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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Android App?

By Ashish Chauhan | November 13, 2019
cost to build an Android app

We are living in an era of smart technology, which ultimately makes mobile app development one of the most lucrative ventures. For anyone who is willing to venture into the mobile app development industry needs to figure out the foremost thing – “what platform should I target first”? 

Well, in the case of larger mobile app development companies, they have the freedom and privilege to pursue development simultaneously across multiple platforms. But for startups or mid-sized firms, they have to make a choice of a particular platform to develop an app on. 

To this, with around 86.8% share, Android OS is strongly dominating the mobile app development industry. And it is expected to surge even further in the coming years. Seeing the never-ending demand for android applications, businesses are turning their way towards Android app development. However, there is a bigger difference between having an idea and the finished application. 

Also, investing in the same is quite beneficial for businesses along with startups in many ways like- with more than 800 million users, android owns 80% of the global users and 60% of tablet users, developing an application in the world’s most popular mobile platform can help businesses enhance their business roots.

Almost everyone is using the Android app development service that is opening opportunities for many different app services such as shopping, news, sport, messaging, banking and whatnot. And why not? Android app development offers tremendous strategic and operational benefits, therefore irrespective of the business size, almost all businesses around the globe are looking forward to Android app development for growing their business while improving their revenue graph.  

With it, there are various ways showing how android can help startups reduce costs while showcasing businesses leveraging greater profits from it.

Why Business Should Choose Android Apps Over Other 

Reason for chosen Android Apps for Business Android Apps


Being open-source is one of the most significant edges stuck to the Android app over other platforms. Also, the code of Android is free and can be used by anyone. This creates a tremendous market for any Android app developer and makes the niche very lucrative.

Pool of Customers

According to App Annie, around 90 billion Android apps were downloaded in the year 2016 compared to iOS with 25 billion downloads. 

Also, the Android app runs on a larger number of devices compared to its counterpart iOS, which ultimately makes the former one getting access to a larger pool of customers. Also, paid apps built with Android are capable of generating higher profits whereas free one can take the download graph higher. Hence, it makes sense to choose Android app development over others. 

Innovation Ahead

Android, no doubt is a lot more fun to work and play with. Also, its policy of including apps is flexible which allows developers to make experiment with them. 

Hence, choosing android over others will encourage new ideas while having the freedom to experiment for creating applications that will add unmatched value to users’ lives. 

Easier Installation Process

Another benefits of Android App development are- Not just from Google Play Store, one can download Android Apps from any authorized website too. Also, apps can be hosted on a third-party website, all thanks to Android’s software development kit that allows it. 

Also, installing the app on the device directly or from the command line can also be done with the Android ecosystem. 

And all of these parameters makes the app available to a larger number of users while becoming a strong reason to invest in the android app development platform, 

Customized ROMs

A custom ROM (Read-Only Memory) refers to the phone’s firmware in the case of Android. Also, being open-source, a developer can edit and recompile code and adapt it to various devices that also include the device’s appearance and behavior. 

Hence, the app development platform can create innumerable variations on code, while creating new features and adapting an app to newer devices swiftly.

Compatible With Other Devices Too

The reason for Android app popularity is its ability to run on a number of devices compared to its competitors. Also, manufacturers who make devices supporting android apps easily surpass the number of those developing to suit iOS-based applications. Thus, android app development is proving to be a wiser and more profitable option. 

Easy Market Entry

For developing an Android App, one needs to do is to register themselves as developer along with creating Android Package Kit (APK) and submitting it to the Android Mobile application development platform. 

The process is quite simple as compared to registering oneself as an iOS app developer due to secure approval from Apple. Not just that, Android apps can be approved and deployed in a day whereas with App Store, the approval and deploying process takes a few weeks. 

And the benefits do not end here, android app can update on Google Play Store as many times as desired as per the user feedback or for fixing bugs, whereas with App Store, one needs to submit an update and go through a time-consuming process. 

