Benefits of Having Mobile App for your Logistics Company

These days, organizations are picking the latest technologies that are getting profited by automated transportation handling. They can serve goods and other services more effectively and rapidly. Using certain business assets like a perfectly built logistics business app can stimulate the conveyance of your business operations.  Logistics businesses can deal with the transportation of the […]

Updated 16 February 2024

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

These days, organizations are picking the latest technologies that are getting profited by automated transportation handling. They can serve goods and other services more effectively and rapidly. Using certain business assets like a perfectly built logistics business app can stimulate the conveyance of your business operations. 

Logistics businesses can deal with the transportation of the products and materials, and other different operations including warehousing, tracking, and so forth. These activities will smoothen and evolve the productivity of the companies. 

The logistics and supply chain industry will get huge support from mobile apps by enhancing productivity and opportunity growth. It will simply rearrange every one of your assignments as you can bring out your work through a solitary product. 

Not just for handling business operations, but mobile apps can also help to track the processes. From an individual employee to the executives, the monitoring and analysis of the orders will become quite easy. 

In this guide, we will be discussing various factors in opting for logistic app development. Let’s get started without talking any further.

Types of Apps Required in Logistic Businesses

Before moving to features and benefits let’s have a glimpse of the types of transport and logistics app solutions:

Fleet Management App

From dealing with the number of armada vehicles to following their tasks, these fleet management applications offer constant information. These applications can record all the information identified with the fleets and send them to the executives.

You can dole out the application to the driver of the vehicle and deal with the management from start to finish.

On-Demand App

On-demand applications are stylish and organizations can use their advantages. With regards to using logistics app development, it can assist you with conveying the products according to the client’s prerequisites. It additionally causes you to associate with the customer.

Warehouse Management App

Warehousing operations are likewise a piece of the coordination business. From tracking the fleets to returning to the warehouse, the app stays convenient to keep the administration procedure basic and viable.

Process Tracking App

Such applications assist you with following the area of your driver. You can get constant updates about conveyance and the course of your fleets. You can likewise decide on a mind-boggling logistics app development that incorporates all the highlights to meet the different prerequisites of your coordination business.

Having these apps for your logistics business can help companies and customers track their orders anytime through integrated GPS technology. That’s one of the best benefits of having geolocation in your mobile app. With just a few clicks on the app, they can track, modify, or manage the shipments.

The logistics application in supply chain management gives lots of power into the hands of the clients and makes the shipping and logistics companies accountable.

Now the question is why logistics businesses need a good mobile app to handle different operations for a fluent business flow. Let’s get to their benefits:

Why Choose a Mobile App for Logistics Business?

Tracking On the Go

Your logistic and transportation business expects precision to deliver the shipments on schedule. With the geolocation feature, you can follow the vehicle and get real-time updates of the orders without any hassle. Additionally, you can track the vehicle through GPS innovation and send assistance rapidly if there should be an occurrence of trouble. 

Handy Management of Warehouse

The logistics business isn’t just about transportation and delivering the shipments on time, it is likewise about dealing with your distribution or warehouse centers well enough. The application will direct you better with respect to the correct stockpiling areas and it will be simpler to check the stock. All data is put away in a database.

Less Paper More Automation

The ordinary plan of action for the transportation and logistics business includes a great deal of administrative work. On account of a modified logistics application, you can reduce the desk work and oversee everything effortlessly with a couple of snaps. 

The automation of paper-based procedures eventually helps the work process, just as versatile reports, make everything smooth by sparing time and vitality, so it is perfect for strategic business. 

Reduced Cost & Energy

The vast majority of businesses utilize more versatile applications than conventional techniques for sparing information, cash, time, and vitality. It can streamline the diverse utilitarian prerequisites of a logistics organization. 

Simultaneously empowers directors to deal with various activities inside the spending plan, which implies everything will be completed dependent on current industry needs. Portable applications can accelerate everything, and they can enhance courses just as dispatches; this will consequently build ROI. 

Quick and accurate processing

As with the essence of mobile applications, logistics and shipment companies can handle every operation without any delay. Organizations will find it the most ideal asset for improving their decision-making regarding transportation and fleet management. 

The reports and experiences made in mobile applications consistently enable field representatives to coordinate and work faultlessly. This enables the execution and delivery faster for logistics management throughout the shipments.

The application will be a stage through which you can set up your image name. Above all, your errands will turn out to be a lot simpler as overseeing everything will be peaceful.

So, what is required to build a perfect mobile app for a logistics company? Let’s explore some more aspects that ensure these major benefits.

Building a Logistic Business App

Logistics app development is generally not an easy project, because you need to figure out what is required to handle your operations from the warehouse to shipments. From monitoring the fleets to tracking the goods and operating the business, the app should possess all the features that can help executives and employees deliver accurate outcomes.

So, let’s start with categorizing the key features that will be required to run these apps smoothly:

Features included Logistics App

Admin Panel

Admin panel in the logistics app development will help to monitor and track all the consignments and tasks related to warehouse and shipments. The executive of the logistics company will have complete control through this app.

Here are some necessary features that should be included in the admin panel:

Dashboard: It incorporates data identified with clients and drivers. The administrator can see the pending and finished requests alongside the ongoing data. 

Notifications: It empowers the administrator to implement a push notification plan with respect to arranging finishing, installment, and driver allocation.

Driver monitoring: It empowers the administrator to screen the driver’s on-street exercises and deal with all the pending requests.

Billing & transactions: The administrator can get to, examine, and support all the bills and solicitations effortlessly by utilizing this element.

