The Ultimate Business Guide to Develop a Healthcare App

Develop a healthcare app as it entails a systematic approach to address various medical needs, from managing fitness goals to facilitating patient-doctor interactions.

Updated 29 March 2024

Ashish Chauhan
Ashish Chauhan

Global Delivery Head at Appventurez

Healthcare application development is a systematic process wherein a company constructs a mobile app designed to aid users in efficiently managing their medical concerns, fitness objectives, hospital visits, or doctor’s appointments.

For instance, a doctor’s app can provide counseling to patients, facilitate telemedicine, prescribe medications, and offer diagnoses, among other functionalities.

If you’re contemplating the development of a healthcare app, delving into the mobile (mHealth) industry is the ideal starting point. It becomes imperative to seek out healthcare app development services in such instances. This has the potential to revolutionize the dynamics of interactions between individuals and healthcare professionals (including hospitals) in the medical field.

In this comprehensive guide to how to develop a healthcare app, we will be covering all the essential information, like types of healthcare mobile applications, technologies used to develop a healthcare app, integration of essential features, and much more.

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Importance of Healthcare App Development

Develop a healthcare app as it is paramount for businesses because of its potential to revolutionize patient care delivery and operational efficiency. Some popular healthcare apps, like Doctor On Demand or My Fitness Pal, offer a wide range of benefits, like improved patient engagement. 

Additionally, these apps streamline administrative tasks, including billing, and managing medical records, resulting in better workflow efficiency and cost reduction. With the help of cutting-edge and digital transformation technology, like AI, healthcare applications offer personalized recommendations. 

Altogether, one must develop a healthcare app to improve patient care, operational effectiveness, and innovation in the healthcare sector. 

Types of Healthcare Mobile Applications

For DoctorsFor Patients
Database AppsDieting Apps
Electronic Medical/Health Record AppsDiagnosis Apps for Preventive Purposes
Health Tracking AppsFitness Apps
Medical Reference AppsHealthy Lifestyle Apps
Telemedicine AppsReminder Apps

Essential Healthcare App Features You Must Integrate

If you want to develop a healthcare app and attract your target audience’s attention, you must consider integrating the following features into the app:

healthcare app features

Profile Creation

One of the foremost healthcare app features is – profile creation, which enables users to create personalized profiles. Here users can add their medical history, preferences, and other necessary information.


Another important healthcare app feature integration is tracking, allowing users to track several health metrics, like exercise routines, dietary habits, and medication adherence, providing valuable insights into people’s well-being.

Payment Integration

You can integrate secure payment gateways in your healthcare app and facilitate seamless transactions for services like consultations, prescriptions, medical equipment purchases, etc. 


The integration of a video-conferencing feature will help your users consult with their doctors through video calls, facilitating remote diagnosis, treatment planning, and follow-up care from home.

Social Integration

Develop a healthcare app by implementing various social features, like forums, health communities, and support groups, letting users connect and share their experiences, seek advice, and more.

Reviews & Ratings

Last but not least, integrate reviews & ratings features into apps for healthcare professionals, empowering users to make well-informed decisions based on other users’ feedback and experiences. 

Advanced Technologies Used to Develop a Healthcare App

In the healthcare industry, leveraging cutting-edge technologies has become significant in creating innovative healthcare solutions. With the help of AI application development services, one can easily predict analytics. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, ensures secure data management, the realm of how to create a health app is evolving rapidly. 

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Here is a list of the top advanced technologies used to develop a healthcare app:

Artificial Intelligence

Disease diagnosis, medication prescription, bettering senior care, analyzing data from medical equipment and records, hospital institution work management, and other applications of AI are developing in the healthcare industry.

The worldwide use of AI to develop a healthcare app is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 46.2 percent from USD 6.9 billion in 2021 to USD 67.4 billion in 2027. Complex healthcare datasets, the rising desire to minimize healthcare costs, and the growing demand for improved healthcare services due to the imbalance between health personnel and patients are all pushing AI to be used in healthcare.


By the year 2025, the healthcare-related AR and VR market is expected to be worth $5.1 billion. While the future is still a long way off, the influence of AR VR app development services on healthcare is already being seen in a variety of sectors, including fitness. The FitXR BoxVR sports application is an example of this.


