The Latest Cloud Computing Trends

In the past 5 years, cloud computing has become one of the major technology trends. Corporations see it as a leverage for cost and IT infrastructure, resulting in successful business transformations. Cloud computing is growing at a great pace, and now we have no idea how much it will evolve in the future. However, there […]

Updated 23 February 2024

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

In the past 5 years, cloud computing has become one of the major technology trends. Corporations see it as a leverage for cost and IT infrastructure, resulting in successful business transformations.

Cloud computing is growing at a great pace, and now we have no idea how much it will evolve in the future. However, there are some trends related to cloud computing that are gaining the attention of the tech leaders and will ultimately shape the technological models. 

Businesses are setting up a standard regarding their IT infrastructure using cloud computing trends. With increased compatibility and scope of endless upgrades, this technology is helping companies to stabilize their development processes.

To emphasize more on the evolution of cloud computing trends, let’s jump on to some stats that have recently been discovered by the experts:


From 2010 to 2021, there have been a lot of evolutions and changes in cloud computing trends. Most of the innovations seem to have a great impact on businesses and still provide huge benefits to them.

Here are some useful statistics that will elaborate on the above statements: 

  • The growth rate of Public cloud services was recorded at approximately 18% in 2019, resulting in a $215 Bn market share which was $150 Bn more than in 2018.
  • By the end of 2021, 83% of corporate workloads will be operated through Cloud. 41% of them will utilize Public Cloud services.
  • Moreover, financial companies and investors are putting their money into cloud-based services adoption apart from insurance and healthcare.

Even though the expected growth rate was expected to be average in the forecast period 2019-22, International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted that the CAGR of Public Cloud services would be 33.7%.

market share of cloud computing

Cloud app development companies can bring a lot of success to the industry through advanced solutions. Now the question is what cloud computing trends are getting all this to happen. They have plenty of features to prove this. Let’s jump to them:

Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends of 2024

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is one of the major cloud computing trends that consolidates an open cloud and a private cloud by permitting information and mobile applications to be shared between them.

When registering and preparing requests varies, this cloud platform enables organizations to flawlessly scale their on-premises framework up to the open cloud to deal with any flow of data—without giving other data centers access to the sum of their information.

Associations gain the adaptability and increased intensity of the hybrid cloud premises for fundamental and non-delicate processing undertakings. Other business-basic mobile applications and information on-premises are kept securely behind an organization firewall. 

Utilizing a hybrid cloud permits organizations to scale figuring assets. Additionally, it excludes the need to make huge capital investments to deal with short-term business processes. The future trends in cloud computing can be well-recognized by the essence of these hybrid systems.


Disasters are inevitable, and businesses require high downtime costs when they get hit by one. Gartner examined that the average IT downtime costs near to $5k per minute. Moreover, it also depends on the type of business and the organization being handled.

On the other hand, companies need to maintain the security of data centers acquired through citizens with extreme protection. As a result, the organizations started implementing Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service – a DR strategy automated with processes to reduce data recovery time. It is also one of the latest trends in cloud computing, especially in this scenario.

IDC predicted that DRaaS will reach the market share of $4.5 Bn by 2021 with a rate of 15.4%. Opposing data breaches is now the key focus for every major and minor organization across the world. Adopting DRaaS is coming as a positive tech asset as companies look forward to reducing additional expenses.

AI as Data Centers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already in trending technologies, companies have a way to connect with huge data centers as a cloud platform. Using several characteristics such as pattern recognition and energy-saving usage, AI is going to save their business processes from complex data structures.

Among other cloud computing trends, AI-based data centers can help to establish distribution networks for more efficient operations. As predicted by Gartner, 75% of companies utilize AI data centers to examine business interruptions due to IT infra and operational gaps.

The impact of AI-based data centers will play a major role in reducing human errors concerning data breaches as an emerging trend in cloud computing.

Companies that still haven’t made a way to utilize AI-based techs might suffer economically or professionally by the end of 2021. AI data centers have some great leverages for businesses that deal with a lot of data the whole year.

Private Cloud

With companies quickly moving to it, Private Cloud platforms are going to remain for quite a while. Among the latest technologies in cloud computing, this cloud platform is making its mark in the industry with successful results.

Further, with the availability of data centers that advance compactness and improvements with workloads, this cloud platform will become a major asset for businesses. 

Different advancements that encourage application transportability are making it simpler for repatriation to private cloud platforms. Among the new developments in cloud computing, these platforms are becoming a profound option for corporations.

