10 Worst Mobile Application Development Mistakes To Avoid

A mobile application can be a gold dig for your business. It can assist you with propelling your special endeavors, exchanges, income, and inner business modules. Having a mobile application for your business implies that you can zero in on a totally unique course of action of watcher gatherings and make new pay streams.  No […]

Updated 6 February 2024

Omji Mehrotra
Omji Mehrotra

VP - Delivery at Appventurez

A mobile application can be a gold dig for your business. It can assist you with propelling your special endeavors, exchanges, income, and inner business modules. Having a mobile application for your business implies that you can zero in on a totally unique course of action of watcher gatherings and make new pay streams. 

No one is great. iOS or Android app developers and mobile application affiliates are no special case for this standard. During my time administering the app development measures, we’ve seen direct about practically all mobile application development botches under the sun. 

A portion of these developer botches is more critical than others. Regardless of whether it costs you time, cash, or both, common app development mistakes can be baffling. However, for those of you who are simply beginning with application development, regardless of whether it be as an affiliate or entrepreneur, you have an enormous favorable position here. 

You’ve been advised to follow the way of the individuals who prevailing before you. Indeed, you can likewise evade the way of individuals who fizzled before you; gain from their mix-ups. 

Current Mobile App Market Scenario

As indicated by ongoing information by Statista, mobile applications are relied upon to produce a colossal income of $ 188.9 billion before the year’s over 2020. This information unmistakably shows the huge development that mobile application development is developing to get.

The quantity of mobile applications is required to ascend to 258.2 billion by 2022; thus, it is very clear that organizations can increase gigantic advantages through mobile applications. These mobile app statistics vary according to the industrial requirements.

In an ongoing overview, it has been discovered that around 30% of uses get uninstalled in the 30 days of being downloaded. This implies out of 10 introduced applications, 3 gets uninstalled. Another study by Localytics shows that around 80% of the mobile application users quit utilizing an application within a quarter of a year of its download.

The above details plainly show that in spite of the fact that the mobile business is blasting, few out of every odd application is valued by users. All things considered, there are 5 million all out applications in major application stores, yet just 32K applications arrive at the characteristic of 1M downloads. 

To ensure that your application covers the precarious contrast in the number of absolute applications and the number of effective applications, it is imperative to dodge a few slip-ups.

Here is a list of mobile application development mistakes to avoid and ensure that your application is not amongst one of those apps that users forget to open:

10 common app development mistakes to avoid

#1 Not Determining App Goals

Nothing can survive without pre-determined goals, and in order to stick with your vision, you need to establish some definite objectives. Following mobile app development trends to build your product is a big project, so if you are not determining why you should go for an app for your business then you might deviate from your progress.

For instance, if you have one of the trending app ideas that hasn’t been used or made out before but there might not be any demand for the product in the market then it will be a failure for your project. Determining when you should go for product design and implement the techniques to drive the progress should be the first choice.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or handling a start-up, if you need to proceed successfully with your app development idea then you should establish crucial goals. Identify what your app is providing and how it can be the right solution in the market.

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In this oversaturated market of mobile applications, understand the genuine necessities of the user, and afterward, devise an arrangement for the application. This will make you stand apart from your rivals. 

#2 Insufficient Research

This is another one of the common app development mistakes. Directing application development has conveyed that individuals are fretful usually. They need to make a plunge and begin making quickly, without making the correct strides early. If this is exactly the point then you should reconsider your plan. Yet, you have to back off and direct your due persistence before you continue. 

Also, read mobile app development timeline guide for better understanding.

Setting aside the effort to locate the best stage and answer for application development currently will spare you months or even long stretches of disappointment not far off. The tools for mobile app development can represent the deciding moment the achievement of your task, so don’t surge this choice. 

#3 Not building an MVP

why you need mvp

Making an MVP is a helpful thought that can spare your application from being a fiasco. An MVP or Minimum Viable Product offers you an opportunity to test your product progressively economic situations, where you have day by day users to assess the exhibition of the application. It is one of the mobile app market trends, utilized by most of the companies.

With a minimum viable product for startups, you will spend as meager assets as conceivable to draw in your first users, get criticism, and comprehend your objective market. It is imperative to note here that MVP isn’t inseparable from a crude or incomplete product that is made in a rush. 

By making an MVP, you can more readily comprehend the necessities and desires of your crowd, and plan an application that fits it. It is likewise imperative to pick the correct stage for building an MVP. Not forseeing these common app development mistakes might make your project costlier than you can expect.

#4 Inappropriate UI/UX Design

Some of the time we get so lost being developed that we disregard how the application will really be utilized. Disregarding the mobile app UI/UX design is one of the common app development mistakes that should be kept away from no matter what. 

A poor UI/UX configuration is one of the top reasons why individuals uninstall applications. Individuals have certain desires when they open an application. You should search for top UX techniques to follow that can help to mainstream applications without any lag in interaction. 

mobile application development mistakes

These applications have straightforward route, a pursuit work, and a home menu that can be handily gotten to from any screen. Here and there developers wrongly try to get excessively imaginative with the UI, which at last frustrates the user experience. Building an enticing user experience is counted in mobile app development trends.

