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Toogethr is a commuting app that focuses on delivering a sustainable and enjoyable user experience. It is a business mobility platform, which has now grown into a full-fledged mobility partner for countries, like Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.


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We teamed up with the professionals of Appventurez to deliver sustainable mobility and parking solutions by leveraging the latest mobility technologies & trends.

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Our goal is to deliver a pleasant commuting & parking experience to users with better sustainability & effectiveness. We provide smart data tools, such as bicycle incentives for employees along with smart parking solutions for companies & project managers.

Services: Mobility Platform | Smart Parking Solution
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Toogethr is a business mobility platform along with smart parking solutions. It caters services to large corporates, real estate companies, healthcare institutions, and the hospitality sector.

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With ‘Toogethr’, you can reach miles and receive advanced mobility & parking solutions. We keep in-depth knowledge of what’s happening in the market by conducting constructive research among corporate employees and employers.

Overview of Toogethr App

Toogethr is a platform that simplifies mobility and parking solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Smart Parking

Toogethr is a user-friendly and smart parking management system, that enables users to allot parking spaces flexibly. Get an optimal parking experience with Toogethr and make your car park easy and hassle-free.

Sustainable Mobility

With Toogethr cycles, you can make your commuting more sustainable, leading to fewer traffic jams, lower CO2 emissions, and more. Make your every ride count with our app that converts kilometers cycled directly into loyalty points.


Solutions Delivered by Appventurez to Overcome the Following Challenges

Challenge 1: The purpose of creating a Toogethr app is to ensure that messages are conveyed properly. Along with it, we were required to integrate specific technologies, like real-time location tracking systems, accurate insight analytics, and parking management systems.

Solution: We wanted to incorporate the smart mobility feature in the app; therefore, we integrated artificial intelligence for monitoring insights about the environment. Our developers leveraged the automated backend system in order to provide real-time user data.

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

Integrated Parking System

Integrated Parking System

Real-Time Location Tracking

Real-Time Location Tracking

Sustainable Approach

Sustainable Approach

Ease of Socialisation

Ease of Socialisation

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Challenge 2: For building a smart mobility platform, like Toogethr, we needed additional APIs, plugin-ins, and tools for integration purposes. Apart from it, we were also asked to add cycle supplier systems and other assets.

Solution: Our experts integrated numerous features into the Toogethr application to ensure the proper functioning of smart mobility and automotive systems. We made sure to use the latest APIs, plugins, and platforms to get accurate GPS tracking.

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