Omni-Cloud Services

As innovation keeps on obscuring the lines between our physical and virtual universes, omnichannel will turn out to be progressively significant in keeping up and improving customer and user engagement. This can be the most utilized trend in cloud computing due to its characteristics.

The omnichannel experience permits an individual to utilize numerous gadgets to finish an exchange or movement – all while having the option to get to the most recent adaptation of the information.

While distributed computing and omnichannel encounters can appear to be a simple fix-it for the moment delight time, we should likewise be careful that we are presently managing huge measures of hideous information that must be caught, put away, and erased capably.

Therefore, multi-cloud is changing more into Omni-cloud with the infrastructure becoming homogenous as emerging trends in cloud computing.

Quantum Computing

Innovation is continually advancing and modern. The presentation of PCs is likewise constantly expected to improve with the progression of time. This is the place where Quantum Computing becomes possibly the most important factor. 

Equipment-based improvements, problem analysis, and comparative quantum-mechanical operations are the way to powerful PCs. With the impact of Quantum Computing, PCs and servers can be worked to process data at fly speed. 

This latest technology in Cloud Computing 2021 warrants quick system frameworks that despite everything face accumulations. This is the reason later on it will even now stay as substantial as it is currently.

Container-based Storage

This ‘Build once, run it at any place’ technology has discovered enormous enthusiasm among associations. As they are easy to deploy, arrange, and operate, companies can rely upon to see an enormous ascent in their business. They can seek more development and growth as they deploy these platforms as their data centers. 

As indicated by Forrester, every 3rd corporation tests containers for their business data management. Additionally, the Container market will hopefully rise at a yearly pace of 40% – reaching $2.7 in 2021.

Moreover, Cloud Foundry says 53% of associations will utilize or possibly look forward to utilizing these new developments in cloud computing trends.

Kubernetes Platform

Companies select the Kubernetes platform as one of the best cloud computing trends. Many organizations feel that this platform can meet their operational needs and abilities. In that capacity, Kubernetes isn’t simply bringing a destroying ball to cloud hindrances, but on the other hand, it’s making a bizarre market dynamic. 

The cloud framework programming merchant progressively being decoupled from the supplier that claims the structures that house the server racks is prompting a few contributions that would have been incredible a couple of years back. 

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which keeps tight authority over the core Kubernetes venture, has been indulging with the latest trends in cloud computing to balance the stack.

This makes every other organization update their on-premise hardware and techs with the latest Kubernetes platforms to stay competitive in the industry.

Intelligent SaaS

Smart clouds are another major innovation in cloud computing trends across the globe. Software-as-a-Service and other IT Ops are being indulged in different ways and to changing degrees, with AI—regardless of whether it needs it or not. 

As encountered previously by major organizations manual systems can create issues, and AI automation can upgrade business operations with intelligent SaaS platforms. From chatbots to data centralization, this can be the future of cloud computing platforms and can be a huge advantage for IT infrastructure across the globe.

What’s more, from a chatbot to an induction motor to the prescient investigation, it’s simple for AI to discover its way into pretty much any cloud-programming item. Companies are following the guide to SaaS development and establishing smart cloud platforms for better outcomes.

Some AI-based highlights are truly helpful; others simply benefit from the popular expression. Yet, one year from now, it will be elusive as an item that is not charged as smart. Among the current trends in cloud computing, AI will be playing a major role in supporting this major platform.

Cloud-edge computing

Cloud computing trends brought together information-based systems to run physical servers in huge numbers. The circulated foundation has various favorable circumstances when it comes to analyzing and processing a huge number of datasets. 

In any case, for undertakings that need to get to information or processing powers promptly, Edge Computing is a superior alternative. 

Each unit in an Edge Computing worldview has its processing, systems, and capacitive frameworks. Together, they deal with the accompanying features: 

  • Switch b/w networks
  • Routing to systems 
  • Load balancing
  • Data Security 

The accuracy of these cloud computing trends and their activities warrant data preparation from fluctuated sources, transforming every one of them into a point of convergence of information. 

Since it is a processing worldview that permits figuring at or close to the information source, reaction time is brisk and data transfer utilization is low. Further, the framework is conveyed and progressively steady.

The cloud has drastically changed how the IT industry operates data processing. With the most recent patterns, higher adaptability is presently conceivable. There likewise are pay-more-only-as-costs arise models that set aside time and cash. As of now, the future of cloud computing appears to be splendid and dynamic.

