Impact of Big Data on Mobile App Development

Do you know how much data one customer produces in one second? We create 1.5-2 MB of data that is piling up every hour. This is the total creation of data for a single person. Now imagine how much data everyone is creating hourly. This is more than enough to explain why companies need to […]

Updated 21 February 2024

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

Do you know how much data one customer produces in one second? We create 1.5-2 MB of data that is piling up every hour.

This is the total creation of data for a single person. Now imagine how much data everyone is creating hourly. This is more than enough to explain why companies need to analyze it due to which Big Data is gaining popularity.

Big Data is gaining popularity.

growth of big dataThe fact is that with time, the business models are maturing and so are the requirements of customers. The impact of big data on mobile app development is becoming effective and unique for the business world.

Companies are using data more smartly and analyzing it to get quality information. This detailed insight into the data or we can say customers help in making real-time and fact-based decisions.

If we talk about the current marketplace, startups, and enterprises are using Big data with machine learning, mobile and online data, unstructured and structured data, etc. This helps in getting a deeper understanding of the predictive and statistical views of the customers.

Mobile app development along with Big Data is speeding up at a tremendous pace while increasing the unprecedented growth in opportunities. It is a great way to target the audience and gain leverage over the competitors.

Before understanding the impact of big data on mobile app development, it is vital to know the basis of Big Data.

What is Big Data?

The tools, machines, and customers are creating ample, disparate, and dynamic data. However, the data collected in such a manner is raw that requires innovation, improvement, and scalability as per the technologies.

Through this, the hosting, collecting, and analysis using rich and real-time data. The main reason for using Big Data is that it gives a real insight into the business for users to gain profit, productivity management, performance, augmented shareholder value, risk, and so on.

Not only this, but Big Data is extremely fast and can process the bulk of data in seconds as compared to traditional analytics that only works on historical data. To get a clear picture of Big Data, you need to understand that it comes under an umbrella that works on three different V’s. 

Big Data Umbrella

big data umbrella

The impact of big data on app development work on the three V’s. Notably, it helps in understanding the concept of data that is analyzed by the businesses integrated with big data development services


Data generation is done at a speed rate that holds a lot of importance when it comes to analyzing and using it. Not only this, but speed also depends upon the data volume that is processed or generated to use for the business. It includes the data flow in social media sites, websites, mobile phones, and so on. 


How much data do you have to process? This is the major factor that is counted in Big Data since the volume of data decides the speed of analysis. The data is fetched every second from clickstreams, Twitter data feeds, mobile app messages, order history, search history, and the list goes on. In addition to this, the data volume helps in deciding the value as well as ensuring that data flow is managed.


The big data impact on mobile application development includes several varieties as data comes in different forms. Be it text, voice, video, and so on, everything around us is data. The data is collected in a semi-structured, unstructured, etc. form that is converted into a structure. This structured data is set up in the order after processing to extract the exact necessary information. 

These are the three V’s that are famous, but apart from this, there is another one that is Veracity. The fact is that not all the data is essential when it comes to analyzing it in Big Data. It is essential to find the quality of the data that can be meaningful for the companies. 

How does Big Data work?

On a general level, Big Data works on the simple process, of data collection – integration – management – analysis. As a result, we get the information to start the process. Data Collection is mainly done via different mobile apps such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even phone calls to name a few.


Once the data is collected, it is processed to ensure that the business analysts can understand it. This helps them to get a clear understanding of what will be best before developing a mobile app as per customer insight using Big Data trends.

Let me give you an example, has it ever happened that you searched for something on the eCommerce app for a minute and then got a recommendation around it? Yes, this is just a small glimpse into how the integration works. Companies use this data to understand what customers like and dislike to see and most possibly purchase. 


Data is managed or in simple words stored in a way that helps it easy to analyze. Businesses store the data on-premises, cloud, etc. to keep them secure and use them when the need arises. 


The stored data is taken into consideration and is processed by data analytics. The analysis helps them to take actionable decisions as necessary. The data is analyzed to bring up several possibilities and opportunities that can take the business to a new level. 

Why you need to understand the workings of data before diving into the role of big data in mobile app development is that raw data is of no use to any of us. Hence, it is essential to analyze it and extract meaningful information to reach growth. 

Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

Why do users like mobile apps? Well, what is there to not like about them? They are fast, easy to use, attractive, bug-free, and above all cover all the requirements. This makes the mobile app the best but the fact is not everyone offers this in the market.

