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Walaa app makes it easy for you to discover thousands of deals from your favorite store.

With the Walaa app, users can discover great discount and promotions that help them avail discounted prices at top retail stores and restaurants.

About the App

The Walaa app is a one-stop place for discovering great discounts, promotions, and sales on different brands, restaurants, or retail stores.

With the easy to use interface, the app makes it easy for you to search for great offers and discounts in your local area. All you need to do is to turn your location on and let the app search for store or restaurant offering the best price.

Color Scheme

  • #3468A1

  • #F91B39

  • #B8B8B8

  • #000000



Helvetica Neue

The Walaa app lets a user browse for discounts or promotions according to brands, or category wise, or based on current location. The app also allows users to save the details of a promotion for future use.

Benefits of App

Easy to use interface

Category wise availability of offers

Location-based offers availability

Always updated with latest offers and promotions

Great offers on big brands all in one place

Discounts at local retail stores and restaurant

Although, a user can’t buy anything through the app, but can explore stores and restaurants and best deals offered by them. In another way, this app also helps in exploring nearby shops and restaurants.

Walaa is a great app for foodie as well as shopping lovers. The Walaa app aims to provide the best of the discounts and promotions for people who are going to purchase a product or service.

Why pay full price when you can avail great discounts.


  • This project basically involved a lot of animation implementation. Besides this, we had a limited time in the implementation of the app. Our team took the challenge and completed the project with top-notch UI/UX. With this, we also implemented the fetching of store information according to the location. Although this was getting quite cumbersome, we did it with quality.

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