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Moove is a global partner for fleet telematics that provides excellent solutions to customers on a people-first basis. Our team leverages advanced technology and ensures constant development & improvement.


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Drive your business forward with Moove and streamline your transportation with our expert fleet management system. Get enhanced efficiency, durability, and safety of your fleet.


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We collect and analyse the user data to get insights into your fleet’s performance using the cutting-edge technology. Our team will optimize your fleet and create a structural impact by generating visible return leads to employee engagement within the organization.

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Safe Transport, Secure Business with Moove

We have experienced professionals, who leverage the best technology. They have partnered with Geotab (worldwide market leader in telematics) to get complete insights into the fleet’s crucial statistics.

The Geotab GO software measures all the indicators for an optimal performance assessment of your fleet, such as fuel consumption, engine status, etc. It helps in good decision making, from short-term efficiency to long-term for a sustainable international fleet.

Moove has a GPS tracking feature that enables the real-time monitoring of vehicle locations that assist dispatchers in optimizing routes and resolving the issues instantly. Moreover, the app has advanced algorithms used for reducing fuel consumption, mileage, and delivery times.

Overall, the development of the Moove app has revolutionized the transport operations, which resulted in cost savings, enhanced efficiency with better customer service.

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Overview of Moove

Moove is a subsidiary of ‘AutoBinck Group’, established in the year 2017. It is a global partner for fleet telematics, where technology has a vital role. However, the mind behind this project prioritizes people’s convenience to make a real impact on them. We leverage the advanced technologies to achieve the ultimate goal of our clients.

Our core values include perseverance, innovation and on-time delivery with the utmost customer satisfaction. Later, Moove Connected Mobility was founded. Over a period of time, Moove has witnessed tremendous growth and currently serves 85 countries.

How Moove Will Fuel Your Business with Successful Growth

Fleet Telematics

Fleet Telematics

Platform Safety

Platform Safety

Efficient Management

Efficient Management

Sustainable Process

Sustainable Process

Compliant Approach

Compliant Approach


Innovative Solutions Delivered by Appventurez to Overcome the Following Challenges

Challenge 1 : During the development of Moove, data analytics and mobility automation were two major challenges. We wanted to ensure that the business can easily cope up with data-driven insights and fleet management should be supported within the management.

Solution : With the help of advanced technology, our team managed to overcome it by integrating with an AI-based analytics platform that will monitor fleet activities. Fortunately, the whole process of integration went smoothly.

Challenge 2 : Another big challenge that we came across while building the Moove was adding technologies, like OEM and fleet telematics. We thought of adding Geohub in order to align multiple APIs to reach numerous users, and also wanted to maintain the app’s smooth flow.

Solution : By utilizing their expertise, our professionals analyze the solution to merge the AI-based feature with OEM of the fleet. Our team did a great job by integrating the AI smoothly and the outcome was pretty satisfactory.

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