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Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

Ashish Chauhan By Ashish Chauhan | May 12, 2020

The IoT refers to the Internet of Things, it is an ecosystem consisting of physical objects that are further connected and accessible through internet connectivity. 

“Things” associated with IoT can be related to heart rate monitoring devices, automobiles with built-in sensors. The built-in sensors are basically the objects that are assigned with an IP address while having the capability to collect and transfer data over the network. This practice eliminates manual assistance or human intervention. All the smartphone IoT devices are made to observe, understand, and analyze the situation or the surroundings with the need of human efforts. 

IoT has seen its acceleration from the last five years and its rapid growth is nowhere going to stop. The global market for IoT technology is expected to reach 751.3 Billion USD by 2023. The graph is surging at a CAGR of 23.88% from 2017. 

When this was just the revenue, the connected IoT devices online will be more than 64 billion by 2025. 

The preferred channel to give a push to IoT based devices are mobile applications. Mobile by far is the flexible platform meant for transmitting data and with the Integration of IoT Mobile Apps, IoT devices can be managed and monitored systematically. 

Keeping the same thought in mind, mobile app development companies are also focusing on data-driven services, cloud data processing, predictive analytics- all thanks to IoT.  Other than that, IDE called Integrated Development Environment presents a useful toolkit for the IoT app development process. In order to talk about Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development, the toolkits are capable of offering end to end solutions while assisting with developing, deploying, and managing IoT applications. 

The article here will be describing the Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development domain in a smart way. 

Let’s get started- 

Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

The Modified App Development Process

Be it Android app developers or iOS, developers are analyzing how to get started with Integration of IoT Mobile Apps by getting insights into user interaction. This practice helps in figuring out the most personalized way to integrate IoT in mobile applications. 

However, when it is about the hardcore practice of app development, learning is a continuous process. Developers are still learning and trying in order to figure out ways to apply the technology. This learning and trying process give birth to a modified way of developing an application. 

When working with IoT app development, it becomes the priority to understand how the app is going to connect to the objects and to the internet. Without understanding the mechanism, it is impossible to develop a robust IoT mobile application. 

This is the very first thing showcasing Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development process. 

A Greater Hybrid App Development

The constant battle between Native vs Cross-platform app development is getting more challenging. When it comes to Integration of IoT Mobile Apps development, these approaches are not enough. The technology has the potential to move beyond the boundaries of the native and cross-platform. That’s why hybrid apps can be seen as an apt choice. 

The hybrid app development approach provides enhanced UX along with incorporating advanced coding capabilities and allowing users to interact with a plethora of multi-platform devices. 

Promoting the Emergence of Innovative Business

On-demand carpooling ride-sharing apps like Uber, Food Delivery are our daily needs apps and IoT is working in disguise. By collecting data from the connected devices, the on-demand app service allows one to call for the desired things via smartphone IoT. 

Without the help of IoT technology, it is somehow impossible to gain knowledge of user requirements. Just like collecting and analyzing user requirements, solving the issues of customers along with delivering services in a convenient and simpler way is another plus of IoT. 

IoT technology is capable of solving user demand in real-time. 

Futuristic Approach

Internet of Things carries the obvious futuristic approach while holding great potential for the mobile app development company. There are just high chances that technology will bring an era of technological advancements sooner. 

This is the reason why mobile app developers are giving great efforts in developing applications in order to connect the internet and the objects altogether. 

Applications these days are in demand, in fact, on-demand mobile applications are highly used during this novel coronavirus pandemic situation. Hence, mobile app development companies need to pay attention to the newest way to Integration of IoT Mobile Apps technology in order to beat the competition. 

The Difference in Development Approach

Starting from how much does it cost to design an app to numerous ways to design a mobile application, designing is one of the most important aspects.

But when it comes to designing an smartphone iot app using IoT technology, the process simply gets turned. App developers are required to come up with improvised and new strategic approaches. 

Other than keeping a close watch on emerging technologies, it is desirable to understand audience requirements in order to proceed further. 

Here at Appventurez, our app developers never apply the same tactics for two different projects. And for new technology, our experts always ensure to explore it fully.

The Right Platform

Designing and developing an IoT application calls for a different set of the technology stack, top programming languages, and everything. Hence, smartphone IoT applications begin from the very scratch to a robust application. Also, as compared to other application development, IoT app development is a little more time consuming and is open to numerous errors. 

