Guidelines to Choose Perfect On-Demand Service Provider App

By Ajay Kumar | February 26, 2020
on demand service provider app

Are you planning to bring your business over an on-demand app platform?

If not, then it is time for you to think about going for on-demand app development. The reason? Well, your competitor is already using an on-demand app to divert traffic to its platform and sell products. Why are you not using an on demand service provider app?

If yes, then what are you waiting for? Just thinking about the idea is not going to magically help you out. You need to take a step ahead and get things done on your own.

Rude but the truth. Another reality of this industry is that people believe that it is all about taxis and food. (I just to want to laugh out loud at this)

Do you also think on-demand is limited to food and taxi booking service? Obviously not, because markets are getting competitive with the rising expectations of consumers.

Many business owners are not comfortable with the whole concept of on demand apps since they think it is all about taxis and food.

Snap out of this conclusion now if you want to grow your business. There are on demand laundry app, food delivery app development, taxi-booking services, household chores, hospitality apps, car parking, package delivery, and whatnot.

The idea of on-demand is no longer restricted to a few industries but it is evolving in other industries as well. On demand apps are just there when a customer or user requires things without any strong commitment from your end.

The motive is to reach the provider in minimum time that can complete the user’s requirements easily. The on demand apps are all about the pay-as-you-go platform that attracts customers.

Now, you are planning to get your business over online platforms to be right in front of customers. The key part of your planning is that on demand service provider app development is anything but a straightforward and simple task. 

On demand apps are developed with careful preparation, deep research of the market, productive discussions, and putting in opinions to come up with a smooth performing apps.

As there are so many things that are involved in just planning the on-demand app for service providers. So, let us help you out with your development strategy to choose the best on-demand app for your business.

Firstly, we will have a look at the basic on demand service provider app features.

features of on demand service provider app

This will give you an insight into the features that are required on the service provider end. Now let’s move towards the important aspect of choosing the on demand service provider app.

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Guidelines To Choose On Demand Service Provider App

In order to develop an on-demand app for a service provider, one has to make sure that essential aspects are covered up. This will help in guaranteeing that you choose the best type of app for your services. 

So, without wasting much time, let us move towards the ride that can take your business a step higher. So, what to consider when choosing an on demand service app?

#1 Service Offered To Customers

What are the services you are going to put in front of your customers?

If I know any better then the first thought is either food or a taxi booking. However, you need to take a leap of faith in another direction as well. Yes, Uber is the first idea since it is considered as the father of such apps but why not have an Uber for your own service.

There are so many options that you can go for such as Uber for laundry, Uber for beauty products, Uber for Job search (yes, it is an on-demand thing), and so on.

It is the right time to spawn around thousands of ideas and pick the best out of all. After all, it is your time to thrive and grow in the on-demand industry. 

To motivate you further, let us walk you through some exciting ideas for on demand apps that you can pick from:

  • Dog walking
  • Beauty products & services
  • Delivery service – personal package, flowers, liquors, etc.
  • Household services (home chores) – decoration, house cleaning laundry, etc.
  • Health services – doctor-on-demand
  • Errands
  • Car parking
  • Fitness

Some might have surprised you but these are just a few ideas that I remember. Now imagine what all you can include in it.

Also, you need to come out of the idea that on demand service apps are based on one single industry only. This myth is debunked by Uber only with its taxi booking and food ordering & delivery app.

If you feel that you can work around it smartly then why not offer different services in a single app. For instance, you can start with a platform to allow easy interaction between user and doctor. Along with it, sell the medicine and instant call for an ambulance as well. (So, many possibilities).

#2 Be A Problem-Solver

Have you ever given a thought about why Uber-like apps are famous?

They solved the problem of standing under the sun and waiting for the bus or hailing the cab. Hence, a problem solver making it one of the important guidelines to choose on-demand service provider apps.

Users dedicated to avoid things that are of no use to them (as they don’t offer expected user experience).

