How to Implement Blockchain in Supply Chain Management?

If your companies believe that Blockchain will bring great visibility into the supply chain, first understand the essential steps to implement it successfully. For several years, Walmart, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Alibaba have been well-recognized brands using blockchain technology to optimize their supply chain. But why? New technology can save billions of dollars, simplify workflow, reduce […]

Updated 23 February 2024

Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash

VP – Pre Sales at Appventurez

If your companies believe that Blockchain will bring great visibility into the supply chain, first understand the essential steps to implement it successfully.

For several years, Walmart, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Alibaba have been well-recognized brands using blockchain technology to optimize their supply chain. But why? New technology can save billions of dollars, simplify workflow, reduce mistakes, and enhance customer experience. 

At the Consensus 2018 conference, FedEx CEO Fred Smith said that you would implement Blockchain or disappear! In this blog, you will learn how to implement Blockchain in supply chain management. But, before that, let’s first start with a Blockchain Technology introduction! 

A Brief Introduction To Blockchain Technology

Supply chains are completely basic for the general prosperity of your business. Unfortunately, the present arrangement of these systems is obsolete and requires a huge reboot. This is the moment when you should think of implementing Blockchain in the supply chain!

Blockchain technology trends are great, but you don’t need to implement them in your business supply chain. 

It’s also not worth introducing Blockchain if:

  • Your logistics and supply chain are pretty simple
  • Your business is attached to cash or personal ties, and the transition to the “number” is undesirable for your partners 
  • Your logistics generates data that is impossible or challenging to bring to a single standard and validate

If your condition is not related to the above conditions, you can safely proceed with implementing the Blockchain in the supply chain of your business. Read about understanding the basics of blockchain and how it works

Three Properties Of Blockchain Technology 

Here are three properties of blockchain technology that can help ease the complexity of supply chain management.


The possibility of decentralization is at the very center of blockchain innovation. What fundamentally implies is that any information put away inside the Blockchain isn’t possessed by one concentrated element but shared by everybody who is a piece of that Blockchain’s system.

The issue with the present inventory systems is that all the providers and obtainment officials unintentionally become their storehouses of data. But, unfortunately, nothing will let us know with 100% confirmation whether the data these individuals are sending is 100% real or not.

Nonetheless, the Blockchain in supply chain logistics separates this very idea of storehouses.

When all these various substances, everywhere throughout the world, are associated with this chain, there is never any inquiry into information separation. 

Alright, so you may be pondering, regardless of whether they don’t claim the information, what is preventing them from altering it? All things considered, for that, how about we investigate our next property?


Immutability fundamentally implies permanence. Any information that you put inside the Blockchain can’t be messed up. Would you envision how important this will be for the production unit on the board?

It is unimaginable for anybody to alter the monetary records and legitimize additional installments once they have entered the information inside the Blockchain. Therefore, the Blockchain gets this property in cryptographic hash capacities.

In straightforward terms, hashing implies taking an info string of any length and giving out a yield of a fixed size. Regarding cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin, the exchanges are accepted as info and go through a hashing calculation that gives a result of a fixed length.

A cryptographic hash work is an extraordinary class of hash works with different properties making it perfect for cryptography. However, there are certain properties that a cryptographic hash work needs to have to be viewed as secure. You can find out about those in detail in our guide on hashing.

In addition, all the squares are likewise connected using hash capacities. For example, each court in the Blockchain has the hash of the past square. In that capacity, if altering occurs, it changes the whole structure of the chain, which is a difficulty.


One of the most intriguing and misconstrued ideas in Blockchain for your business is “transparency.” Some individuals state that Blockchain gives you protection, while some state that it is straightforward. For what reason do you believe that occurs?

In this way, while the individual’s genuine character is secure, you will now observe all the exchanges finished by their open location. Naturally, this degree of being transparent has never existed inside a budgetary framework. On the contrary, it includes that extra and genuinely necessary level of responsibility required by a portion of these greatest foundations.

Talking absolutely from the perspective of cryptographic money, on the off chance that you know the open location of one of these huge organizations, you can pop it in a voyager and take a gander at all the exchanges that they have occupied. It powers them to be completely forthright, which they have never needed to manage.

