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Have you ever faced a situation where you need a piece of cloth urgently, only to find out that it is dirty? There can be times when you have no desire to invest time in washing clothes.

Updated 1 February 2024

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the need for a piece of clothing arises urgently, only to discover it’s soiled and there’s no desire to invest time in washing it? This is precisely when on-demand laundry apps prove invaluable. In a world where we have apps for food delivery, taxi bookings, and even gift purchases, the potential of laundry apps, a necessity in our busy lives, remains relatively untapped.

Despite the vast scope these apps offer, they are not widely recognized in the market. However, it’s undeniable that our increasing reliance on on-demand services is reshaping our daily lives. Dry cleaning and laundry services seamlessly integrate into this spectrum, enabling users to delegate washing responsibilities while redirecting their time to more enjoyable and essential activities.

The impact of on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services is steadily on the rise. According to Statista, the revenue is projected to reach an impressive $4,582 million in 2023. If you’re considering entering this transformative market, partnering with a proficient on demand app development company can help turn your vision into a successful reality.

laundry care revenue

Based on the revenue stats of the top 5 countries around the globe, the revenue of laundry services has reached 12,888 million USD showing market volume in 2020.

revenue in terms of global comparison

The data mentioned above is increasing at a sky-rocketing pace while projecting great numbers. However, before diving into the business due to the demand, it is best to know about the app-based laundry service like Cleanly that is already in the market.

What is Cleanly?

Funding – $7.3 million

Revenue (in 2019) – $ 1 to 10 million

On average, an individual spends approximately 10 hours per month just washing their clothes. To save time and solve these problems, individuals can use the app like Cleanly which offers dry cleaning and laundry services with a few taps.

The users can schedule time and laundry service providers will pick, wash, fold, and return the items in a matter of 24 hours. This even allows users to automate the chain easily as per the logistics while staying in the competition.

Cleanly is not limited to dry cleaning and laundry services, it includes several services such as dog-walking, volunteer commitments, and work schedules. The motive is to offer time-saving and hassle-free features for timely delivery. 

The best thing about Cleanly is that it is extremely easy to work around. 

How cleanly works for users

The user-friendliness of the apps makes it easy to schedule and get washed and folded clothes delivered at the door. This is from the user’s perspective. It is easy for the service provider as well to get orders and complete them with the help of a laundry service app.

How cleanly work for service providers

To dive into the development world of on-demand laundry apps, it is essential to understand their working. As mentioned above, Cleanly offers the feature to users allowing them to schedule their pick-up and drop time. 

  1. Ordering – The provisions allow customers to choose from the type of services required and the time allotment section. There is also a dashboard through which users can track the pickup place and time. The interaction between customers and users is a vital part of this step. This can be achieved easily with the MVP on-demand laundry app development to launch the app with basic features in the market. 
  2. Picking Up – The laundry service provider will send out the agent to pick up the clothes at that allotted time and deliver it. This interaction is mainly outside and hence required to work on the impressions. It is essential to make sure that users are comfortable while interacting with an unknown person for precious clothes. 
  3. Dry Cleaning and Laundry – The pickup is added to the special containers and sent to the laundry center for cleaning, drying, and ironing. The process must be as per the user’s requirement otherwise it loses the meaning to go for it.
  4. Delivery – Once this is done, the clothes are delivered to the users, within 24 hours. The delivery service must be as per the laundry services guidelines and good enough for the users. The automatic time-reminder and tracking options are available in the app to simplify the process for users. 

The whole process of delivery works as per the customer’s time and schedule. Hence, it makes it convenient for users to complete laundry around the clock.

Reasons To Opt For Cleanly On-Demand Laundry App

The on-demand industry includes the major benefits through which users, as well as service providers, can leverage a lot. To get an insight, here are the reasons why one can opt for on-demand laundry apps.

A Quick Way Out Of Unpleasant Chores

There is no doubt that individuals prefer an evening of lazing around while watching their favorite movie or going out with friends instead of spending time in the laundry room. The on-demand apps for laundry offer this type of service to the users to pick up and deliver the washed clothes to their doorsteps.

The best is that Cleanly has extra options that allow users to choose toxin-free or scented cleaning as per their wish. 

