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Complete Guide On Food Delivery App Development

Akhil Kumar By Akhil Kumar | December 13, 2019
Complete Guide on Food Delivery App Development

Hunger doesn’t know when to strike neither does a great app idea. 

Taking this as a lead for your next food delivery app development project can be a demanding task. 

The food delivery app should maintain a balance between consumers and restaurant owners precisely and glitch-free. 

Furthermore, the app should be developed in such a way that it is responding to the delivery process smoothly. A minor glitch and your app is gone forever…!

Also, there are many elements that should be kept in mind when planning to develop one. 

Here in this article, we are going to let you dive in great depth to bring out the best of food delivery app development along with things to take care of. 

So, let’s get started with some statistics and numbers before presenting what is on the menu to indulge in- 

Why Indulge In Food Business?

  • Grubhub made $4 billion in gross food sales in the year 2017.
  • As per the data released by Slice Intelligence, UberEats grew by 230% last year while its average customers spending more than $220 annually.
  • Revenue generated from the Online Food Delivery segment amounts around US$107,438m in 2019.
  • It is also expected that the revenue is about to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 9.9%, with a market volume of US$156,819m by 2023.             
Food Delivery Market
  • Just Eat’s revenue hit £779.5m in 2018.
  • The market for food delivery stands at €83 billion, or 1 percent of the total food market and 4 percent of food sold through restaurants and fast-food chains. 
  • Since 2014, it has been noticed that digital ordering and delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in-traffic. 
  • It has been seen that 76% of people are likely to dine at a restaurant where they had previously enjoyed an online delivery. 
  • Another report stated that by 2020 restaurants who don’t offer online food service and delivery will lose over 70% of their potential customers.

When these are just the number that might look not so delicious to you, there are pie charts that would work as an ingredient in the plain dish. 

Have a look, 

Food Ordering Frequency

When done with it, you are all set to get started with why food business, why food-based application, the need, and the solution and so many other mixtures.

Let’s get started- 

How food ordering services can help the business grow?

The facts and figures are enough to show you how the food industry is flourishing. Within a few years, it is quite evident that food ordering apps are going to change the traditional method of selling and ordering food. 

Taking it as an opportunity today can bring great results to the business and anyone who is part of the food business or planning to indulge in one. 

Opting for the same. , there are will provide advantages like- 

  • More revenue 
  • Marketing of a particular brand in the yummiest way
  • Going digital means serving what a user is craving for
  • If planning globally, there is no way to lose 
  • The food business is today’s need that is going to change tomorrow’s land
  • Number of users means highly-reached popularity and eventually becoming a household name

Greg Creed, CEO of Yum Brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet)Greg Creed stated about how delivery services have impacted their growth strategy:

“We’ve got to find ways to make it easier for customers to get to our brands. We do that two ways: We build more units, but we also look at delivery as a way to get our food to customers in their homes.”

Apart from that, there are some more reasons to cherish the food delivery business.

Reasons To Create Food Delivery Application

1 – Market Value Is rising

As mentioned above, the food delivery business is a whopping $108 billion business which is about to reach a staggering $300 billion by 2030. 

Online Food Delivery Growth in Next Five Years

2 – Food Ordering Apps Are Time-Savior

Ever tried baking a cake or your favorite choco muffins? 

Well, the process is lengthy, time-consuming and most of the time fails miserably. 

To cut what not served, ordering your favorite meal online will save the rest of your day. 

In the saved time, you can indulge in reading your favorite novel, seeing the movie you have been waiting for, or maybe a sound power nap.

3 – Food Ordering Apps Are Quick

Getting up from your comfy sofa in a cold winter eve and then dressing up nicely to reach the nearby restaurant looks like a punishment. Relatable?

Well, to let you not getting up from your zone, food delivery apps are the best way to order food quickly, swiftly and timely

4 – A Great Start

Along with serving the customers the restaurant, you can also serve people through the food delivery app. 

The app will eventually result in wider customer reach,  and more customers mean more revenue, more business. 

5 – Doors Open For ROI

The more you would reach the customer, the more would be the return on investment. 

When this was about the food market, there is another need emerging, i.e.- 

Do you really need Food Delivery app development in the near future?

Well, the answer is straight cut YES. 

There are typically 2 Reasons for developing food delivery apps that can actually convince you.

The first quote- “The food delivery market is growing impressively. It is growing because people are showing interest in such service by using them religiously”.

The second one belongs to active smartphone users. There are around 3 billion smartphone users in the world who find it convenient to buy food, dishes, meals through applications. 