Social Media Optimization

No doubt, Android is quite suitable for developing social media apps. Also, apps developed on Android carries the ability to integrate with a wider variety of social media websites, which helps the organization to inform their prospective buyers regarding their working policy, services, or products. Hence, by linking the app to social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram can bring in greater user engagement.

Android Ecosystem

Budget-Friendly Cost and User-friendly Free Apps

Android serves a large number of users from various backgrounds, hence, the apps tend to be economical/budget-friendly. Also, compared to other platforms, free downloads are majorly available here.  

For those who are trying their hands in the app development project or venturing into the world of mobile app development, remember that free and budget-friendly apps or offering free apps in the initial phase can popularize the app along with the organization behind it.  

Easy To Learn

Android is still easier to learn for developers. It uses Java, which is a programming language that most developers are familiar with, even amateur developers with the requisite innovation can also create apps on Android by teaching themselves the language. 

Meanwhile, in the case of iOS applications, developers need to pick up either Objective-C or Swift. 

Lower Development Cost

The subscription fee to the Google Play Store is one time of $25 whereas one needs to pay around $99 yearly for Apple’s App Store. Also, being an open-source platform, the cost factor gives an edge over iOS when mobile app development company or app developers are required to choose one. 

Faster Deployment

Reduced time to market is one of the most amazing benefits of Android app development, as Android apps for business have a rapid development cycle that lasts up to a few hours while offering a competitive edge to companies who wish to conquer the market a little earlier. 

Versatile And Scalable

Due to Android Studio, the OS has scaled up on flexibility and adaptability. It helps in integrating with the entire Android ecosystem which includes tablets, wearables, Android TV, smartphones, etc. 

This is not limited to here, it also makes Android apps quite compatible with emerging technologies like IoT, VR, and AR. furthermore, the versatility of the Android App platform allows development teams to build dynamic mobile applications that are capable of serving multiple purposes after being installed on the device.

Popular Platform

Last but not least, 84.7% of mobile devices are based on the Android platform creating a lot of scope for app development. You must have realized that the platform is quite user-friendly and popular among the developers. As the number of users with android devices is also increasing, the developers in the mobile app industry can enjoy the perk of heavy downloads of their creation.

But this is not the end, there is another stage waiting to give a fully-fledged attire to the whole mobile app idea and that is – “cost to develop an android mobile app”.

The cost of developing an application will include the cost of both the platform- ios and Android, whereas the cost for developing an Android application will cost you differently. Without an estimate, it is challenging to imagine hours to be spent on developing an application.

Before going straight to the cost to build an Android app, let us first understand what are the factors that affect the cost of Android App development. 

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing An Android App

Is it $12,000 or $100,000 or even more for developing an application? 

Well, to be honest, there is no concrete or particular figure that can represent the overall app development cost. Meanwhile getting a rough idea of how long does it take to develop an application can surely highlight the estimated cost of developing an application. Whereas there are several cost factors of Android app development, which may vary as per the need, features, functionalities of the app. Also, these factors vary from app to app.

So, without further ado, let us now check out those factors one by one-

Factors Affecting the App Development Cost

Internal vs External Development Sources

No doubt, different teams have different skill sets. Even if you have a team of talented and skilled developers, designers, testers, there might come chances when you need the support of the external team for complex projects. Hence, in such a situation, the type of support will ultimately determine the Android app development cost. 

For instance- you have a team that has designed the app but they also require some engineering support from outside, hence in such a scenario hiring the support from an outsourcing company becomes a priority. Therefore, the type of work you are planning to outsource will play a key role in deciding the pricing of an app.

Development Platform

There are basically two ways of developing an app- Native and Hybrid app development. The native apps are meant for a particular platform. For instance- apps built with android will work for the Android platform only and it will not work for iOS or Microsoft platforms. Though Native apps over Cross Platform apps are considered better but the cost of it is higher than the latter one. 

