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10 Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

Omji Mehrotra By Omji Mehrotra | December 26, 2019
Mobile App Development Frameworks

Gone are the days when mobile app development depended upon the complex programming languages that took months to eliminate the bugs. If you want to build a native or cross-platform mobile app then you just need the basic knowledge about CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for high-performance.

On top of that, mobile app development frameworks are an essential requirement when time and resources are limited. The best thing about the frameworks is that a single code is enough to build cross-platform mobile apps. 

There are a plethora of framework options available in the market that can be overwhelming for the mobile app developers. To simplify it, we have summed up the top 10 frameworks plus a bonus for them to choose from the list.

But before directly diving into the world of mobile app development frameworks, let us have an insight into what these frameworks are and their key benefits.

A Brief About Mobile App Development Framework

Whether we talk about native mobile apps or cross-platform mobile apps, both have their own value in the world of app development. The mobile app development company are now embracing the opportunity to build a compatible app with the help of major frameworks.

There are a number of benefits due to which companies opt for best mobile app development platform including:

  • Code reusability
  • Cost effect
  • No technical hurdle
  • UI component consistency
  • Easy hosting
  • Generalized cloud integration
  • Reduced market time

The best thing is that it used cross-platform making them focus on iOS and Android apps at the same time. The framework enables users to work on a single code for both platforms. 

There is no doubt that a few errors and drawbacks were faced initially in the mobile app development with frameworks. Nevertheless, they are taken care of and are corrected with precision as per the popular trends. There has been a sudden increase in demand for mobile app frameworks overtime that are covering all the vital parameters. 

10 Top Mobile App Development Frameworks

There is no best framework but it is inclined towards the right platform, right framework, right methodology, and project requirement. Let us walk you through the different types of mobile app development frameworks to give you insight. There are the top 10 mobile app development frameworks that are used by mobile app developers. 

  1. React Native
  2. Flutter
  3. Apache Cordova or Adobe PhoneGap
  4. Xamarin
  5. Corona
  6. Ionic
  7. NativeScript
  8. Sencha
  9. JQuery Mobile
  10. Appcelerator Titanium

react native#React Native 

Developer – Facebook

Year – 2015

Language Stack – TypeScript/JavaScript

React Native is the topmost framework that is widely used for cross-platform mobile app development. The Facebook-owned framework is extremely famous due to its natively rendering of Android and iOS apps. In addition to this, the framework built beautiful and rich apps on JavaScript and ReactJS.

There are apps in the market that are built on the React Native platform such as Facebook, Bloomberg, and Instagram. Even the community support is remarkable in terms of the design period for vigor solutions.

Pros of React Native:

  • Powerful Apps
  • Instant Assistance
  • Plethora of Plugins

Cons of React Native:

  • Many developers experience some instability
  • Not ideal for beginners


Developer – Google

Year – 2017

Language Stack – Dart

Flutter is one of the important frameworks that are used for its UI ability. Developers can build compelling and beautiful web and mobile apps with Object-oriented programming language features. 

It supports a number of backend languages including Swift, Object C, and Java. In addition to this, it has features foundation libraries and widgets that make it a competition to React Native. It also has a user-friendly interface, enhanced performance, and responsiveness.

Pros of Flutter:

  • Impressive widgets
  • Fast app development
  • Receptive framework
  • Clear documentation
  • Positive reviews
  • Compatible with different Operating systems

Cons of Flutter:

  • Plausible usability concerns
  • Some features are not supported

Adobe PhoneGap# Apache Cordova or Adobe PhoneGap

Developer – Adobe-acquired Nitobi

Year – 2009

Language Stack – Objective-C/C#

Many mobile app developers are familiar with the name Apache Cordova that was later changed to Adobe PhoneGap when Adobe acquired the company Nitobi in 2011. The framework is popular for the platforms HTML5, Web APIs, JavaScript, and CSS for cross-platform app development.

It helps mobile app developers to create best-in-class performance apps with support to the hardware including storage, camera, GPS, and accelerometer. It is also an open-source tool that works on a single code to build light-weight and usable apps. PhoneGap is an important framework that establishes robust apps that are features enriched and operate smoothly over cross-platform.

Pros of Cordova or PhoneGap:

  • Augmented Reality Cordova plugin
  • Developers friendly
  • Native functionality
  • Integrated market support for the enterprise-level platform

Cons of Cordova or PhoneGap:

  • Non-descriptive documentation
  • Abundance graphics that can affect the performance


Developer – Microsoft

Year –  2011

Language Stack – C#

Yield your app development process in the iOS and Android platforms with the help of .NET-based Xamarin. The framework is like a bridge between the platform code and the shared code that helps in controlling the communication. The source code is reused in the .NET that fasten the development cycle of an app.

In addition to this, it is easy to switch between the development environment with the help of the Xamarin platform. 

