Reasons To Choose On-Demand Staffing Apps For Different Industry

In the realm of digital transformation, the quest for top-tier talent, navigating economic uncertainties, and ensuring employees secure competitive pay packages pose significant challenges for staffing firms. Conversely, the inability to seamlessly connect skilled individuals with employers also weighs on the minds of staffing agencies. A powerful solution to bridge these concerns lies in the […]

Updated 23 January 2024

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

In the realm of digital transformation, the quest for top-tier talent, navigating economic uncertainties, and ensuring employees secure competitive pay packages pose significant challenges for staffing firms. Conversely, the inability to seamlessly connect skilled individuals with employers also weighs on the minds of staffing agencies.

A powerful solution to bridge these concerns lies in the adoption of a Staffing application, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Indeed, a staffing app holds the key to striking a balance between the expectations of both employees and employers. It serves as a direct channel to efficiently match talent with opportunities.

In this discourse, we delve into why on-demand staffing apps have become the imperative need of the hour. If you’re considering tapping into this transformative market, partnering with a proficient on demand app development company can pave the way for a successful and streamlined staffing application.

But before that, let’s check out a few facts about on-demand staffing apps- 

On-demand Staffing Apps Market Status

  • According to Google Trends, there was an increase in the number of people searching for the term “side jobs”. 
  • Immigrants look for side jobs to earn a little extra while delivering quality work to employers. 
  • According to Bloomberg, the levels of immigration were 310000 in 2018 which later get increased to 330000 in 2019. And it is expected to increase to 340000 this year.

staffing app development

The following facts are a clear sign of how finding a worthy job is a task

A Staffing app can bring in the solution easily!

Let’s check out the reasons here-

9 Reasons To Choose on-demand staffing apps

Before starting with the reasons, get an in-depth understanding of the on-demand app guide for a clear picture later. 

Tracking The Talent Trends

Businesses and organizations often demand talented and worthy staff to make them stay strong in the market. 

If you are a staffing agency, understanding what both the employees and employers are looking for is the priority. Because you will be the one who is going to serve what both parties are asking for. 

No employer wants to put their organization’s reputation at stake due to less deserving or non-worthy staff. 

Hence, through an application, you can have a digital eye on what is in demand in the market, your client’s competitive landscape and requirements, the addition/cutting of legal guidelines, workplace flexibility along with how AI is turning scenes. 

The right recruitment of the staff matching the criteria given can never be substituted with any other practice. Thus, getting started with your staffing application should be your top priority.  

Managing Unemployment Rates

When the unemployment rate is low, it poses great difficulty for a staffing firm to figure out deserving and knowledgeable candidates. 

To curb this situation, staffing firms need to look at ways to find and grow talent pools. 

One of the best practices to get started with the same is figuring out if an employee is the right fit for the job or not.

To support the practice, a staffing application can be a great tool. 

Through the staffing application, if a person is looking for the required profile can connect with the staffing firm directly. Once done, the staffing firm can proceed with the initial interview phase. 

By acquiring the insights, the firm can further proceed with filtering if the interviewee is the apt choice for the client’s organization or not.

Hence, a staffing app is the best way to connect a job seeker to the firm. 

Performance Management

Being a staffing firm, you might have witnessed the employee’s feedback from the organization itself. The feedback in negative remarks can make your client dicey about your working management. 

Performance management and monitoring can be a challenge for you!

In that case, a staffing application can become a savior. 

By filling in the details of employees, you can get a closer look at the workplace performance of the same. Also, on the other hand, an organization through the application can mark the performance of the employee. 

The practice later will result in performance management- something that will give you a clear picture of the overall performance of the employee for later recruitment purposes.

Also, the good performance of the employee will reflect the working of your firm too. It will create an impact on employees’ success as well.

Ensuring The Candidate Is The Right Fit

It is frustrating for both the client and your side to recommend a candidate that fails to serve the organization before the trial period ends. 

The organization on the other side had invested in that employee too. 