The amalgamation of these two things is making it important to go for the food delivery mobile app development company.

Meanwhile, before nodding yes to the firm, make sure to ask a few questions just to understand the journey you are going, to begin with. 

The need can be seen and analyzed in the very next section of this article. 

Now, that you have scrolled till here, it is evident that you are planning to develop a food-delivery mobile application. 

If yes, the below-mentioned sections are crafted for you. And if you haven’t made your plan to go ahead, there are chances that you will say Yes.

So, let’s get started- 

There are basically 2 types of applications that you need to know before planning your first food-delivery application. 

Types Of Food Ordering App Model 

#1 Aggregator Model (2-party platform)

Aggregator Model

This is the app model that connects customers and restaurants by accepting the order and passing the order to the restaurant. 

Meanwhile, the application does not control the delivery process as it is the responsibility of the restaurant.  Due to this, big-name restaurants often opt for such kind of application. 

#2 Logistic Support Model (3-party platform)

Logistic Support Model

Similar to the features in the Aggregator model, the Logistic support model supports the delivery system too. 

The platform involves third-party delivery personnel who is responsible for taking the order from the restaurant and delivering it to the customers. This model carries more extensive market potential as compared to the Aggregator model. 

Furthermore, this model helps small restaurant owners serve the customer. 

In a nutshell, it will not be unfair to state that the Aggregator model is a bit outdated or used by fewer owners whereas the Logistic support model is in demand. The latter is a more convenient option that bridges the gap between restaurants and consumers. 

So, if you are planning to develop apps like UberEats, Zomato, Postmates, etc, it is often recommended to choose the second option. 

Attending to all these, now comes the turn of must-have features of Food Delivery App Development. 

Do you know the app consists of 4 panels to develop?

Before digging down deep, get a closer look at those 3 panels- 

Restaurant Side Features

  • Login/ on-boarding process– just like customers panel, the same process is followed here too. Restaurant owners are required to register themselves by fulfilling the documentation process too. 
  • Dashboard–  once done with verification and documentation, the dashboard is the next step to indulge in. It is where the restaurant owner can track and monitor their pending, delivered and under-processing orders. 
  • Push notifications- through which restaurant owners can show their deals and discounts to the users via the app. 
  • Accepting or rejecting orders- just like users, the restaurant can also cancel or reject the order.  
  • Contact and queries corner- another crucial feature to include. If a customer has some sort of issue with the app, he/she can directly connect with the concerned person. 
  • Data management (includes history, order tracking, etc)– this feature is required as a restaurant can see and showcase the past purchase history of the user to the user. 
  • Payment- the restaurant can also transfer the money to their bank account via online mediums like PayPal, eWallets, etc. 

Delivery Personnel Side Features

  • Registration– admin provides login credentials to delivery personal.
  • Order management- once the customer is done with placing the order, the order will be auto-assigned to the concerned delivery personnel who is nearest to the predefined restaurant. 
  • Order status updation– after the allotment of the delivery, the personnel will simply deliver the item to the customer’s location. 
  • Geotagging- must-have feature to track personnel’s track in real-time.
  • Messaging option-it is required when the user wants to connect with the delivery personnel on their own.
  • Payment withdrawal– the delivery personnel can also transfer the amount to their bank account via online payment mediums. 

Customer Side Features

  • On-boarding process- once the customer is done with downloading the application, signing up is the next task. Make sure it is as smooth as butter. Integrate social media options along with phone numbers to sign-up.
  • Search option– it becomes dicey for a user to search each and every restaurant for their required dish, thus, search feature should be placed on the upper section of the app for the user’s ease. 
  • Menu-the most fundamental feature in any on-demand food delivery application. The app should display the menu from different restaurants along with required details, coupons, and discounts. 
  • Add to cart feature- a feature that lets users add what they have selected
  • Payment mediums- users should be given the flexibility of paying for the food via credit/debit, online medium, PayPal, etc.
  • Tracking the order– once done with placing the order, the user should be given the authority to track their order along with ETA of the food delivery that too in real-time. 
  • Ratings and reviews option and customer support- the app is of no use if it misses these features. Users should be given the ease to rate, review the service while getting support if required. 

These are the most obvious features of Food Delivery App Development placed for 4 panels affecting the cost of developing a food delivery application. 

