS platform are::

  • Drag-And-Drop Builder – This feature allows the developers to simply drag and drop elements on the web page and delete the ones that are not required. 
  • Personalized Features – This includes instant purchase, customer segmentation, rule-based product relation, and visual merchandising that depends on the attributes of the visitors. 
  • Progressive Web Application – With CMS like Magneto, it is possible to develop the PWAs that can boost the conversion rate and deliver a top-notch experience. 

magneto cms


SaaS CMS is another form that companies use as the best CMS for eCommerce. It is considered the major CMS platform for dropshipping businesses, eCommerce startups, and even giant companies. Key features of this CMS are:

  • Templates – There are more than 80 responsive templates available on BigCommerce to develop the store with CSS and HTML customization.
  • Marketing Platforms – This allows users to integrate marketing platforms easily to ensure that marketing strategies can be included easily.
  • Payment Integration – Next is the payment gateway addition that can be done easily in BigCommerce CMS safely and securely for users. 


Due to the integration of cloud-based hosting, Shopify is considered a great choice for the best cms for eCommerce. This CMS platform contains several options for the users to design, create, and build the store online easily with specific features. The key features included in Shopify are:

  • Third-Party Access – In these features, the application or website might go for third-party app access like the camera or automate fulfillment processes that offer better user experiences. 
  • Integrated Payment System – This is an essential feature when it comes to eCommerce apps or websites since online payments are now a major addition. It includes debit and credit card payments along with UPIs, etc. 
  • Third-party Channels – Many eCommerce platforms offer access to third-party channels as well such as Pinterest. 
  • Templates – It can be the one to save money and time with the help of choosing an ideal template as per the website preference. 


This is one of the major CMS platforms for website development that is considered while working on a personalized and optimized website for the visitor and device. It is considered as one of the major trendsetter features for marketing purposes as well.
This CMS platform is used to manage and create content for the website pages that can be used for conversions and optimization easily. On top of that, this CMS offers 24/7 support that helps businesses and unlimited users. Major features of this CMS include:

  • Website Theme – This is the major game-changer with more than hundreds of themes that include logos, navigation, and even taking care of mismatched website designs.
  • Drag-And-Drop Editor – It offers easy customization to create and update pages easily.
  • Contact Attribution Reporting – This helps in analyzing and optimizing the whole website. It gives a detailed idea of the website’s impact and major content types, campaigns, sources, etc. that can drive leads. 
  • Multi-Language Content Creation – This helps in managing multiple language domains. The best thing is that it is easy for SEO to optimize each of the domains. 


This is another type of CMS platform that is used widely with the aesthetic website interface. Squarespace is not that popular CMS system but it is primarily used by musicians, entrepreneurs, small-medium businesses, bloggers, and restaurants.
Additionally, the websites also include ingredients like web hosting, domain name, extensions, SSL certificate, etc. The key features of this CMS platform are;

  • Drag-and-drop Builder – Squarespace includes a drag-and-drop website builder that helps in developing attractive and aesthetic interface websites.
  • Mobile-Friendly Theme – This is the option that is included in this CMS with the built-in repository that helps in modifying the CSS easily. 
  • Access rights – It is the website management system that offers access to the users to ensure navigation is streamlined.


Another of the major CMS platforms for website development that are popular in the market is Wix which is the best CMS for developers when it comes to choosing the design and building the website from scratch. There are different features included in this type of CMS platform such as:

  • Premium Plan – This includes additional features like personalized email, domain name, analytics, web hosting, SSL certificate, and contact management. 
  • Theme – Wix content management system includes more than 500 readymade theme templates that can be customized as per the requirements. 

Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Another prominent name in the world of content management systems is Adobe experience manager which adds several benefits to the website. The key features of this CMS platform are:

  • Cross-Channel Content – This feature is used to create content easily and then bring it to the customers via mobile devices and websites.
  • Drag-And-Drop Interface – The CMS includes the major benefit of drag and drop that allows users to easily work on the website interface and give it a solid base. 
  • Marketing Aspects – The CMS is a great platform since it is marketing friendly and it is possible to advertise the website using the right strategies easily. 