Hence, finding the right fit as per the organization’s requirements is extremely difficult. 

Making things fall perfectly, there is no better way than a staffing application. 

Once the candidate gets connected to you through the application, you can simply process it with the next phase. 

The next phase will revolve around the skills and knowledge of the candidate. If everything fits flawlessly as per the organization’s requirements, you are good to recommend the candidate. 

After all, recommending candidates as per the requirement will result in the overall performance of your staff agency. 

Instant Hiring For A Demanding Role

Though organizations hire people as per their project’s requirements many a time, some temporary projects require demanding new skills. 

That results in making the organization ask for urgent hiring. 

And believe it, urgent hiring requires extensive talent search and continuous interviews too making the process time-consuming. 

This problem can be easily tackled through staffing applications. 

With the help of on-demand staffing apps, organizations can notify you about their hiring requirements. On the other hand, you can get started by looking for a candidate. 

If the requirement matches the candidate’s profile and the organization’s requirements, the situation will result in ending the quest. 

Insight Into Hiring/Firing Policies Of Organizations

Being a staffing firm, it is your daily task to find the right candidate as per the profile. Through the candidates’ profiles, you get an insight into his/her skills and profile.

But when it comes to the organization’s profile, figuring out their hiring/policies along with the requirement can be considered another task. 

The two-way process can be streamlined with the integration of on-demand staffing apps. 

Companies can list their hiring/firing policies along with the necessity for the profile through the staffing application.

Rules & Regulations (Legislation)

Every country has its own set of rules & regulations along with laws and legislation. Following the same makes the organization not fall into legal trouble. 

Hence, through an application, instant changes in the legislation process can be easily made in it. 

This is another challenge for both the staffing firm as well as for the organization. 

But with an application, the ease of finding out the rules & regulations along with government legislation can be read.

 Through the application, nothing will go wrong in terms of hiring or recruiting the candidate followed by all the terms and conditions.

Attracting The Right Talent

When there is no middleman involved between you and the candidate, the ease of connecting becomes much easier. 

Hence, when you invest in On-demand Staffing App Development, candidates along with organizations can directly connect with you. The need to include a middleman or mediator will get eliminated here.

This way, approaching the right candidate for the required profile will get streamlined. 

Combating Talent Shortage

Job Seeking is a never-ending process. 

Believe it or not, it is!

Being a staffing firm, you know it better. You must have approached many candidates and also interviewed many. Finding the apt candidate from the sea pool of job seekers is a task. 

But with an application, things will get streamlined in just a click.

Through the on-demand staffing app, you can directly connect with job seekers and connect with them. 

Once done with it, figuring out the talented and skilled candidate will remain a task but not chaotic, like it was earlier. 

With these 9 points, we have covered the reasons showing why to go ahead with an on-demand staffing app. 

Now, it is time to check out some well-known on-demand staffing apps in the market. 

Top On-demand Staffing Applications


Wonolo, one of the first on-demand staff mobile apps was launched back in 2014. The app was launched by AJ Brustein and Yong Kim. 

The app connects underemployed hourly workers with those employers who are understaffed. Also, it is apt for every industry, be it- retail, shipping, logistics, manufacturing, etc. 

Similar to the Uber app, Wonolo is redefining the way people used to find hourly work and jobs.

This on-demand staffing app can be presented as an example for other staffing firms to find workers for different profiles. 


Another on-demand staffing app in the list Weploy is available in Australia. 

The app connects businesses to the community of pre-screened staff. Also, this staffing app shows quality temporary jobs to freelancers that can either be accepted or declined as per the profile requirement. 

Weploy, this staffing app is a new way to empower working modules. Through this, job seekers can represent what they possess while organizations can choose the preferred one.


Introduced in 2012, this on-demand staffing app connects businesses with the on-demand workforce. 

The app is available for staffing agencies and businesses that are managing large flexible workforces or single workers. 

Shiftgig connects brands and businesses to the right staff members. The app makes companies from varied industries like conventions restaurants, warehouses, and events, connect to the trained staff.

