5 Brilliant Practices To Improve Code Quality In DevOps

Do you know that one-third of developers implementing DevOps are beginners while only 25% of them are said to be practicing it for five or more years? Yeah, it is true that a massive number of software professionals are adapting DevOps as a smart approach to speed up the product development cycle at their best.  […]

Updated 16 January 2024

Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash

VP – Pre Sales at Appventurez

Do you know that one-third of developers implementing DevOps are beginners while only 25% of them are said to be practicing it for five or more years? Yeah, it is true that a massive number of software professionals are adapting DevOps as a smart approach to speed up the product development cycle at their best. 

The combination of software development and IT operations shapes the basic concept of DevOps. DevOps unveils the key aspects of agile software development with many ample ways to shorten the duration of project delivery as mentioned in our mobile app development timeline guide.

All the significant operations covered under the DevOps services strategy are meant to influence programmers to create quality-driven software solutions & products in the shortest time frame with ultimate efficiency. It has been observed that more & more developers are curious to know how to improve code quality in DevOps services currently. Hence, we have got this topic to highlight a series of worthwhile insights & practices to refine codes with the uttermost precision & speed. 

Besides having sound knowledge & expertness, you may encounter a lot of hurdles in your way to carry on with rapid development, testing, and delivery of fully-developed software products. Implementing DevOps services promises high-level quality & performance in every development project delivered. Since precise mobile app development strategies, planning & exceptional skills may impact the efficiency of programmers, some tools to monitor and improve code quality are applied to reduce the product development cycle & make it less painstaking for users.

Key Aspects Of DevOps For Development & Delivery Process 

best devops practices in development and delivery cycle

As far as the question of how you improve code quality in DevOps is concerned, we can get innumerable answers from experts involved in Android & iOS app development. The opinions on DevOps may vary from person to person but these notable aspects of delivery & development under its roof are similar in most cases:

Writing Codes

DevOps entitles a handful of procedures to define the easiest route to define why to choose agile app development methods for your project. Right from development to testing, integration, deployment, and management, it involves all prime phases of project initiation till its completion. The DevOps experts at any web & mobile app development company collaborate with the entire team of tech minds to go ahead in a planned manner. Coders take the lead to write & review codes on the basis of methodologies defined in DevOps. It helps them to perform effective coding with ultimate proficiency. 

Performance Testing

In DevOps, back-to-back testing is a core component of every strategic approach followed as per the mobile app testing guide. The compulsory process of continuous testing of a device & its performance to run a particular software or application is very critical to introspect & boost the overall productivity & consistency of a developer working on it. It shortens repeated & extensive test cycles that ultimately eliminate the possibility of detecting software lags & errors in the line of codes. 

Configuration Management

The perk of configuring setups beforehand is confirmed automation of tasks that need to be done again & again. It improves agility in the operations that upscales the productivity of the enterprise. It blends well with DevOps & imparts flawless ways to improve your code quality. 

Consistent Monitoring

Using a preferred monitoring tool is prescribed to keep track of the performance of your software or custom mobile apps for business. You can effortlessly cross-check how your product performs regardless of its compatibility with a specific platform & diverse environments. One can attach a monitoring & management tool to upraise the efficacy of the setup & discard unwanted downtime.

state of devops evolution in users

DevOps users who should be reviewing codes in their upcoming projects must consider the aforementioned aspects of development & delivery of projects in limited time & resources. 

