How Smart Home Automation is a Way to Safe & Healthy Life?

Imagine, you are about to reach your office, late and suddenly you realized that your geyser is on. Your office is 50 km away from your house, going back to the home and switching off the geyser is certainly not going to help, you late remember. Isn’t it havoc you are stuck in? Going back […]

Updated 23 February 2024

Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash

VP – Pre Sales at Appventurez

Imagine, you are about to reach your office, late and suddenly you realized that your geyser is on. Your office is 50 km away from your house, going back to the home and switching off the geyser is certainly not going to help, you late remember. Isn’t it havoc you are stuck in?

Going back will take more time and reaching home is just a few minutes away. Wouldn’t it be great if you could switch off the geyser from anywhere or you would be alerted of switching off the geyser or you would be aware of when to switch off the geyser? Smart home concepts and Technology today can do it by switching on/off the appliances by operating from mobile applications. 

Integrating technology makes the home- a smart home making it more secure, comfortable, convenient, and manageable. Also, numerous gadgets can be used in a smart home that can further be controlled just through mobile apps and smartphones. Echo Dot, google assistant, and others are a few examples of things that are taking place. 

As smart home automation safety and security is in use for the last many years, no doubt, the smart home technology automation system is becoming smarter and quicker for the operated task. When altogether these technologies work, the way of living life is also getting smarter, healthier, and ultimately healthy too. 

Let’s check out how smart home automation ensures a safe and healthy life. 

What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation is the culmination of various smart home-based technologies through internet-connected devices. With these internet-connected devices, monitoring and controlling various appliances like lights, cameras, locks, geysers, and others can be easily managed. 

These devices are connected and can be operated via a smart home-based mobile application, a smartphone, or a monitor. 

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Homes?

Managing Everything Together

How smart home automation ensures a safe and healthy life begins with managing every smart home-based technology together. 

Smart home automation gives one the power of managing every device from one place. Here, convenience is the best thing a person can cherish.

Connecting smart home-based technology in the home through one interface opens a massive step for easy home management. One is required to coordinate and manage the different technologies either from the smartphone-based mobile application or via a monitor. 

Appliances And Devices Flexibility

Smart home automation-based systems are quite compatible and flexible with new appliances and devices. New appliances and devices keep on coming into the market with more updates and ample smart home features to lure customers making opt them for indoor and outdoor usage. 

Integrating these new appliances and devices is not hard to get started with. 

The Level Of Maximum Security

When it comes to how to secure your smart home, skipping the content of security is just not possible. 

Home Security can skyrocket if you are planning to incorporate security and surveillance smart home features into your smart home network. These smart home appliances are effective and can be connected as motion detectors, automated door locks, surveillance cameras, and other tangible security lookouts. 

And all these devices can be easily operated via a mobile application and a smartphone. Just set the most suitable time you want your devices to work and you are done with the result of real-time data gathering. Apart from that, these devices can easily be managed even if you are far from the house. 

Control Over The Devices

Smart home automation devices are made in such a way that you can easily operate them from a distance too. Even from a distance, you can command your devices to perform. 

For example- you can order your house to become cooler before you come and the appliance made for the task will do the job. You can preheat the oven, switch on/off the geyser, dim the light, or open them fully and so on- with just a click.

Increased Energy Efficiency

It is possible to make your home energy efficient too. Get control over your devices, use them strategically and you can cherish a smart and energy-efficient home too. 

For instance- You can manage the cooling and healing potential of the water through your smart thermostat that can learn your schedule and temperature preferences too and provides the best energy efficiency setting for the whole day.

Also, through settings, you can manage your lights too like making them dim, bright, or moderate as per the requirement or making them turn on/off whenever you step in/out of the room. NO MORE WASTAGE of energy now!

Improved Appliances Functionality

The smart home automation-based appliances can let you run your appliances smartly too.

Take for example- a smart tv that can let you figure out the best channels, series, or apps as per your preferences. A smart home theater can work on the audio system whereas a smart home oven can let you cook food without worrying about over and undercooking. 

The Right & Real-Time Home Insights

You can look for your home insight by sitting at any corner other than monitoring your usage of them. You can check out how often you watch TV, the type of meals you often cook the type of food stored in your fridge, or the consumption of energy over time. 

When we say what are the benefits of smart homes, these insights can help you get how you are using your appliances and make adjustments to them accordingly. Other than that, you can gain insights into appliances and their working in real-time from a distance too.

The Race Is Fierce

As more and more people are opting for smart home devices and appliances, many leading organizations working on such devices and mobile app development companies are coming into the race to offer the best. 

This constant race will result in more and better smart home tech making everyday life easy, smarter, and convenient and this is how smart home automation ensures a safe and healthy life.