Having the potential of upgrading many sectors, IoT is being used by agriculture, energy, retail, IoT in healthcare, and many more sectors. 

High-Security Protocols

No matter how outstanding the app is, it still cannot help eliminate total errors. On the other hand, mobile applications are prone to external security threats other than cyber thefts too. To develop the app robustly and anti-theft, developers are challenged to come up with a strong idea. 

With the help of IoT and exploring the technology fully can help in developing a secured and highly strong application along with preventing cyber threats. 

An Interactive App Development Approach

Any application that is developed using robust technologies becomes a lot more interactive and smooth as compared to apps with fewer technologies. Similarly, apps that are made using IoT are obviously challenging to make but at the same time, they are interactive too. 

The reason is that when using IoT, the area for innovation and customization automatically expands. This results in more number of app users and a great competition to the prevailing successful applications. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Apps that are made using the Internet of Things are more processed in a manner that they work uniformly and straightforwardly. 

The factor of uniformity will help in portraying a positive impact on productivity and thus increase efficiency. Furthermore, the mobile app user experience will remain user friendly to all the people using the app. 

 Human Efforts

One of the topmost ways IoT is impacting mobile app development is that it syncs more number of apps, devices, and thus functions in a single system. The process of developing this kind of app has reduced the effort of developers. 

Take for instance- mobile devices controlled with IoT functions help in switching on/off the light along with checking security cameras, booking cabs, and controlling other devices at home precisely.

This results in using the time to develop multiple applications that are saved from developing one single application. The no need to create one single application helps in increasing productivity while managing numerous tasks at one go.

App Development Experience

Not just for mobile app developers, IoT is also giving a unique experience to the users using IoT based applications. The technology is slowly and gradually becoming the present and the future of society. 

The shift or incline towards the technology is enough to showcase how it is becoming a part of the mainstream app development ecosystem. 

Why IoT is the Future of Mobile App Development can be proven through the above mentioned points. Also, there are high chances that in the future, IoT will be the dire requirement for all the app developers in order to make a mark.

The reason how IoT is changing mobile app development ecosystem has been answered in the aforementioned points. Now, it is time to look at how it is also a benefit to the same app development practices. 

Top Benefits of IoT Based Mobile Applications

  • Cost-effective
  • Insight About Consumer Behavior
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Safer workplace
  • Data assortment and analysis
  • Research purpose


IoT based mobile applications enable organizations to spend less than other traditional methods. This results in cost-effectiveness while making the overall process of app development efficient too. 

With it, the IoT devices with the help of remote mobile applications enable monitoring equipment with reduced risks and cost of human resources. 

Insight About Consumer Behavior

One of the most important things to make the internet of things impact on business higher is to understand the user. Without the user, a brand or a product is nothing. 

Hence, with the help of the IoT development process, the business can easily gain knowledge of relevant data and statistics via different resources like mobile internet usage, video surveillance, social media, etc.

Gathering information through IoT based applications and devices can help in getting insights into consumer behavior.

Enhanced Productivity

Getting great responses and output from the users and client is the topmost priority of all the businesses. Understanding ways IoT is impacting mobile app development processes with real-time data variables, it is easy to get access to various stages of development activities.

On the other hand, IoT based applications are capable of making companies monitor and determining the productive hours of the employees working. Also, the important meetings and tasks can also be scheduled with the help of IoT applications. 

In short, an app integrated with IoT can definitely enhance productivity in real-time while keeping track of employee performance.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Internet of things impact on business mentioned above, the sustainability of any business also depends upon customer satisfaction. Without the user, a brand or a product is nothing. 

Hence, when developing or deploying applications in the market, it is important to render what the user demands. 

The insights of the user can be taken from mobile card readers, smart trackers, transaction practices, most liked activities, and more.  The following data gathering practices help in offering users what they are looking for along with the required solutions. 

Safer Workplace

As the Internet of Things is a great technology, it also helps in monitoring high-risk environments in the organization. Through it, fiving a safer workplace for the employees is possible with IoT applications and devices.

 Through IoT applications and devices, monitoring the workplace in real-time along with gathering information is also possible in order to identify possible threats. 

Data Assortment and Analysis

Smartphone IoT based applications and IoT devices are capable of collecting, analyzing, and reporting the data in real-time while storing the required data for further processing.