#5 Budget Mismanagement

As referenced above, application development brings about a major venture. In this way, before you start implementing mobile app development strategies, make a point to comprehend the nitty gritty extent of the assets and spending that you would need in the total cycle. 

To avoid these common app development mistakes, you should decide the general financial plan of application development. It incorporates assessing development hours, material, space, promoting, overheads, activity group, and so forth. All in all, these angles require a significant speculation. 

costing clasification of mobile apps

Subsequently, it is vital to gauge your general spending plan in advance to make the application development smooth and blunder free. Ensure you additionally partition your financial plan for App advertising as well.

#6 Failed Testing

To have an effective mobile application, you have to take your testing to the following level. In the introduction to mobile app development, Testing is a continuous cycle and should be performed all through the whole development measure. Not exclusively will it improve the user experience, yet it’s the best way to work out any bugs or issues with the application. 

Avoidin these factors will become common app development mistakes. Make sure you test mobile app usability for having a decent UX design functioning. Compelling UI/UX configuration helps in winning the purchaser’s certainty and make them utilize your application for finding what they are searching for. 

For a little endeavor or start-up, UI and UX hold incredible significance as the early introduction keeps going long, and utilizing UI and UX configuration can break or make the acknowledgment. 

#7 No Mobile App Monetisation

Before you go through cash, time, and exertion to propel applications, set aside some work to plan for the mobile app monetization models. Building an application is one, however interfacing with the targeted individuals to download applications is an unmistakable game. This is one of the crucial mistakes to avoid while developing an app for business.

There is a major test in application stores on the grounds that numerous applications are downloaded each day. It is practically endless that the application will be downloaded on the off chance that you don’t have a strong application introduction plan. 

Examin your objective requirements, advance the application landing page, get studies on your application, blend it, use influencers to lift your app promotion, and effectively distribute it along various platforms. Implementing this strategy is also accountable to mobile app market trends in the current scenario.

#8 Too many features & functions

It’s smarter to have an application with extraordinary highlights, features, and qualities. Regardless, requiring an application with every one of the qualities you can consider is absolutely mobile application development mistakes to avoid.

Then again, on the off chance that we pass by the user criticisms, adding such a large number of highlights in an application makes it lumbering, without enhancing the user experience. For instance, if you app is focused on ecommerce industry then you should know top features in mobile apps for retail businesses.

Recollect that each new component will demonstrate the expense and time for culmination. As far as possible for making an application with various capacities will cost in excess of a basic application. Also, you no uncertainty realize that these unbridled qualities will be significant to users. 

This is the reason you should begin with the introduction to mobile app development that meets your organization’s basic necessities. You can then step by step present new qualities, update them, and advance them dependent on user audits. 

#9 Poor App Launch Planning

Following mobile app launch checklist is a major task on which most part of the success depends. There should be a proper plan for mobile app launch in the market. You need to determine the best time period to introduce your app to your target audiences.

To avoid these common app development mistakes, you must validate your MVP before investing in a launch. This will provide you an idea of what changes are required to be made. Use professional help for optimizing the App store that can lead you towards effective outcomes.

Looking for after launch strategies, read this mobile app store optimization guide.

Moreover, pay extra attention to the mobile app onboarding process so that you know if the objective is being met without any deviation from the app’s idea. 

#10 Inconsistent app updates

It’s a typical confusion that application development closes when the application launches. That is a long way from the case. In actuality, development never stops. No application is great, and you’ll have to make enhancements for an ordinary premise. So, this will become one of the huge common app development mistakes if you don’t follow consistent updates.

About 30% of applications are refreshed at any rate once per month. Over 80% of the applications are refreshed like clockwork. You should get ready for these updates from the earliest starting point. Updates will affect your spending plan, just as your choice to pick one developer over another. 

Updates are needed to improve the user experience, kill bugs, and stay viable with the most recent working programming on different gadgets. In the event that you’ve spent every single penny in your spending plan for app launch, you shouldn’t do these common app development mistakes.

Like any big project, developing an app can be frustrating at times. Common mobile app development mistakes happen to everyone, including myself. But if you understand the most common developer mistakes, you can avoid them altogether. 

How Appventurez can boost your mobile app success?

Turning your idea into a business-oriented product should be the key objective for every company stepping into mobile app industry. However, even a single mistake can affect the whole project and prevent you from reaching main goal. Here at Appventurez, we believe in following the qualitative procedure to the meet the expectations of the users and embrace their vision. We keep an eye on every single aspect to ensure no mistake occur. We are alaways available to have business discussions related to your app idea or project.

Omji Mehrotra
Omji Mehrotra

VP - Delivery at Appventurez

Expert in the Communications and Enterprise Software Development domain, Omji Mehrotra co-founded Appventurez and took the role of VP of Delivery. He specializes in React Native mobile app development and has worked on end-to-end development platforms for various industry sectors.

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