Netflix: A Case Of Transformation For Video Streaming Service

Your recent favorite is DARK, if not this then Money Heist for sure!  Well, these are the top picks showcased by Netflix and the list is just unending. No

Netflix: A Case Of Transformation For Video Streaming Service

Your recent favorite is DARK, if not this then Money Heist for sure! 

Well, these are the top picks showcased by Netflix and the list is just unending. No doubt, Netflix’s digital transmission has created a lot of fuss about its presence and competitiveness in the market. Its competitiveness made Netflix one of the mobile apps revolutionizing the entertainment industry

However, Netflix is not an overnight sensation, it is a journey beginning its operation in 1998 by offering services to different customers via mailing out physical copies of movies, video games, shows, and other forms of media like mailing systems. 

With constant changes and ways of offering services to the people, Netflix’s digital transmission has gone from physical copies handouts to giving users the option of streaming their favorite content that too in comfort. 

Making great shifts into the business models, Netflix is now one of the most noted and known video streaming services.  

There are a lot more things about Netflix and how it has transformed the look and practice of video streaming services around the globe. Here in this blog, we will be discussing and understanding how the popular streaming service has changed the face of video streaming services along with looking at its business model and lessons learned. 

We will first begin with some facts and stats stating how popular Netlflix is and what future it will have in the coming years. But before getting started with anything or everything, let us understand the impact of COVID-19 on video streaming apps as this pandemic has made a lot of businesses boom and many shrink.

Table of Content-

1- Timeline of Netflix

2- The business model of Netflix

3- Utilization Of AI For Better UX

4- How Netflix Transformed Video Streaming Service?

5- Top Competitive Netflix Innovation Strategy

6- How Does Netflix Business Plan Make Money?

7- What Are The Lessons To Learn From Netflix Case Study?

8- Netflix’s Immediate Video Streaming Service Competitor

9- Conclusion

Timeline of Netflix

It all kicks off in 1997: Reed Hastings and programming chief Marc Randolph help establish Netflix to offer online film rentals. Then, at that point, Netflix released its DVD rental and deals service in 1998 through

Launch of the subscriber-based model in 1999: Netflix analyzed the outcomes of the subscription-based business model, and implied it with their DVD-rental services. It’s one of the rising and trending app ideas for businesses.

Going public in 2002: Netflix developed gradually; hitting 4.2 million individuals by 2005. Useless than $2 an offer, to start with, the stock didn’t start to genuinely take off until around 2009 when it had advanced toward around $8 an offer. Obviously, the rest is securities exchange history, as the offers have climbed cosmically; pushing toward $400 at a certain point.

Brought The Streaming Feature In 2007: Creating where individuals could watch content immediately online essentially changed the game. The resonations from this move are as yet being felt today, as more writing computer programs is outfitted around the capacity to watch it as you need to, as opposed to getting it at a particular time when it airs.

In 2009 the organization started cooperating with gadgets organizations to get Netflix on keen TVs and gaming consoles. This interaction proceeded throughout the following not many years, and the organization accessed Europe in 2012.

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In 2013, everything changed. Think “Place of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black.” It got 31 early evening Emmy selections including extraordinary show series, parody series, and narrative or verifiable specials. It was the principal web TV network named for the Primetime Emmy?

In 2014, Netflix launched in 6 new nations in Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland), and won 7 Creative Emmy Awards. Netflix presently had in excess of 50 million individuals worldwide. Furthermore, one year from now, it got released in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, with proceeded with development across Europe in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The primary Netflix unique element film “Monsters of No Nation” is delivered.

2016 is a big year for Netflix: Netflix grows to more than 130 nations all throughout the planet, carrying its scope to an aggregate of 190 nations. They additionally divulge their ‘Download’ include, which permits individuals to download TV shows and films for disconnected review.

Things get better & better for Netflix in 2018: This year, Netflix wins more Academy Awards for its original content, including Best Documentary Feature for “Icarus.” Netflix also becomes the most nominated service at this year’s Primetime and Creative Arts Emmy Awards, receiving an amazing 112 nominations. The company ties with the veteran HBO for most wins, taking home 23 accolades for their series, including “GLOW,” “Godless,” “Queer Eye” and “Seven Seconds.” 

netflix revenue and usages

These are a few facts, there are many to realize how popular Netflix is getting as well as transforming the video streaming service industry too. Moreover, the application was also counted in popular apps during Pandemic, which is itself a major driving factor for Netflix’s growth.

