Build Your Next Startup With The Best No-Code Apps & Tools

By Ajay Kumar | April 5, 2021
build your next startup with the no code apps and tools

Discover the collection of the best ‘No-Code’ apps & tools to build and automate your next startup – without needing to write even a single line of code. 

“The future of coding is no coding at all.” 

– Chris Wanstrath, CEO at GitHub

If you have set out on a voyage of finding the whys and wherefores of “what is no-code”, we welcome you. We understand the concept sounds too good to be true. The fact that mankind has progressed to the extent that now you can develop your own software applications without having to write even a single line of code or spend days or months learning complex programming languages is awe-inspiring.

Even the most technophobic can now turn into a technophilia overnight – Thanks to the expansion and adaption of No-code apps and tools. 

According to Forrester, ‘The no-code development platform market will grow from $3.8 billion in 2017 to $21.2 billion by 2022.

The best no code platforms are making businesses dramatically become more productive, agile and cost-efficient. No, it’s not like no code development tools are replacing the need for manual resources rather they are helping organisations escape the shortage of software developer skills.

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about the ‘No-code’ phenomenon – its definition, benefits, features, who benefits the most from no-code development and some of the best no-code apps and tools to develop web-based or mobile applications for startups on their own.

Ready, steady, read!

What Is No Code?

What are no code tools? What are no code apps? We will answer your queries one by one.

Once upon a time, before the introduction of No-code apps, developing even a simple web application was a mammoth task. Developers would burn the midnight oil to learn programming languages that would often feel like a catch-22. One day a bright mind introduced the concept of No code to them. Since then there has been no looking back. 

No code is empowering people to build technology without having to write the code. It is a programming method that involves building web technologies via GUI-based tools rather than having to write code. 

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With the expansion of no code apps and tools, anyone with a laptop and knowing how to use it can launch websites, develop apps and build workflow automation.

How Does No-Code App & Tools Work?

In the old-school way of software development, developers would have to write lines of code to build the functionality and behaviour of an app. This was often complex and time-consuming, requiring developers to have a deep understanding and working of multiple coding languages. 

Now, with the introduction of no code app development tools, streamlining the entire process has become a lot easier. No code platforms provide visual tools that are easy to use and can help build the desired application. No need to write any of the code.

You do not need to have any experience to build no code mobile apps. No code tools simplify the process of building apps by eliminating the need for coding.

But how is it even possible to build an app without having to write the code?

No there’s no magic, rather science and engineering. 

Even if you are building no code mobile apps or no code web apps, you are technically building with code. The catch is you don’t have to write the code yourself. But wait – No-code doesn’t really mean anti-code. No code apps and tools simply eliminate the complexity of programming. 

According to Quick Base’s third annual report, ‘No-code platforms are helping businesses more quickly create custom solutions for day-to-day problems and diversify who is able to build apps.

There are various features you can use to quickly build your webpage or application while including high functionality with the help of such tools.

I often come across the term low-code. Are no code & low code the same?

No, low is not the same as no. 

You must have come across the term ‘Low-code’ while browsing through ‘No-code’. These two terms are often confused to be interchangeable but they’re not.

As the name suggests, no-code is a completely code-free platform. It is used to create applications without any programming language whatsoever. It is used for business people.

On the other hand, a low code platform can be tailored with a low or minimal amount of programming. Do note that low-code software requires a certain level of expertise in programming. Zoho and Salesforce are examples of low-code platforms.

On the whole, the rise of low code and no code apps and tools is due to the lack of skilled software developers in the industry and the need to speed up the project delivery. 

Benefits Of No Code App Development Tools

You are well aware of the perks of lightening your work by allowing other teams to build applications without the knowledge of coding. 

benefits of no-code tools

Listed below are some of the apparent reasons to go for no-code apps and tools to build your next startup:

1- Reduced Costs

Developers are expensive and developing apps from scratch comes with a heavy price tag. It often becomes difficult for businesses, especially startups or SMBs, to sustain this heavy price tag. 

With no-code tools, you can build web/mobile applications without having to hire a skilled IT team. The best no code platforms kickstart the automation workflow of your business while building your apps much faster and reduce overhead costs.

