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How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like TikTok

Akhil Kumar By Akhil Kumar | March 23, 2020

The overnight sensation TikTok has surpassed all other competitive apps in the market. Talk about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pandora, Pinterest or name any other, TikTok has made its benchmark above all. 

Pick any of the social media platforms, you will witness a TikTok video already stealing the show there. In short, “there is always a scope for innovation” slang has been proved by TikTok architecture in an engaging way. 

This Chinese music video platform TikTok now is a trend and there are very little chances of knocking it down any day. The popularity of it made not just businesses but startups start investing in such similar ideas. 

But in order to understand the scope of apps like TikTok and cost to develop an app like TikTok requires a rough idea to be prepared before the original investment process. 

Here in this blog, we will be highlighting how much it cost to develop an app like TikTok along with all the major things associated with it. 

Let’s get started- 

A Quick View Of TikTok

Launched in 2017 by Byte Dance was formerly known as, TikTok is a music and video platform app making users create and share videos online. The app is designed to upload videos and film content as per liking, later on, the videos can be edited through effects, filters and more. 

filter of tiktok

People with talent or liking to explore something new are becoming sensation through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. The time frame to do all is 15 seconds though. Currently, the app can be downloaded in over 150 markets that too in more than 75 languages evolving the scope of apps like TikTok.

In a nutshell, if you question what are the features that made TikTok popular, the answer will always be-

  • Ability to share recorded videos on social media platforms
  • Capturing high-speed image
  • Music videos broadcasting
  • Filters and effects
  • Availability of music library

Just like the quick view of TikTok, let us now take a look at its fascinating facts for a better understanding. 

TikTok Statistics

  1. Tiktok got 500 million active users globally.
  2. The app has been recorded more than 1.5 billion times on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 
  3. This Chinese music video application has been downloaded in the Apple App Store with recorded 33 million downloads.
  4. Over 41% of users are between the ages of 16 to 24.
  5. Around 52 minutes per day are being spent on the app.
  6. The app currently has a base in 155 countries.
  7. 90% of users access the app on a daily basis.
  8. In just 18 months, US adult users grew 5.5 times until now.
  9. In 2018, more than 1 billion TikTok videos have been viewed every day.

The talk in numbers is enough to understand why TikTok was quiet and now a star in the world of social media applications. 

Meanwhile, there are features that made TikTok- application with millions of downloads, uploaders, and potential uploaders. 

Features For Apps Like TikTok

Login Screen

This is the foremost point when we talk about features & functionality required to create a TikTok-like mobile app. The login feature should be integrated to make an app like TikTok while offering options to signup from other social media platforms. For using the application, users will be required to first sign to access the app. 

Simple User Interface

The screen is the first thing that holds the users to the app. Hence, it is essential for both iOS and Android app developers to make the simple yet catchy user interface.  This way, it will be fluid for users to navigate through the app that will ultimately enhance their user experience. 

tiktok homepage

In the case of TikTok, the app enables users to find all the trending videos after signing up. The videos can be seen one after the other through screen scrolling. Also, it is easy to follow known people along with sharing the screen for further viewing. 

Hearts & Shares

You must have given hearts to many Instagram posts. The same hearts are also integrated into TikTok but with a twist and bring in more scope of apps like TikTok. Those hearts though does not make you necessarily follow the creator but are the indicator of video popularity. On the other hand at the creator’s side, the profile tracks the heart received. 

features & functionality required to create tiktok like mobile app

By giving hearts, the video will be saved in your profile and become accessible at any time. There are many TikTok users who rise to fame through videos. 

In order to make your app compete with TikTok, adding this feature with another twist can be a great way. 

Tons Of Filters & Effects

Snapchat users know how much fun it is to use filters and effects. An ordinary image can become extraordinary when adorned with filters and effects. Similarly, special features like reverse, zoom, flash, popular slow-motion, etc that adds up to the series of TikTok like price.

faceapp of tiktok

Many people might have used Faceapp with its specialty of turning young face to old. Such unique and out of the box features grab users attention to the fullest. Hence, adding things features and effects that are unusual yet amazing will certainly make users fall for your app. 

Sharing Is Caring

Videos are meant for sharing and if a feature like this is not integrated into the app, the music and video sharing app is nothing. Tiktok took this feature seriously and made a space for “share”. This feature adds to the pile of the cost to create An App Like TikTok.

Through it, sharing apps on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and even on email is easy like clicking a button. 

Add Some Uniqueness

Tiktok enables users to upload their own music, songs also rather than using the pre-loaded or given options that create more scope of apps like TikTok.