Companies need to focus on strategy formulation to ensure that mobile app development is done efficiently. And here comes Big Data for rescue. The impact of big data on mobile app development is not just to analyze the data and give you insight, but it runs much deeper.

Big Data works deeply in mobile app development which gives an insight into all the major aspects. So, what is the major impact of big data on mobile app development? Let us explain all to you. 

Customer Requirements

The first and foremost big data impact on app development is quenching the requirements of customers. To understand the customer, we need the quality of data and see what the customers want.

But do you think this is it? No, it also gives the cost of mobile app development that helps in budgeting. Now coming back to the actual topic. The data is collected and gathered from data flow that we all can witness all around us.

This collected data is analyzed as leverage for the companies to give unique, renovating, and remarkable insights. The raw data is about customers that are availing of the services or using products. As a result, companies can include useful information in the current marketplace to grow.

So, you now know the big data impact on mobile application development. This data helps companies to understand the reactions of users of all levels. It can be as per the lifestyles, geographical location, background, age groups, etc. User behavior can be easily depicted via Big Data which helps in developing user-oriented apps. 

Real-Time Data Access

Do you know that the requirements of customers are changing rapidly, almost every day? They want something new and want companies to come up with solutions that can help them. As a result, companies are also changing their strategies, needs, and trends.

Hence, companies are using big data to improve the mobile app development process to be aware of the consistent change and new requirements of the customers. It gives an insight into the world of customers on what they want and what can be best for them.

Not only this, but it is extremely promising due to its real-time data analysis that is famous as an in-flight transitory. It helps companies to take real-time and data-driven decisions that are to enhance the experience of users.

Why customers you ask? Well, the more satisfied a customer is, the more will be the company’s profit rate. So, companies fetch the right data and then hire the best iOS and Android app developers that can help them grow. 

User Experience Analysis

In the past decade, there has been exponential growth in mobile app development since companies are now embracing it with open arms. Mobile apps are the easiest way to get in touch with customers and interact with them. Due to this, companies are working on a big data-powered future of mobile app development keeping customer requirements in mind.

The data must help customers to interact with the requirements of the developers. The developers use Big Data to get a better understanding of users. They analyze their experience and come up with solutions that can help them to enhance it more and eliminate any issues.

With the ideal analysis, developers can easily add new features and pages that can be beneficial for customers. Developers are using big data to improve the mobile app development process as they can prepare a list of features and demands that must be added or updated in the apps. 

Compatible Marketing Strategies

The big data impact on mobile application development is much more than what we have explained yet. It includes the needs, expectations, demands, shares, likes, comments, and even the subscriptions of users. With the major analysis, companies can get compatible and accurate data.

It helps in getting a competitive analysis to market the brand accordingly and know the target audience. Now you might ask, it is about mobile app development, where does marketing fall? you need to bring your mobile app visibility for your users. Due to this, it is essential to include productive engagement and follow targeted strategies to reach them.

The analyses give insight into purchase patterns and demographic data to help companies make a place in the marketplace. Due to the deep analysis, companies can watch out for the pattern and then work on the difference to give users the best.

The impact of big data on mobile app development and marketing is recommendable and unavoidable. It includes:

  • Targeting key requirements of customers
  • Shows the way to reach the target audience and how to do so
  • Customer the messages sent to customers with the help of purchase patterns, demographic data, and social behavior
  • Changing the working of mobile advertising 
  • It offers better pricing decisions, marketing campaigns, content sharing, and designs that can attract customers


What do you think raw data looks like? It is a mess. Hence, Big Data tries to make it more improved and less cumbersome to help developers understand it. It is easy to optimize the search to give accurate results.

The personalized data search helps in extracting the opportunities where the developers can add features and enhance user experience. In addition to this, if you are stuck then developers can add features to data to understand what the outcome will look like. Big data impacts app development by offering instantaneous and smarter answers to mobile app developers for better results. 

6 UX Analytics

When it comes to the development of mobile apps, it is essential to work on the design and keep the customer’s requirements in mind while developing them. This can be easily achieved with the help of Big Data that covers core functionalities that can be generated easily with a better understanding of user behavior.

The big data-powered future of mobile app development all depends upon better data flow and building a mobile app using the information. User preferences are the essential factor that is considered while designing the mobile app.

Big data analysis works on any type of issue, error, or mess that the user goes through. Once the developer gets an understanding of what users are wary of then they can avoid it and work on what they will like. As a result, it offers an upgrade in product and a better app that can hook the audience.