Check out these applications before figuring out the cost- 

Food Delivery Apps That Are Trending In The Market

  1. Zomato – Founded in the year 2008, Zomato is an online restaurant search platform. Today, it is available in around 25 countries including Australia, India, and the United States
  2. Doordash – Doordash is an on-demand restaurant delivery service delivering breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with alcoholic beverages.
  3. UberEats- Covering more than 1,000 major cities around the world, UberEats is the most popular food delivering application. 
  4. GrubHub-Over 50,000 restaurants in 1,100+ cities, Grubhub is another famous food delivery app serving cuisine. 
  5. Seamless –With great access to deals and discounts, Seamless is another simplest way to order food online. 
  6. Postmates –Name it, Postmates will deliver. Get groceries, food, and alcohol delivered from over 10,000 retail shops, restaurants, grocery stores and many more. 
  7. goPuffGet everything at your doorstep be it snacks, drinks, ice-cream, and others.
  8. separates from other applications and websites is that delivers food, groceries, alcohol, gifts, and laundry. Apart from that one can also earn delivery points with every purchase. 
  9. InstacartStarting from groceries to other essential products from the stores you have already shopped.
  10. Munchery-If you have a love for chilled, chef-crafted meals, Munchery is the app meant for you. Apart from that, the meals served on this platform is a little lower than the prices asked at restaurants. There is another impressive point about this application is that it donates a meal to a person in need with every meal purchase. 
  11. Eat 24Now powered by GrubHub, get your favorite meal at your doorstep by getting access to thousands of local restaurants.

Indeed, a great initiative…!

So, these are the top 11 apps serving tasty meals and deals at one’s doorstep.

Now, as promised, it is the right time to indulge ourselves in the food delivery app features in great lengths.

Advanced Must-Have Features of Food Delivery App Development 

We have already mentioned the basic features that are the soul of the application but there are other advanced features that connect the app together. 

  1. The algorithm for Queue
  2. Real-time tracking of the location
  3. Push notifications
  4. Real-time Analytics
  5. Payment structure
  6. Restaurant information
  7. Reservations in a restaurant
  8. schemes and cashback
  9. smart search
  10. Integrating social media handles
  11. BOTS
  12. Cross-Platform development

Enough to get started with?


Let’s dig them in detail now.

1 – The Algorithm For Queue

When assigning the job of developing your food delivery app to the app expert, ensure the algorithm too.

Queuing algorithm works as an auto-detect feature that finds out the nearby delivery personnel for assigning the delivery task. 

One of the most required Features of Food Delivery App Development to include. 

2 – Real-Time Tracking Of The Location

Another must-have feature in the list includes. This is the feature that lets users track the delivery personnel order in real-time. Apart from the users, restaurant owners can also figure out the status of the real-time location of the delivery personnel. 

3 – Push Notifications

Skipping this feature is like a half-done developed application. 

Push notification is a feature that lets users know what about the food order confirmation, the details of the delivery personnel.

Do not forget to include this feature.

4 – Real-Time Analytics

It is the analytics that provides admins all the information regarding operational data in order to make decisions. 

Through the analytics, the app generated real-time revenue reports, revenue projections along with giving admin the authority to monitor and track the overall performance of the app.

5 – Payment Structure

What makes the app different from other app is the integration of third-party apps for swift and smooth payment. 

Thus, if you want to make users keep using your app, make sure to add payment options along with Cash On Delivery. 

6 – Restaurant Information

The next feature to be added when it comes to how do food delivery services make money is offering the details of the restaurant is often proved feasible from the user’s point of view.  By offering transparency, it becomes easier for users to decide the quality of the food before ordering.

7 – Reservations In A Restaurant

All it takes is a different idea to make a difference…!

When planning for your food delivery application, letting customers book their tables in a restaurant can be proven great. 

This will make customers book their tables with ease without the need to stand in long queues. 

8 – No One Says No To Reward, Schemes, And Cashback

Who doesn’t like free goodies? 

When a customer is spending a good amount of money on your application, it becomes your responsibility to cherish them with surprises, coupons, deals, and discounts, and this is how do food delivery services make money. 


Hooked users + more chances of food ordering+ revenue generation = food delivery app making money.

It is one of the best ways to hook a large number of audiences.

Apart from that, offering deals is another good way to invite new customers to the application. 

9 – Never Skip The Smart Search

A smart search predicts the keyword before the typing is done. The technique hence makes the user push a little less while searching for a cuisine, dishes or restaurant. 

Ensure you are giving a great user experience to your customers.

10 – Integrating Social Media Handles Are A Must

Today, users are digitally aware and active and using this practice as an opportunity can actually work like a charm for your application…!