The popularity of digital transformation Netflix is not a one-day success, it is the hard work and constant efforts of years for making it reach today’s level. 

Let us go through its timeline and see from where it begins and how it has changed a lot. 

The Business Model of Netflix

Before getting started with the core of Netflix business models and ideas, have a look at the top trending app ideas for businesses for uplifting a simple app idea into a transformation. 

Once done with it, you are good, to begin with, Netflix’s Business models-

#1 Business Partners

Today, Netflix has over 35 partners across the media business. Also, it has millions of genre subscribers who might be interested in selecting their series and enjoy watching them. 

It has several partners through which it is transforming video streaming services around the globe like- 

  • It has alliances with TV companies like Sony and LG for emerging markets and others. 
  • It joined forces and partnered with Tivo, Dish, and other TV network companies. 
  • Netflix got its alliance with X-Box, PlayStation, Wii, and others known in the gaming industry. It now provides “gamer-clients” with the entertainment video game industry. 
  • It has established partnerships with Android, Apple, and Microsoft. 
  • Netflix has networks and big data providers like Amazon and Google. 
business model canvas of netflix

#2 Netflix Value Proposition

The video streaming service giant has strategized its methods for enhanced Netflix customer experience via deploying valuable propositions. Netflix approached a few UX techniques to follow for setting their standard high in the video streaming service industry. Here are they:

– Hassle-free Onboarding

Netflix allows users to have a look at the process of onboarding before getting started with the core features and functionality of the application. In the very beginning, it allows users to have a look at how many steps are there for them to get started. 

The beginning is distraction-free and fluid. 

Once done with the steps, it takes users to the next step, i.e- plans. The UI-UX design here is easy, simple, and clear, nicely comparing the plans through features, plan value, and so on. 

From there, Netflix takes users to the next part- a benefit drive message. Again the design is minimalistic, chaos-free with no distractions and this is how Netflix entices users in the very beginning. 

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– The point of personalization

Netflix surely knows the value of users and how they can benefit it in revenue generation, user base, global reach, and so on. 

Thus, they collect user data for the personalization part. For that matter, they offer users to add movies, shows, series to their personal viewing list and rate the content also. This results in offering recommendations too to the users. 

The overall process helps Netflix to gain insights into how likely the user might like or dislike the content, which ultimately results in encouraging users to give reviews and ratings. And once done, Netflix ranking algorithms become attuned to the user preferences. 

By following all these, users are then represented with personalized recommendations in the form of “Because You Watched” categories. 

And this is how Netflix works around the user data to ultimately offer them a personalized experience. 

– Alpha-beta testing

Netflix believes in working with the current requirements of the users, resulting in switching things and implementing changes for offering an enhanced user experience. 

If they don’t switch changes, they simply go back to the first phase exactly the way users prefer. 

Meanwhile, when it comes to implementing and testing new things, there are things to look upon like- not investing in AI-ML development until and unless they have concrete user data proving what they want. 

The next thing they do is to give time to the feature to absorb and provide reliable metrics, feedback, and so on. While believing in the concept of personalization, Netflix also knows that if personalization takes user’s time, it is better to go with the simple feature. 

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Meanwhile, here are a few suggestions you can opt for if you are planning to invest in a video streaming service- 

  1. Users can get access to video streaming 24*7, deducting the advertisement timing. 
  2. Documentaries, movies & animations in HD. 
  3. Streaming any content, series, and other programs conveniently anywhere from any corner of the world. 
  4. Unlimited access to any show, series, or movie.
  5. Access to the original content.
  6. The trial period option (free services).
  7. Algorithmic recommendations are used for new items.
  8. Ad management- watch commercials or not, it is totally the call of the user.
  9. Users got the option to either turn off notifications, recommendations, and suggestions or switch them off fully. 
  10. Users also have access to personalize their accounts and preferences. 
  11. You got access to account sharing with Netflix that allows spouses, friends, and groups to share accounts with filters and preferences. 

#3 Key Activities

With its expansion in European countries greatly, giant Netflix has major key activities like- 

  • Hiring & retaining software and technology experts 
  • Producing, acquiring, and licensing Netflix’s original content.
  • Maintaining as well as expanding platform to its all platform be it mobile apps, TV apps, and on the website. 
  • Continuous working on developing a roadmap for entering the new market
  • Working on its pricing strategy along with its subscription model in order to ensure affordability and new customer acquisition.
  • Building & securing partnerships with content production houses and studios. 
  • The giant also complies with the laws for maintaining compliance with censorship especially related to minors and children. 
netflix digital transmission from dvd rental to live streaming

#4 Segments

Netflix is designed for offering a vast collection of genres for subscribers to let them select from one. The collection of shows, series, and movies are designed appropriately as per the diversion in people’s genres and excitement.