In addition to this, the data also determine the cost of designing a mobile app but it also gives an insight into the time taken for development. You can get an insight by understanding the mobile app development timeline guide.

Apart from this, the developers can also get a better understanding of usage, location, payment information, and so on to include better features in the mobile app. Developers and designers using big data for mobile applications tend to come up with innovative solutions that can please users. 

Sales Conversions

What is the motive for developing a mobile app? To increase revenue, solve customer problems at a few taps, help in interacting with customers, etc. There are so many reasons for companies to develop mobile applications.

Where does Big data fall in play? No matter what, Big Data is not limited to just gathering local data and using it to understand the users. The mobile apps go worldwide or mainly in a specific country.

Hence, using big data for improving the mobile app development process is essential. The developers study the data to ensure that they can offer a better and improved solution. Also, with a better understanding, it will be easy for the developers to add mobile app monetization models to it.

Studying how users are reacting to the apps available in the market, knowing the purchase pattern, and what the target audience is working on. This along with edge computing, which is a Big Data element, helps in reducing the data distance making it work easily without any additional transfer cost. This helps in increasing app performance and user engagement globally. 

Connected Devices

If you are aware of IoT-based devices then you must know that they are here to stay for a long period. Not only this but there has been a large impact of IoT on Mobile app development and including it with Big Data, you can go a long way ahead.

IoT is a great way to move ahead with automation and grow in the market with the right Big Data technological use. The best thing is that IoT helps in simplifying complex processes and connecting devices with a mobile app for users.

What are the IoT devices and big data impact on app development? IoT devices help in collecting information from users and analyze it for actionable insights. These help the developers to get result-oriented and user-friendly apps that can make an impact in the market.  

How Big Data Influences App Development?

Now, we know the role of big data in mobile app development and its major impact on it. It is time to understand how app development is affected by Big Data.

Mobile apps are all about user-friendliness and ease of use helping users to meet their daily demands. This is covered in the impact of big data on mobile app development as you can read above. However, will it affect other things for mobile app development as well?

However, it is believed that with time, Java development will see a drastic change. As we all have heard a lot about the Java Vs Kotlin battle, it will take a drastic turn with time. The developers are going to adopt the open-source platform that has a vast community since there is plenty of data for them to use.

The fact is that with time, young developers are embracing the programming languages like Java and Swift. It is increasing in popularity as witnessed by the developers. As per the data, several programming languages, especially Java, are going to grow at a rapid rate.

Even the developers are going to learn these languages and one can say that the future of Big Data in Java is extremely bright. Not only this but some giants understand the value of Big Data and are implementing it rigorously. 

giants using big data

Future of Big Data in Mobile Apps

It was predicted that by the end of 2020, there will be more than $189 billion in revenue generated in the mobile app industry. This is mainly due to the increase in users and a paradigm shift in mobile app technology.

If we talk about the future of mobile apps then it is all about digital technologies that include Big Data. As we have seen the impact of big data on mobile app development, we can say that it is going to be with us in the future. It has become a crucial part of the mobile app industry offering advanced features and simple performance.

Investing in Big Data analysis is one of the key investments for companies. Since big data analytics is a major addition to the world of app development, it is becoming a vital part to get compelling features and work on massive amounts of unsold data.

If we look closely into the mobile app development world, then we can say that developers can gain a lot with Big Data. Using big data for improving mobile app development processes helps in getting memorable moments and an ideal user experience.

You need to understand that customers are using mobile apps daily. More than five hours a day for a customer is on their screens which allows companies to gather the raw data. Big data is already a crucial part of the mobile app development world since it gives a better understanding of customers. 


We are a part of the competitive world and hence it is essential to invest in the technology that can take us a step ahead. As a result, enterprises and small startups are now depending upon Big Data due to its advanced factors as mentioned above. It is keeping us captive to the new trends and involvement using big data for improving the mobile app development process.

The data has the power to pump up the business and hence it is essential to use it in a well-armored way. This helps in enhancing performance, generating revenue, improving customers, leveraging Big Data, and whatnot.

So, embrace the potential and understand the impact of big data on mobile app development to thrive in the business world. For more information on how to use Big Data in mobile apps, contact us.

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

Director and one of the Co-founders at Appventurez, Chandrapal Singh has 10+ years of experience in iOS app development. He captains client coordination and product delivery management. He also prepares preemptive requisites and guides the team for any possible issues on a given project.

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