Disney Data Analytics: How it Transformed the User Experience?

Disney data analytics helps in creating a more seamless, immersive, and personal experience for users at Walt Disney World.

Updated 3 January 2024

Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash

VP – Pre Sales at Appventurez

Disney combined with its theme parks has created one of the most magical experiences for visitors at Walt Disney World. Disney collects data and all of this data mining helps it to understand the users’ past behavior. With the use of predictive analytics, Disney creates more attractive personalized offers based on the preferences of the customers further creating brand awareness. 

Disney’s massive enterprise analytics undertaking began back in 2013 with the introduction of its magic bands. The wristbands are used by the guests as a key to enter the hotel rooms as well as purchase items such as infamous Disney durables throughout the 40-mile park. While the magic bands were introduced to enhance the vacation experience, they enabled the Disney data analytics process to track guest activity with extreme precision. 

A stay at Disney World now includes customized itineraries, and digital maps on the phone with a magic band facilitating as a ticket and hotel key. Let’s take a look at how Disney data analytics helps in creating a magical experience for the guests and how it has made its parks more efficient. 

What is the Meaning of Big Data and Machine Learning?

Terms such as machine learning and big data are often used together, as in modern computation they are closely related. Machine learning, by and large, requires vast quantities of training data in order to function at the level of innovation as it does today. 

On the other hand, big data development services don’t just refer to a large amount of data. Instead, it is just a paradigm of computing where large quantities of data are used to fuel applications, analytics, and machine learning. This vast quantity of data is enabled by modern data-gathering tools, primarily connected to cloud computing that can collect information from users on platforms from around the world. 

Furthermore, big data isn’t necessarily a singular project. Businesses and organizations collect gigabytes or even terabytes of information from the users who use their services. Apart from the impact of big data on mobile app development, companies in the insurance industry also implement the technology. They use it to collect historical data on accident statistics, road accidents, weather conditions, and other forms of behavior to empower more informed and accurate decision-making. 

How Disney is Using Big Data and Machine Learning to Create Digital Magic?

Disney, for over 90 years, has prided itself on producing magical guest experiences that only a few can match. However, in the mid-2000s, as ticket prices climbed up, the effect of Disney’s customer experience began to fade. 

In response, Disney created an exploratory team known as the ‘Next Generation Experience Project’ incorporating big data and machine learning. Know what methods they applied and how Disney data analytics helped to create more seamless, immersive, and personal experiences for each and every guest.

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Personalizing Customer Experiences

Disney’s MyMagic, a billion-dollar initiative eliminates the inconveniences such as waiting in line or carrying cash with personalization and connected technologies. MyMagic+ allows guests to book rides, restaurant reservations, and shows in advance with the use of the website. 

Another example is Magic Bands which acts as an admission ticket and the key to a hotel room. Guests can also customize their magic bands with their names and preferred colors. Apart from the availabilities of magic bands on demand, they can also be used for payment and restaurants and stores throughout the parks and resorts. 

A data-driven approach for operational efficiency

Given the magnitude of Disney’s theme park operation, it has to schedule over 2,40,000 shifts for around 80,000 employees. However, following the implementation of rule-based, on-demand technology, Disney’s accuracy in managing labor resources improved by around 20%. 

Disney data analytics also helped in streamlining back-house operations. For instance, the company uses forecasting models for managing its garment inventory and laundry. The forecast models ensure that enough garments are available for the cast members whilst minimizing the inventory and unused costumes on the shelf. 

Unlocking Consumer Trends and Insights

The Magic Bands, as part of Disney data analytics, are part of a new vacation management system. It monitors consumer behavior, analyses purchasing patterns, and provides Disney employees with real-time data. With close to 12.7 million visitors to the theme park, the new system helps Disney accommodate with more efficiency. Unlocking consumer trends with the impact of big data is of huge value to Disney. For example, they employ data mining to analyze the past behavior and preferences of individual guests to determine the type of vacation packages that they are likely to prefer. 

Digitalizing the Disney Store

The introduction of Disney data analytics shows its commitment to delivering a superior customer experience that extends beyond its theme parks. Disney constantly strives to find new ways for its customers to interact with different parts of the Disney family. As part of Disney’s analytics approach, it gave its traditional bricks and mortar retail stores a high-tech makeover. 

Upgrading the Disney stores has helped boost the profit margins by 20%, with over 90% of guests in the US and Europe acknowledging that the new store design has brought them closer to the brand. 

Driving consumer insights at all levels

The approach of Disney data analytics to deliver a superior customer experience has been spreading across all the areas of the business. The company surveys the brand’s many different data sources to understand consumer behavior and use the relevant data points for establishing a marketing strategy and corroborating the strategic moves.

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How Disney Incorporates Digital Technologies?

Disney has seen one of the most successful transformations in its business modules with applications of various techniques. Disney analytics helps in identifying consumers’ preference patterns. To increase brand value, Disney’s innovation strategy entails incorporating various methods that could ensure a seamless experience at theme parks. However, it is important to understand the four goals on which Disney’s technology approach was based:

Disney data analytics to improve the guest experience

Disney data analytics help in understanding the past behaviors and preferences of the guests. Real-time analytics is deployed in the day-to-day operations to enhance the consumer experience at theme parks. One of the examples is forecasting the waiting time for its various attractions. Disney’s Fastpass means visitors can avoid long queues by giving them an hour window when they can return to their chosen attractions without having to wait in a queue. 