Letting users share, upload, review, and rating the dish you are delivering can boost sales in a dramatic way. 

Not just that, the overall practice will work like unpaid advertising giving more authentic and real experience about the service. 

11 – Never Say NO To BOTS

We all are hearing that the future belongs to Artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Thus, by using this technology with the help of chatbot can actually bring more traffic and active users to the app. 

No matter, whether to handle customer query or answering users questions, AI-enabled chatbots can answer everything in a natural way. 

Say NO to the communication gap or pending queries…!

12 – Cross-Platform Development Should Be The Priority

With so many devices available, it is the user who will decide the fate of the application. 

Thus, keep cross-platform app development the priority to let every user access to the service smoothly. 

This will result in greater ROI, more user, better performance of the app along with improving financial efficiency. 

Attending to these aforementioned things, get a glimpse of how we at Appventurez get started with the Food delivery application. 

The right ingredients to the Food delivery application are just a few scrolls away.

6 Easy Steps for Developing Food Delivery App

  1. Research and competitor analysis:
  2. Know who your audiences are:
  3. Understand what functionalities and Features of Food Delivery App Development:
  4. Monetization:
  5. Development & deployment:
  6. App maintenance:

1. Research and Competitor Analysis

The very first step in understanding how to make a food delivery app goes to research and competitor analysis. 

When you are finding opportunities in the food business, others are planning to get started with it. Admit it, the competition in the food business is quite stiff, and venturing into this world needs you to be armored with all the research and parameters. 

Thus, for a smoother venturing, make sure to go do great and in-depth market research. Apart from that, ensure not to skip competitor analysis, check out what is making your competitor’s app performing flawlessly in the market. 

Once done with both, you are good to go to add the next ingredient…!

2. Know Who Your Audiences Are

Selling meat in a vegetarian locality can never make you earn, no matter how amazing chicken or meat you cook…!

The same trick applies to the food delivery application too. Stick to the journalism trick “5Ws and 1 H” along with opting for STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning).

In a nutshell, know who all your audiences to effectively offer what they ask for. 

3. The Features And Functionalities In The App

Once done with the basic understanding of both- research and audience, it is the right time to add features and functionality in the app. 

Remember to stay away from overstuffed features or features of Food Delivery App Development that do not add value to your app. And at the same time, stick to the features that are different from your audiences. Offering something unique or more than your competitor is serving will automatically create value to your app. 

Make sure to add features and functionalities that are worth to be applauded. Meanwhile, do not overlook copywriting things too…!

4. Money And Budget

When done with all these steps, get some rough cost estimation of the app from the recognized food delivery app development company. 

Attending to it, come to other points like- 

  • The target platform you want to indulge in- iOS or Android
  • Cross-platform application or native application
  • The right use of technology stack
  • The frameworks you want to look at etc.

All these things would require you to spend the amount, but it is worth it. 

5. Develop And Deploy

This is the final stage of the food delivery app development project- a stage that is itself filled with other different processes. 

For that, you need to first figure out whether to go in-house or opt for outsourcing app development company. 

Once attended to it, check out where to deploy and launch the application other than looking at the resources to design the app.

The resources generally include- 

  • UI/UX experts
  • Testers
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Project manager
  • Backend and frontend developer etc

In the midst of steps included in how to make a food delivery app, we got you a pro tip- if you are uncertain about how the audience will respond to your application, opt for MVP(Minimum Viable Product). 

MVP is the method through which you can figure out what is bothering the users and what is appealing to them in your application. And as per the gathered data, you can simply make changes in the app accordingly. 

If you think that the dish is done, means the app development process is done- you are partially right and fully wrong. 


Because you are skipping the most important part, i.e.- garnishing. Garnishing here points at the app maintenance. 

6. App Maintenance

Your app maintenance is the last step you should indulge in. No dish is complete without garnishing so does your best food delivery service application. 

Once the app deployment, gathering the data along with the required changes, make sure to feed your application with updates, deals, and discounts to let users keep coming back to the application. 

Ensure you are not skipping it too…!

We have mentioned what matters, now get a look at the tech stack behind this food delivery application. 

Before that, understand that a wrong move and your application is nothing but a digital waste. Make sure you are choosing everything right. 

With this look at the tech stack, we often use for best food delivery service applications like Zomato. 

Tech Stack Behind Food Delivery Application

tech stack

The Food Delivery App Development Architecture 

With technology and related things attended, let us move to the crux- COST.

Do you know how much does it cost to develop food delivery application like Zomato?

