How Much does an App like Flipkart Cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Flipkart App?

By Chandrapal Singh | May 6, 2021

Only one burning question, what’s the cost to develop Flipkart app? is making everyone curious. This is due to the consistent rise in the popularity of customized eCommerce apps. The flexibility that these apps offer to the users is beyond imagination. It makes ordering, delivering, return/exchange of items extremely easy. Therefore, the need of the hour is impactful e-commerce solutions, that’ll take a business to the next level.

Customized eCommerce apps have flooded the market because of ease of use and a large mobile using population. It has overtaken eCommerce sites accessed by mobiles. 

Clients and businesses, these days, are interested to have their own eCommerce apps developed. They recognize the potential and that’s why they watch eCommerce app development tutorials to get tailor-made apps.

Let’s take a quick look at the Importance of eCommerce Apps!

mobile apps are better than websites

The benefits of e-commerce app like Flipkart are breaking the ceiling. Therefore, we need to realize what’s making every business owner have a customized e-Commerce app. So let’s take a quick look at some features of eCommerce apps.

#1- Ultimate User Experience

The look and feel of the e-Commerce app is one of the best options to prefer. You get to see all items in an organized fashion and you’ve also got options like cart and wishlist. These features make your experience of online shopping wonderful.

#2- Has Multiple Payment Options

Nowadays people prefer multiple payment modes. Be it online, COD, or other e-wallet options. e-Commerce apps have the flexibility to provide varying options according to the client’s need.

#3- Regular Notifications

One of the awesome features of having an app for e-Commerce is regular notifications. This lets the user know about the latest item, discounts, etc. that you’ve got to offer. This increases the visibility of your business as well as leads to more visits from the user.

#4- Wishlist Button

Similar to the features of Flipkart app, the wishlist button lets the user buy the product later. A user comes back later and checks the product as a reference if it’s not available then. It’s one of the most used features, as one doesn’t simply buy the product. 

#5- Referral Coins/ Rewards

These are the bonuses that you get after every purchase of an item using the app. These reward points keep the user engrossed to use the e-Commerce application. Therefore, features like these are the ‘baits’ that can be used to fish users.

The above are the features that impact the cost to develop an e-Commerce app like Flipkart. Every feature listed above takes time and resources to develop. Therefore, these features cost accordingly.  

What’s the Breakdown of the Cost to Develop Flipkart app lookalike?

factors affecting ecommerce development app cost

The answer to the query, how much does it cost to make an app like Flipkart, is quite vague. It’s so because first, you’ll need to have requirements that you’d like to see in your e-Commerce app. Once you have the features/requirements, then a cost estimation can be done.

#1-Costing of Features

There are many features in the e-Commerce app that make the app interactive. Therefore, if you’re looking to make a custom-made app developed, then features will cost you accordingly.

#2- Cost of Payment Gateways

An e-Commerce app must have payment gateways for successful transactions. More number of payment gateways provide the user with the option to choose the preferred gateway. This makes the payment mode of the app flexible.

#3- UI/UX Design Cost

An attractive design and an interactive interface will cost you if you’re looking for a custom-made e-Commerce app. This is because it will give a wonderful user experience and will lead to customer retention as well.

#4- Development Process/tech Cost

Developing a product takes resources and manhours. Therefore, the cost of resources, that include experts and platforms, they work on are also factored in. So the process, as well as technologies used by the developers, are charged to the client. 

#5- Testing & Deployment Cost

After the product is ready, thorough testing is done to identify bugs. This is done to create a robust and reliable product that meets the expectations of the client. The process consumes time and energy and therefore the client is charged.

Some interesting Figures to check the Cost to Develop Flipkart App Clone!

In the heading right above, we discussed the factors that play an important role in cost determination. However, here we’ll give you a rough estimate about how much does app development cost?

complexity of features included in ecommerce app

#1- Simple App Development Price Tag – $40,000 – $60,000

It relates to the app having basic features and functionalities. The UI and UX are not that great. Meant for clients that have a low budget and want a digital presence in the form of apps. Therefore, for them, it’s the best viable option.

