Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks You Should Consider in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, developers often find it challenging to keep up with the pace and deliver superior results within tight deadlines. This necessitates streamlined and progressive web app frameworks that can efficiently handle complex tasks with minimal effort. The technology space offers an abundance of resources to web developers, streamlining the […]

Updated 12 February 2024

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, developers often find it challenging to keep up with the pace and deliver superior results within tight deadlines. This necessitates streamlined and progressive web app frameworks that can efficiently handle complex tasks with minimal effort.

The technology space offers an abundance of resources to web developers, streamlining the development process. Among the widely utilized frameworks, AngularJS stands out as an epitome of efficiency, simplicity, and capability.

When delving into Angular, it’s crucial to note significant differences between Angular and Angular.js. AngularJS employs the ability to interpret HTML pages with additional HTML attributes embedded in them to create intuitive user interfaces. For those seeking to leverage the power of Angular for their projects, consulting with an experienced Angular apps development company can provide valuable guidance. Their expertise ensures optimal utilization of Angular’s capabilities, resulting in the development of robust and efficient web applications.

Before diving into learning about the popular AngularJS frameworks, let’s just begin with a brief introduction to Angular:

Knowing The AngularJS Framework Technology

AngularJS is an open-source, front-end development framework. It is based on Javascript, fundamentally safeguarded by Google and a community of developers to address difficulties while building single-page applications. 

It smoothens both the testing and development of these applications by providing a framework for customer-side model view view-model (MVVM) and model view controller (MVC) foundational layout, alongside the parts commonly used in web applications. 

AngularJS frameworks’ most recent adaptation is utilized as the front end of the MEAN stack, containing Express.js web development framework, AngularJS itself, MongoDB data set, and Node.js worker runtime climate. It also allows you to utilize HTML as your format programming language and permits you to extend HTML to interact with other segments.

why utilize an angularjs framework

AngularJS is perhaps the most mainstream web framework open today. This is the technology utilized significantly for building Single page applications. As a result of Google’s help and thoughts arising out of a broad local area discussion, it is constantly kept refreshed. Let’s have a look at the top features these frameworks offer during the development:

Key Features Of AngularJS Frameworks


Directives are the markers on DOM parts like credits, components, and CSS. These can be used to frame modified HTML labels that help as novel custom gadgets. AngularJS has inbuilt mandates like ngModel and ngBind.

Data Model Binding

You don’t need to compose various codes to tie the information to the HTML controls. This can be made by adding a few pieces of the code.

MVC (Model-View-Controller)

AngularJS framework is created on the notable idea of MVC (Model-View-Controller). This is an example that is utilized on the whole contemporary web applications. This plan is developed by parting the information layer, business rationale layer, and introduction layer into unmistakable segments. 

Controller & Scope

These are very useful features of AngularJS frameworks that are bound to a particular extension. These are the articles that notice the model. They proceed as a cement among view and regulator. 


These are the consolidated views with information from the model and regulator. These can be as a single document like index.html or complex perspectives on one page using partials.

Deep Linking

It permits us to encode the condition of the application in the URL so it very well may be effectively bookmarked. At that point, the application can be reestablished from the URL to an identical state.

Model View Whatever (MVW)

model view whatever of angularjs framework

MVW is an example of isolating an application into assorted parts called model, view, and regulator, each with various duties. AngularJS framework doesn’t conventionally devise MVC, but rather to some degree closer to MVVM. AngularJS group alludes to it amusingly as Model View Whatever.’ 

By availing of Angular development services, you can easily develop robust and modern web applications for your business.  To streamline the tasks and upsurge efficiency, there are various frontend frameworks for AngularJS. So, let’s start knowing these frameworks briefly:

List Of Top AngularJS Frameworks

Angular UI Bootstrap

angularjs ui bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most prestigious frontend development platform and its heritage is given to other JavaScript frameworks too. As you would have speculated by the name of this framework, AngularUI Bootstrap has been created at the highest point of the Bootstrap platform and puts every one of the highlights and capacities that Bootstrap has given local HTML coding. 

Albeit the center Bootstrap has been founded on jQuery, the AngularUI Bootstrap just backs the native AngularJS framework. That implies, that AngularUI Bootstrap has zero conditions on jQuery and is ported to be utilized with AngularJS.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is a famous framework and is a combination of Bootstrap and AngularJS. The developers use it for organizing HTML5 mobile applications likewise named Hybrid applications.

Considered in mobile app development frameworks, it presents crucial mobile parts that are missing in Bootstrap 3 like switches, sidebars, scrollable regions, and overlays.

Furthermore, since it pivots around AngularJS, there are no bootstarp.js or jQuery conditions, making it a quicker and lightweight framework. Besides, it accompanies a CSS record, using which you can change your web application to a mobile variant. 


