14 Advantages of Mobile App for Healthcare Industry

Do you remember what was the situation in the healthcare domain 15 years ago? The image you are creating might look like a dull, gloomy, monotonous hall with lots of patients. If not, you might be seeing doctors and healthcare personnel doing manual work too.  All in all, the situation 15 years ago was less […]

Updated 23 January 2024

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

Do you remember what was the situation in the healthcare domain 15 years ago?

The image you are creating might look like a dull, gloomy, monotonous hall with lots of patients. If not, you might be seeing doctors and healthcare personnel doing manual work too. 

All in all, the situation 15 years ago was less streamlined with lots of manual things to do apart from seeing the patients. 

Now, look around and see how the healthcare domain has progressed during all these years.

One thing that eases the communication between the patient and doctor is technology. And on-demand healthcare mobile applications are the cherry on the top. Furthermore, the advantages of mobile apps for the healthcare industry strengthened the bond between doctor and patient. 

Yes, apart from high-end technologies meant for treatment, healthcare mobile apps are lessening the burden of healthcare personnel while assisting patients thoroughly. 

This is the reason, the healthcare domain is hugely investing in healthcare application development services to ease the workload of healthcare personnel along with bridging the gap for patients digitally and economically. 

So, if you are planning to take one step towards healthcare mobile apps, we have a layout for the same. 

Advantages of Mobile Apps for the Healthcare Industry

Smart Point-Of-Care Coordination

One of the very first benefits of mhealth is point-of-care coordination. 

A few years back, it was challenging for a patient to remember the prescriptions, follow-up processes, etc. after getting discharged from an acute condition. 

Also, the lack of right communication mixed with product name ambiguities along with the misunderstanding of the product use instructions is another reason for medical error. 

To cut the chaos, on-demand healthcare mobile apps are changing the scenario dynamically. Through the assistance of these applications, health personnel and doctors can coordinate with the patient about medication, diagnosis, and the follow-up process. 

Apart from that, patients can also be monitored whether they have understood the instructions or not. 

Seamless Data Flow

One of the next benefits of mobile apps in healthcare is seamless and error-free data flow. The healthcare domain is usually a complex network filled with the data flow between the patients and healthcare personnel. Furthermore, the data needs to be administered for accounting purposes. 

Due to this, mobile technology trends are cutting the complex network web effectively and smoothly. With the help of it, data can later be moved fast through tablets and phones too. 

The ease in the flow of information and data gives healthcare providers total control over it. Now, due to the benefits of mhealth, there is no need to worry about misplaced hardcopy papers, folders, details, and files too. Meanwhile, security is the concern that stops users and investors from wholeheartedly relying on mobile technology.

However, with the emergence of continuous technology, mobile technology in healthcare outcasts the issue. This is the reason, the healthcare trends are in demand today. 

Patient’s Overall Management

Earlier, it was difficult to keep track of the overall health status of the patient as there was no digital way to monitor the effect of the medicine provided. Thankfully, mobile devices in healthcare and healthcare mobile apps together have changed the dynamic 360 degrees.

Mobile devices, tablets, and wearables are ways to track and monitor patients. The right diagnosis at the right time is a boon for both the patients and healthcare personnel. 

Enhancing Physician’s Efficiency

Physicians, doctors, and healthcare personnel are the core of the healthcare system which requires their long working hours and hectic schedules. 

As per the report by the American Medical Association (AMA), around 60% of Emergency Medicine doctors feel lost when pressured. Also, it has been noticed that physicians, doctors, etc often complain of not spending time on the core-i.e. – looking at the patient, rather they spend max time on data entry and other administrative tasks. 

To ease the process while streamlining other related things, the duo of mobile phones and healthcare mobile apps are nothing but the ultimate solution. Through these devices integrated with the application, getting patient information at the fingertips is just a tap away. 

The benefits of mobile app in healthcare does not end here. These apps are capable of automating paperwork effectively. The ease and automation have together enhanced physicians’ and healthcare personnel’s efficiency by letting them focus on the core things. 

Diagnostic Accuracy

There was a time when keeping track of patient records manually was nothing less than a challenge. As and when technology evolved, computers took responsibility and lessened the overall burden.  

And the introduction of mobile applications and the benefits of mhealth, the duo takes the process to a whole new level eliminating the need for extensive paperwork. The outcome resulted in an increase in diagnostic accuracy. 

Keeping everything handy and mobile, healthcare personnel can trace accurate and descriptive health notes. Also, due to the digital storage of data and things, human error has come down to a certain extent leaving nothing but accurate information. 

Diagnostic Accuracy

Apart from that, mobile devices in healthcare integrated with mobile applications also recognize the causes and symptoms of diseases and pathogens. 

If you have made up your mind regarding healthcare applications, it is a must to hire a reliable and trustworthy healthcare mobile app development company. 


Who doesn’t like handy things filled with in-depth information that can be assessed anytime, anywhere with just a tap? That’s why healthcare mobile app development shows up as a solution.

Sounds interesting? Well, this is something mobile applications are doing for medical students and all the healthcare personnel. Eliminating the need to carry heavy and bulky books, these apps for healthcare are the portable solution to all those books. 

