Know-How To Merge AI and Machine Learning In An Existing App

The rapid digital adoption of AI and machine learning shows that they cater to the needs of businesses. Digitalization has been revolutionizing businesses for a long time now. There would hardly be a soul that is not incorporating digital technologies into its business.  The technological realm is a real thing and now that more and […]

Updated 31 January 2024

Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash

VP – Pre Sales at Appventurez

The rapid digital adoption of AI and machine learning shows that they cater to the needs of businesses.

Digitalization has been revolutionizing businesses for a long time now. There would hardly be a soul that is not incorporating digital technologies into its business. 

The technological realm is a real thing and now that more and more companies are mastering their use of applied science, they are delving deeper into a highly machine-driven world for increased efficiency, a greater competitive advantage, and to make their brand more enticing to the audience. 

AI and machine learning are two such technologies that are two sides of the same coin. They are the most used comprehensive analytics strategies that are implemented in the data infrastructure to achieve business goals. For this and many other reasons, companies have already begun the implementation process profitably.

The stats given below to prove that ML and AI-powered mobile apps are a favorite among funded startups and businesses.

  1. Research by Allied Market states that the market for ML as a service will reach $5.53 billion in 2023 further proving its ever-increasing popularity.
  2. AI software will grow from $1.4 billion in 2016 to $59.8 billion by 2025.
  3. According to the 2019 CIO Survey by Gartner, the number of companies implementing AI technologies in some form has grown by 270% in the past years.
  4. According to Microsoft, 44% of organizations fear they’ll lose out to startups if they’re too slow to implement AI.
  5. About 76% of US companies have exceeded their sales target and European banks have increased product sales by 10% & lower churn rates because of ML.
  6. According to the statement by The Wall Street Journal, the advancements in AI and machine learning have the potential to increase global GDP by 14% from now until 2030.

So you see, to gain a leg up against your competitors, you should focus on improving your existing application by implementing AI and ML. 

Ways To Implement AI and Machine Learning

There are three primary ways through which the power of ML and AI development can be incorporated into mobile apps to make the application more efficient, sound, and intelligent. The ways are also the answer to how to add AI and machine learning to your app.


Using AI and machine learning (ML) in development are two capable technologies that use the power of thinking to solve problems. Individuals who use apps like Uber or Google Maps to commute to different locations frequently adjust the path or route dependent on traffic conditions. 

This is how AI operates – by utilizing its cognitive abilities. Mistakes should be avoided while mobile application development using this capability is what allows AI to defeat a human at chess, and it’s also how Uber uses automated reasoning to optimize routes to get riders to their destination faster.


As you may be aware, OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and others have a big number of users that trust and retain them because of their streaming capabilities. It is the right time to invest in OTT app development. Both Netflix and Amazon have integrated AI and machine learning into their apps, which look at a customer’s choice based on their age, gender, geography, and interests. 

The system then provides the most popular alternatives in their watch playlist or that people with similar preferences have viewed based on the customer’s choices.

Giving people insight into what they might need next has proven to be the secret to success for some of the world’s most well-known firms – Amazon, Flipkart, and Netflix, to name a few – have been leveraging Artificial Intelligence-backed power for a long time. This is a very popular technology for streaming services, and it’s being used in a variety of different applications right now.


Artificial Intelligence may help create a new frontier in the field of security by learning how the user acts in the app. When someone tries to steal your data and imitate any online transaction without your awareness, the AI system can detect the unusual activity and immediately block the transaction.

These three fundamental principles for incorporating machine learning and AI into application development may be applied in a variety of ways to help your app provide a better client experience.

Now that we’ve looked at how to integrate AI and machine learning into Android apps, let’s look at why.

What are the best platforms for developing a mobile app with AI and machine learning?

Why is machine learning right for data analysis? This is because it can apply the knowledge acquired from a large database to be outstanding at facial and speech recognition, chatbots, object recognition, translation, etc. Machine learning is capable of recognizing patterns without any human intervention to predict the next step. 

platforms for developing a mobile app with ml


Azure is a cloud service provided by Microsoft. Azure features a big support network, as well as high-quality multilingual documentation and a significant number of easily available tutorials. There is a big difference between aws, azure and google cloud.  This platform’s programming languages are R and Python. AI app developers may design mobile applications with accurate forecasting skills thanks to an enhanced analytical system.

IBM Watson

The key advantage of utilizing IBM Watson is that it enables developers to process user requests thoroughly regardless of format. Any type of data. Multiple ways are used to swiftly assess data that including voice notes, pictures, or written forms. This search technique is only available on the IBM Watson platform.


Tensor, a Google open-source framework, enables AI application development organizations to produce different solutions based on deep machine learning, which is required to handle nonlinear issues. Tensorflow apps operate by utilizing communication experience with users in their environment and eventually determining proper replies based on user requests.

Amazon AI

The famous AI-based platform is used to identify human speech and visual objects with the help of deep machine learning processes. The solution is completely adapted for cloud deployment and thus allows you to develop low-complexity AI-powered mobile apps.

How to Integrate AI and Machine Learning into Your Mobile App?

Artificial or Machine Learning in an application necessitates a significant change in the functioning of an application that previously operated without intelligence.

