On-Demand Laundry Services Business Models

Being a part of the fast-paced world, it is becoming extremely difficult to concentrate on household chores. Whether it is washing dishes or doing laundry.

Updated 12 February 2024


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When it comes to doing dishes, the choices are rather limited—you either tackle it yourself, hire a maid, or invest in a dishwasher. However, the landscape is more versatile when it comes to laundry work, with alternatives like on-demand laundry apps allowing users to conveniently get their laundry done by professionals. To comprehend the intricacies of such an app, it’s crucial to grasp the business model that underpins the on-demand laundry services market. So, prepare your dirty clothes bag, as we delve into the significant business models and their associated development costs.

Before we embark on that journey, let’s explore how the laundry business has reshaped the traditional landscape and impacted the business world. To bring your own on-demand laundry app vision to life, partnering with an experienced on demand app development company is key, ensuring that your platform aligns seamlessly with the evolving demands of the market.

Effect Of On-demand Laundry Apps In The Market

Undoubtedly, on-demand app development has made our lives a lot easier than they used to be. Take out your phone, tap a few times, and boom the laundry will be done within 24 hours. 

Who would have thought that it would be possible?

And here we are using the topmost apps in the on-demand shaping the world that allows us to get our clothes laundry, find a babysitter, and even order food. (yes, it is not limited to on-demand laundry but is already in other sectors)

We are now able to accomplish these small tasks easily with a few taps. The on-demand services are growing rapidly along with the X-owner revenue of Uber

As per the records, in 2018, the on-demand industry generated $57 billion which was only $34 billion in 2016. You can only imagine the record in 2025 since there is an increase in demand. 

on-demand laundry services market graph

On-demand Laundry Apps Trends

Consumer Behavior

The full cycle approach is extremely vital when it comes to the consumer due to their preference. Consumers prefer doorstep pickup, easy booking, and delivery services that can make their work easy.

As a result, on-demand laundry services have gained a lot of popularity. This allows users to get their clothes dry cleaned or laundry without moving a bone (unless we count the finger used for tapping).

This is extremely convenient for users that can attract customers easily in a technologically driven manner. It results in users preferring technical advancement instead of traditional services that require self-service (can’t believe we used to follow this trend).

Crowdsource Supply

For people that are not aware of the term crowdsourcing, it is gathering ideas, information, and service from a group in the form of enticing feedback in terms of On-Demand Laundry. This is even easier now that we have the internet at our service through which we can just follow a few clicks here and there to get it done.

There is no need to hire freelancers or employees to give their time to get the survey done. This saves a lot of costs, time, and effort for employees that may have invested in feedback. 

Lack Of Ownership Model

This is all about including the on-demand laundry services business model to ensure that entrepreneurs are aware of the process. However, market competition research is the major thing to know about the industry in depth.

The major purpose is to see that the laundry app is developed cleanly which can attract consumers and how many of them are listed. For instance, there are laundry apps like Cleanly that offer a platform for laundry businesses to attract customers.

The purpose is to check the manpower of the business and scale it up. This also allows for understanding the overall amount and work done. The availability of manpower is another factor that can be measured up in it. 

Business Models Of Laundry Apps

Getting an Uber for Laundry is not easy as one feels that it will be. There are so many aspects that are added to the On Demand Laundry app importance have made it a huge success. However, is it as easy as we make it?

No, on-demand laundry app development is not as easy as we make it. But it is simplified with the major on-demand laundry services business model making it easy to develop an app accordingly.

laundry service business model table

This might have covered major aspects of the on-demand app development guide for your business for you. Now, the laundry app features the detailed meaning of these three trending business models.

On-Site Laundry Service Business Model

The on-site laundry business model is best for providers that already have a dry cleaning and laundry business running in the market. This model works to fulfill the demand of the audience in which the pickup and delivery are done from the doorstep.

This is an ideal approach for customers due to several reasons such as:

  • Customers can decide the pick up time and address.
  • Push notifications to keep customers up to date with the process.
  • The customer preferred delivery time for laundry clothes.
  • Payment can be done online or in Cash on delivery.
  • Laundry preference is taken by the customer to clean the clothes.

The laundry business model is to enhance user experience and offer them doorstep services. Not only this, but it can control vetted cleaner and speedy turnaround while tracking the process in real time.

In-Site Laundry Service Business Model

The in-store business model for on-demand laundry is completely different as compared to others. This laundry business model is focused on kiosks that are located at a specific place. The users can give their dirty clothes at these layouts while filling up the form with the number of clothes and type of them.

The clothes will be delivered to the laundry center to get cleaned and then customers can collect them from that place at the given time. This mainly includes:

  • Dropping clothes at the laundromat
  • Specific delivery time for customers to collect clothes
  • Adding details of pieces articles
  • App transaction or cash on delivery

It is a different type of on-demand laundry model that is majorly dependent on the customer only and doesn’t have a reference with the app. However, it can be a great idea to get kiosks converted in the form of on-site and help the customer out.

Marketplace/Aggregation Laundry Service Business Model

The last model that is majorly used in the On-Demand Laundry app development is aggregation or marketplace. This model is not only for the laundry business owner but anyone can opt for the model.