Characteristics Of Smart Home Automation


One of the first characteristics of smart home automation and better say the essence of them is its ability to bind all the devices together and let them perform in a unified system.

The working of the devices can either be simple or complex depending upon the nature and openness of the automation system. If the system is open enough, it will be easier to operate and let devices communicate easily. An example of interoperability is turning on/off the thermostat or lights when you say goodbye or walk in/out of the room. 

Thus, keeping the concept of interoperability between various electronic devices, manufacturers form connectivity partnerships with other manufacturers for the required home automation systems. 

Remote Access

As mentioned earlier, you can control your devices even from a distance and this is the magic of smart home automation appliances people go gaga about. 

The remote access functionality allows one to monitor the home environment and make necessary adjustments to the lights, thermostats, oven, geyser, and others from a laptop, monitor, or smartphone.

Now tweak adjustments required, or peep into what’s happening in your home, everything can be done remotely too.


The introduction and addition of technologies are quite common and with time, more and more home automation-based technologies are coming into the market. Also, in the past few years, we have seen how people have adopted home automation-based technologies for extra comfort and smart management. 

And if others are planning to incorporate these technologies, the coming technologies must support the requirements too. The home automation system should have the ability to expand vertically and horizontally to incorporate additional products and room requirements too.

Thus, for offering the same, manufacturers can opt for vertical and horizontal expandability-based designing of the home automation system. Also, the option of communication should remain alive and aligned with pre-existing products via a common network language like IP.


The better and more sophisticated the home automation system software will be, the more will the chances of making the system perform tasks flawlessly.

Thus, manufacturers should keep on making changes to the software system from the process or let the user make unlock and download software updates automatically.

User interfaces

Just like the various interfaces of mobile applications, there are also interfaces designed for home automation system-based devices. You can control them by pressing the buttons, through the wall-mounted keypad, touching icons on the touch panel, or sliding fingers.

Also, you can opt for different controllers matching the dynamics, and requirements. 

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Before making your home a smart home automated home, it is crucial to have an understanding of the devices and the manufacturers. 

It is good to know about a product you are investing in along with knowing the background about manufacturers and installers from respected company websites. 

Strong Network

To make your home a smart home, you must be appointing a highly trained and certified installer for the devices. Manufacturers of smart home automation systems look beyond creating a strong dealer network by offering continuous education and training while supporting multiple dealers in a given geographic area. 

However, if we look from the consumer’s point of view, it is crucial for them too to pick one dealer out of many. Having more dealers in a single geographical location result in more competitive prices and a challenge to pick the most appropriate one.

Thus, get a stronger hold on the competitors and the devices you are about to pick. 

How Does Smart Home Technology Work?

There are two ways about how does smart home technology works- 

Central Control

The home automation system’s central control controls everything in one’s home. The central control system allows one to manage things from a single source for controlling various appliances, and devices are lights, thermostats, phones, dryers, and geysers.

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Central control systems run through wall-mounted terminals similar to home automation safety and security systems that can be accessed by a remote control device, tablets, smartphones, or computers.         


The top benefit of the central board system sticks with its name. Using it, you can access all the different aspects of the home from one convent system. Get command over any of the appliances is it- a shower, or a home security network from one central system? They also offer high-quality mechanisms. 


The central control systems are expensive and call for professional help and installation. Other than being expensive, these systems are quite inclusive. If you are planning to get started with the central systems, you will often be limited to the devices that pair with the system. 

App Supported

The widely used Smart home technology goes to mobile applications connected with the cloud. Cloud is the core of IoT and is now a vital part of any technology-driven storage solution.

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The smart devices and appliances connected to home automation devices work via Wi-Fi or a strong Internet connection. These devices then connect to the server which can further be accessed through apps. 

The owner can also create a personalized account with the apps to manage smart home technology automation. 


A maximum number of people are managing their home automation devices through mobile applications. Other than that, there are various options available right now to make users gear up with new devices at an affordable price.


Opposite to central control, smart home automation connecting cloud-based homes requires different types of apps to work. However, there are tech distributors who offer several different devices that can be accessed through one app only.

How Does Smart Home Automation Simplify Everyday Life?

They Provide Independence To Disables

Smart home automation is best when it comes to easy management of the home too in a smart, convenient, and ultra-simple way.

Take for example- you can switch on/off the lights in the other room, also from a distance. You can cool your room by ordering devices to do so, and so on. Automation is great when it comes to people with certain disabilities who might otherwise find it difficult to manage the whole house single-handedly. 

They Create An Easy & Manageable Life

Smart home automation is letting users manage their everyday life in smarter ways. These smart technologies and devices are capable of minimizing the hassles and chaos through convenience. 

For example- Voice recognition speakers are good for adding meetings to the schedules, looking for information, placing orders along with reminding too.