Benefits of Adopting Cloud Computing

Huge Network Access 

Businesses can get to the information of the cloud or transfer the information to the cloud from any place just with the assistance of a gadget and a web association. These abilities are accessible everywhere throughout the system and get to with the assistance of the web. 

Mechanized System 

Distributed computing naturally dissects the information required and underpins a metering capability at some degree of administration. We can screen, control, and report the use. It will give straightforwardness to the host just as a corporate. 


Cloud Security is perhaps the best component of cloud computing. It makes a preview of the information put away with the goal that the information may not get lost regardless of whether one of the servers gets harmed.

The information is put away inside the cloud-based gadgets, which can’t be hacked and used by some other individual. Their capacity and management are brisk and solid. 

Simple Maintenance 

The servers are effortlessly kept up and the personal time is exceptionally low and even at times, there is no vacation. Distributed computing thinks of updating each time bit by bit improving it.

The updates are progressively perfect with the gadgets and perform quicker than more established ones alongside the bugs that are fixed.

There are numerous benefits of Cloud Computing helping companies to transform their infrastructure. There are heaps of security including which is a positive point alongside it the entrance time is extremely low and one can without much of a stretch transfer and download information rapidly.

Talking about big technology, there are some highly popular brands across the globe that have utilized cloud computing trends for a long time. Let’s who are they:

Top Companies Utilizing Cloud Computing

cloud computing service providers

Aiven Raises Assets to Improve and Upgrade Business

The assets raised by Aiven will be utilized to improve its cloud information stage with increasingly incorporated arrangements and make its essence felt around the world. Among the latest cloud computing trends, this collaboration will form a new base for businesses to play with a huge number of datasets.

As per Oskari Saarenmaa, the fellow benefactor and CEO at Aiven, as a few firms are currently actualizing their constant information stages in the cloud, the assets would permit them to all the more likely serve their necessities. 

Infosys Accomplices with Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud and Infosys reported their vital association in April 2019. The arrangement is planned to push clients to securely and rapidly embrace cloud-based frameworks for their venture’s outstanding tasks at hand.

According to the understanding, Infosys teams up with the Huawei Cloud Partner Network (HCPN) to make new developments in cloud computing administrations for organizations by exploiting Huawei Cloud and Infosys items and administrations. 

VMware Works Together with Digital Asset

Advanced Asset as of late declared its organization with VMware. According to the partnership, the previous company joined its Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML) into the last blockchain stage.

The joining of the two contributions takes into account a greater reach and backing. Advanced Asset Modeling Language is known to be a language for shrewd agreements that can display exceptionally complex work processes at scale.

The market for cloud-based systems is encountering a fast blast as of late attributable to financial advantages offered by their benefits. Major cloud computing trends leading IT companies towards stable business and growth.

Now, the current scenario makes these tech giants think about what’s more in the future for new developments in cloud computing. Whether it is restricted to artificial intelligence or mobility will take advantage to merge with cloud computing.

The Future of Cloud Computing is Mobile

The usage of smartphones is increasing every day and corporates are also looking to enhance the mobility of their businesses. These devices have been impacting the whole world as the number of users is increasing every year.

As the cloud-based platforms are being implemented with smart devices, organizations are fulfilling the requirements of the workforce. Mobile applications connected to the cloud can be accessed anywhere, at any time. This enhances the workflow among the employees of several companies across the globe. 

An ever-increasing number of organizations are understanding the comfort and efficiency advantages of utilizing the latest trends in cloud computing applications to oversee business information. For instance, specialists foresee that more than 33% of business, insight usefulness will be devoured using handheld gadgets by 2021.

As opposed to halting by the workplace to utilize their PCs, representatives can just sign into a mobile application with a web-empowered gadget like a cell phone or tablet and play out their errands in the cloud. 


Considering the pivotal role that IT plays in today’s business landscape, it’s essential to recognize that cloud computing is fundamentally reshaping the way companies operate. A myriad of businesses across various industries and scales are embracing cloud-based software, platforms, and infrastructure to streamline processes, decrease IT complexity, enhance visibility, and cut costs. While predicting the future can be challenging, one can be certain that cloud computing trends will continue to exert a significant impact on business operations. As a leading cloud application development company, we understand the evolving landscape and are committed to providing innovative solutions that harness the power of cloud technology for your business success.

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

Ajay Kumar has 15+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, project management, and team handling. He has technical expertise in software development and database management. He currently directs the company’s day-to-day functioning and administration.

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