Also, the content offered from Netflix is also made for children, adults alike as it promotes educational, family-friendly, entertaining content for gaining more user-based while bettering the interests of audiences. 

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This way, the content in Netflix is divided into segments as per people, class, and gender. 

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#5 Customer Relationship

For a better Netflix customer experience and for encouraging potential customers, Netflix got- 

  • Self-Setup

It is designed for a simple and easy user experience. The Netflix app developers always ensure to associate elements and themes for serving and promoting a user-friendly experience. 

  • Great User Experience

Netflix digital transformation for video streaming service provides customer services via email systems, website portal along with having the option of reaching the representative directly by live chat, and telephonic talk. 

  • Live Chat Services

Through the app, users got access to opt-in to a live chat session with Netflix representatives for asking questions along with getting related inquiries. Other than that, requesting discounts, coupons, and others can be given to the subscriber. 

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  • Social Media Integration

With social media, advertising major deals, discounts, promotions can be made in order to gain potential customers while turning in more conversions. 

  • Gift Cards

As part of a Netflix subscription model plan, users can cherish promotional discounts and gift cards. 

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#6 Key Resources

The key resources include the Recommendation Algorithm system and Software developers. 

  • Software Developers

The developers here always look for innovation and always look for ways to come up with better solutions.

  • Recommendation Algorithms System

AI, ML, and other latest technologies help in assisting developers in designing and building recommendation algorithm systems for users. 

#7 Channels

With the integrated Netflix’s channeling sequence, subscribers can gain access to the platform from various places like- 

  • Mobile apps streaming
  • Streaming via website
  • Gaming consoles and TV apps streaming

Know how to promote your app to different channels, platforms, and markets for better revenue, user base, and popularity. 

netflix growing europian audience

#8 The Cost Structure

Just like how much does it cost to develop an app, the cost of Netflix divides into-

  • Movie production cost.
  • Purchasing TV shows and movie rights establishment.
  • App maintenance cost.
  • Personalized recommendations, R&D, and Artificial intelligence process. 
  • Subscription maintenance cost. 
  • Infrastructure cost of streaming content.
  • Employee salary distribution.

#9 Revenue System

Netflix launches “streaming” services via its Netflix subscription plans for greater revenue streams and additional revenues. 

Here is what the revenue plan looks like of Netflix- 

  • The subscription fees are divided into various options in the US market.
  • It works on the Basic to Premium Plan. 
  • Netflix is earning international streaming plans for expanding its international base also. 

Utilization Of AI For Better UX

#1 Thumbnail Generation

This is accomplished through an online learning structure known as logical outlaws. This structure helps in picking the most fitting thumbnail (or work of art) for each part contingent upon the unique circumstance.

The ascribes considered for this reason incorporate the titles that a part has played, the class of those titles, language inclinations, country, the gadget being utilized, and surprisingly the day and time. 

#2 Automated Recommendations

Traditionally, the company relied on a collection of a batch of data. The service collects a set of data related to how the members utilize the service. It is followed by running a new Machine Learning algorithm on this set of data. The new algorithm is then tested against the existing production system.

An A/B test helps the team identify whether the new algorithm is better. This is done by trying the same on a random subset of members. Group A members receive the existing production experience, whereas Group B members receive the new algorithm.

how netflix utilized machine learning

#3 Quality Streaming

The group at Netflix comprehends that the perusing/seeing experience changes by the gadget you are utilizing. Mobile app development companies might be temperamental and unstable, particularly when contrasted with broadband organizations. 

Remembering these difficulties, the organization depends on versatile streaming calculations. In view of the gadget condition and current organization, this calculation chooses the reasonable video quality to be transferred all through playback.

How Netflix Transformed Video Streaming Service?

#1 Renting DVDs To A Subscription Model

Netflix’s business model earlier was to rent videos by letting users choose content online and get it delivered at their doorsteps. 

The service was once considered unmatched, unparalleled, and was a big shift in the industry. After the year, Netflix launched its subscription model allowing users to rent DVDs online for a fixed monthly fee. 

