Challenges Associated with Mobile App Development

How hard is it to remember the last time you met someone not carrying a smartphone? Pretty hard, I am sure! After all, smartphones have become an imperative part of our lives and on top of it, we all are witnessing the accelerated utilization of mobile app development technologies. Users all around the world have […]

Updated 18 January 2024


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How hard is it to remember the last time you met someone not carrying a smartphone? Pretty hard, I am sure!

After all, smartphones have become an imperative part of our lives and on top of it, we all are witnessing the accelerated utilization of mobile app development technologies. Users all around the world have already accepted the fact that their smart gadgets will provide them a reliable source of information which is sort of a communication channel available 24/7 and a problem-solving tool. 

According to the statement by Gartner and mobile app statistics, demand for innovative applications in the market will increase at least five times quicker than the ability of the tech departments to deliver them up to 2021.

Hence, it is wise to say that mobile apps are showing a great measure of success. In light of this success, it is quite natural that many companies, as well as well-established organizations, are looking to develop mobile applications to give a  newer edge to their existing business. So, if you are all set to develop an application, your focus should be more on “what not to do” instead of digging down about “what to do”. 

There are several challenges often faced by mobile app developers throughout the mobile app development life cycle. And to simplify the task, we have made a list of challenges in developing mobile applications along with offering the solution to overcome them.

Challenges faced by Mobile App Developers

Right App to Develop

Right App to Develop

One of the initial and the biggest challenges in developing mobile applications is to decide which way to go first and what to develop exactly. There is already cut-throat competition prevailing in the market and in order to make the app stand apart in the market, it is important to decide what to make.

This is the reason, you will always find app developers under pressure to create innovative yet creative apps that people will actually like and use instead of abandoning them.  

Here is a questionnaire meant for you to understand a few of the things before going ahead with your app development project-

  1.  What purpose does your app going to serve?
  2. Is there any original and unique idea behind your application which will make it stand out?
  3. What is your app’s target market or market size?
  4. How much does app development cost?
  5. Is your app offering something unique which no one has offered yet?
  6. Is the app easy for other developers to surpass it?

Make sure you answer these questions as this is one of the first real challenges in the mobile app development process which needs to be sorted out before going ahead. 

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Overflowing Market

No doubt, the competition in the app market is fierce with the entry of thousands of mobile applications daily. Hence, it is a task to decide what to add in the application to make it stand out from the existing applications.

Overflowing Market

App developers are required to understand and need to make a proper balance between what appeals most to the users and what is most trending in the market. It might look like a see-saw but maintaining the balance is a must. 

Moreover, app developers are also required to integrate innovation and creativity in the mobile application to ensure a higher number of users remain engaged to the app while helping it to build a loyal customer base. 

Finances and Funds

Finances and Funds

After having a revolutionizing app idea, what will you do next? Obviously, get it funded.

But, you need to realize that developing an app is a pretty expensive affair as how much does app development cost varies according to the nature of the app. This is the reason, managing funds, and finances can be a great challenge for some developers.

So, how will you get your app funded?

Well, find the right investors who can invest in your app idea, meanwhile, there are several other ways to raise funds like- angel investors, loan, personal saving, joint venture companies, from family and friends.  Make sure to use the best way for the fund.

Various Devices and Screen Sizes Compatibility

Various Devices and Screen Sizes Compatibility

Every day, we witness different mobile phones coming into the market to woo the audience. And the process of wooing audiences makes it a challenge for the app developers to deal with all the different screen sizes and devices in terms of app fit.

In order to gain complete control over the market, designing and developing apps for some selective devices and screen sizes is a clear cut NO. On the other hand, developing apps that run fluidly on many devices is also a challenge.  

Different Operating Systems

The next challenge is deciding which operating system to choose for the mobile application. Choosing one among three main operating systems- Android, iOS, Windows, when each of them is carrying a set of UI objects and patterns is no less than a challenge.

Development Technology to Choose

Development Technology to Choose

Choosing one among Hybrid, Native, Cross-platform is also a technical challenge while developing an app. 

In order to crack which one to the apt choice for the development project, there are numerous articles available online through which one can gain an understanding of each of the platforms. Meanwhile, getting some help from professionals and experts in the same field can give a more detailed and clear picture of all the platforms at once. 

Keep in mind that choosing the unfit or inappropriate technology will make you spend more along with showcasing poor app performance and a dull User Experience.

Knowing the Target Market

Knowing the Target Market

It is important to know the target market before going ahead with the app development process and also while looking out the ways to cut app development challenges. Though, it is easier than said, knowing the target audience is not an option but a priority.

To this, companies and organizations should monitor the metrics of app install and downloads, along with noting the average session length, ROI, etc. 

Branding and promoting

Though branding and promoting come later in the list it is also an important step for how to make an app go viral.

This is the reason, app developers need to look at all the parameters for app marketing like-

  • How to make the app discoverable in app-store
  • How to convince users to install the app
  • How to engage users to the app

In addition to it, there are ways like ASO(App Store Optimization) or networks to drive app installs and traffic. 

Need to connect with the users

Need to connect with the users

Everything is changing and so does the mobile app industry. Therefore, connecting with users is another challenge, it is not a feature that you can add but a practice. 

Offer your users user-friendly design and interactive features. Give them good things like- colors, logos, typical fonts, designs, graphics, etc. Consider their feedback and remarks and make changes in the application accordingly. To this, MVP(Minimum Viable Product) is the best way to get timely feedback from the users for making changes as per their needs. 

Keeping it simple and clear

Being simple is hard and the app development challenges associated with it make the app developers  design an app that is self-explanatory while showcasing its original purpose. 

Making it Consume Less Battery

There are millions of applications in totality and then there are apps that drain the smartphone battery a lot. Thus, making the app that consumes less battery is another app development challenge for the developers.



Malware and fraud problems will keep rising and thus, security is an alarming concern for developers. To curb such situations, there is a lot of work required on the part of developers to address app security issues. 

These are a few of the app development challenges among many others. Due to the changing trends and advancements in technology, it is quite possible that the challenges are likely to increase even more.

But for every issue and problem, solutions always come attached to them, hence there are ways to overcome app development issues. Let’s check what are they-

Ways to Overcome App Development Challenges

  • When we talk about the ways to fund the apps, there are several ways to do so. Apply for a loan, ask your friends or family members, look for the right investor who is willing to invest his/her money on your project. Moreover, you can also try for crowdfunding and also try your luck in-app contests.
  • Your app is meant for the users, thus aim for a comprehensive app experience. Do not stick with tap and regular swipe gestures. Use your creativity and bring in something amazing in the app.
  • Iceberg, which is 90% of the ice in the sea and 10% of what we see above it, similarly a successful app is 90% of marketing and 10% development. Therefore, look for the right tools and platforms which can simplify the task of marketing for you. 
  • Do great and in-depth market research in order to understand what users want from the application and what can be done next to let them stick to your app.
  • Get a deep understanding of frameworks to choose from.
  • Consider the right technology stack for your mobile app development project.

These are a few of the points regarding how to overcome mobile app development challenges and there are more in the list which one should consider before going ahead with the mobile app development project. 

Food for Thought

Accept it that you are going to face a lot of problems and barriers in your way as and when you get into the mobile app industry. The industry where competitors and competition are both fierce, where funds are always a concern etc. Being the originator of that revolutionizing app idea or a business owner, you don’t have any other option than to strive for success only.

Challenge your limits and work hard to grow big. Furthermore, we are here to guide you, our professionals with years of experience and expertise will let you cross the path of app development and with ease.  

Give your app idea a shape with us…!

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