Those developers who are willing to make the app work on the various platforms can choose hybrid app development by using tools like PhoneGap, React Native. Being a cost-effective solution, the user experience with it is not that up to the mark with small setbacks.

Backend and APIs Development Cost

Backend is the powerhouse of the application and every app project requires elements of engineering work that will help the app to communicate with the backend. 

The various variables like- API, middleware that is involved in the backend process plays a major role while deciding on Android app development costs. APIs are very crucial for every app and if they do not get complete to be scaled for future use, it may result in an increase in the cost of the app. 

One of the mistakes which are often done by the app developers is designing both APIs and apps at the same time which directly effects the cost of creating an Android app.

Third-Party App Integrations

The apps carry a series of different features that come from different sources. And if the app requirement consists of UI, Social media analytics, location, etc, the price will increase automatically.

Authorization And Authentication Of Users

There are apps available that do not require one to log in using Google or Facebook account. Building such apps is still cost-effective but integrating the login feature in the app can give a great hike to the cost to build an Android app.  

These types of apps are called enterprise application and required secure access along with integration into the company’s LDAP.

Moving on to the apps that need a payment gateway and having gateway will ultimately increase the cost of overall app development. Also, one cannot deny integrating it to the app as a gateway requires special security so that its users won’t fall prey to hackers or any kind of fraud or malware.  


Who doesn’t like animations? Well, in order to give the best in class experience along with letting users stick to the app, animations are the ultimate solution. But before adding too many animations, remember that it can affect the app development cost. 

Also, the UI/UX of the app is important in determining the cost of the app and the cost of the app will automatically increase as per the face of the app. 

Maintenance and Support

The role of the developer does not end with the completion of the app development. Even after the launch of the app, it is required to be maintained along with constant updates and frequent feeds that lead one to the cost of Android app maintenance. 

Not just that, shooting bugs in the app can also be rectified with constant updates. Hence, maintenance and support for the apps play a crucial role in the overall Android app development cost. 

Attended the cost factors of Android App development, let us quickly get a glance at the difference between Android and iOS app development costs to understand which one stands higher. 

How is App Development Cost Estimated

The Formula

The answer to how much does it cost to build an Android app lies in calculating the number of hours it would take for every single one of the development process and multiplying it to the chargeable hours of resources.

App Development Cost Estimated

The Difference In The Cost Of Developing Android And iOS App

Difference In The Cost

Let’s focus on the Android app development cost breakdown and its comparison.

After checking out the factors, the questions arrive here is “which one is cheaper- iOS or Android”? Because both of them come up with their own advantages, and disadvantages and figuring out the best one will be like an injustice to the other operating system. But we can definitely break the cost and make a comparison accordingly. Let’s check out the cost graph.

Hourly Rates

Obviously, the rates for developers varies from region to region and project to project. Till now the most expensive rates are in the UK and US, whereas the most economical, cost-effective and best service solution still falls on the lap of India. 

Meanwhile, the actual cost is hidden in the programming languages for developing apps. In addition, as android apps are written in Java and iOS apps are generally written in Swift and Objective-C, the cost of the latter one will be higher than the former one. Hence, in such a situation, Android is the most cost-effective clear winner. 

Time Spent

App development is divided into phases, many mobile app development companies prefer agile methodology over the waterfall for developing their mobile application. 

Meanwhile, most of the app development time is usually spent on-

  • Design- the designing time of both iOS and Android does not vary much.
  • Development– Java due to its voluminous language receives more lines of codes as compared to Swift and Objective-C. On the other side, it is still easy to find support documentation and community answer based on Java. With Java, the situation is quite balancing. 
  • Testing- Because of the huge variety of devices and OS versions used by a number of Android users results in more time spent on testing. In addition to this, there is another thing that bothers the cost to build an Android app – Android emulators are slower than iOS simulators that make the testers spend more time on testing compared to iOS applications. 