Custom blockchain solutions are one of the most important integrations with the healthcare industry as they enable secure data management. The decentralized technology ensures the integrity and privacy of sensitive medical data while facilitating transparent transactions. Additionally, blockchain in healthcare enables seamless interoperability by creating a combined platform for sharing and accessing medical information across various systems. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing in healthcare industry has a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of the medical field by facilitating scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. With the help of cloud computing, healthcare organizations can securely store and manage a large amount of data, like EHR, administrative records, etc. 

How to Build a Healthcare Technology Platform?

Now, that we have covered almost everything related to mobile apps in healthcare, it’s time to learn – how to create a media app for your healthcare organization. 

how to create a medical app

Define Your App’s Objective

To begin with, you must clearly define your app’s objectives. You can outline the purpose and goals before you develop a healthcare app with the help of professionals. Whether you want to focus on improving patient engagement, streamlining administrative tasks, or providing remote consultations, note down everything to make your expectations clear. 

Conduct Competitive Analysis

After defining your app’s objectives, focus on competitor analysis to develop a healthcare app. This way, you will be able to learn about the integration of essential features, and the existing app’s strengths and weaknesses. Competitive analysis also helps in identifying opportunities for differentiation and improvement. 

Choose the Suitable Platform

The next step to develop a healthcare app is followed by picking the right platform. Find out whether your healthcare app will be developed for iOS, Android app development services, or cross platform app development services based on your targeted audience and market preferences. 

Focus on UI/UX Design

Once you have picked the platform to develop a healthcare app, you can now focus on creating an interactive UI design for your healthcare app. With the help of professional mobile app design services, you can create an intuitive and user-friendly interface for a better user experience. You must prioritize simplicity, accessibility, and visually appealing app design.

Create an MVP

Next up we have is MVP development services that validate the app idea, build a functioning solution, have a quicker time to market, and more. So, create a minimum viable product and integrate essential features to test the app’s functionality and collect user feedback to develop a healthcare app before investing in a full-fledged development process.

Test Your App

If you want to make sure your app is error-free, avail of mobile app testing services to identify and resolve any bugs, glitches, or usability issues. Also, make sure to conduct compatibility testing across different devices and operating systems for smooth access. 

Launch and Update

You can now finally launch your healthcare app and release it to the market and continue to iterate based on user feedback & technological advancements. Additionally, regular updates and improvements are essential for maintaining relevance and user satisfaction. 

How Much Does Healthcare App Development Cost?

There is no definite cost to develop a healthcare app because it varies significantly on multiple factors. For instance, the app’s complexity, feature integration, platform, development time, location of health app developer, and much more. 

Developing an app for a certain industry comes with its own set of challenges. Similarly, to build a healthcare app, you must consider three stages: pre-development, development, and post-development. As a result, the estimated cost to develop a healthcare app is dependent on each phase of the development. 

However, on average, the simple healthcare app development costs between $45,000 to $2,50,000. Remember that the platform and the location of your bespoke mobile app development firm impact the cost of healthcare and medical app ideas for innovative development.

How Appventurez Will Help You Develop A Healthcare App?

As a healthcare app development company, Appventurez has delved into the creation of numerous groundbreaking mobile healthcare applications. Our goal is to assist medical organizations and providers in crafting exceptional healthcare apps that resonate with and captivate customers. 

With our extensive experience in developing various mobile health apps, we recognize that success hinges on delivering an engaging user experience. Whether you’re gearing up to launch a healthcare app or seeking insights into mobile health technology, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our Mobile application development services are here to cater to your needs, and we’d be thrilled to assist you!

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Q. What are the key considerations when developing a healthcare app?

Building a health app requires careful consideration of several factors, like regulatory compliance (HIPAA), security measures, user experience design, and scalability for potential growth.

Q. How to develop a medical app?

To create a medical app, you must first define its purpose, comply with regulations, integrate user-friendly features, build secure infrastructure, conduct rigorous testing, and update based on the feedback.

Q. What essential healthcare app features should I integrate for a better user experience?

You must include core features, like appointment scheduling, telemedicine for virtual consultations, secure messaging, EHR integration, symptom tracking, and much more.

Q. How can I differentiate my healthcare app in a competitive market?

To differentiate your healthcare app, provide a seamless user experience, gather feedback for continuous improvement, and consider partnerships for credibility and reach.

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