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How To Turn AN ON-DEMAND GROCERY APP Development Into Success

Akhil Kumar By Akhil Kumar | July 31, 2020
How To Turn AN ON-DEMAND GROCERY APP development Into Success

No doubt, the grocery industry got a digital shape for the past many years and is daily reinventing itself to meet the changing trends and needs. The shopping and ordering habits are changing and so are the ways to promote the grocery industry. 

Grocers and shopkeepers are highly investing in the grocery delivery application along with a multi-channel approach to reach the maximum number of audiences. 

The on-demand mobile applications are already in trend and adding in it the grocery domain has relieved a lot of shoppers. 

So, if you are planning to invest in the grocery delivery application project, this blog is entirely for you and if you are the person who is still dicey whether to invest in it or not, then this blog belongs to you. 

So, without further ado, let us get started with it from the beginning till the end greatly covering everything about Grocery delivery applications. Before beginning, let a look at a complete food delivery app development guide to know how the domain is offering opportunities for grocery delivery applications too. 

Let’s get started- 

The On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Market Statistics

  • Some studies have predicted that over the next decade, from the  benefits of on demand grocery delivery app development, the revenue will grow fivefold times. 
  • Consumers in America will spend approximately $100 billion on food at home items by 2025 as per another study, it can be considered online grocery stores fun facts and figures.
  • As per Statista, Online grocery sales will grow to $3o billion by 2021. 
Expected Online Grocery Sale in coming years
  • 10% of US consumers every day do their grocery shopping online as per Business Insider. 
  • 43% of the shoppers said that they prefer mobile apps in comparison to the grocery shops.
  • Novel coronavirus pandemic is pushing people to highly adopt grocery mobile applications for every product. 

The above metrics are proof that grocery delivery applications are swiftly changing the shopper’s experience digitally. So, to understand its importance, even more, let us now understand why to invest in grocery delivery applications. 

Grocery applications’ importance can be highly understood through how on-demand apps affected amid coronavirus. The half explanation about the on-demand grocery delivery app development can be seen here however the rest is written in the coming scrolls. 

Benefits of On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development

Easy Shopping

One of the first benefits of on demand grocery delivery app development is offering ease. 

Using grocery delivery applications, shoppers now can buy any food-related product online with ease. Other than that, the flexibility of getting things at the doorsteps is also a plus point with grocery apps. 

Hence, if you are planning to invest in the grocery delivery app development project, offering ease to the customers can make your app viral in the global marketplace too. If you are offering greater service to the user, there are high chances of getting a higher user base, along with nice revenue. 

Digital Time Saving Solution

The next reason stating the benefits of on demand grocery delivery app for grocery stores is that they are time saver. 

Key objectives of grocery app development for business to invest in is digitally reaching the audience for greater convenience and ease. Using your app, users under the set demographics zone will have access to on-demand groceries along with different sets of coupons and discounts. 

Grocers on the other hand or small grocery shops by investing in the MVP grocery mobile apps can offer a digitalized solution. Also, this will become their starting point of reaching greater heights and earning revenue. 

Order Tracking

Offering comfort and convenience to the users through grocery delivery app development is the first step towards how to hook more number of customers to the users. 

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In order to offer the same, order tracking is an advantageous thing to make the app smarter. Using it, customers can simply track or see their packages along with the approximate time to reach or any delay. 

Customer Loyalty

Enticing more number of users is still a little less challenging as compared to sustaining the existing ones. As per Google Play Store Statistics, an average of 6140 apps are added daily on Google Play Store whereas more are also added on Apple Store too. 

Hence, engaging the audience and letting them stay with your apps require some loyalty programs too. For that matter, you can offer them some rewards points, discounts, and special offers too. This will help users to stay connected with your app over other competing mobile apps. 

Consumer Behavior Opportunity

Consumer behavior is part of economics and is a prominent part of the grocery delivery app development industry as well. Hence, for rendering better service than before, it is essential to gather valuable data about customers along with buying habits, likes, and dislikes. 

With data gathered, you can also prefer getting information related to their peak time shopping hours and days, their preferences for the product, their mode of payments, etc. This will help in offering customized solutions to the users, which ultimately results in better revenue generation and a higher user base. 


Without convenience, it is just simply not possible to entice customers for a longer run. If you compare offline grocery stores, users are supposed to stand in a queue for buying their on-demand groceries which is not a situation with online shopping. And this is why users prefer grocery app over a grocery store.

Using the grocery mobile application, you can offer convenience to the users through a great number of features and functionalities. Order tracking, payment options, loyalty programs, deals & discounts, etc can provide greater convenience. 

Better Inventory and Order Management

Inventory and order management can also be managed using the same grocery app from the Admin panel side. 

