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We build applications for big screens with responsive.

Web applications are a necessity for businesses especially for B2B transactions. To carry out the B2B transactions, businesses demand a secure and private network particularly when they outsource project overseas. The adoption of a private and secure web app infrastructure is vital for the process as simple as transferring funds into bank accounts or deploying large scale web services that updates pricing information worldwide.

From designing to implementation to support and maintenance

We provide all the web development services.


We collect all of your requirements, create a mockup and turn them into prototypes which you can click on. We include transitions, animations and interactions in our prototypes.

Visual design

Our visual designs include graphic design, identity design, UI design and branding. We have a strong hold of front-end tech which helps us create designs that take into account what is possible only in code.


Our speciality is in Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, Elixir development, React, Node.js and AngularJS. We prefer technologies that fulfill these five requirements: security, performance, supportability, timeliness and scalability.


For businesses that run applications in cloud, we provide DevOps for them. With 0.002% down time and rapid deployment of changes, our DevOps expert ensures that your system runs efficiently.

Our web development process

We organize our production process in accordance with your project needs and time limits.


To begin any application or web development process proper research, planning and collection of data is essential.


We prioritize specifications which helps us deliver projects timely and within the given budget.


We create multiple logos, mockups and designs to give our customers what they need.


The programming stage is about modifying the speed and sequence of task flows which uses modern web development ide, cloud servers, version control with Grit, etc.


Once each milestone is reached, QA engineers perform testing. We deliver a stable version to our clients to accept after personal testing.


The final step of web development process where you will also be given a week to test your product as a guaranteed period.


A dedicated team at AppVenturez will maintain your projects and your monthly payments and this will become your development office.

We give web development solutions from A-Z

AppVenturez provides you the most popular web development requests needed to build a classic website. Here are some of them:

Social media has become a trend for communication, exchange of information and a mixture between marketing and customer support. We can create a social sharing website with your social media profiles embedded in your existing website.
Web portals are filled with content for visitors. We make sure that your information is well organised so that visitors can find it easily and quickly.
We develop web applications that can handle high volumes of traffic and still collect useful data. These apps can either stand alone or be integrated with larger web projects.
The capability to purchase online becomes crucial for an online business, store or any company that wants to receive virtual payments. We provide one of the best ecommerce web development services that is reliable, secure, user friendly and highly customizable.
Save time by automating the input and output of corporate information while also ensuring timely and accurate exchange of information, every time.
A video chat option would be an excellent tool to connect with your team members, clients or simply for organizing meetings. We have successfully built video software for users to have uninterrupted conference calls.
We have developed games for Facebook and other portals as well which gives us an edge in game development. Your website will have more engagement if you add a game to it. Games can market your brand on social media, increase the traffic on your site and boost your web project.
Target your audience and overcome language barriers by creating your own website. If you want to reach clients all over the world, we will create the perfect website for you. We not just simply translate but also write, copy natively and understand the complexity of the culture (i.e we’ll code it in military time if you want to showcase time on your site).

Our web core technologies

We have web app development experience with multiple industries like finance, healthcare, education and retail. Our clients are supported through project management and expert guidance all the way to product release. We are ready to adapt to your project management process if needed.

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