A New Entrepreneur Can Work With a Platform Model

There is no need to go for infrastructure investment when the platform model can work amazingly well for the laundry apps. The emergence is going to skyrocket with time while developing the sphere in terms of bounds and leaps. 

There are several leaders of on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services in the market that are giving tough competition to others. 

A Dry Cleaning Services Can Scale Up Enterprise With an App

If someone is dealing with laundry services then it is a great opportunity to take a step forward. A bit of financial investment can be a great way to proceed with on-demand app development. The purpose is to offer an enhanced and unique user experience. 

On-Demand Laundry Services Business Models

It is not easy to develop an on-demand app for laundry and dry cleaning services, especially with giants as competitors. However, it is essential to select the business model as per the business requirement before diving into the world of on-demand laundry app development.

There are mainly two types of on-demand laundry business models used by the giants including Cleanly for their laundry services including:

  1. Aggregation or Marketplace Model – It is mainly the laundry delivery app service providers that don’t have their equipment. In this model. The users and service providers have a platform where they can connect. The operators handle the transactions while collecting data such as preferences and locations. Whereas the service providers are registered to this platform to interact with users and arrange deliveries.
  2. On-Site Model – It is best for struggling business owners that need a laundry delivery app and website both for their laundry services. The users can pick up the clothes and then deliver them within 24 hours at a reasonable price.

It is essential to scale up your business properly before selecting the model. This simplifies the overall on-demand app development process allowing users and service providers to get the task done.

How To Develop On-Demand Laundry App?

The development of an on-demand laundry app completely depends upon the building and structuring of features. Along with this, just like any other on-demand apps, there are three major components for which the app will be developed such as the admin panel, laundry app, and laundry delivery app.

on-demand laundry

To simplify the whole process, let us give you the major on-demand laundry app development added to the models.

Customer Apps

The customer apps include a set number of features that allow customers to streamline the whole process for users. Let us cover the essential features covered in the customer app for on-demand apps.

Delivery Apps

This aspect of the laundry apps for delivery work differently than the customer app. The laundry delivery app is for the service providers that get orders from customers. It includes operation control, order status, pickup, and delivery. The delivery provider focuses on order history, client data, reports, and statistics.

Laundry Apps

The laundry app directly links up with the laundry delivery app to add the order information including the type of services, order number, material details, and delivery status.

These are just an outlay of the on-demand laundry apps that simplifies the working. This will help in determining the cost of on-demand app development for laundry services and delivery. 

However, on-demand mobile app development can’t be achieved if we aren’t aware of the technology stacks.

To move forward in the on-demand laundry app development world, it is best to know the tech stacks that will be used in the process. The tech stack of on-demand laundry app development is as below.

tech stack for on demand laundry app development

Market Competition On-Demand Laundry App

If you are planning to develop an app like Cleanly then it is the best laundry app to be aware of the apps similar to it. The apps that are already in the market are doing great and hence, it is essential to know the market status before going for a laundry startup.


It is a UK-based app that offers a platform to connect with on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services. At the present moment, the app has expanded and ruled the market of the top 5 countries.

The app is all about customer value offering a seamless and remarkable journey to the audience. The on-demand laundry services project is extremely popular in terms of lifetime relationships.


The app is no longer working for the laundry service and operations but it has managed to set a milestone for the upcoming apps. The lesson that one can have from this app is operational and logistical inefficiencies. The reason that Washio was not able to complete the process was due to its limitation and profound issue. It was the best dry cleaning app but some loopholes became the pitfall of the company. 


The on-demand laundry apps have a huge scope of competition with Rinse. The app has given exposure to the target customer to attain a top-class app-based laundry service. Along with this, metropolitan cities have a smashing scope to evolve with on-demand dry cleaning and laundry apps such as Rinse.

Key Takeaway

On-demand laundry services are the most innovative form of app that allows customers to focus on the services that were not much famous. It follows an effective marketing strategy that can help in enhancing the potential of the app in the market. 

However, it is best to hire a mobile app development company that has years of experience in on demand app development services. The motive is to ensure that dry cleaning and laundry services are a major priority in the present world.

Don’t wait up when you have an opportunity to grow and thrive in the market. Share your idea with us to get the best consulting and development services.

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