Well, there is no fix estimated cost to develop a food-based delivery application, but there are factors that become cost-factors too. 

So, without further ado, get a sneak peek of the factor that affects food-delivery application development.

6 Factors Affecting Food Delivery App Development Cost

  1. App Development Process
  2. Expenses on developer
  3. The cost spent on meetings
  4. Testing and launching phase
  5. Post-launch, promotion and marketing
  6. Choice of country

Let’s take a deeper dive- 

1. App Development Process

The resources, application configuration, and development of the app are the three things that reflect How Much App Development Will Cost on the project. 

Starting from the designing phase to the development one, everything and anything requires a cost. 

Here is the breakdown of the development process-

  1. Planning and brainstorming
  2. Documentation and prototype
  3. Design and development
  4. Testing and deployment

2. Expenses Of Developers

The cost of hiring the developer, experts may also vary as per the type of work and related complexity in the application. 

Also, How Much App Development Will Cost factor also changes as per the change in need and specialization. 

3. Meetings

Admit it or not, you cannot simply move without discussing different phases of the app. 

It is still okay to invite the client for the meeting in the same demographic or country, but a conference call is the first priority when the client is in a different demographic. 

The need to hold meetings for discussing strategies of the work, whether to go waterfall or agile, everything requires interaction and cost. 

4. Testing And Launching Phase

Once the app is developed, it enters the next phase called testing. 

Testing is required to make the app bug-free and out of any glitches by using different tools. Once the testing phase is completed, another phase called launching is nothing but a challenging task. 

For launching the application, either using Apple ASO or Google Play Store ASO requires cost too. A cost that can neither be ignored nor be substituted..!

5. Post-Launch, Promotion, And Marketing

App post-launch, promotion, and marketing is the next step to how to make an app like uber eats again requires a cost to spend. 

Making an app viral requires lots of effort, tricks, and techniques to reach the audience is a cost-affair. 

6. The Choice Of Country

What is less costly here might be the costlier dish in another country. 

Similarly, the choice of the country when developing your best food delivery service app can fluctuate the cost graph. 

These things together affect How Much App Development Will Cost. Meanwhile, it is still considered wise to figure out- 

  1. The cost of developing an iOS application
  2. The cost of developing an Android application
  3. Time is taken to develop an application
  4. Technology stack to be used
  5. The right framework to be chosen for a broader picture before jumping on the conclusion. 

Figure them out precisely. 

Now that you have scrolled till here, we would like to offer you something you would like to look at-

8 Full-Proof Reason for developing food delivery apps with us

Here are the reasons to choose us- 

  1. Time And Cost-Efficient
  2. On-Demand Expertise
  3. Build To Scale High
  4. Third-Party Integrations
  5. Global Solution Provider
  6. Payment Gateways
  7. User-Friendly
  8. Support 

Sounds interesting- 

1. Time And Cost-Efficient

We offer time and cost-efficient food delivery app development solutions. We always make sure to offer what desired at the very beginning of the contract. 

2. On-Demand Expertise

The best food delivery service application comes under the roof of the on-demand application. Seeing it as a requirement, we here at Appventurez offer on-demand expertise to our clients effectively. 

3. Build To Scale High

We always make sure to build a robust application that can easily cater to the high volume of food orders effectively without any glitch or bad user experience

3. Third-Party Integrations

Whether you want to use your own network or integrate your app with other popular logistics service providers, we provide what asked.

4. Global Solution Provider

We always make sure to build apps that cater to the needs of different languages in different demographics.  

5. Payment Gateways

We never deprive our clients of things that may hinder their performance of the app and goodwill as a whole. 

Thus, to offer maximum ease, we add various payment gateways with built-in-support for the most popular ones. 

6 – User-Friendly

Starting from the UI of the application to the 3 different panels we have mentioned above, our apps are designed for a user-friendly interaction. 

Nothing more, nothing less, just appropriate. 

7 – Support

We never left our task half-done. We understand the Importance of Food Delivery apps’ post-launch support for the never-ending ROI.

Once done, understand that these aforementioned things are a complete waste if you do not choose the right app development firm…! 

That’s why we are here. The topmost app development company to begin your food business with.

To see your food delivery idea the yummiest one, we have more secret ingredients to get started with.

Akhil Kumar
Akhil Kumar

Co-Founder & Managing Director of AppVenturez Mobitech. An entrepreneur who is tech-savvy and aims to build the largest software business through technological innovation, keen business strategist and a passionate technocrat. He firmly believes in learning and earning by planning and performing.

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