Determine the problem to be solved by AI and machine learning

To invest in ai application development and its subset – Machine Learning – it is vital to understand what is possible through it. To understand the efficacy of AI and ML, the very first step is to identify the problems that you need to resolve. Different businesses encounter different problems. The most common ones are data-based insights, customer service, recommendation systems, and security systems.

Take the help of consultants and discuss with key stakeholders – There exist many AI and ML mobile app development companies that can be contacted for their valuable services and support.

Know about the areas where AI and machine learning may boost your app

Not that you’ve grasped the know-how on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, identify the challenges you wish to resolve with AI-ML.

Jot down a list of possibilities you can propose to your existing application by utilizing AI. To be sure of your ideas, run a market analysis and check whether a similar implementation has worked or not.

In short, here you should focus on identifying the problem and following the most suitable strategies.

Map out the Results & Consider the Budget

Now, in this step, roll out the plan for AI-ML integration. Decide how much you want to spend on AI-ML integration. If there are no financial constraints, you can go for a complete makeover all at once. However, it is suggested to get things done one by one to keep everything in order.

Moreover, since you have already identified the black spots or areas that need improvements and also kept your budget in check, you can easily prioritize what needs to be done first. If your internal team is unable to deliver the requirements and use ai as a service, hire or outsource reliable resources like that of Appventurez to develop, test, and launch the product.

Data Integration & Security

When implementing Machine Learning, you must have a better data organization model for your app as there are chances that the old data may affect the ML is the right option for data analysis.

Therefore, once the additions and alterations are planned, shift your focus to databases. A well-organized and thorough data keeps up the app’s performance for the long term.

Also, security is one such critical issue that should be considered carefully. Build a robust and intrusion-proof plan to adhere your app to the security standards.

Time to Implement

Now that everything – planning and pre-deployment assessment – is aligned, development and deployment will be done in no time. This is the most crucial step where your team needs to be extra careful while deploying and testing the implementations before making the changes live.

Use Robust Supporting Technological Aids

Be meticulous when choosing the technologies and digital solutions to back your mobile application. Everything from security tools, optimization solutions, data storage aids to backup software need to be strong and future-proof to ensure the consistency of your app.

Neglecting this can result in a drastic decline in the app’s performance.

These are the best, step-by-step methods to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning in an existing app to improve user experiences, make it more powerful, and reduce churn rate.

There are innumerable reasons why AI is becoming people’s favorite in building the best artificial intelligence android apps. The graph below will represent the utilization of AI.

utilization of ai

Most Common AI Technology Challenges and How Can They Be Solved?

Why should you integrate AI in mobile app development for startups? Because technology is the best way to get quick results that are highly accurate and precise.

AI, like any other technology, comes with its own set of obstacles. The availability of sufficient resource data as a training sample is the primary operating premise underpinning machine learning. And, as a learning benchmark, the quantity of the training sample data should be high enough to verify that the AI system is fundamentally flawless.

Hard sample mining

When a subject consists of several objects similar to the main object, the machine ought to confuse those objects if the sample size provided for analysis as the example is not big enough. Differentiating between different objects with the help of multiple examples is how the machine learns to analyze which object is the central object.

Data augmentation 

When there is an image in question in which the machine or mobile application is required to identify a central image, there should be modifications made to the entire image keeping the subject unchanged, thereby enabling the app to register the main object in a variety of environments.

Data addition imitation 

In this method, some of the data is nullified keeping only the information about the central object. This is done so that the machine memory only contains the data regarding the main subject image and not about the surrounding objects.

To achieve higher data quality and more data context, it’s recommended that the organization invests the time and effort upfront in establishing a uniform data foundation with integrated capabilities of data security, data management, and data governance.

ai initiatives help businesses tackle data management difficulties

How Appventurez will help in adding AI & ML to an existing app?

It’s evident that the future of mobile app development lies in the seamless integration of AI and ML. Whether you’re launching a new app or enhancing an existing one, leveraging these cutting-edge technologies is essential to provide a personalized user experience, deliver advanced services, and significantly boost revenue. Now armed with knowledge about the benefits and implementation strategies of AI and machine learning, it’s time to elevate your app to new heights. If you’re seeking to develop an app that evolves with the dynamic landscape of technology, Appventurez, as an AI app development company, is well-equipped to assist you. We stay abreast of the latest technological features and evolving market needs to ensure the delivery of high-quality results for your app development journey.



Q. How do you integrate AI and ML into an existing app?

Here are some of the ways you can integrate AI into a mobile app. Using optimize the searching process of the mobile application, Integrate audio or video recognition in the app, for learning the behavior patterns of the app users & create an intelligent and friendly digital assistant.

Q. How does machine learning integrate with an app?

It finds an exact match using machine learning methods. It takes advantage of information such as posted photographs by displaying them at random and analyzing how frequently they are swiped, allowing the app to reorganize your photos by putting the most popular ones first.

Q. How do AI and machine learning work together?

While machine learning is founded on the premise that robots should be able to learn and adapt via experience, AI is a larger concept that refers to machines that can do jobs "smartly." Machine learning, deep learning, and other approaches are used in artificial intelligence to tackle real-world issues.

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