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Beauty Salon Services With Tonty

South Africa-based on-demand Tonty Salon services collaborated with Appventurez to make at-home beauty salon services convenient. The app has been designed and developed to facilitate the users to enjoy grooming services from the comfort of their homes with an easy appointment.

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Optimize at-home beauty salon services with Tonty

Augmenting the idea of self-care with a comprehensive beauty app solution to change the consumer experiences in at-home salon services.

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On-Demand Beauty App For Seamless Services

Integrated with advanced features such as online appointment booking, digital payments, and packages, the Tonty beauty app offers the luxury of grooming from the comfort of your home. Just opt for online booking and enjoy the service without any hustle.

Services: Payment Gateway Integration I On-Demand App Development

The Vision Behind Tonty

Tonty, as an on-demand parlor service app, provides its users with a comfortable option to enjoy beauty services according to their schedule. With easy booking appointments, GPS, and home services, Tonty has successfully covered all the major aspects of the Parlor Service.

Salon Management

Receive booking notifications from the users and manage slots for them with the Tonty app. From products to bookings, keep track of salon data as per the requirement.

Customer Management

Tonty Beauty app lets users book an appointment as per their requirements. Once the slot is booked, the bookings are managed by professionals.

Admin Management

The feature helps in ensuring that no major appointments are missed and services are streamlined for the customers and the professionals.


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The Problem that Tonty Plans to Tackle

Developing a digital platform for salon services is a challenging aspect, however, while developing the Tonty app, the database was included with minimum possibility of crashing and for keeping the data safe and secure.

Apart from online booking, Tonty also plans to tackle the data security issues that the app might face while dealing with digital payment services.

What Solutions Does Tonty Offer?

Tonty works towards creating an impact by facilitating seamless solutions that make the salon at home convenient.

Our developers integrated the app with a database to ensure that consumers can easily access the long list of salon services around them.

Tonty is integrated with the right set of tools, libraries, and APIs to ensure that booking is done in the right manner.

Our team of experts has made sure that there are no loopholes while implementing the payment gateway in a way that the sensitive information is encrypted to the makers as well.

Easy Booking

Easy Booking

Browse the Best Package

Browse the Best Package

Time Slot

Select the Time Slot


Choose the Service

Online Payment

Online Payment

Home Service

At Home Service

Customer Efficiency

Customer Efficiency


How Appventurez Facilitated
the Development of Tonty?

The team of experts at Appventurez created an app that aimed to revolutionize the salon experience.

Conceptualizing and Planning

The team of developers at Appventurez framed the app development plan after understanding the client’s vision behind the development of the Tonty app.

Formulating App Designing

The next step of the app development process includes the layout of the app design that will make it more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Integration of Futuristic Features

The team of developers worked towards integrating significant features such as online booking, GPS tracking, and online payment, among others.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing is performed to fix any bugs, glitches, or performance issues the app might face. It ensures the smooth functionality of the application.

App Deployment

Once the design and development are perfected, the team works toward the deployment while making sure that the app meets the guidelines of the app stores.

Maintenance and Updates

The last stage of the app development services will be to facilitate the post-development updates enhancing user engagement.

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