Top Web Design Trends not to Miss

The first website came on 6th August 1991 and was dedicated to information on the World Wide Web Project. It ran on a NeXT computer at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN. Since then a lot has changed.  “The web has become a public square, a library, a doctor’s office, a shop, a school, […]

Updated 19 January 2024

Nitish Verma

The first website came on 6th August 1991 and was dedicated to information on the World Wide Web Project. It ran on a NeXT computer at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN. Since then a lot has changed. 

“The web has become a public square, a library, a doctor’s office, a shop, a school, a design studio, an office, a cinema, a bank, and so much more.”- Tim Berners-Lee

By analyzing how the Website has changed the way of providing solutions to users, you decided to opt for a website app development.

After investing a good amount of money, your website is still not performing well?

Well, the biggest block here might be “web design inspiration”.

As the year and time change, similarly, the design trends also change. It becomes the responsibility of the brand or an organization to keep an eye on the ongoing trends and redesign the website accordingly. 

In the midst, picking up the right web app development company as important as the need to redesign the website. 

We being the topmost web app development company are sharing a few Website design trends to make your website appealing and impactful.

Let us first begin with the most dominating question –

What is the Need of Following Website Design Trends?

The main purpose of the website is to provide every suitable information/product or solution to the user when asked. If your website is fulfilling this purpose and still not performing well- the loophole is in Website designing while missing out the best website design trends.

Apart from having a good amount of content and information, the web page should have the background to attract web audiences. This will result in conveying emotions. 

A right image or a background can make users get attracted to the product or service. In the end, the technique can encourage audiences to discover more about your products and services. 

This is why it is required to follow website designing trends!

Top Web Design Trends to Follow in 2023


The very first web design inspiration is adopting minimalism. 

Google’s algorithms work as per the keywords and every website wants to top the chart. This results in a website coming up with lots and lots of text. This overcrowding of sites can be appealing to the user but at the same time can slow down a browser.

In order to make a balance, minimalism can be taken into the account. It is based on large swaths of white space. 

Websites that are designed with white space give different elements to breathe, easier to navigate along with enhancing user experience. A list of luxury brands does use lots of white space for their websites. Even the mid-size brands can also take the leverage of white space to boost the image of their brands. 

Our experts recommend one to avoid using too many colors on the website while giving fewer elements to let each page breathe through empty spaces.

But that does not mean to hide important navigational things. Create a user friendly and intuitive interface. Include a good amount of impressive and Google-friendly keywords. 

Animated Elements and Motion.

You must have seen websites that are filled with dancing frames, spinning boxes offering a great number of additional information to the users.

Ben Pines, head of content at Elementor, a WordPress page building company stated “Web design trends to follow in 2021 will highlight the trend of motion in websites. “Animation effects capture user attention and introduce a more dynamic experience,”.

Other than that, scroll generated websites offer a great deal of information that can easily be accessed.

Geometric Shapes

Logo design trends consist of geometric design to make a logo catchy. Similarly, the use of geometric shapes is being widely used on the website for creating a visual break between the webpage sections. 

Get to know also- how logo design trends came into existence.

However, the year of best web design trends 2021 and the upcoming years are going to see innovative use of geometric shapes that include soft shadows, overlapping shapes. These shapes give more depth and personality for designing purposes.

Dark Mode Design

More users are opting for “dark mode” in their applications other than email. And there is no surprise if websites too get started adopting the theme. The dark aesthetics makes the brand image or the product quite royal and formal. By taking inspiration from the best web design trends 2021 behance, one can get the insight of what’s trending!

Also, dark mode designs with accent elements make the typography easy to read and seen.

dark mode design

The Typographical Catch

The year best web design trends in 2021 is the year of experiments and the coming years will be representative of the website designing trends.

Website app designers are breaking the traditional typo patterns with the latest and unique typography to get started with. 

typographical catch design

The key to make typography unique is to make a mix of odd spacing, line spacing or breaks between them, ill sizing, and more. The user will still be able to understand the meaning behind the unique integration of typo. 

Hence, when taking a look at web design trends, it will not be wrong to say that typo here will work as art to hook users by eliminating the need for too much information.

But in the midst, ensure that you are not breaking the concept of readability. 

Mixing Illustration and Realism

The website design trends to follow in the coming years will be a balance of illustrations and realities.

mixing illustration and realism design

<!– /wp:image –>Illustrations and realities- the web development trends 2021 will be made using cool illos and photos.

Take an example from Constance Burke’s website beautifully showcasing the images with illustrated clothing pieces. The combination is cool and funky with a blend of illustrations, bold ego shapes, photos, and animations.