The point is that users tend to go for things that hold some value to them. Are your services going to solve any of the user’s problems? 

Do you think the dog walking app will have any value for the users that live in a peaceful area where old age or retired citizens live?

I don’t think so, since the users will love to go for a walk around the block with their dog, meet some new people, and spend some remarkable time. This might not be true for someone that is working 8-9 hours a day who would love nothing but to have help for their dog.

Your target audience holds a lot of value when it comes to thinking about the “problem solving” aspect of the app. 

The app that can be a great solution for someone can hold no value to some other person. Hence, comes the confusion. So, make sure to remember the things to consider when choosing an on demand service provider apps.

#3 Market Analysis & Research

For an idea, the most vital part is to do the market research through which one can plan things accordingly. 

Do you think anyone is already working on your idea? What about your competition? What are the statistics going on in the market for your industry?

These are just basic questions. But there are plenty of questions that you need to keep in mind while planning out the apps.

The important part is that you need to get an idea out of all of these questions since it won’t be of any use without them. 

Get an insight into the service you are planning to go for and analyze its status in the market. Is your plan solid enough to rule in the market?

What are your competitors doing? How can you make it much better?

The abundance, limitations, and X-factor will all help you reach the top and go beyond your competitors.

#4 Enticing Features

This point is for the individual who is planning to develop an app for other service providers offering them a platform to connect with customers.

If it is your own app, for your own products, with no third-party service providers then you can skip it and move to the next one.

However, if you are busy developing a platform for service providers then get in touch with some that might be interested.

This will help in giving an idea of what they are interested in. It is also a great way to find providers as per the geographical area that you are covering to develop an app.

In order to attract service providers, add on some catchy terms & conditions. Add the rating and review options to increase their chance of getting picked up.

The customers must have the authority to rate the provider and help out other potential customers. This will help you to stay at the top with feedback section to describe their experience.

Another question is how are you going to establish a strong customer base and engage service providers?

The customers must be able to interact with providers to ensure that their products can be delivered accordingly at a reasonable price.

This will help in not only attracting customers but keeping your service providers hooked to the apps. As a result, a win-win situation is made for you.

#5 Reasonable Prices

The most essential aspect to choose the on demand service provider app is the price. After all, you are going for it to generate some revenue only.

The service price should be the absolute minimum to ensure that regular providers can go for it, free of charge is also an option if you want to consider it.

Price is the major factor that will make or break the deal. It will determine whether your customer will go for the service or not. 

It will persuade customers to order the product and incentives will be added automatically. Isn’t it amazing?

This will make the providers feel respected and valued since customers will come back to order with their high-class work.

#6 Registration

Either you are looking for a service provider app or planning to develop one, registration is a vital part of it all.

You might not require any sort of commitment from the customer’s but it is essential to get service provider registration done.

It can be in terms of personalization, rating, profile, address, and so on. Just make sure to follow straightforward and easy functionality for registration with the integration of social media accounts to login and register

Remember, your registration page is where the customer will land first and it is essential to be the most attractive and user-friendly to enhance their experience. 

Also, keep new registration open since you never know when a new provider wants to hop in the professional world.

#7 Geolocation

It is the new black for the development and design world. Everyone is making their projects geolocation-oriented to ensure that on-demand services can be offered to the customers.

As a matter of fact, on demand service apps are all about offering services with a few taps as per the geographical area. 

The delivery includes transportation and delivery services that make it depend upon geolocation features. 

Not only this, the feature makes the tracking for customers easy and for the vendor they can reach the destination efficiently.

It is great to check the location of the cab when you are in a rush or knowing the food exact location on the map when you are starving. 

Why not give your customer a smooth ride by adding geolocation to the plan.

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#8 Payment Gateway

How many love carrying the cash in the pocket? I can bet only 2 out of 10 still carry a good amount of cash in their pockets.

After all, we are living in a cashless world that is covering up our basic needs amazingly. Hence, it is essential for any new venture in on-demand to include a payment gateway to the list of on demand service provider app features.