Pros of Xamarin:

  • Code sharing
  • Microsoft technical support
  • Flexibility of .NET and C#
  • Minimal market time
  • Native integration and performance
  • Track your history 
  • Code maintenance

Cons of Xamarin:

  • Pricing
  • Platform-specific limitations
  • Limited community
  • No game development


Developer – Corona Labs Inc

Year – 2009

Language Stack – Lua

Corona is an open-source cross-platform framework that is extremely famous in the app development for desktop, mobile apps, smart TV, and tablets. The apps are light-weight that is easy to use, offers speed, and app development is flexible. 

The multi-paradigm programming language and lightweight framework are added up to the main elements such as extensibility, portability, ease of use, and scalability. 

Pros of Corona:

  • Plugin availability
  • Native library support
  • Priority support

Cons of Corona:

  • Slow updates
  • Confusing interface


Developer – Drifty

Year – 2013

Language Stack – Typescript

Ionic is a cross-platform development framework that works as open-source with programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Over time, this framework is improved and widely used to enhance performance with minimal DOM. It is built with Apache Cordova and Angular for different operating system platforms including iOS and Android.

The use of ionic is free of cost and can be used by the customer base around the globe. Due to its predefined elements, customizable tools, and extensive features, it is one of the most used framework platforms that used Live Reload to create an app. 

Pros of Ionic:

  • Extensive UI performance
  • Free to use
  • Expert developers endorsement
  • Review the app easily with a liver-load system

Cons of Ionic:

  • Cordova-based framework
  • Few complicated versions
  • Difficult to use free versions sometimes


Developer – Progress

Year –  2015

Language Stack – TypeScript & JavaScript

NativeScript is an open-source framework that is used to develop native mobile apps. The app has the native app from automatically but new styles can be added to it with the help of CSS. The framework depends upon XML data structures to trigger the code as per the platform. There is no need for transpiling and cross-compiling due to its architecture. 

Pros of NativeScript:

  • Large repository plugins
  • Access to zero Native API
  • Do not render UI with webview
  • Different architectural choices including Angular, TypeScript, Vue, and JavaScript Framework

Cons of NativeScrpt:

  • Single thread
  • No hot reload with Js/Ts file
  • No livesync for webpack


Developer – Sencha

Year – 2010

Language Stack – JavaScript

This cross-platform app development platform is the enterprise-oriented platform that is used with HTML5 and JavaScript. It offers data-intensive design tools with modern web technologies to develop native-like apps. The apps developed on this platform are high-performance that helps in enhancing productivity and facilitate optimization. 

Pros of Sencha:

  • Extensive API
  • Open-source
  • UI component libraries

Cons of Sencha:

  • Not an individual developers platform
  • Performance issues

JQuery Mobile#JQuery Mobile

Developer – JQuery team

Year – 2006

Language Stack – JavaScript

The HTML5-based framework, JQuery, is specifically designed to obtain cross-platform mobile apps and responsive websites. The JQuery UI and JQuery platforms are used to develop mobile web apps with a single code while offering API features.

Pros of JQuery:

  • Good community support
  • Painless DOM manipulation
  • Plugins support
  • Basic animation
  • AJAX integration

Cons of JQuery:

  • Slow apps
  • Limited capabilities
  • Navigation issues

Appcelerator Titanium#Appcelerator Titanium

Developer – Appcelerator, Inc.

Year – 2017

Language Stack – XML/JavaScript

One of the powerful hybrid mobile app development framework – Appcelerator is used with a single code for cross-platform development. The JavaScript-based SDK works as an open-source Titanium that contains 5000 APIs for the development of cross-platform apps. This allows mobile app developers to develop multiple platforms apps with 90% of the code reused.

Pros of Appcelerator Titanium:

  • Web-oriented
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Cross-platform
  • Growing community

Cons of Appcelerator Titanium:

  • No Freemium
  • Enhanced complexities
  • Can lag


When it comes to selecting a framework for the mobile app for business, it is essential to keep the target audience in mind. Along with this, one must consider significant elements while choosing the framework such as:

  • Developer’s expertise
  • Company size
  • Required solutions

A simple design is ideal for small enterprises that can be achieved with an ionic framework. However, when it is for giants or large companies, it is essential to keep powerful solutions and better channels in mind that can be achieved with frameworks like React Native or Sencha.

The best technology for mobile app development is simplified with the help of frameworks that allow developers to work on critical aspects. The companies can leverage these frameworks to save time and money for development.

There are a plethora of frameworks that are available for mobile app developers in the market. It is essential to have knowledge of these frameworks before selecting them. This article will cover up all the major frameworks along with the aspects of selecting them.

Hence, make sure to make the choice wisely as per the requirement of the project and targets.

Omji Mehrotra
Omji Mehrotra

Co-Founder and AVP Technology at Appventurez. An accomplished Android and React Native developer who is a fan of clean and optimized code, he is a passionate team builder having smart project managerial skills and has a deep love to provide end to end solution.

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