Ways To Pick The Right Content Management System

Now we know different types of CMS platforms for website development but how can you choose which one is best for your business? This is where the whole game begins. It is essential to choose the right CMS platform for your business since it is going to help you thrive in the market and achieve success.

We understand that customers’ requirements are evolving with time and it is becoming essential to update the content regularly to grow. This can be done with the help of the right platform for your website.

Here are the major tips that one needs to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right CMS platform for your website. 


The first and foremost tip is to ensure that the features are as per the usability of the company or business goals. This can help in thriving with the time and accessing the CMS on the technical expertise. There are different challenges that users need to face like customization and no IT support. 

Business Goals

It is essential to know the business goals and then dive into choosing the right CMS platform. The platform needs to be in sync with business goals. This can be achieved easily with the help of a robust CMS platform that can give the business a push toward its goals. 


It is best to finalize a budget or price for the CMS platform and then find the one. This will help you choose to finalize the platform that can meet business goals as per the price that is set by the owners. Just make sure that it has the basic features that are required, and what will be the additional benefits included in the CMS platform that can add value to the business. 

SEO Friendliness

It is vital to make sure that the business website is following SEO guidelines that can help in growing in the right direction. Small business owners must make sure to include marketing strategies while choosing the CMS platform since not all the options are friendly. Google crawls the website, and it is SEO strategies that make this a bit easier. 


Not all CMS platform offers this but customization is a great addition when it comes to choosing the right platform. The right plugins, themes, webpages, etc. should be included in the content management system that can help in increasing website functionalities and improving performance. 

Top Content Management System Trends

Now comes the trends of the CMS platform. Just like any other technology or advancement, CMS also includes major CMS trends that can play a vital role in the whole development cycle. Let us give you a glimpse into it. 

Artificial Intelligence

One of the major additions to the world of the content management system is shown in the terms of Artificial Intelligence. This is making it easy for users to manage the content and change the website easily with no coding. Additionally, the website owners and content creators can easily curate the content with WYSIWYG interfaces and Drag-and-drop builders.


Another technology that is thriving in the present world is the chatbots that are used for assistance to the users. This is a great addition to the world of CMS with the help of API integration that helps in delivering content to the mobile device for the chatbot-based interfaces. It is essential to understand the integration of chatbots on the website instead of an external one. 

Voice-Based Search Optimization

Other devices and smartphones work widely on the voice-based smart assistants that are now in demand. Hence, it is essential to offer better assistance in the popular CMS systems as well with the help of voice-based optimization. One can easily add in new trends and allow users to search for products on the website or CMS platform. It is predicted that by 2020, there will be more than 50% of online searches using voice. 

Headless CMS

It is a great way to display and organize the content on the CMS platform across the hardware platforms. This offers top-notch efficiency and helps businesses to directly connect with the front-end frame. Headless CMS uses the backend CMS to deliver the content on the hardware devices. However, it does this with the help of an API that helps in establishing the connection to view the content instead of using separate heads. 


Exploring CMS platforms for website development unveils crucial insights into offering open-source and free services for websites. These platforms play a pivotal role in accommodating business requirements and consolidating marketing efforts through subscription-based or SaaS models. The Content Management System not only contributes to the stability of the business landscape but also provides advanced customization and user-friendly interfaces. Selecting the ideal CMS requires thorough testing, a process we understand well at our website development company. It’s imperative to choose a CMS that aligns seamlessly with your business needs, ensuring growth in the right direction.

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

Director and one of the Co-founders at Appventurez, Chandrapal Singh has 10+ years of experience in iOS app development. He captains client coordination and product delivery management. He also prepares preemptive requisites and guides the team for any possible issues on a given project.

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