If you are planning to get started with the same, the very first step of yours should be finding a reliable mobile app development company. Once done with it, make sure you ask for such a “unique” feature from the company to make your investment worthy and ROI great. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best way to make users aware of new videos, likes, tags, followers, etc. 

Duets Drolls

Tiktok makes people do the duet by recording the lip-sync of popular dialogue. On the other hand, another user can get started with the same. 

celebrity profile on tiktok

In order to match the level of TikTok, ensure you are also integrating this feature in your mobile application. 


Settings enable users to check out their profiles along with giving the option to change their profile picture. Also, the setting should be given the choice to make the account public or private with the option of changing passwords, help centers, language switching and many more. Blocking unwanted users should always be the top priority of TikTok like applications. 

Video Editors

TikTok like applications is popular also due to offering great features and effects along with tools for editing videos. 

Along with that, additional features of Tik Tok like-

  • Hashtags, 
  • Music library
  • Real-time analytics
  • Geolocation app development etc are additional good things that can be integrated into Tiktok like applications. 

These features should be the must-have features that should be integrated into an app like Tiktok. Meanwhile, such features also affect the cost of making an app like Tik Tok.

features of tiktok

Let’s figure out the cost of making an app like Tik Tok.

Factors Affecting The Cost To Develop An App Like TikTok

  1. Design
  2. Platform
  3. Development Team
  4. Features

These 4 are the most basic factors that affect the cost to develop an app like TikTok among many other important ones. Let’s figure out what makes them outstanding.


Designing an app application is the foremost part of developing an application. It is something that reflects the UI of the application as users are demanding these days. And on the other hand, UI is something that needs to hook users in the very first instance. 

Cost of making an app like Tik Tok when it comes to designing.

DesignAndroid appiOS app
Approximate Time100-102 hours100-102 hours
Approximate Time$5,000-$5,100$5,000-$5,100


Currently, there are two platforms- Android and iOS trending in the market. In order to make an app like Tik Tok architecture, targeting both platforms are important. 

But at the same time, if you are on a little lesser side in terms of budget, then the next step is to figure out the right target audience and their preferences. 

Whereas iOS development tends to take a little 20% or even 30% less time in comparison to Android. The reason for the latter one is that more devices run on Android. 

Development Team

How to develop an app like TikTok? To do so, there are basically two options- either outsourcing app development company or hiring in-house iOS and Android app developers. Both the options incur plus and minuses. 

The in-house development Required Development Team Structure tends to be expensive whereas outsourcing is a little less costly along with being more comfortable. 


Features are the core of developing an app like TikTok. Understanding these features, complex ones take the costing part more whereas simple one costs lesser. To build an advanced featured app like TikTok, the development team will be requiring more time. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like TikTok

The cost to develop an app like TikTok cost somewhere around $75,000- $85,000” with a certain set of features. 

Meanwhile, the costing factor to develop an app like the Tiktok app also depends upon several technologies, features, functionality, resources, platforms, etc. 

Once done with it, how much does it cost to develop an app like Tiktok can also be tracked through the number of hours to build the app. Along with that, these number of apps are then multiplied b the cost per hour. 

Furthermore, the experience and expertise of the developer also play an important role in deciding the cost of developing an app like Tiktok.

Meanwhile, here is a concrete structure of the per phase Tiktok like app development-

tiktok like app development

We have mentioned that technology also plays a crucial role in developing applications. Hence, here are the technologies used to develop apps like TikTok or required to develop-

Technologies Used To Develop Apps Like TikTok

Tiktok no doubt is a show stopper in the app development industry and its competitors are still trying to make their presence too. 

Technology is the core of any application and similarly, app-based application are backed with-

tech stack of tiktok like app

Meanwhile, there are few other technologies that are required- 

  1. Real-time Analytics- Azure Stream Analytics, Apache Flink, Spark Streaming.
  2. Streaming Media System- Nimble Streamer, Wowza Streaming Engine Helix Universal Server.
  3. Powerful programming- GWT
  4. Database- HBase, Mongo DB, Cassandra, MailChimp Integration, Postgres
  5. Cloud Environment- AWS
  6. For Database Management- Datastax
  7. Phone, Voice & SMS Verification: Twilio, Nexmo.
  8. Push Notifications-, Twilio, 
  9. Universal Operating System- Debian
  10. emails: Mandrill
  11. Storage servers for every music & music video apps- Google Cloud Storage, Azure, Amazon S3.
  12. Video/audio Transcoding: Amazon elastic transcoder (third-party solution.), FFMPEG (Open source software).