3Dimensional Treat

The next new of the best web design trends in 2021 and the upcoming years goes to 3D designs.

3-dimensional images create a greater sense of realism for designs. There is an ample number of websites that have already adopted it and some are about to adopt it. 

The dimensional designs entice users towards the applications along with motivating them to spend more amount of time within the website. Using it can make users explore more features and products too.

Audio User Experiences

{ “@context”: “”, “@type”: “VideoObject”, “name”: “Audio User Experiences”, “description”: “Using Audio-based user experience as per web design industry trends can render information in a more precise way while enticing them to click for more number of features.”, “thumbnailUrl”: [ “” ], “uploadDate”: “2019-05-02”, “contentUrl”: “”, “embedUrl”: “”, “publisher”: { “@type”: “Organization”, “name”: “Appventurez”, “logo”: { “@type”: “ImageObject”, “url”: “”, “width”: “”, “height”: “” } }, “duration”: “PT00M27S” }


As per top design trends, there are good chances of a website designed for voice. It will be easy to call them “designing with sound”.

Initially, it will take time for both the users and the provider to accept or explore it but slowly and gradually Audio-based websites will become the old news.

Using Audio-based user experience as per web design industry trends can render information in a more precise way while enticing them to click for more number of features. 

Glowing, Luminous Color Schemes

Colors are the soul of the website whereas content and information are the flesh of it. The best web design trends 2021 and the coming years ahead will see a shift towards courageous color pairing, strategically made for soothing user experience.

luminous color schemes design

The dark, glowing, and luminous theme for the website are becoming bold and daring where dark neons and saturated colors are combined with darker shades to do website designing.

These color patterns are going to replace old monotonous patterns of basic colors soon!

Ultra Minimalist Navigation

Minimalism is the new too much!

minimalist navigation design

From the last few years and according to the web design trends, one can witness the use of a minimalistic approach towards the website and mobile app designing while focusing on easy navigation. Navigation is getting simpler and simpler in order to support even small devices.

This results in ease of usability. By making users navigate less, they can actually spend time on the other features of the website.

Other than that, the use of calculative images is new, intelligent, and important can be definitely included in website build trends 2021.

The Right Use of White Space

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White spaces are meant to let other elements of the website breathe more and gain attention fully. 

The last few years were dedicated to layouts that are filled with too much of designing. The web design trends to follow in 2021 and the coming years will be more about solid structures and lots of white space usage.

Along with that, the use of clean framing will give design stability and a canvas. Furthermore, by letting each element of the website gain its amount of space and importance. Also, neatly well-placed elements using white space can prioritize and showcase the hierarchical importance of different web pages.

Floating Elements and Soft Shadows

The next web design trends to follow in 2021 and in the coming years ahead will highlight the use of floating elements. Floating elements will be all about creating depth.

floating elements and soft shadows design

In simpler terms, the 3D effect will be placed above with a tone like a shadow downside. Soft shadows and floating elements simply add up to the interests and depth making the website a “3D Lite” look. 

By using principles of material design, designers can add 2D layouts along with soft drop shadows and layering elements. The usage of these effects will give the design light and float-like look. 

Layered and Damaged Images

Web design trends to follow in 2021 will be an experimental use of layered and damaged images.

layered and damaged design

This web design inspiration of destroying images starting from backgrounds to typo will be soon seen on the websites. A damaged character photo will be strategically placed on the homepage along with the use of glitch images going nowhere. A concept like this can be used for a festival or parties like websites.

Furthermore, by placing damaged and glitch images, designers can write over them and use elements too for adding complexity or illusion.

Popnetic Colors

The coming years will experiment more with rainbow colors, muted pastels similar to vivid colors used for traditional flat designs. 

popnetic colors design

This will give designers a chance to experiment with colors and pastels for cheerful user experience.

As per color psychology, colors play a great role in connecting a product to the user by bringing out emotions. As per the latest website design templates and by using the color palette theme, it can be proven intelligent & strategic to make users hook to the website for a longer run.

This website design trend will create a huge impact on the mind of the users!

Illustrations from Hand

Pastels, sketches, and watercolor illustrations are no new but there will be more of them in the web design trends to follow in 2021.

illustrations from hand design

The experiments with unique drawing might get complex but will surely be dynamic as well as interactive. This practice will surely be going to increase user interaction and engagement on the website. It should be kept in mind that the use of illustrations should be consistent throughout the website. 

Here the key will be consistency!