Through it, with the help of push notifications, tracking stocks, managing them and others can be easily managed. Managing past, present, and future stocks with inventory can also be seen in real-time and stored in the cloud too. 

Delivering Personalized Offers

By gathering insights about user details, their buying habits, payment modes, grocers, and brands can provide personalized offers to the end customers.

These personalized offers can be set as assorted on-demand groceries, gift hampers, deals & discounts, and others. 

Reducing Overhead

When it comes to how on demand grocery delivery app benefits grocery stores- the answer is that apps reduce overhead burden. 

For every offline grocery store, hiring the best people for the purpose is a challenging task. Also, hiring people for running the grocery store is obviously a need that further involves their salary and other parameters resulting in the overhead count. 

However, this can be easily eliminated using a grocery mobile application created with nice features and functionalities. This can ease the overhead count. Thus, for a robust and reliable mobile application, it is necessary to hire an experienced mobile app development company that can bring the desired result. 

 Different Payment Methods

There are several methods used by customers for buying on-demand groceries. The payment method involves debit/credit cards, Online modes like PayPal, and others. Hence, by offering different payment methods, you are offering them ease for buying on-demand groceries. 

Cash on delivery is also a payment method that is not acceptable amid Coronavirus pandemic as a precautionary measure. 

Range of Products and Brand

Just like food delivery mobile applications, a on-demand grocery delivery application is also filled with a range of products and related brands. 

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From the options, customers can simply pick things they are willing to purchase. Offering a range of options makes customers always choose your application over others for everything. 

Shopping for others also

With your grocery mobile app, you can let users shop for others too. Users, on the other hand, can also order on-demand groceries on behalf of another one. 

The integration of this feature will help you raise your standard of services offering in front of other competing mobile applications in the market.  


On-demand apps are the talk of the town and the need of the hours. Thus, the perspective of popularity will give an edge to your decision of investing in grocery delivery mobile applications. 

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Why invest in grocery delivery mobile applications?

Attending to the points explaining the potential of grocery mobile applications and why it is a fair deal to invest in the same. It is now the right time to get started with its development process in detail. 

Scroll a few more times and you will be reaching the development part of the on-demand grocery mobile application approach we follow here at Appventurez. 

How to Design a Robust On-Demand Grocery Delivery Application

Other than how much does it cost to design an app, on-demand grocery delivery application are simply divided into various sections to collaborate each phase in the final phase. 

You can also call it a designing process in an Agile methodology

Let us check out those phases one by one- 

Types of Grocery Mobile App

Before getting started with a grocery application, you need to understand the difference between the types of grocery delivery apps in the market too. The differences are- 

  • Marketplaces

Marketplaces apps process through their own menus and delivery persons to take orders and later deliver on-demand groceries to the doorstep. This is one of the most suitable types of grocery delivery app you can opt for even if you don’t have a prior grocery based business. 

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  • Grocery Aggregators

The next point to how to build a grocery app takes place through Aggreators apps. 

Aggregator app for grocery delivery are the applications that list all the nearby stores and their respective menus. Using this kind of application allows users to order groceries from the listed stores. The app for grocery delivery has their drivers to deliver grocery, however, the products and their fulfillment depend upon the particular store. Instacart is one such example. 

  • Grocery Chains

There are many big grocery stores that invest in their particular grocery app development company’s projects. Using these applications, users can simply buy groceries and get them delivered at their doorsteps. 

  • Single Stores

Next point for how to build a grocery app developed for single stores. 

These are the app for grocery delivery that manage, maintain, and deliver the processes of a single store. This is one of the best ways to get more business and more user base. 

Grocery app users

There are three sides of on-demand grocery delivery application-

  • The Customer Side

This side of the grocery app is exclusively for the users. The app can be installed from the app store. 

Customer side applications are necessary to be filled with a great number of features and functionalities. 

  • The Admin Side

The admin side of the on-demand grocery delivery application is controlled and operated by the administrator of the app. The admin side of the application should be built with utmost care and importance because if even a small thing goes wrong, the customers, on the other hand, won’t be able to get their deliveries correctly. 

  • The Delivery Person app

When questioning about how to make online grocery app, the delivery side becomes the most important part. 

This side of the app for grocery shopping delivery is meant for the delivery person who will be delivering groceries to the respective buyer. The site connects the seller and the delivery person to the ultimate customer for an enhanced experience. 

The Design Factors

There is already a very stiff competition prevailing in the market and in order to compete with that, it is important to design your app for grocery shopping delivery in a unique yet simplistic way. 

Here are some of the pointers you should definitely pay attention to when designing on-demand grocery delivery application. 

  • Pain Points of Customers

Before getting started with the grocery delivery app development project, it is necessary to understand the pain points of the users and what is bothering them. Along with that, get to know why people are opting for grocery online apps other than reaching the offline ones. 