How To Earn Money Through Apps Like TikTok?

There is a number of ways to earn money through an app like Tiktok.  Subscription, Influencer Promotion, etc, meanwhile, a few other methods are- 

In-App Purchase

tik tok architecture

An app like Tiktok is available with options like buying stickers, emoticons for reacting live to videos. If you are planning to develop an app like TikTok, in-app purchases like stickers, emoticons, etc will become the essence. 


Advertisements are one of the most important assets to earn revenue from apps like Tiktok. As and when the app will get popular, various brands tend to spend a huge amount on advertisements. 

The Mobile App monetization model is filled with various methods to earn money through Tiktok live applications. Subscription-based models generally lock the advanced features of the app while letting people use the basic one in the initial phase. 

Once they start liking the feature of the app, for using the advanced ones, the need to pay some subscription-based amount is always required. 

How To Develop An App Like Tiktok?

  1. Target Market Research 
  2. Choosing The Apt Monetization Model
  3. The Right Mobile App Development Team
  4. Creating An MVP

To develop an app like TikTok, there are 4 steps to do so. These steps than highlights the graph for Cost to Develop an App Like TikTok.

Target Market Research

The very step towards developing an app like Tiktok is targeting market research for prospective users. For that, you would be required to figure out- 

  • Demographic profile– for getting demographic values, the age of users, their locality along with devices they use and etc. 
  • Behavioral trends– it is important to understand why a user’s desire to download something is decreasing. Apart from that, getting an overview of what is slowing the loading times, lack of security measures, along with high value on the app utility, etc. 

In order to serve what a user asks for, it is necessary to have an overview of users’ wants and needs. Mobile App User persona in such a situation helps in getting a detailed understanding of the ideal users’ portrait.  

Choosing The Apt Monetization Model

Once understanding the users of a particular domain, choosing the apt monetization model is mandatory- 

  • Fundraising’
  • In-App Purchases
  • Advertising 

The Right Mobile App Development Team

When the business model and researched audience data on side, the next is to contact the right mobile app development company and get started with the project discovery phase. 

Creating An MVP

Creating an app for video streaming is a complex project. And deploying it with all the features & Functionality required to create a TikTok-like mobile app can be a risky affair. Hence, it is always recommended to launch the app in the MVP version. Once done with it, gathering reviews, ratings & feedbacks provide an understanding of what do users want in an application. 

Programming Language For Developing App Like TikTok

  1. Javascript
  2. Java
  3. c# 
  4. C++
  5. PHP

For developing an app like TikTok, choosing the top programming languages for the development process is extremely important. Let’s figure out which programming language used in Tik Tok and which can be apt. 


In order to know which programming language used in Tik Tok, JavaScript takes the first place. It is widely used for website app development. Hence, it is often recommended and highly demanded in the market. Its dynamism, learning curve, its extension, and functionality are its key features. Meanwhile, JavaScript Frontend Frameworks guide can also be taken into consideration for better UI.


Java is one of the most popular and famous programming languages in the world for app development projects. The app smoothly synchronized with the Android and iOS systems. 

Also read- Java vs Python– The Fierce Battle Of The Beasts


The language is famously known for the development of Microsoft applications and services. Hence, it is often recommended for programmers for learning. The language is always picked up for developing video games, Windows desktop programs and web pages along with its other functions. 


A language that is based on C language is widely used by famous companies like Adobe and Microsoft is widely demanded in the market. The language redefines the operators while rendering the ability to create new types as fundamental types. 


PHP is an open-source language that is free to use while being free to the programmers. The language is processed on servers that can be further be used for creating dynamic web pages written in HTML. Currently, the language is popular among companies and programmers. 

Based on these technologies, programming languages, features, etc, there are many other app like TikTok available in the market today. 

11 Popular Apps Like TikTok

  1. Vigo Video
  2. Dubsmash
  3. Music Video Show
  4. LIKE
  5. KWAI
  6. Video Star
  7. Cheez
  9. Triller
  10. Lomotif
  11. Firework


TikTok is quite famous in the app development world and that is why many startups and businesses are turning towards apps like TikTok.  The Cost to Develop an App Like TikTok is aways calculated with a number of features, level of complexity, required platform and more. If you have any doubts regarding the same, we are just a step closer. Connect with us today.

Akhil Kumar
Akhil Kumar

Co-Founder & Managing Director of AppVenturez Mobitech. An entrepreneur who is tech-savvy and aims to build the largest software business through technological innovation, keen business strategist and a passionate technocrat. He firmly believes in learning and earning by planning and performing.

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