The real-time processing of these three aspects makes the task cost-saving without the fear of losing data.

Research Purpose

Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development, be it terms of devices or mobile applications, the technology enables one to collect a massive amount of data. However, collecting data manually is absolutely difficult which gets eliminated through IoT. 

The collected data can further be used for research purposes for a better outcome. 

When this was about how technology  and the Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development is benefiting the world, there are other domains that are gaining the sound help of IoT.

Let’s get started with them- 

How Mobile Apps influencing the IoT Sector

This is how mobile applications are strengthening the IoT sector in a smart way- 

mobile apps influencing IoT sector

There is no denying, IoT, mobile applications and devices are the technologies that are made for each other. The minus of any of the technology, the resulting process might look different. So, without further adieu, let’s understand how mobile apps are influencing the IoT sector. 

Smart Homes

Smart homes are the new concept made through smartphone iot home mobile applications. These applications solve the problem of managing multiple smart home devices using one central user control. 

A single mobile application can work to consolidate device-specific applications through a single dashboard. The overall procedure helps in providing a smooth and convenient user experience. 

Take for example- using an IoT application, a user can simply check the temperature and adjust it as per the requirement even before stepping in the place. 


Wearable designing and wearables like Smartwatches and fitness trackers are the modern-day examples of how IoT technology has been integrated into devices. 

Through the IoT mechanism, the IoT based devices are capable of sending and gathering data to the corresponding application in the smart device. The gathered and sent data can further be accessed anytime anywhere. 

Healthcare and Medicines

Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development has shown its dominance in various industries. Similarly, IoT technology through the device is exploring the potential of medicine and healthcare. 

Furthermore, the application is capable of enabling features like reporting, monitoring, tracking, and alerting along with offering remote medical assistance, etc in real-time. 


IoT technology is capable of connecting consumers, supply chains, and smart storage with the help of an application.

Along with that, the applications allow businesses to closely monitor sales opportunities in the market real time while tracking what is missing in-store sales. Furthermore, the mobile application carries forward the supply-demand planning to the next phase precisely and smoothly. 


One of the bases of any economy or nation is also Agriculture. By integrating the technology in the same domain, it becomes easy to make further processes way smoother and better. The economic impact of iot is validated here.

With the help of IoT, farm owners can keep a track of climate changes, livestock monitoring, inventory monitoring management. The application is further connected to the several on-field internet of things mobile devices and sensors in order to bring out the right information in real-time.

Smart Cities

The concept of smart homes is quite popular these days whereas another similar concept called smart cities is the extensive implementation of IoT based mobile applications.

IoT applications can help in traffic and accident alerts while warning citizens as well as the authority members.

Next in the support of IoT technology is lighting. Through IoT applications, smart cities and others are taking a step ahead of wireless communications. The communications can further help in cost-saving and energy reductions. 

Connected Cars

Connected car technology is quite vast carrying extensive multiple sensors network, software, antennas along with technologies to ease the navigational communication.

The connected cars are required to make decisions with accuracy, consistency, and speed. Also, the concept of reliability should never go missing. 

However, it should also be kept in mind that humans will be driving the car, and the way they manage it will be different. 

Industrial Internet

The industrial internet is a mechanism of connected machines and internet of things mobile devices that includes oil, gas, power generation, and healthcare. Other than that, the internet makes use of the situation that is downtime unplanned and system failures – something that might result in life-threatening conditions.

Attending to the usage of IoT, let us now check out the platform the technology refines itself from- 

Top IoT Mobile App Development Platforms

IoT mobile app development platforms

IoT also acts as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) giving users a useful toolkit for the IoT app development process. The toolkits offer end to end solutions along with helping with developing, deploying, and managing the applications. 

Let’s have a closer look at them now- 

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services refers to AWS is one of the most famous and well managed IoT cloud platforms. It is basically designed and developed for managing the Internet of Things applications. 

The framework is capable of allowing an unlimited number of sensors and internet of things mobile devices for connecting in a smoother and hassle-free manner. Other than that, the framework is capable of supporting numerous JavaScript, Embedded C, etc. 

Microsoft Azure IoT

Next in the list is Microsoft that offers Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT hub for mobile app developers. Azure is quite known for cloud computing and also when it comes to the IoT app development company process. 