Supersonic is a crossover UI framework that comprises online parts, Javascript, and CSS that you could utilize with any mainstream framework, and it is additionally named a skeptic framework. It helps in working on HTML applications and it is firm with the AngularJS framework.

This framework works alongside AppGyver and the vast majority of the API won’t work in a mobile site or Vanilla Cordova application. It permits its users to interpret HTML components alongside CSS segments, or they can utilize parts that map HTML to contact natural APIs and inborn impedance without any difficulty. 


Ionic is perhaps the most prestigious AngularJS framework that improves the versatility of your code. It is an open-source, and one of the best cross-platform app development frameworks used to assemble crossover mobile applications. The ionic framework functions as a frontend SDK and works consistently with AngularJS to construct half-and-half applications. 

For Ionic app development, a mix of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code is used by every one of the developers around the planet. If developers are knowledgeable about the AngularJS framework and comprehend CSS and HTML, they can use their insight and apply it to make a vigorous mobile application through this framework.

Angular Foundation

Angular Foundation is perhaps the most preferred front-end framework. It is an adjusted and current establishment containing a few mandates that depend on the CSS components and establishment increase. Its significant benefit is that it includes the planning of web applications that have more semantic HTML parts. The instances of this comprise exchange, dropdown, alert, accordion, measure bar, and trigger.

UI Grid

Some time ago known as ng-framework, the Angular UI Grid is grown totally in AngularJS and hereafter has no jQuery conditions. This framework circles a focal network module while every one of its attributes exists as Angular orders and modules. 

It has a segment of the Angular UI Suite, such as Angular UI Bootstrap, and is the part for displaying information in frameworks for AngularJS applications.

Its developers can practice this framework to work with and oversee immense and complex arrangements of information with framework qualities like gathering, arranging, virtualization, sifting, sending out, paging, section sticking, alter set up, column extending virtualization, and internationalization.

Angular Material

A large portion of the frameworks talked about in this article are either outsiders or worked by AngularJS itself. It is the best AngularJS UI framework to build the design of your web applications and make them engaging and alluring to your users. Angular Material takes its premise from CSS.

The group of the AngularJS framework looks after it. It is the UI segment library that consistently incorporates Angular. Within excess of 30 UI segments, Angular Material gives a consistent programming experience to developers who need to build the front end of a web application utilizing CSS.

This framework takes its premise on the way of thinking of material plan by Google. Along these lines, any individual who adores the UI/UX design for their format will certainly cherish this framework.


On the off chance that you are searching for front-end development frameworks that work with AnuglarJS, at that point LumX could be an ideal decision for you. This front-end framework depends on Google’s Material Design.

It will help you construct outwardly appealing and rich web application formats that can give a phenomenal user experience to your users. The developers have assembled this framework with Sass and Bourbon, which can easily tweak the format of your web applications.

With the assistance of AngularJS Documentation for Gulp, your Sass and JavaScript records can be streamlined precisely. This framework is AngularJS-accommodating, so it can all the while deal with and keep up the elements of LumX. With regards to execution, you don’t have to think again since LumX’s presentation is scaled by jQuery.


Imagine a scenario where you need to remember graphs for representations in your AngularJS project. Because of the presence of this popular AngularJS framework, you can incorporate plotting code yourself without composing a long type of JavaScript code in your venture. Radian permits you to add plotting code easily. 

It is an open-source JavaScript library that effectively inserts the plot in HTML records. Radian is essential for OpenBrain’s BayesHive project. Top of all, Radian utilizes AngularJS to actualize custom HTML components. It viably sets up a limit between JavaScript factors and HTML components to empower the greatest versatility.

Suave UI

Smooth UI is a framework that is utilized for creating web UI, using AngularJS. It presents CSS definitions like layered components, framework components, shaded catches, administrations, and mandates that make it simpler for its developers to create fluctuated UI parts for online applications.

The UI segments provided by this AngularJS framework are contained in pack documents and in this way, developers don’t need to incorporate them unmistakably.

Among these top AngularJS frameworks, you will get the one that will completely fulfill your web development requirements. They are all-inclusive of the latest features that can help to the most innovative applications for the web.

How Appventurez Utilizes AngularJS Frameworks For Product Development?

Developing your web product will require a full-fledged AngularJS framework, having a complete set of features. Appventurez has a team of talented and skilled developers that enable us to explore more about the products while building them.

We have a wide range of technology stacks for building futuristic applications and engaging your business with a more productive feature set. We have complete access to all the advanced frameworks of 2021, and that’s why we can build the most business-oriented applications for our partners.

Chandrapal Singh
Chandrapal Singh

Director at Appventurez

Director and one of the Co-founders at Appventurez, Chandrapal Singh has 10+ years of experience in iOS app development. He captains client coordination and product delivery management. He also prepares preemptive requisites and guides the team for any possible issues on a given project.

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