Vehicle management: This is one of the most significant highlights for the administrator. It is anything but difficult to follow the vehicles and their fuel utilization alongside performing other administration-related processes.

Driver Panel

This module of logistics app development is helpful for fleet vehicle drivers. The features to be included in this panel are:

Registration: The driver enrolls in the application utilizing either online forms or email addresses.

Shipping Management: Drivers can get the total details of the client or shippers like name, address, contact number, and delivery place.

Request management: The drivers get the client’s solicitation to convey the shipment and oversee it until the request.

Route tracking: Thanks to GPS integration, drivers can discover and decide the course to arrive at the recipient.

Customer Panel

This module is built to help the customers place their requests and requirements. It will include the following features in the logistics app development:

Registration: A basic and direct enlistment process incorporates the sign-up process through an email or an interpersonal organization account.

Vehicle Selection: After enrolling, the client can go to the rundown of vehicles. The client can choose the vehicles according to their necessities, so your organization can convey the products in a solitary outing.

Booking: Users can make an accurate selection of the vehicle and book as per their requirements or time for the shipment.

Real-time tracking: Notifications and cautions identified with conveyance, following, offering, and different administrations are sent to the clients all the time. The continuous alarm is sent when the vehicle leaves the distribution center and arrives at the client’s place.

Payment Gateways: Users can pay online through an application with an installment door mix. They can likewise get the bill and its receipt in the application.

Rate & Review: After getting the conveyance of merchandise, the clients can share their experience and give the rating to your administration.

Tracking delivery & shipment: The client can follow the transfer as it goes out for the conveyance. The following component likewise shows the track consistently.

In order to be more competitive, you need to offer a handful of functionalities that might not be available in other logistics apps. Here is a list of some additional but crucial features that can help to make your app advanced.

Additional Features to make logistic apps better

The customized logistics and transportation mobile app with cutting-edge features and a seamless performance can give your business an edge over peers.

Analytics: It empowers you to gauge all the business exercises. You can get constant reports in regards to arranging consummation, fuel utilization, and so forth accurately. 

GPS Tracker: Apart from demonstrating the driver’s course, GPS innovation empowers you to get data about different areas where your drivers can go over the span of their excursion.

Multi-lingual Support: When it comes to facilitating drivers across various areas and nations, the multilingual application stays helpful. 

Chat Features: It is in every case better to remain associated with your drivers and clients on the web. The in-application chatbots for enterprises empower you to speak with drivers, partners, and others as and when fundamental. 

Vehicle support: An area for mentioning the support of the vehicles will be an additional bit of leeway for the drivers. 

Your logistics application is a sort of speculation to grow your business. On the off chance that you coordinate easier-to-understand and driver-centered highlights, chances for you to get a higher ROI.

Costs Required to Build Logistics App

The cost of building an app with various modules and functionalities requires a planned budget. A mobile app development company needs to consider various factors for estimating core expenses. Let’s get started discussing them:

  • Hiring the agency/developers: Deciding between a professional agency and a team of individual developers will be a thoughtful task. You need to compare their prices, experience, and portfolios to make the right decision.

Moreover, the cost of hiring developers also depends on the location. For instance, the average hourly rate of the developers of Southern Asia regions is $25 to $40. So, make sure to compare the pricing and then decide on the outsource app development.

  • Utilizing Technology Stack for mobile app: There are different technology stacks available for building mobile apps. The categorization is held based on app type: Hybrid app or native app. 
  1. Native app for logistics: $150k – $250k
  2. Hybrid app for logistics: $200k – $400k

Moreover, it also depends on the features you are focusing on integrating. Below is the feature set along with their average pricing. Have a look at it:

functionalities and price range of logistics company

  • Integrations with Cloud: There are several cloud integration options available, such as Google Cloud, AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, etc.
  1. Google Cloud: $1700 – $2000/month
  2. Azure: $1850 – $2100/month
  3. AWS: $1800 – $2200/month

The platforms offer different pricing plans based on features and functions for managing mobile apps. From storage to monitoring, every major aspect of running your logistics app is included in the plan.

Post-development support: It includes optimization, upgrades, and other function updates that can lead to better app performance. A rough estimation for the monthly maintenance of an app is $7000 – $12000.

From the mobile app launch checklist to post-development, taking all the considerations in focus, the logistics company needs to ensure that their apps are updated and working progressively for a smoother business process.

Numerous companies can initiate logistics app development with a no-commitment quote that can assist you with looking at the costs. Additionally, it is fundamental for you to think of the refreshed rendition of your application with some new highlights and improved usefulness all the time. 

state wise average cost of app development

From settling on the list of capabilities and API combinations, logistics businesses can finalize app development company and get a better business asset for their organization.

Streamline Logistics with Mobile App: Conclusion

The era of clients patiently waiting for days to receive their shipments from logistics service providers is a thing of the past. In today’s data-driven world, technologically savvy clients expect to access all essential information on the move. This is where a logistics app development company can play a pivotal role in assisting the logistics and transportation industry.

Logistics app development is instrumental in enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate technological advancements into their corporate and shipment operations. It has the potential to enhance the overall business experience by automating real-time data access anywhere and anytime. From managing operations to overseeing fleets, every aspect of the business can be elevated through advanced functionality. For tailored solutions and expertise in logistics app development, turn to a dedicated logistics app development company like Appventurez.

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

Ajay Kumar has 15+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, project management, and team handling. He has technical expertise in software development and database management. He currently directs the company’s day-to-day functioning and administration.

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