The platform enables developers to create applications along with analyzing real-time data and managing the internet of things mobile devices in real-time. Furthermore, the platform is capable of rendering working flexibility using multiple operating systems and platforms.

Cisco Internet of Things Platform

Cisco platform provides developers to experiment with simple and secure solutions for IoT with other functionalities. The brand is known for offering a secure platform connecting innumerable internet of things mobile devices irrespective of geographical locations. 

The practice consists of network connectivity, application enablement, management, data analytics as well as automation process. Meanwhile, Cisco, The Internet of Things platform also supports smart city, industrial automation, power management, transportation system, etc. 

Google Cloud IoT

Google, the topmost tech giant provides Google Cloud IoT platform. The platform helps in an all-round internet of things application development along with the management of internet of things mobile devices. 

The platform comes up with an elegant tool called a sophisticated analytics tool for real-time information. 

HP Enterprise Universal IoT Platform

HP Enterprise is best known for its scalability, versatility, and modularity. The platform enables one to monetize a plethora of data from a huge number of internet of things mobile devices other than smart sensors.

Secure monetization, simultaneous management, accurate data analysis, built-in application designer, cross-vertical operation, are a few of the most known features of IoT app builders. 

Predix IoT Development

Though the newcomer in the ecosystem of the Internet of Things solutions, Predix is designed by GE and Apple rendering services for industrial IoT. The platform offers powerful tools for business partners, software development along with customers for organizing and developing IoT devices and related solutions. 

The most important advantage of the platform is that it renders predictive maintenance for industrial operation. It is also capable of analyzing data while informing the control center for taking steps in critical events. 

ThingWrox IoT

ThingWox IoT revolves around risk management, reduced mobile app development cost, and shorter development time.  This IoT app development platform offers a flexible solution for app deployment. 

Also, the platform is well known for a faster development process, deployment, and Integration of IoT Mobile Apps.

Top IoT Based Mobile Applications Examples

Enterprise-level  IoT Applications

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure- To curb electricity theft, electricity bills difficulty along with poor IT Infrastructure, Huawei’s AMI Solution provides a network for collecting power utilization information in real-time.
  • Production flow monitoring- It is used for tracking events across the supply chain along with tracking inventory while keeping a track of waste, packaging process optimization, employee safety, and more. The two most prominent monitoring examples are- QBurst, Oracle Internet of Things Production Monitoring Cloud Service 

IoT for Small businesses and Home

  • Smart home apps- Yonomi or Olisto are smart home apps. The app configures rules and workflows for managing group actions, previous interactions, sensor reading, etc. Apart from that, the app connects home devices in an organic way for creating an automated routine. 
  • Smart door locks-  The app allows users to remotely lock/unlock doors along with sharing access with other parties via a mobile device. The well-known examples are- Friday Smart Lock,  August Smart Lock ProSchlage, Kwikset & Lockitron.
  • Home robots- iRobot Roomba has made the reputation of automated vacuum solutions way back in 2002. These robots can map out and remember home layout while adapting different surfaces, creating efficient movement patterns, and many more.
  • WiFi thermostats- Devices like Nest, Ecobee, manage temperature remotely. These Wi-Fi thermostats provide geofencing capabilities giving users the capability to adjust the temperature. 

How are IoT and IoT Based Applications Helping in COVID-19 Pandemic?

Let’s have a look at some of the examples where IoT is being used to monitor the pandemic.

  1. Connected thermometers- Connected thermometers are used by hospitals to screen patients and staff.
  2. Smart Wearable– the device can monitor human body parameters. 
  3. IoT Buttons- Visionstate designed its first Internet of Things buttons used by hospitals in Vancouver. The buttons are called Wanda QuickTouch that addresses the need for rapid deployment in a facility of any size.

Why is it the Right Time to get started with an IoT App?

The above-mentioned points are enough to showcase how the Internet of Things is the right technology to get started with!

IoT, other than being the right technology for connecting the world, the technology is capable of offering great solutions in this novel coronavirus situation. 
Let’s connect and explore more opportunities lying with the Internet of Things!

Ashish Chauhan
Ashish Chauhan

Co-Founder and VP Mobile Architect at Appventurez. An expert programmer who is passionate and loves to explore emerging mobile technologies. As a leader, he is a perfect match as he is always there for the team to help and guide them to learn and implement smartly and effectively.

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