They Are Revolutionizing Elderly Care

For elderly people, the challenges of everyday life are huge as compared to people with mid or younger ages. Just for example- the constant inability and mobility often cause depressed moods. On the other hand, it is a little challenging to stay with elderly people 24*7,  and constant worry is also high.

Thus in such a situation, home automation is great for managing the everyday task, caring for the elder person in the family. Some devices can send an alert to the respective family member about the elder person at home. 

Home Automation Solutions Available

Smart Home Surveillance

Today, home surveillance is something people can’t skip at any cost. Everyone wants to know what is happening with their home even when they are not around. For serving the same, today, we have a list of home automation safety and security systems for both outdoor and indoor surveillance. These systems can be managed and operated remotely too.

Covering home automation security and vulnerabilities, The modern home security surveillance camera offers HD quality recordings, capable of letting owners identify the faces along with the capability of distinguishing between vehicles, animals, and others. When integrated with the smart home features and security system, these cameras can also send alarms and alerts.

Smart Home Security

There is a difference of silver lining between security and surveillance, however, both can be integrated into the smart home facility. Home surveillance systems are capable of monitoring, recording, and then displaying activities in the range of vision whereas, on the other hand, home security systems are made to detect, and alert about thefts, electric outages, fire, smoke, gas leakages, and others. 

The smart home security system carries smart sensors at locations vulnerable to possible security threats.

Smart Locks

People today are investing hugely in smart locks to fulfill the requirements of smart home automation systems. Now, no more worry about locking and unlocking the doors as these locks do their automatic job nicely. 

Also, these smart locks can monitor who is leaving or entering the home, opening any door along with detecting the arrival of anyone.

Smart Thermostats & Lighting

We have already mentioned the power and usage of both smart thermostats and smart lighting. The thermostat can heat or cool the water by learning from the preferences of the master, resulting in an energy-efficient solution. 

On the other hand, these smart lighting can be switched on/off as and when the user walks in/out of the room. There will never be any more waste of energy using the smart solution. 

Smart Entertainment

These smart entertainment systems are designed to connect and automate video and audio devices from a single operating remote. With it, users can watch their favorite TV series, episodes, and others using the same remote. 

Thus, the clutter of several remotes eliminates here while providing an easy interface for the family. Also, smart entertainment can be accessed in multiple rooms.

Smart Wellness & Health

Smart home automation is capable of letting people stay healthy and fit. The sensors integrated into the well and health system ensures automatic adjustment of temperature to ensure an ambient environment. Also, these can send alerts for turning on/off the humidifier, and so on.

These are great for homes with kids with environment-induced conditions like asthma, allergies, etc. 


With various smart devices, appliances, and others, there is always a requirement for multiple control points like display panels, smartphones, and others. Thus, smart home technologies ensure the availability of high-speed networks for controlling points in case of changes made to a control point.

Indoor & Outdoor Camera

Both the indoor and outdoor cameras are great for having an insight into the inside of the home and outside too. Through these cameras, one can get real-time data insights for further management.

There are more in the list related to smart home automation like smart doors, smart belts, smart wearables technology trends, smart speakers, plugs, robot vacuums, smart refrigerators, dishwashers, slow cookers, coffee pots, dash buttons, smart toilets, private windows and so on. 

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You name the device you are willing to invest in and you will figure out an almost similar item available in the market. However, all these devices are managed, accessed, and operated through mobile applications. 

These mobile applications can centrally manage the devices giving access to the users for operating them with ease, comfort, and simplicity. 

Concluding the thoughts, let’s have a look at the top smart home automation-based mobile applications available 

Best Smart Home Apps To Look At

smart home apps


The smart home automation system is great for managing the home easily, effectively, and actively, however, there are some issues still attached to them like- 

  • Home assistants might leave one with unwanted purchases and other mishappenings as they are vulnerable to unapproved access that can be eliminated if you opt for a remote smart home feature instead of a voice-controlled system. 
  • IoT devices and smart apps can become your liabilities if you don’t take precautions before and during their use. 
  • Smart technology is also vulnerable to smart theft too. Just like the technology coming in, the hackers on the other hand are also smart enough to crack the system. In this situation, taking the utmost care of the overall system and monitoring is required. Other than that, keep updating your devices and frequently change passwords into strong passwords for added smart home technology security. Using the right apps for effectiveness. 

Taking care of all these, there is more on the list to know about smart home automation to get started with. Connect with our experts for a brief!

Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash

VP – Pre Sales at Appventurez

Anand specializes in sales and business development as its VP - Sales and Presales. He supervises the pre-sales process by upscaling on establishing client relationships. He skillfully deploys instruments such as cloud computing, automation, data centers, information storage, and analytics to evaluate clients’ business activities.

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