#2- Medium Complexity App Development Price Tag – $61,000 – $120,000

If the client wants to make a decent and good-performing e-Commerce app, then he can choose this option. It’ll include a number of features in the app so that the user is glued while shopping. The testing and maintenance will be of decent quality.

#3- Complex App Development Price Tag – $120,000+

To make a  high-performance app, that gives customers as advertised, then it’ll cost you the above-mentioned price. It’ll include thorough implementation of the  Software development Life Cycle(SDLC). The features and UI/UX will be top-notch.

#4- Cost of Hiring a US App Developer ~$90,000 / year

To make a top-notch app that performs as advertised, you’ll have to shell out the above-mentioned price. The U.S. app developer will get the job done for the quoted price.

These prices mentioned corresponding to the points will give you a rough estimate for the project. To do cost-cutting, you can also outsource your work from countries like India, where you can find IT solutions at a reasonable cost.

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A quick check on the Requirements for Making an e-Commerce App!

global ecommerce sales growth

#1- Identify your Strength

Choosing your niche or USP is a must before starting with the project. The development of the e-Commerce app’s success will also depend on the practicality of the idea. Therefore, a thorough strategy and market research is a must before starting the project.

#2- Having necessary Features

A list of requirements and features needs to be laid out before you begin developing the e-Commerce app. This will clear the doubts pertaining to the availability of resources and the viability as well. A systematic approach is a must before developing the app.

#3- Balanced Designing

Designing the app is one of the most important phases and therefore an attractive layout is a must. This will give you an understanding of how an app, in general, will look. So, to have good designers who have an understanding of aesthetics is a must.

#4- Choose Launching Platform

To cater to your users, you must also know where to target them. Therefore, choosing the right platform will ensure that you can optimally target your audience. So, you must decide on launching the app on platforms like Android, iOS, or Windows. You can either choose one or you can invest in developing cross-platform e-commerce apps. 

#5- Robust Testing

Before launching the e-Commerce app, thorough testing of the app is a must as it can have loopholes. Therefore, fining and fixing them is part of the testing team. So, you need to have expert testers that can run diagnostics to find the bugs.

#6- Launch App & Maintenance

Finally, the app is deployed and launched on the platform of your choice. However, the job isn’t finished as you can experience trouble with the e-Commerce app. To tackle such a scenario, the maintenance team takes over and solves the issue.

How to make an Android App like Flipkart? Get to know about the details below!

To make an e-Commerce app that resembles Flipkart. You must be aware of the features of the e-Commerce giant’s app. Let’s take a look at them and briefly try to understand the meaning of these features.

#1- Search

The search bar helps you to find the item that you’re looking for. It also gives you a list of similar-looking items with prices labeled on them for better judgment. This enables you to take a call based on the budget and the appearance that you like the best.

#2- Return/Exchange

This feature ensures that if you get a flawed product, then it gets returned immediately. It makes sure that the customer isn’t left dissatisfied.

#3- Filter

For choosing an item of a specific brand and at a specific price range, then the filter option is helpful. It gives you exactly what you’re looking for. Therefore, you can narrow down your search using this amazing feature and get to choose the preferred product. This saves time and makes the experience wonderful.

#4- Wishlist

It is the feature where you can save the product that you like for buying later. This helps you to come back and check out the exact product that you searched for a while ago.

#5- Orders

To check the order that you purchased, the relevant information can be found under the orders option. You can also track the order using this option and get to know the exact location of the package. This helps you in clearing your schedule for receiving the package.

#6- Super Coin Zone

It’s one of the rewards that you get after every purchase from the e-Commerce app. After collecting some ‘coins’, you can redeem, them and get a discount on a product.

The points mentioned are also the advantages of using the Flipkart app lookalike.

