Built an Online Trading Marketplace & eCommerce App

Created a user-friendly trading application with an interactive interface to facilitate their trading business.

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About this project

Raftaarr — a prominent subsidiary of Electronica Finance Limited — a one-stop platform that acts as a bridge between companies, offering a dynamic online marketplace that facilitates the trading of used machines. Admins can create interactive ad banners, post their requirements, build interactive portfolios, manage user profiles, and more.


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About Logo

Our brand logo is an impeccable combination of right elements, fonts and the colour. The logo comprises two elements: the name and its meaning - speed, in a single glance to help establish a strong identity from the very start. This identity is aligned with our vision to boost businesses’ growth, networks and their success.

The design aesthetics exude a contemporary, sophisticated and clean look while also making the logo digitally captivating and prominent. The line elements at the beginning of the logo visually make it appear as an entity moving forward in full speed. The colour palette & the font are chosen to match our vision & induce loyalty about the brand in our customers.

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Client Requirements

Our client wanted a user-friendly platform where users can easily sell and buy products online.

One-Stop Platform

The focal point of Raftaarr is to develop a comprehensive platform that delivers a seamless online buying and selling experience. So, our experts created an intuitive interface, allowing sellers to list products or share their interests.

Interactive Community Engagement

Being in an eMarketplace, our client knew the importance of interactive community engagement. So, we built a platform, where users can create posts to share insights, industry updates, and achievements to keep the users engaged.

Seamless Communication

The client wanted to make sure that app provides 24*7 customer support and responds promptly to customer inquiries or service requests. That is why, we built seamless channels between industrial Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and their customers.

Key Features of Raftaarr App

Let’s look at some of the significant features of the Raftaarr- a feasible platform to sell online.

Product Showcase and Requirement Posting

Raftaarr is an online shopping app as it allows users to create detailed profiles of their machinery products, featuring specifications with high-quality images & brief descriptions. This way, the community will get to know about specific needs.

Portfolio Building

Raftaarr enables users to build impressive portfolios showcasing their products to sell online and generate high revenue. They can highlight achievements, successful collaborations, and the impact of their machinery solutions to entice more users.

User Profile Management

Companies can create and manage multiple user profiles within the core panel on the Raftaarr mobile application. Admins can customize their profiles to highlight specific details, achievements, and offerings targeting a specific segment of the business.

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online best shopping app
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Solutions Provided by Appventurez

The client of Raftaarr collaborated with the expertise of Appventurez to become a recognized online marketplace. The team worked effectively, from initial stage to the final launch.


Custom eCommerce Development

Appventurez leaded the creation of Raftaarr from scratch, focusing on custom software development tailored to the unique requirements of an industrial MSME-centric eCommerce platform.


Intuitive UI/UX Design

Our experts prioritized a seamless user experience by providing expertise in UI/UX design. The team crafted an intuitive and visually appealing interface, ensuring ease of navigation for both sellers and buyers.


End-to-End Solutions

Our team provided a complete solution, handling everything from frontend & backend development to community engagement. This encompassed user authentication, security, customization features, and more.

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Unlock the potential of your online marketplace by creating a one-stop solution.

Client Testimonials

“We collaborated with Appventurez for our project- Raftaar. The partnership has been fruitful overall. The team at Appventurez has demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering quality solutions that align with our Raftaarr platform’s objectives.”
Ganesh Joshi

Ganesh Joshi

Head, IT & Systems

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