When it comes to the comparison between App Store and Google Play, the former one is filled with strict rules and regulations when it comes to uploading an application whereas Google Play lets one take a swift and easy entry. So, if you are planning to go ahead with the Android application, you will not be required to spend a good amount of time adjusting your app to touch the Google Play standards. 

So, if you have decided to go ahead with Android app development. It is obvious that you need to know the value of developing an Android application. Without any more ado, let us check out-

How Much Does It Cost To build An Android Application?

Cost To build Android App

There are basically 3 major factors that decide the cost to build an Android app. Those major factors are- 

  1. Pricing model
  2. Kind of application
  3. Team members

Pricing Model

Now you must be aware of the fact that in most cases the cost to build an Android app depends upon the number of hours spent on building it. This is the scenario majorly used by many mobile app development companies whereas, on the other hand, there is a fixed price model. 

Here, the client agrees on the final product from the initial stage and it is quite difficult to entertain any changes because of the development process that works in a different way. The process somehow is the opposite of the Time & Material payment model which is flexible that allows developers to make changes and improvements as per the requirement. 

Both of the criteria carries a different cost of Android app development model. Meanwhile, the fixed price model often tends to be higher as development companies add various risk factors to it. 

Dedicated Team Members

Another important factor that adds to the overall cost to build an Android app is the total number of members of the team who will be working on the project. 

The overall app development process is divided into a list of experts and professionals like- 

Project Manager

The one who will be heading the whole team while communicating with the client along with suggesting a technical solution and assuring the timely delivery of the project. 

Senior Developer 

The one who will be creating the whole strategy of the application. 

Android Coder

The one who will be implementing the client’s idea into a piece of software. 


The one who is the mastermind of UX/UI design. They make the application user-friendly and appealing to watch and use. 

QA Engineer

The one who will be responsible for final testing and debugging of the application. 

Technical Writer

The one who will create the whole script of the whole idea and the overall implementation of the application starting from scratch to logics to changing screens and functions of each and every button. 

So these are the people who will create the foundation of your application along with transforming it into actuality. Also, depending upon the nature of the desired product, the number of people will vary. 

Kind Of Application

There are various kinds of applications that can be made. A few among them are-

Table-Based App- such kind of applications are known to be the simplest among others. It enables to display of information, provides options and redirecting to additional materials. 

Database App- it is known to be the most complex one and is often significant for a wider range of data. These apps are usually connected to various other websites or also to online services while broadcasting requested information from there. And the overall process makes the building of the app more complex. 

Dynamic App- these types of apps are somewhat similar to the aforementioned app, but it does differ in terms of connecting to outer resources while extracting info from them with the help of APIs. 

Gaming App- it is known as the most complex app to develop. These kinds of apps vary by their functionality and integrated technologies. Also, these are the most costly apps among others. 

Developing apps for iOS and Android may seem quite similar to the untrained eyes or for an amateur person, but the reality is that each of these operating systems carries their own positives and negatives. Hence, we cannot deny the fact that there are many differences between Android and iOS- both in terms of app development technical foundations along with the process of creating one. 

Developers who are switching from one operating system to another will understand the dissimilarities between these two. 

How Does Appventurez Estimate The Cost to build An Android App?

We after understanding your requirements and expectations regarding the application draft a rough estimate based on the hours it would take to complete the app along with the technologies we will be using and the resource team that will be allocated to work on your project. 

Once our client approves a rough estimate, we then draft a detailed Android app development cost breakdown structure document stating the scope of work requirements, creating a framework and also preparing the other project-related documentation.

So, this is the answer to your question- “How much does it cost to build an Android app”.

If you have an app idea, let us make it a reality with our hard work, innovation and creativity. Contact us for more information…!

Ashish Chauhan

Co-Founder and VP Mobile Architect at Appventurez. An expert programmer who is passionate and loves to explore emerging mobile technologies. As a leader, he is a perfect match as he is always there for the team to help and guide them to learn and implement smartly and effectively.

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