If you are looking out for any app related to the on-demand service provider or planning to develop one, then it is essential to add on the APIs of payment that can offer secure transactions. 

Multifactor authentication is a great way to move a step ahead with on-demand payments. 

#9 Advanced Technology

For any on demand service provider app to be successful, it is essential to ensure that it is following up with the latest technology trends.

As mentioned above, payment, registration, and whatnot must be well-taken care of. This will include a number of other options that have the ability to attract customers.

What will you do if an app is not reliable, usable, or available?

Yes, now imagine your customers also having the same thought process as you. They won’t sit and think about your business plans.

Rather, they will hop on to another app that gives them top-notch services. Hence, make sure to take some time to select an ideal environment and tools for your app development.

The technological foundation of the app must be the topmost priority of mobile app developers. The backend and frontend development must be done in order to offer secure scalable, and topnotch apps in the market.

The motive is to keep the forecast and estimate at peak for on demand service apps while using sufficient resources.

The best part is to go for cloud-based solutions to ensure that the cost of on-demand mobile app development is reasonable and under budget.

#10 Minimum Viable Product (MVP Development)

The MVP development process is a step towards the transformation of the business world. It is mainly to ensure that new prospective opportunities can be attained and quick growth is offered to the business.

If you are going for the app development for service provider then make sure to be in the market and what better can it be than MVP development?

It can be a great way to attract customers and link providers to the app through which they can sell their product while linking the price list on the landing page.

The benefit? Well, it will give you a lot of signups and clicks on the app. In short, your business will reach a new height with the help of these top-notch technology advancements.

 *MVP is about launching an app with the most important features. Once done with it, feedback is taken into consideration and further features are then added to the app. But this does not help in clicking, in fact, it helps in figuring out the loopholes, pain points, gaps, requirement of the users and market situation!

Here are the topmost things that you need to take care of. To give you a deeper insight, check out the business model that service provider apps for on-demand follow.

on demand business model service provider

The business world is evolving and transforming at a fast pace that has made it essential for companies to focus upon the market presence. 

Hence, it is essential to be aware of the on demand business model that is implemented in the business to ensure that service providers can work efficiently.

The whole process must be service-provider friendly to attract customers and reach a new level of transformation.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On Demand Service Provider App?

When it comes to checking the total cost of development for the on demand service provider app then it is essential to consider vital aspects.

There are a number of factors that help in deciding the cost along with some additional factors that affect the cost of app development a lot.

The app development contains compatibility layers that have a huge effect on the costing factors. It depends upon the characters, features, management systems, and so on.

Here is the list of a few factors that can have a huge impact on the costing. 

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#1 Features

There is no doubt that even the service provider app contains a number of on demand service provider app features that help in making an app outstanding.

However, the basic features will have an estimated cost (can depend upon the app development company policy).

If some additional features are to be included in the app then it can affect the costing factor on a whole new level.

#2 UI/UX

Another factor that plays a vital role in estimating the cost of app development is UI/UX. The design of an app is extremely essential since it will contain the effects and graphics of the app.

It is the first interaction mode with the customers that will compel them to download and use the app. Hence, it is an essential part of app development and design.

What will you do if an app is not attractive to the repelling UI?

#3 Outsourcing

The mobile app development process also includes the aspect of who is going to develop the app. As a matter of fact, the business owner can go for freelance developers or mobile app development company that have years of experience (not to forget an expert team). 

How will you feel if your on demand service provider app is developed by a fresher?

Exactly, this is the main reason why companies prefer an expert app development team that can even manage the requirement while keeping budget in the flow.

Get Ready To Move Down The Road

We are a part of internet services and hence it is the right time to adapt to the mobile app developers later.

Having a mobile application is a great way to make a global impact on the market. Even if you are not developing the app then also make sure to go for an option that can help your business to grow.
So, if you have an idea for the on demand service provider app, share it with us. What are you waiting for when you have it all in front of you?

Ajay Kumar

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