Once done, now is the time to know what is the USP of your application and how you can offer greater value to the user. By offering better and more than your competitors, there are high chances that users will keep coming back to your grocery delivery app development for more. 

  • Know your Competitors

Without knowing or understanding your competitors, you can never succeed in offering more and better services. Hence, it is good to gain an in-depth knowledge of how and what your competitors are providing users and in what ways. 

Also, learn from their mistakes and figure out what they are missing in their service which you can certainly grab as an opportunity. 

  • UI for UX

UI stands for user interface and UX stands for User experience, both are important to make your grocery delivery service app actually appealing and useful in the eyes of the real users.

Get an understanding of UX techniques to follow smartly for an enhanced experience. 

Thus, when designing your on-demand grocery delivery application, ensure you are designing the UI which is easier to use and navigate other than just being attractive and colorful. 

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Always remember that the UI should be easy to use and it should never be cluttered with too much information in one go. And there should always be a smart pick of colors, font, images, etc. Otherwise, too many things in the grocery delivery service app can make users stop using the app. 

  • Personalization

Today, users want to have a personalized experience. Thus, for serving exactly the same to them, you can analyze their buying patterns, habits, payment patterns, things they often look for, and much like that- all through machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

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Once you are done with how they shop, you can provide them recommendations, and things they are actually looking for. This way, they won’t be required to keep searching for the things they have come for. 

  • App Features

Features are important to any application but when it comes to typical features of an on demand grocery delivery app, you need to carefully define all the features in it.  You can smartly offer than various features like- 

  • Shopping list
  • Easy and smart search
  • Add to cart
  • Favorite items
  • Popular items
  • Categories
  • Special deals, offers, and rewards
  • Push notifications
  • Order tracking 
  • Multiple payment options
  • Scheduled delivery times
  • Membership program
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Nutritional value of the product
  • Emergency delivery of products

App Monetization

Every app requires mobile app monetization models to work upon. The revenue is the ultimate goal of grocers and the owners. However, the on demand grocery app monetization strategies work as per the application one is investing in. 

As earn by developing a mobile app needs to be smartly carved, there are a few revenue generations things you can focus upon like- 

  • Delivery charges
  • Commission from orders
  • Additional charging
  • Premium advertising and so on. 

Technology Stack Required

The right technology stack for your mobile app is really important. As technology changes every day, it is crucial to pick the topnotch technology stack for grocery delivery app for a robust result. 

Here are a few things you need to carefully look at- 

Cost of Developing a Grocery Delivery Application

How much does app development cost varies as per the on demand grocery app idea along with the factors that matter!

However, there is something more factors you need to consider when designing the app- 

  • Factors and features of the grocery delivery applications
  • The choice of app platform
  • Technology stacks
  • Agile or waterfall methodology
  • Programming languages to use
  • The UI, UX approach
  • Choice of developers and experts
  • Choice of country

These are a few pointers explaining how much does a grocery app cost, however, there are some more factors that can be explained once you are done with things to ask from a mobile app development company

Why choose Appventurez for Grocery Delivery App Development?

Why choose Appventurez for Grocery delivery app development?

Top on Demand Grocery Apps for 2020

  • Instacart
  • Shipt 
  • Amazon Prime Now
  • Peapod
  • Google Express
  • FreshDirect
  • Walmart Grocery Delivery
Top Grocery Apps for 2020

These are some of the top grocery applications available for the year, however, during this time of the pandemic, grocery delivery applications are in high use for everything.

How Grocery Mobile Apps are helping in Covid-19 Pandemic?

How on-demand apps are affected amid coronavirus can be easily seen today. Some on-demand apps are thriving whereas some have failed and are trying to get back on track like Taxi booking apps, Travel apps, etc. 

Among the apps, on demand grocery delivery is highly demanded by users for everyday products across the globe. 

Hence, in order to invest in it, here are a few points showcasing how mobile apps are helping in the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Timely delivery of good and products
  • Social distancing and other precautionary measures for delivery products.
  • People are more reliable on on demand grocery apps.
  • Contactless payment for the spread of covid.
  • Local shop grocery shopping through digital methods. 
  • Grocery delivery apps are keeping the economy alive and stable to a certain extent. 
  • Not letting down the food and grocery businesses from shutting down. Hence, this is one of the reasons why grocery businesses should offer an on demand delivery app
  • Helping elderly people.
  • Social responsibility- grocery delivery applications are also like social responsibility. 
  •  Helping workers and employees too. 

This is how grocery delivery applications are helping the society and the grocery business also. 


The aforementioned points are describing the importance of on demand grocery delivery along with showcasing you the points for why to invest in it. 

If you still have some doubts, connect with our experts for more. 

Akhil Kumar
Akhil Kumar

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