Rise of Ghost Buttons

The next leading web design trends to follow in 2021 and the coming years is the use of ghost buttons.

ghost buttons design

With the arrival of ghost buttons under web design trends, the concept of loud and flashy buttons become the talk of the past. Ghost buttons, also called transparent/hollow buttons include just the outline of the button. The buttons are then adorned with a word or two in a simple typo.

Integrating them on the website makes it more attractive, attracting users’ attention. These ghost buttons highlight more about the content while making the website less cluttered. Also, this will draw user attention to the content required to be seen rather than offering them distractions.

Background Videos

{ “@context”: “”, “@type”: “VideoObject”, “name”: “Background Videos”, “description”: “Full-screen background videos are taking their place in best website design trends. No doubt, it is one of the ways to attract potential users to the website without any distractions.”, “thumbnailUrl”: [ “” ], “uploadDate”: “2019-05-02”, “contentUrl”: “”, “embedUrl”: “”, “publisher”: { “@type”: “Organization”, “name”: “Appventurez”, “logo”: { “@type”: “ImageObject”, “url”: “”, “width”: “”, “height”: “” } }, “duration”: “PT00M41S” }


Full-screen background videos are taking their place in best website design trends. No doubt, it is one of the ways to attract potential users to the website without any distractions.

Videos are the prominent part of the content and using the idea strategically can uplift the website while surviving the actual purpose of the website.

When applying the same, our designers recommend using the right pick of video for the background. The right selection of the video is more impactful than the pick of any random window. Also, the content should match the background video at any cost otherwise, it will be a video and content mess.

Animations/Preloaders “Loading”

Animations are the soul of mobile applications and adds more elegance when integrated into a website. 

animations design

By using animations while the website is still loading or the pages in it- can simply entertain users while waiting. At the same time, it is essential to ensure about the weight and website speed, as using animations can affect the loading time and speed too. 

When this was just about the website designing, there was another hot topic making a round of applause in the market. Let’s figure that out too- 

eCommerce Design Trends not to Miss this Year


The year 2021 of web design trends states that you should never deprive your audience from motion product checking. Showing motion images means less static images and more number of dynamic and moving images.

Today maximum number of eCommerce websites are using motions to showcase product display while enticing users to stay connected with the web. 


Second most popular ecommerce design trends are Grids. 

The square grid layout is important to keep everything organized and well structured. By sticking to grid layout, you make the numerous product detailing structured and detailed without breaking the concentration of the users. 

This makes the browsing easy even after scrolling so long. Also, using it, you will be simply giving an edgy and modern feel to your website. While implementing it, you can also showcase the best selling products. The practice will simply gain attention from the user and push them to buy that product too.

Product Based Landing Page

Instead of making users go to the specific section to find things they are looking for, replace it with direct ads and social media posts. By following best website design practices, you can simply take users to the direct product. 

This will make the users to directly pick the products they were looking for along with giving space to explore the whole website too. 

Designer Packaging

Though not the direct part of the web design trends but it is the most underrated thing companies and brands often neglect!

Designer packaging is crucial to showcase the service or product you serve to the user. By using the brand color or contrasting pick of images and colors can motivate users to be more loyal towards your brand. There are brands who have realized the opportunity with it and hence are using them beautifully!

Social Media Hype

Brands can take advantage of social media posts by posting about the product information and others. 

There is a golden rule for UX, i.e.- always let customer do as little as possible”

Hence, through social media you can let users buy products or things without making them leave the site.

Smart Chatbots

Along with latest website templates , Smart chatbots are the need of the website to solve the query of users while recommending things they want!

Gone those days when it was bots cannot take the load of many customers from different locations. Now with the help of Artificial intelligence, these chatbots are 24*7 available while answering the query and handling more in the line. 


Simplicity is the new simple when we talk about web design industry trends. Whatever you will be offering to the users, always make sure not to fill too much. Give some space to your website to let other elements breather and get their set of limelight. 

Never fill too much content in the first go and at the same time, do not let the website be a blank canvas. Make sure you are making a balance between content, images and information. 

How can Appventurez help you in Designing a Website

Appventurez have team of expert mobile and web designers and developers. Our team always ensures not to miss even the slightest change in the UI/UX trends along with the latest technology to experiment with. Before getting started with any project, we always do the reiki about the market conditions, requirements along with market trends and competitor analysis. Once done, we pick the right set of designing tools and requirements to match the suitability of the project.

Meanwhile, we got you 15 interesting websites for Android developers to gain enormous information.

The aforementioned best web design trends in 2021 and for the coming years are just the few, there are more designing trends that can come into play. Connect with our designers to get the right solution for your website!!

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