On-demand staffing apps like Wonolo, Shiftgig, and Weploy can be taken as an example for your next on-demand staffing app. The given names are the answer to how on-demand apps shaping the world digitally and intelligently. 

Are you ready to get started with an on-demand staffing app?

If yes, there are things to keep in mind when developing an on-demand staffing app- 

7 Things To Keep In Mind When Developing An On-Demand Staffing App

Keeping Experience & Authenticity As a Priority

When developing staffing apps, the first step is to check the authenticity of all the parties. 

Be it the job seeker or the one who is looking for the job, ensuring that they have a clean background is most important. 

Also, getting a quick review of the job seekers’ experience along with what qualities the job poster is looking at should be made. 

Both things are possible by integrating the right feature. The sign-up feature can make the process more transparent. The creation of a job seeker as well as a job poster profile needs to be created for better clarity.

Also, details and data of both parties should be completed to analyze the authenticity of the concerned parties. The practice will reduce the chances of fraud and other mishappenings. 

Managing Job Listings & Offers

The app should be made with a complete analysis and deep study of the job seekers and job posters. The study is important to solve the concerns of both parties. 

Ensure that your on-demand staffing app is capable of rendering solutions to make the job seeker search job that is suitable and matches the experience too. 

Resolving Issues & Disputes

Each business comes up with its own set of challenges, goals, and issues. 

When a business approaches a staffing app to recommend an employee for the profile, it becomes the responsibility of the former one to offer the same. 

Quality, knowledge, and skilled talent should be the top-most priority. At the same time, staffing firms are required to look after the issues and disputes of the employee too in case there is any. 

Allow Companies & Brands To Find Staff Instantly

When designing an on-demand staffing app, make sure you are allowing different countries and brands to find staff. 

Limiting the app to certain locations can restrict the flow of finding the right and the aptest candidate for the profile. 

Hence, push the boundary and ensure to make your app is open to all countries. 

A Right Set Of Feature

Any feature in your app will decide the fate and success of your staffing firm. 

Hence, make sure you are integrating the best features in your app that will make both parties- job seeker and job poster get the desired result. 

But ensuring what to add or what not to in the application can be proven fatal for the firm’s success. Thus, an MVP model of the app can be given a chance. 

By launching the MVP version of your app, you can collect feedback and reviews on how users are responding. Once done with the review, feedback thing, make changes in the app accordingly. 

A flexible On-Demand Staffing Platform Business Model

Flexible on-demand business models should be considered the most important tip when developing a staffing app. 

The domain is high in demand due to ease and flexibility in the business model. A report presented by Harvard Business Review highlighted “The largest category of on-demand spending is the online marketplace with 16.3 million consumers each month spending almost $36 billion annually.”

Hence, spend a good amount of time, resources, and willpower to get started with your on-demand staffing app. 

Provide A Solution To Real-World Problems

You are developing staffing apps to streamline your working affairs while offering a solution to both- job seekers and job posters. 

But developing an app is not the final closure. 

Make sure you are offering a quality solution to the real-world problems, that involve- difficulty in figuring out the apt profile, finding the skilled workers for the organizations, solving issues and disputes, etc. 

Skipping this step when developing the staffing app can flop your staffing app idea. 

Final Thoughts!

In the digital era we inhabit, failure to align with the pace of digitization can prove detrimental. Investing in a staffing app is akin to taking a synchronized step into the digitized landscape, presenting a streamlined process. This not only simplifies the task for job seekers but also facilitates job posters in efficiently discovering and managing relevant proposals. To embark on this transformative journey seamlessly, consider engaging the expertise of on demand app development services, ensuring your staffing app meets the contemporary needs of both employers and job seekers.

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

Director and one of the Co-founders at Appventurez, Chandrapal Singh has 10+ years of experience in iOS app development. He captains client coordination and product delivery management. He also prepares preemptive requisites and guides the team for any possible issues on a given project.

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