The Role of DevOps In Refining Code Quality

The idea of experimenting with DevOps in your next project will also propel you to explore why code quality matters. Most IT & software development elements are steadily shifting towards cloud-based operations i.e. DevOps with a goal to transform the testing & development procedures in terms of agility & outcomes. The strategies/practices underlined under DevOps are determined to accelerate the procedures of code migration as per the importance of solution architecture, testing & generating continual production. 

learn advantages of devops in code quality

Here comes a point to interpret the pivotal role of DevOps in the subjects of software development. Developers count on DevOps to get exposure to cloud-based testing environments & their benefits to keep up with prompt development & delivery of IT solutions. Keep your fingers crossed to know exactly why code quality matters:

  • DevOps is capable of creating a parallel testing environment & this is one of the major advantages of leveraging it. Apart from allowing users to create a much-needed environment to run business with distributed agile team, DevOps also ensures to enhance the accuracy & efficiency of the testing process. However, it’s assumed that repeated functional testing & inclusion of required changes in code can drop the code quality.
  • The primary importance of DevOps appears when other traditional methods fail to continue the processes & it makes it possible to run them with zero interruptions or delays. DevOps stands ahead to cope with issues recurring due to functional validation & increased focus on user adaptability. 
  • DevOps is the most ideal adjustment to match the functionalities of IT counterparts. It offers sharp & perpetual ways to conduct delivery procedures in the best optimal state. It justifies you the reasons to know how to improve code quality in DevOps. 
  • Applying DevOps can also nullify the defects causing security violations, broken or missing code blocks & disorganized codes.

How DevOps Can Upgrade Code Quality?

It revolves around the four pillars of ensuring a result-oriented product development & delivery cycle. When it comes to code quality, the mandated use of an automation tool uptakes with productive delivery of web & mobile app development projects.

The automation tools integrated with the process setup also facilitate complete control over the key phases of the mobile app development life cycle. In simple words, upon using DevOps automation, developers can efficiently monitor all processes along with coding, testing, deployment, & post-release support.

top automation tools to implement devops

The goal is to follow a quality-centric approach to reach the projected target. Hence, all features & functionalities of the project are kept at priority to deliver exceptional results every time. The 4 core elements of a fruitful DevOps strategy outline iteration, progressive approach, early detection & prompt alters.

DevOps join hands with Scrum & agile techniques to yield improved results & drive a continuous project delivery cycle. Every development team aspiring to learn how to improve code quality in DevOps are opportune to restrict the necessity to initiate more process & involve cultural shifts. 

Some Proven Methods To Escalate Code Quality 

Develop Test Frameworks In The First Place

With the availability of so many resources to consider, it will be a bit puzzling for you to select the best one for your project. Programmers must give a try to popular testing frameworks to inspect the performance of code developed by a massive number of software professionals who indeed intend to use DevOps. The solutions made from the top mobile app development frameworks tend to respond automatically & exhibit user-friendliness.

Maintain A Coding Standard

Most newbies struggle to learn & create clean and error-free codes in their DevOps-based projects. No matter if you are a beginner or expert at coding, you can never let your efforts go in vain. It is better to get familiar with the coding standards to create good codes. Make sure that you are adhering to the topmost norms & guidelines to maintain code quality in DevOps. 

Learn More About Code Refactoring

The inability to revamp the existing codes on a regular basis may lead to big technicalities & performance issues.  Refactoring is a key to securing your codes from any fault or degradation. The only thing a programmer must do is to observe that the MVVM architecture pattern of software or application, as well as other components, are perfectly refactored in the process.

5 Peculiar Points To Raise Code Quality In DevOps

After sharing a bulk of knowledge & know-how referring to the relation of DevOps & coding, we can directly discuss 5 brilliant practices to improve code quality in DevOps. Note these pointers to check out what is a good way of quantifying code quality:

Be Clear About What and When to Test

Clarify which part of the code you are aiming to test and when you are scheduled to do it. Testing is a necessity to determine if existing codes are not damaged or broken to impact the entire functionality of the end product. Not applying top software testing trends & ideal testing methods in the development cycle will invite code changes or errors in the future. Some professionals who admire DevOps trends may consider manual testing but it’s not much dependable. 

The process of test automation is still a much better option as it accelerates the testing cycle without exceeding budget limits. Also, one can simply combine it with the CI/CD pipeline & create top-quality codes. An open-source tool named Taurus is another alternative to automate the entire performance testing process.  