Presently, utilize this with regards to the production unit of the executives.

Every activity that will ever occur in your production network will be recorded in the Blockchain for everybody’s viewing pleasure. Would you be able to envision what this degree of straightforwardness can do to your business? Everybody will be compelled to be responsible for their activities.

Now, it’s time to go back to the main topic – “How to implement blockchain technology into your business supply chain management.”

use of blockchain in supply chain management

Steps To Implement Blockchain Technology In The Supply Chain Of Your Business

Determine Blockchain’s use case, practically

A strong business case should impose the adoption and application of Blockchain in the supply chain. In addition, it can help identify whether Blockchain for your business is the right technology. A go-and-go approach is best for many companies as blockchain advantages prove themselves and the current implementation complications yield best practices. 

Find the right blockchain partners

Implementing Blockchain in the supply chain is a collaborative process that includes third-party data contributions, evaluation, and sharing.

Renée Ure, vice president for global supply chain at Lenovo Data Center Group, said to find partners who want to explore the benefits of Blockchain with you, even if that’s only for a proof-of-concept execution. 

Blockchain wants several independent partners to simultaneously embrace an unproven technology that offers limited value in its infancy. The advantages of blockchain increase as the number of partners increases. Unfortunately, supply chain security problems are real as not every potential partner of their data is trustworthy. 

Choosing the Right Platform

Suppose your Blockchain in the supply chain doesn’t work. In that case, you need to select the right universal platforms & optimize them for your project—several blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum, TRON, EOS & Hyperledger Fabric. 

EOS is the best blockchain platform as it is fast, has no issues with scaling, and is personalized for working with IoT. On the other hand, if you need to create a private network with different levels of access rights, Hyperledger Fabric is the right option for you!

C+, Java, Python, Go, JavaScript and Ruby are the top blockchain programming languages you need to be an expert blockchain developer. 

Developing Smart Contracts

The development of smart contracts is the next step in implementing Blockchain in the supply chain. These algorithms automate and validate business processes and exchange values such as money, property rights, information, or documents. 

As a result, the increase and decrease in the cost of operations reduce intermediaries and help fight against human factors. To do this, you can hire a mobile app development company

Application development

Now, it’s time to build a mobile application – a program with which you can manage the system. Creating an application with the full set of functionalities at once is worthless. The excellent solution is to create a minimum viable product for startups with which you can test the idea for low cost and determine its flaws that don’t take into your business’s any variations. 

If you don’t have a development team, it is best to hire a development company. They will help you to:

  • Identify the technical requirements for the app
  • Build a UI/UX design solution for different user roles
  • Draw up terms of reference, roadmap, and development budget
  • Test the finished software product

It appears blockchain implementation in supply chain management will work for one another in the future. Indeed, all the blemishes of the present inventory chains can be effortlessly relieved by utilizing blockchain innovation. We accept this is one of the first ventures that the Blockchain can upgrade & improve. Ideally, Blockchain in the supply chain management system will take the process to much higher standards.

How Can Appventurez Help In Implementing Blockchain In Supply Chain Management?

At Appventurez, we deliver high-quality blockchain app development services. We have a team of highly skilled blockchain app developers who are always ready to sort out any issue related to this technology. Our professionals aim to improve the overall business functionality & security via effective blockchain implementation in the supply chain. 

To implement the Blockchain into the supply chain, our dedicated team follows a proper mobile development strategy & implements the plan for effective results. 



Q. What is Blockchain in the supply chain?

New technologies are showing several opportunities for improvement across the supply chain. For example, using Blockchain in the supply chain can improve supply chain transparency & accountability and diminish administrative costs. 

Q. Which companies use Blockchain in the supply chain?

The top four blockchain companies revolutionizing the worldwide supply chain industry are SyncFab, RoadLaunch, CargoCoin & EverLedger. 

Q. Which Blockchain is best for the supply chain?

Bitcoin continues to lead the pack of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, user base, and popularity. However, other virtual currencies such as Ethereum are creating decentralized financial systems.

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