Also, moving from one library to another is the talk of the past with the arrival of these mobile applications.  Furthermore, the option of video conferencing is also available whereas Voice search is something that gives more edge to the app.

In short, mobile devices in healthcare are a boon for the doctor and also for the patient. 

Easy Customization

Though not impossible it is quite a tiring process to individually give attention to a large number of patients on time. 

To help doctors, physicians, and healthcare personnel, mobile devices in healthcare let them make custom-designed remedies/prescriptions that too without investing a huge amount. 

Also, personnel can use data for creating a patient’s profile before categorizing them as per the ailment. The comfort and convenience of these apps for healthcare have given doctors the overall process of customization without a huge investment. 

Thus if you are planning to ahead with your healthcare mobile app development, make sure to ask a few things from the app development firm too. 

Real-Time Communication

With the arrival of mobile applications, the process of communication has been streamlined and improved. Thus investing in healthcare mobile app development can never turn into a failed investment.

It has been reported that 80% of medical students prefer to use mobile devices for connecting with their fellow mates. 

Thus, it is easier for health personnel and doctors to connect with patients while monitoring their health status. Apart from that, experts from different parts of the world can consult each other in real time for learning and sharing prospects. 

Blessing In Disguise For Remote Areas

In the era of smartphones and blazing-fast internet speed, remote and far-flung areas are also not deprived of these healthcare mobile apps. 

These healthcare applications are a blessing in disguise as it is easy to book an appointment with the doctor along with purchasing medicines online. Apart from that, push notifications are the easiest way to offer daily healthcare regimes and tips. 

Thanks to the geolocation technology in these applications, the connection with the remote and far-flung areas is absolutely possible.

Reduction In Bill And Expenses

With the passage of time and the emergence of great new technologies, healthcare practices are also getting expensive. 

Those who are privileged to avail expensive healthcare facilities are still on the happier side whereas the lesser privileged side finds healthcare out of reach service. 

To make healthcare easy on the pocket, Healthcare mobile apps are replacing costly medical facilities. Facilities that can still work without the close involvement of doctors, healthcare personnel, and paramedics. 

Internet of Things Healthcare And Mobile Application

Not so-common technology IoT is in clear practice. The integration of IoT and healthcare mobile applications is revolutionizing the healthcare domain fully. 

Also, the IoT healthcare market is about to reach $136.8 billion by 2021- report by Prediction. The mobile technology in healthcare has streamlined the entire healthcare process while easing the healthcare professionals’ tasks too. In short, the future scope of IoT and mobile applications together are giving birth to a new healthcare system. 

Furthermore, the Internet of Things healthcare and mobile applications make the practice easy to gather patients’ information and health data on IoT healthcare devices. The data seamlessly flows via the connected medical equipment on patients’ bodies meant for monitoring vital parameters. 

Apart from that, IoT technology and mobile technology in healthcare are capable of checking the good’s stock while maintaining them systematically too. 

*these IoT statistics are proof of why the technology is trending a lot.

Easy Bill Payments

With the arrival of healthcare mobile applications, paying medical expenses is just one tap away. Also, the integration of strong and secured payment gateways made it easy for users to pay the amount.

Furthermore, the choice of payment that includes debit/credit card, online transactions, and cash on delivery eases the transaction flow all the more. Once the transaction has been made, a transaction notification will be sent to the user. 

Brand Value Of The Business

If you are planning to develop a healthcare application similar to a music streaming application, there are high chance that you are going to score high. 

Also, with the help of ASO strategies and app viral secrets, you can build the brand value of your business too. 

Appointment Scheduling

Making an appointment with the doctors, physicians, or health personnel was once a time taking the task.

However, the introduction of healthcare mobile apps has made it easy for patients to book an appointment with just a tap. Also, on the other hand, doctors and physicians can organize their time availability along with notifying patients of any sort of cancellation. 

With the ease and comfort these mobile applications render, there are apps in the market that have gained popularity and fame. 

Attending to it, get a look at the top 10 healthcare mobile applications in the market- 

Top 7 Healthcare Mobile Apps In The Market

  1. . NEJM This Week– an app that lets patients aware of the latest news in the world of medicine
  2. Epocrates- an app that is meant for looking at the information about the availability of prescription drugs for treating particular conditions along with researching the effects. 
  3. DSS Inc.the app meant for enhancing care coordination, safety, and patient care while reducing administrative costs too.
  4. PatientKeeper it allows healthcare personnel to order labs, radiology, medications, and other services for patients across all hospital departments.
  5. CarePassporta healthcare app that enables patients to access their medical data via medical images, lab results, and clinical reports from different healthcare providers.
  6.  Electronic Cause of Death–  available in New Hampshire is an app technology for vexing problems.
  7. MyEpilepsyThe free educational tool for enabling clinicians and patients to manage epilepsy effectively.

Meanwhile, there are some statistical reasons too to prove how the benefits of mhealth are taking the lead role. 

Balm for the thought…!

The way of healing has been changed so has the practice of offering the same. Develop your healthcare mobile application today to create a history tomorrow.

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

Ajay Kumar has 15+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, project management, and team handling. He has technical expertise in software development and database management. He currently directs the company’s day-to-day functioning and administration.

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