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#2 The Competitors

The competitors for Netflix when it was launched were all the global video store chains. This makes other competitors start offering somehow similar services like Netflix was offering. 

When competitors made big changes to the subscription service, Netflix on the other hand, started giving access to customers to opt for streaming over DVD rental services. 

#3 Growth Trends

The Netflix business model trends consist of- 

  • Technology- The technology trends helps in letting users watch content nicely on different devices.
  • On-demand- definitely how on-demand apps shape the world and thus, Netflix started giving access to users letting them watch content anywhere, anytime. 
  • Ease- As people are willing to get more comfort, and those who are movie renters and lovers, have taken ease from Netflix to enjoy their favorite series. 

#4 Netflix Business Model Cannibalization

Netflix became the game-changer in the market as its founder had the ability to look like an outsider to the Netflix business model. By connecting and combining building blocks for exponential growth, they often look for solutions to the user queries. 

netflix building blocks business model

Apart from that, they work upon Netflix’s value propositions making it an idea of transformation to the video streaming service. However, there are 4 elements making all the differences- 

  • Affordable price
  • Accessibility
  • Original content
  • HD quality content based on different genres

By combining several building blocks, they created an exponential Netflix business model. Also, by changing the components, they arrange components as per the needs for growing great. 

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Top Competitive Netflix Innovation Strategy 

#1 Costing 

Netflix’s operation strategy is cost leadership as it ensures competitive advantage through minimized cost and minimized selling prices. 

This helps entertainment companies to sell their content at affordable prices, without being too expensive. Instead of focusing on specific market segments, Netflix focuses on diverse segments keeping everyone’s requirements in mind. 

#2 Differentiation

As Netflix’s generic strategy is cost leadership, the business also uses differentiation strategies for its operations. 

Differentiation states that developing online businesses and products in such a way that it simply becomes a form of competition to other brands. It should stand different by producing original content, besides streaming content from third parties. 

#3 Market Penetration

Market penetration is the growth strategy highly opted by Netflix for expanding its reach to the audience. As per Ansoff Matrix, the Growth strategy involves selling more online streaming services in the markets for the users. 

#4 Market Development

Though it is important, it is still considered a secondary intensive growth strategy. Market development sells the company’s online streaming services along with the original content to the new markets and potential. 

#5 Product Development 

Product development is the next secondary intensive growth strategy helping Netflix’s growth, development, and expansion. 

As per Ignor Ansoff, the growth strategy is meant for developing while selling new products into the current markets. 

How Does Netflix Business Plan Make Money?

Digital transformation Netflix is the platform that is an extensive collection of shows, movies, series, and drama through mail-in delivery systems. 

From 2007, Netflix decided to convert its business structure from streaming to a paid subscription. And the beginning of Netflix gained them a revenue of around $997 million. 

#1 Netflix Business Subscription-Based Model

  • Netflix now has over 125 million paid members from over 190 countries. 
  • The video streaming service generated more than $15 billion annually with over 130 million subscribers from international and United States regions.
neflix and user a perfect match

#2 Technology

The Netflix technology development made streaming and live streaming more accessible while becoming convenient and unique even during the beginning of its initial phases. As more companies were not able to offer services, making Netflix was the only great platform and attractive. 

#3 Partnerships

The video streaming giant has the ability to make alliances with a range of filmmakers, writers, movie producers, animators for receiving content, and broadcasting the same which require aligning licenses. 

What Are The Lessons To Learn From Netflix Case Study?

#1 Be True To The Goals

Digital transformation Netflix began with the idea first and then took it and made it easier and less expensive for subscribers to watch movies, series, and shows. 

As the video streaming service does not want to stay with the DVD domain, they shifted their focus to consumer behavior with the continuation of changes in the demand too. In order to remain in the league and competition, they did a lot of strategic things and everything to keep themselves ahead. 

#2 Look For Different Ways For Solution

Netflix’s transformation started with its seed idea and reached a $145 billion dollar valuation in 21 years. By shifting their vision, ideas and others make they improve their vision for serving users. 

Also, the company doesn’t stick to the traditional model of practice as it does not work longer for the customers. Keeping this in mind, Netflix’s innovation solves the problems of the users differently while making their solution easier and better. 

#3 Don’t Force Subscribers

In the initial phases of Netflix’s digital transmission, it was not built for streaming movies, series, and others. People earlier were not able to download and check movies online and were a little frustrated by the lengthy and interrupted watching experience. 

Due to not having the right infrastructure in terms of high-quality and high-speed content, Netflix business never wanted to enter the streaming platform.