The aggregation business models of on-demand laundry mobile apps are for the third party that can have information about the business owners. The marketplace operator manages the payment that is sent out to the businesses. From every transaction, some percent of the share is cut off by the owner.

The major points included in this on-demand laundry services business model for users are:

  • Business owners can get ratings and reviews.
  • Select the laundry business as per the reviews given by previous customers.
  • Online transaction gateway for easy payment.
  • Filter the laundry companies with rating prices, and location. 

The laundry provider works on all the services that are given to the customers in the aggregator business model for on-demand laundry services. 

Types of Laundry Delivery Mobile Apps

Aggregator Laundry App

Startups without their own laundry business can benefit the most from this sort of laundry delivery software. These applications are primarily concerned with creating a common platform via which consumers can interact with various laundry providers in their region.

Laundry Marketplace App

This concept is similar to an aggregator, but you are also in charge of pickup and delivery. All of the local laundry service companies will be included in your on-demand delivery tech stack. When a customer puts an order, you will collect all of their information and manage logistics between the customers and the laundry service provider to fulfill the requested services.

Dedicated Laundry App

If you already have a laundry company, you may use a specific laundry delivery app. You might create an app or a website that allows consumers to schedule laundry pickup and delivery at a reasonable price to their homes. If you’re having trouble scaling your firm, this is a fantastic business plan to consider.

Be Uber For Laundry

Many of you might be confused and thinking why are we using Uber again when it is about laundry app development? Uber is used for extreme and outstanding services.

So, be ready and enjoy the journey after selecting the laundry service business model.

Unique Features

To answer the question of “how to make an app go viral”, it is essential to implement vital features such as clicking a pic of the piece of cloth or stain highlight. This makes the On-Demand Laundry app more special while bringing out some unique ideas in the market. Just make sure to implement them accordingly so that it doesn’t have any adverse effects.

Important Events Or Reminders

There are no major on-demand laundry apps that have added up the important events or reminders in it for users. The user may want to get a weekly or daily pickup and delivery service. In such a case, getting a reminder automatically for On-Demand Laundry will be great. However, users can reject or confirm the reminder or event.

Eco-Friendly Services

This is mainly for the business aspect that can attract users a lot. The on-demand laundry services should focus on the eco-friendly manner of dry cleaning and laundry such as detergents. The motive is to ensure that toxin-free products are used, keeping the environment safe and free of any non-biodegradable products.

Additional Care

To get Uber for Laundry, it is best to add some features that can entice people and make them return to you. It can be collar stay replacements, free buttons, clothes cover, wood hanger, etc. add-ons that keep them hooked. 

Special Offers

The on-demand app development must be done to keep the scope of adding the latest offers and deals right in front of an audience. This is mainly done to attract new customers and get regular updates on the services. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-demand Laundry App?

Answer the on-demand app development cost, in short, it starts from $200,000 and goes beyond $400,000. However, the service industry that drives the on-demand economy completely depends upon the size of the app and what is the budget of the app setting.

However, there are several aspects on which the On-demand Laundry app development cost will depend much on the services listed below:

  • Laundromat build – The cost of establishing a new laundromat is extremely high compared to the existing one. It can go around 2,000 sq. foot space which can cost $500,000 including the equipment.
  • App Cost –  laundry app development costs can include the cost of hiring on-demand app developers. Additionally, it will include the platform (iPhone and Android app development) along with features to develop an app. The cost will approximately lie between $10,000 to $25,000.
  • Machinery – The cost of a top-load washing machine for On-Demand Laundry will go to $20,000/per piece. Along with this, the cost of one dryer will be around $6,000. Not to forget the additional stock of the laundry business that will reach $400,000.

How Appventurez will build an On-demand Laundry App?

The On-Demand Laundry app is experiencing a significant surge, and this upward trajectory is poised to escalate dramatically in the foreseeable future. The integration of on-demand laundry with the e-commerce platform is catalyzing a global transformation within the dry cleaning industry. The primary driving force behind this evolution is the pervasive time constraints in our lives, prompting an increasing number of individuals to opt for what can be aptly termed as the “Uber for Laundry.”

Guided by on-demand service provider app principles, expertly provided by an on demand app development services company, the most noteworthy aspect lies in the seamless and hassle-free services offered. This allows customers to efficiently tackle their daily tasks with rapidity, all at the convenience of a few clicks. In a world where time is of the essence, why not embrace the simplicity and efficiency that on-demand laundry apps bring to our lives?

However, with trends comes competition that is already in the market. Hence, it is best to go for the mobile app development company that is well aware of the laundry service business model and can cover it up.

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Q. Why is a laundry business good?

Starting a washing company is simple. It all comes down to being in a decent location, having all machines operating, having nice and friendly personnel, keeping clients satisfied, and keeping the books to be successful in the laundry industry.

Q. What is the target market for the laundry business?

Your target market for a laundry service might be rather diverse, ranging from elderly clients who are unable to do their laundry, to busy working moms who don't have time to do the family's laundry, to students who don't have access to a washer or dryer at home.

Q. Why are laundry shops in demand?

Professional laundry services are in high demand in both busy families and business enterprises like hotels and restaurants. With the growing demand for laundry services, a slew of new businesses are springing up to provide dependable laundry services with a variety of extra features and perks.


CTO at Appventurez

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