2- Increased Productivity & Efficiency

What used to take months, years can now be done in a matter of hours or days. No code tools are here to take off the heavy workload from your shoulders. 

The best no code apps allow anyone (non-coders and non-developers) to create an app at a much faster pace. You can build certain parts of an app within minutes or a couple of hours at max. This lessens their as well as developers’ burden and enhances productivity. 

3- Easy To Use Workflows

The no code app development tools are focused solely on making things easier for the end users. These tools are backed with ready-to-use bots, templates or workflows that you can use and make desired changes accordingly for your business. 

It’s great how a tricky process can develop into a working product within a few seconds with the help of such amazing features and workflows.

4- Greater Business Agility

Another benefit of using no code apps and tools is the agility it offers. Since no code web apps are built visually via pre-built modules, it becomes faster to build apps.   

It’s not just about no coding – It’s about the automated process that would help you kickstart your work in minutes. Even the testing process is also automated.   

All this together saves you time that is otherwise spent on app development time and preparation. This allows businesses to be much more agile, efficient and benefit from the short time-to-market. 

Here’s a detailed guide of mobile app development timeline especially for those who are getting started.

5- Quick Integrations

The best feature about no code apps and tools is that they make integrations easy and handy. In case you wish to merge two apps in order to create an automated workflow, you can take the assistance of the best no code third party integration tools like Appy Pie Connect or This would get the workflow done in minutes.  

Having said that, no-code tools allow even layman users to build interactive apps without caring about the details of underlying operating systems or scalability needs.

P.S.: The no code apps and tools’ support team offers easy and timely maintenance. 

5 Remarkable Features Of No-Code Tools

No code app development tools have become a huge success owing to their rich functionalities and ability to meet rising business demands. Some of their commonly included features are:

features of no-code tools

1- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Most of your no code platforms make use of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to analyse the actions and behavior of a user. This makes the process seamless and efficient.

2- Data Connections

Some of the best no code apps let you connect your mobile or web app data with other software such as SQL databases and Microsoft Excel.

3- Drag-And-Drop Interface

What you see is what you get! The visual drag-and-drop interface is one of the most common and used features of no code tools that allows users to build an app from scratch real quick. 

4- Security & Privacy

A no code tool is known to follow the best security and privacy practices. It protects your sensitive data and keeps data vulnerabilities at bay while giving you full control over data management, storage and access policies. 

Also, you need not worry about underlying security protocols such as patching or encrypting your software. 

5- Mobile Capabilities

Most of the enterprise software applications today operate on both desktop and mobile. You can choose a no code platform that includes these abilities if you want to develop apps for smartphones. 

What can you build with no code you may ask? You can build three kinds of applications via a no code platform: Back office (database), No code web apps and No code mobile applications. Each of these applications is hosted and run in the cloud.

Best No Code App Development Tools

Today, the digi market is filled with n-number of no code app development tools. This section will take you through a comprehensive list of the best no-code options that are popular for designing and developing functional business tools.

some popular no-code solutions

1- Bubble

If you want to build your web application without having to know any programming languages, Bubble is a very good no code tool. You can build, prototype and launch your app idea in no time under an excellent environment plus with excellent documentation.

This one of the best no code platforms comes with a lot of features to develop and launch fully functioning end products very easily. It even includes the “drag-and-drop” feature as discussed in the section above. 

2- Adalo

The tool is an efficient and intuitive way to develop beautiful applications! Adalo lets you build fully functional apps that can work on both the Google Play and Apple App store i.e. create native mobile apps. 

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Its USP is the easy to use visual “drag and drop” feature that allows users to see what they are building in real time. 

Adalo is an easy to use no code platform that is backed by huge community support. The makers share awesome no code tutorials and tips & tricks to great design and development. 

With its pricing model subscription that starts from $50/month, you can even publish the app to both App & Play stores.

3- Voiceflow

We love Voiceflow. Founded in 2018 by Andrew Lawrence, Michael Hood, Tyler Han and Braden Ream, Voiceflow is a no code tool for designing, prototyping and building voice apps (like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa application development) without coding.