However, as the internet rose and infrastructure changed, Netflix then identified the right moment for launching its first streaming service. 

global expansion fuels netflix's growth

To begin in the field of video streaming, they first tried their hands with lower quality video in order to figure out interest and Netflix customer experience without shutting down DVD service. 

Thus, to serve all as per their need either in the form of DVD pictures or live streaming movies and videos, Netflix’s digital ecosystem never forced users to use one particular platform. 

This shows how not to force subscribers but to serve them what they want along with experimenting with some other ways to gain potential customers. 

#4 Customization Of Experience

One of the best things to gain a more user base is to provide the customer personalization. It is a great thing to engage customers with their platform hooking users for binge-watching.

In order to do so, Netflix digital transmission made changes into the operations by figuring out trends about how users will watch the content, what is making them hook to the platform along how personalization can fuel the content absorption. For that matter, they used an algorithm for serving up content tailored as per the customer’s specific interests.  

And with the help of cloud-based businesses, they scaled their progress globally and how the data points multiplied. Thus, as per the data, they made changes to their services along with offering exactly the same users were asking for. 

#5 Quality Matters Always

From renting DVDs to streaming movies, series, and others, Netflix made every move without compromising with the quality and user demand. The dedication toward the quality and maintaining it be it in terms of technology, content, or other, Netflix cultivated not just subscribers but also loyal audiences too. 

Though offering quality costs more, it is worth it when looking to achieve long-term goals. 

#6 Keep Learning

Learning from others’ mistakes or making some on your own, learning is always important. 

This is what Netflix did by learning from other mistakes and made changes to their own processes, movie streaming, technology, and so on. 

And this is how one should work in order to move ahead along with transforming video streaming services around the globe.

#7 More Value To The Users

Just like personalization, offering value to the user is really important for the growth and success of the business. 

Understanding the overall process behind it, Netflix offered exactly what the users were asking for. By investing more in the technology and the services, Netflix used the power of the recommendation engine for predicting what type of movies are generally liked by the users and what else they want to see. 

The overall process resulted in 60% of the movies being added to subscribers’ queues from recommendations only. Now, it is not just a movie rental service, it is now a platform to live movie streaming services and others. 

With it, let us now come to the last part of the blog- Competitors!

Netflix’s Immediate Video Streaming Service Competitor

#1 Amazon Prime Video

Launched in the year 2006 by Amazon, Amazon Prime Video is one of the largest online retail companies globally created by Jeff Bezos. It is the platform offering unlimited access to thousands of movies along with online series from the connected device with membership program availability generated annual revenues of $14.1 billion. 

It is one of Netflix’s biggest competitors on a global scale. 

#2 Hulu 

Hulu is a premium subscription-based video service created in 2007 and is available in the United States made between NBC Universal and News Corporation. 

In the year 2019, The Walt Disney Company took over full control over the company and today it now has 30.7 million users and has 8 offices in China and the U.S. Now, the company generates more than annual revenues of over $1.5 billion.

It is one of the second top competitors of Netflix behind Amazon Prime video while attracting more users. 

#3 Disney +

Disney + is a direct-to-consumer video subscription made by the Walt Disney Company in November 2019. With its entry into the market, the company simply grew to 28.6 million users that too by being available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands. 

It is the next top competing platform for Netflix.

#4 YouTube TV

Google’s live TV streaming service Youtube TV launched in the year 2017 and is available in a few cities in North America and the United States. With 210 markets and over 70 cables and broadcast networks, YouTube TV got a lot of user base and popularity. With its enormous popularity, it is the next leading competitor of Netflix. 

#5 Apple TV+

One of the leading video streaming service providers Apple TV+ just launched in the year 2019 that has surpassed over 33 million subscribers in the United States. The platform offers original content like documentaries, series, children’s entertainment, comedies, and a lot more releases every month making it the other leading video streaming service in the world. 

With so many things and strategies to work upon, Netflix is definitely transforming the video streaming industry while encouraging others indirectly to come up with a great number of features, functionalities, and services. 


Concluding everything together, Netflix has grown immensely popular and is still growing as an innovator and transformer for the video streaming services industry. With everything together and true to the vision, Netflix managed to retain flexibility while responding to the changing needs and marketplace. 

With everything together, Netflix digital transmission platform is growing and is now considered one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. If you are planning to get started with an app like Netflix- WE ARE HERE to help you. Connect with our experts today.

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