Include Your CI/CD Pipeline In The Development Procedure

Every development strategy emphasizes using a CI/CD pipeline to automatize the development process. The foremost step to integrate this element is to formalize the entire phase of software development with a clear understanding of the branches you have to use. This is the only way to get the right pipeline to work with. 

Here are some cases to keep in mind:

In case you are working on multiple branches with only one feature for a single branch then your CI/CD pipeline won’t allow you to combine pull requests if the build made for the branch fails. However, the pipeline gives no heed to gathering requests if you’ve got only one branch or are using pair programming rather than reviewing. 

If you desire to work on each feature one by one soon after implementing them then you must combine the feature to release the brand. This practice to improve code quality in DevOps prioritizes the use of a CI/CD pipeline in case all integrated automated tests are performed on the name of a branch with the feature. Programmers who don’t want to do a full integration process for each feature then it is possible can apply CI/CD to merge multiple features to a selective brand. They can later merge the staging setups to a point of release in case a complete integration of automated tests is supposed to be done on the same staging branch.

CI/CD pipeline also focuses on code quality. It uses Checkstyle or other tools to let you statically analyze codes. One just needs to integrate SonarQube to retrieve details about the code. 

Create The Build At A Faster Pace

A slight code change can shorten the resulting cycle with ease to fix & update vigorously. DevOps developers can quickly create a build by activating it right after the codes are being transferred to the repository. 

One more way to reduce the project development & delivery process is to divide the build into different parts & run them alongside. Just like tests can be broken into chunks and driven parallelly. 

Programmers can also run multiple machines if their CI/CD tool to monitor and improve code quality is compatible with horizontal scaling. The moment you observe your build queue waiting for an available CI/CD machine, you can integrate more machines to run the program. 

Vertical scaling also works in this scenario. It enables you to leverage SSD on CI/CD machines on memory-powered partitions in case your mobile app demands meticulous work with HDD. 

Get A Container Solution To Build

While developing an app or any software, an expert intending to improve code quality in DevOps may need to attach additional tools or programs on CI/CD  machines. If you are doing so, make sure that you have installed the version for each software component as it won’t work properly if the version is outdated. 

Those who have been working on the same mobile app development project for a long time then it is more likely to come up with different versions. And if you are a multitasking developer then you must be using a different stack of additional  UX tools or software to create apps on the CI/CD infrastructure.

This will create a clash among software components. The right way to deal with such conflicts is to isolate builds of different applications even if you are running them on the same machine.

As you already know the reason why automated software tools are the most effective solutions, it clear to depict the importance of considering container solutions like Docker for apps. This tool facilitates users to install all additional apps in its container & run them simultaneously within its containerized environment. It makes it easy to support the CI/CD infrastructure without installing extra software outside your build.

Install Tools For Code Monitoring & Infrastructure

You may need to perform a few actions to create CI/CD infrastructure & here are they:

  • Get virtual machines: To install & boost the performance of CI/CD, you are supposed to run additional programs, machines, or tools to monitor and improve code quality such as SonarQube, application deployment machines, a Selenium server for automated UI tests, & more monitoring software like Grafana.
  • Install the desired software on it.
  • Configure the software setup to run it seamlessly.

Achieve DevOps Success With Experts At Appventurez

Before closing the topic, we would like to address the importance of knowing your business objectives & understanding your project requirements. One needs to sketch out a smart plan & go ahead with a qualitative approach to get the desired outcomes with all sorts of DevOps development & project delivery processes. 

There are no shortcuts in the software & mobile app development lifecycle but there are some excellent practices to shorten it with added efficiency. And when it comes to improving the code quality, you can totally bank on all the techniques & methods discussed in this article. If you still have any queries or confusion, the DevOps specialists & development team at Appventurez are highly competent to help you in all areas of project development, testing automation, deployment, and delivery. Let us ideate, create, & innovate solutions to change the world of digital mobility with our smart, tailored solutions for your business. 


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