This drag-and-drop software is easy to use, comes with a simple user interface and offers a free plan (for personal use) that allows the development of unlimited projects along with all the core features.  

4- Mailchimp

Mailchimp needs no introduction. This one of the best no code tools and platforms has been helping users skillfully market their products in a way such that it helps them gain a competitive edge over their competitors.  

This all-in-one marketing platform helps you effectively manage and communicate with your clients, customers and target audience. 

With Mailchimp, you can collect user data by conducting surveys, create custom domains, add new customers via digital ads, automate emails and even create landing pages for boosting your sales. Indeed a true savior!

Try your hands on Mailchimp today if you haven’t already and get started with the basics for free. 

5- Webflow

Break the code barrier with Webflow. Webflow is an awesome website builder that lets even a non-tech person build responsive websites without writing lines of code. You get pre-loaded templates, drag and drop and other features, combined with its ease of use and flexibility.

Webflow is a SaaS platform that includes hosting. If you need to build a professional website that includes complex features, Webflow is one of the interesting and powerful no-code tools out there.

6- Squarespace

Squarespace is a no code tool that builds websites using drag and drop features and ready to use templates. It is a great option for small businesses and entrepreneurs as it allows scaling of the website as the need grows. 

Squarespace is one of the most popular no code app development tools as it includes a library of beautifully designed templates that are easy to use and customize.

Also, it’s a cost-effective solution that is great for building eCommerce websites (in particular) real quick. 

If you are new to the world of eCommerce and hustling to run a successful online store, go through our blog ‘Ecommerce App Development Tutorial to Beat your Competitors in 2021’.

statistics defining the scaling popularity of no code app development

7- Parabola

Integrating data into automation and connecting apps can be overwhelming. Parabola is an indispensable data management tool that makes all of this achievable.  

Parabola is a visual programming language that is used by non-techies looking to automate their repetitive tasks and processes such as data analysis & campaign creation.

The best no code tool integrates data and allows user-create workflows to be added to your application. On the whole, it is easy to use for beginners, saves a lot of time and enables professionals to extract data very quickly. 

8- Buy Me A Coffee

We know – At first, even we thought it to be an actual request for coffee. However, Buy me a coffee is a platform where you support people whose creativity impresses you.

Buy me a coffee is basically a smart way to build your page without any code, get it up and about instantly and make money. 

It’s a wonderful platform for creators to get support for anything they share. It’s a very cool concept that is gradually taking off and loved for promoting creativity among users.

Isn’t it a clever way to make money without even asking? 

9- Typeform

If you are looking for the best no code solution to build submission forms, surveys or even generate leads, you may count upon Typeform. With a beautiful UI and efficient approach to data collection, Typeform is an effortless way to get started.

It has the capability to integrate over 500 applications and deliver your data to multiple endpoints. 

Typeform develops forms that work great across multiple devices including mobile and smart devices. The forms built are professional and lead to high conversion rates. 

10- Buildfire

BuildFire is a no code application development solution that is designed to help businesses of all sizes. 

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Buildfire has emerged to be one of the most efficient no-code app builders that comes with a user-friendly interface and not only allows users to create some awesome apps but also publish them within 2 days.

Furthermore, this one of the best no code app builders comes with numerous features such as access controls/permissions, debugging, design templates, drag and drop, feature library and prototype creation; making it an effective option for app developers. 

No code tools have turned everyone into a developer (well almost). It’s ok if you are unable to afford a professional because now you don’t need to hold yourself back due to a lack of technical expertise. Try out these tools to validate your ideas quickly and inexpensively.

Did we miss a no-code solution? Feel free to leave a comment and share your experience of using the same with us. 

How Appventurez Can Help You Choose The Best No Code Platforms For Your Business?

By any chance are you looking for a mobile app development company to help you set up your next no code mobile apps or web apps? Yes? Get in touch! 

We are one of the leading mobile app development companies with the expertise in using no-code as well as customised development solutions that are sure to help your business grow.

Visit our office or contact us by giving a call or sending an email – We’d love to hear from you anyway.

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