Personalization through connected products

Disney’s MyMagic+ initiative is a billion-dollar investment that is a combination of a website, a mobile app, and a wristband that allows visitors to customize their experience at Disney Park. The initiative involved training 70,000 employees and installing scanners at its hotels, parks, shops, and other attractions. The data helps in identifying the preferences of the visitors and further assists in offering 

Using digital to create new interactive consumer experiences across channels

The commitment to deliver a superior consumer experience extends beyond the theme parks. The company has strived to find new ways for its customers to digitally interact with different parts of the Disney family. As part of the approach, Disney gave its traditional stores a high-tech makeover. An interactive kiosk with a touchscreen provides users the ability to navigate a 3-D view of all the Disney stores. 

Investment in Digital 

Disney is determined to uncover new and innovative ways to enhance consumer experiences with the use of cutting-edge approaches. The recent research includes Disney’s artificial intelligence, speed and sound processing, machine learning, data mining, displays, sensors, and embedded systems. The informal collaboration with research labs shows the company’s determination to use digital transformation to enhance the consumer experience.

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What are Disney’s Magic Bands and how do they alter the user experience?

Disney’s creative strategy entails different methods that aim at facilitating advanced user experience. One of them is the MagiBand which was introduced by the company in 2013. Disney’s Magic Band is a radio-powered wristband that is accompanied by short and long-range radio frequency technology. 

The strategy to make Disney magic band helps in accommodating around 3,000 additional daily guests. The wristband holds the key to unlock a variety of goodies, while also allowing a friction-free visit. 

The points below further explain how Magic Band has successfully altered the user experience at Disney. 

Enhancing User Experience Through Disney Magic Bands

When one taps at the Disney magic band, its sensors are activated with the short-range antenna serving a variety of purposes including room key, park ticket, and FastPass + reservation tool. It helps Disney comprehend the user’s patterns as well as personalizing the experience. Like various other companies, Disney data analytics helps to understand the preferences, behavior, and needs of its guests. 

Creating Friction-Free Experiences

One of the biggest drawbacks that Disney’s theme parks faced was their long queues. However, with magic bands, visitors are no longer required to wait and can experience the benefit of seamless transportation and photo sessions. There is also no need for the guests to remember to carry their printed tickets or cards when entering. The wristband focuses on making the guest experience flawless and immaculate. 

Staying ahead of the customer’s needs

Instead of introducing magic bands as a technology, Disney focused on the advantages and positioned it as an invitation for the customers to maximize their experience. The band has aided the brand in employing Disney data analytics to stay one step ahead and predict the preferences and needs of the customers. 

Magic bands have also focused on discovering ways to detect their drawbacks and employing the data to make the experience of the guests as flawless as possible. 

Gathering behavioral patterns through data

The long-range antenna in Disney’s magic band allows it to continuously collect data. It can be employed to track customer behavior insights to determine the places where the guests invest the majority of time in the park. This helps in gaining insights regarding the tastes and inclinations of the guests. 

Artificial Intelligence for Disney Animation

The business model of Disney has transformed over the years. However, what kept the company at the top of the industry was its initiative to apply various evolving techniques in its services. As of 2021, Disney trades on the NYSE with a market cap that exceeds $300 billion

While embracing the growing role of AI in businesses, Disney has also established Disney Research Studios which puts its research talent to work in applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and visual computing innovations. The points below further explain how Disney AI has explored various methods for its businesses and industry through two unique cases:

Creating Clouds in Disney animation that look real

Creating realistic, immersive, 3D worlds that convince and entertain today’s audiences pushes the limits of technology and limitations. Simulating the effect of light on these virtual environments is a massive technical challenge. The researchers of the Disney research studio help in deploying the tools into production that support Pixar and Disney animation in RenderMan and Hyperion, their proprietary 3D rendering solutions. 

Analyzing and acting upon audience reactions

Disney is exploring effective artificial intelligence technology which is designed to detect and analyze human emotional states. Disney has also been developing tools that can bring confidence, accuracy, and efficiency to the process. With effective AI, Disney could realistically model and predict the audience reactions that the company can then use to influence a character or a plotline. 

How Appventurez Can Assist With Big Data and Machine Learning App Integration?

Big data and machine learning has become an integral part of the app development. Machine learning app development is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of the technology. 

Machine learning algorithms help in improving consumer experience, maintaining customer loyalty, increasing engagement, and so on. The technology is suitable for any business mobile app that needs prediction and has a large enough data set. 

Appventurez, as an on demand app development company, with an experienced team of machine-learning app developers will help your business by leveraging advanced techniques. Our team follows the standard practice of building a Machine Learning app faster and more efficiently. We will also assist in shaping your business’s ML-driven growth strategy, and consult while creating a machine learning app that will enhance user experience.

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Q. How Disney World uses big data?

Every guest at Disney world gets a magic band. It is a wristband that is equipped with RFID technology and a long-range radio. These bands communicate with thousands of sensors and stream real-time data to hundreds of systems that can make the entertainment venue a giant computer. 

Q. How much Disney make in a day?

In 2019, Disney’s parks and resorts division brought in $20.2 billion revenue which means that the division generated an average of $55.1 million revenue per day. As per the latest reports, in 2022, Disney World’s net worth was 203.63 billion US dollars. 

Q. How does technology impact Disney?

Disney tech entails using digital methods to engage, interact and entertain consumers every day across its theme parks, interactive media platforms, studio entertainment, and physical stores. With technology, Disney is lifting the limits of creativity and transforming the possibilities for entertainment and leisure. 

Q. How analytics enhanced the guest experience at Walt Disney World?

Disney data analytics helped the company in understanding the patterns around party sizes, arrival times of the visitors, and their preferences at the theme parks. This data knowledge is incorporated into mathematical models that determine the right mix of tables to meet the demands of the visitors.

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