Where can an e-Commerce App be Deployed?

popular platforms for deployment

Below are the 3 platforms on which your e-commerce app will be deployed.

#1- Android

The method to make apps for gadgets running the Android framework is called Android Software development. Google expresses that “Android applications can be composed utilizing Kotlin, Java, and C++ dialects” utilizing the Android software development kit (SDK).

#2- iOS

An operating system that is developed by Apple and works on Apple devices including iPhones. It’s quite popular in the U.S. as there is a huge market for iPhones in the country. iOS is the second most installed app after Android.

#3- Windows

Windows phone OS is developed by Microsoft. It was a popular phone during the earlier days. However, its market share has plummeted due to the ease of use and features offered by iOS and Android. It has failed to keep up with the competition.

The above-mentioned platforms have a different cost to develop Flipkart app lookalike. However, there are some general points that have the same cost for the platforms mentioned above. We’ll discuss them in the next heading.

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Which Technology Does Flipkart Use For Building Their Android App?

There are queries like the Flipkart app is built on which platform? The answer to the query is React Native. It is the framework, that is used to develop apps like Flipkart. Let’s take a look at some of the special features of this technology.

#1- Open-Source

The beauty of the framework is that it’s open-source. It means the code is available to all without any charges. The code can be modified at will. This increases the flexibility and the developers can create apps accordingly. It assists in spreading creativity in the developer community.

#2- Powered By Facebook

The framework is powered by Facebook. The tech giant recognizes the future potential that the framework has to offer and that’s why it has invested heavily. 

#3- Max Code Reuse

The codes can be reused for the deployment of the app in both iOS and Apple. According to some studies, more than 80% of the logical algorithm can be shared. This shows the power of react native development when it comes to cross-platform development.

#4- Cost-Effective

Most of the code can be shared and be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms. This also means that you needn’t purchase or download another platform. In short, it saves time and resources. Therefore, the framework reduces the cost for the development of e-Commerce apps.

#5- Strong Community

The community of the framework has been there for a long time. Therefore, if there is an issue or problem in the framework, then it can be attended to immediately. It’s popular due to the contribution of developers from all over the world. This is why it has one of the best communities when it comes to app development.

What is Flipkart’s Architecture? Get to know below!

web application architecture

Before developing an app, you must have an application architecture in place. It comprises patterns and techniques, that’ll help to build and design an app. The architecture consists of front-end and back-end technologies used in the app. 

Let’s now dive into the Flipkart mobile app technology stack and get to know about all the tech used.

From what is available in the public domain, it’s said that Flipkart isn’t dependent on a particular technology. It uses different technologies for different projects. The tech used is chosen according to the efficiency that can be achieved using it. So let’s take a gander at the tech used.

#1- Front End

The task performed by Front end developers includes the designing of the app that the users get to see. It means adding elements that are practical for functionality and placing them in a manner that looks aesthetically good. It focuses on improving the user experience by carefully designing the web app in a manner that they find satisfying.

Some front-end apps used by Flipkart are – Java, Scala, Python, etc.

#2- Back End

Back-end developers provide the functionality to the button and the aesthetics. They use code to power the structural design used. They are responsible for app logic and integrating the work of the front-end developers.

Let’s take a quick look at some back-end technologies used by Flipkart

1. The software runs on Linux  

2. Webservers used are Apache and Nginx

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#3- Database

The database is a storage system that is required for placing data in a structured manner. It’s important as it’ll be used to process the data and get relevant information. So, let’s take a quick look at the database used by Flipkart.

The database used – MySQL

The above are the tech stack used by Flipkart for its application.


The blog addresses the queries related to the database used by Flipkart and how does the Flipkart app works? It also gives you an idea of the cost to develop Flipkart app lookalike.  Therefore, if you’re planning to have a dedicated e-Commerce app built for your business, then contact us. We’ll be happy to partner with you! 

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