Why Choose Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development?

Today, the demand that mobile apps have created is something that has brought the need for faster time to market at the forefront and along with it, the demand to get the whole app developed in supreme quality. Now, achieving this quality and faster time-to-market balance is not an easy task. The general assumption that […]

Updated 5 December 2023

Ashish Chauhan
Ashish Chauhan

Global Delivery Head at Appventurez

Today, the demand that mobile apps have created is something that has brought the need for faster time to market at the forefront and along with it, the demand to get the whole app developed in supreme quality.

Now, achieving this quality and faster time-to-market balance is not an easy task. The general assumption that a hurried task would not have the right quality mix is something that has proved to be right in the mobile app world – a world that is soon to diss low quality out of the stores and businesses.

A solution that the software world has found for mobile app project managers is Agile Methodology for Project Management.

This article is about what you need to know about the concept and the benefits that it can offer to the mobility domain and what makes it the right development approach for everyone who wishes to enter the flourishing market.

A concept that helps cross several hurdles associated with mobile app development.

So, without further delay, let us start with the definition/ meaning of the concept that holds the key to your efficient app development and launch journey – one that ensures the partnership with your mobile application development company has not gone in vain.

Percent of companies using Agile
Data source: www.pmi.org


What is the Agile Methodology Approach to Mobile App Development?

Agile is a project management approach where the whole app development process gets segregated into multiple development cycles. Here, it becomes mandatory to divide the complete task into multiple sub-tasks, where every sub-task becomes an individual platform for the mobile app development team to handle.

This way, a complete project becomes an integration of multiple tasks and modules, which are then assigned to experts and are treated as one independent project.

  • In an Agile mobile app development process, the project manager’s role is to be in continuous interaction with the design, development, and testing team.
  • There is also a scrum master who acts as the mediator who needs to monitor that the team is following the development methodologies. They also have to manage all the activities in a way that all the processes and parts of Agile project management with Scrum are used efficiently.
  • Lastly, there would be a team of designers, developers, and testers who would be responsible for ensuring that the whole process runs smoothly and on time while seeing that the Agile methodology steps are followed to the T.

Now that we have looked at the meaning of the concept and details of who would see it through, let us get to the part where we define the benefits of the Agile project management approach which it would bring in the whole app development process. The part that answers why use Agile for mobile app development.

Benefits of Using Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development

Expedited Development

Because under the Agile product management methodology, you handle multiple parts of the development process in one go, the development speed of your app automatically shoots up. You can create a version of the application in a very short time frame with the only thing left to do by the end is to test the whole app once again and make it live.

The fact that you get an app within the stipulated time is a plus point for not just startups but also enterprises that are finding ways to enter a new arena.

Lowered Risk

Agile, at its base, keeps testing and quality as part of the whole process. So at any given point in time, the risk associated with low quality or bad quality is nullified before you move on to the next milestone.

This relaxation that your app has a low risk of failure, especially on the grounds of technicality leads to you becoming more confident and assured when the time of launch draws near.

This lowered risk ensures that the grounds of your app being secure and quality tested are sown from the very first day.

Greater Quality

The result of using Agile methodology for mobile app development will be supreme when it comes to quality. Every part and element of the application will be given undiverted attention – making it stand out from the rest in the industry which has not followed the preciseness that Agile-backed mobile app offers.

Another reason for this high quality would be the fact that all the changes that are there in the project are attended to in real-time instead of waiting for a version to end. This ensures that milestone by milestone, all you get is true quality.

Transparent Project Management

The next big benefit of Agile development methodology is the transparency that it promises. Everyone who is involved in the project, both on the developers and the business end remains involved in the project and this way everyone knows about everything that is going on in the project. All the challenges, achievements, details, milestone status, everything is out in the open, leaving no scope for confusion or lack of miscommunication and understanding.

Because the teams work in the open, the sense of authority and responsibility is also a lot higher when it comes to Agile project management.

Faster Time to Market

The ultimate business benefit of using Agile methodology for mobile app development lies in the fact that it promises faster time to market. Since the app is developed version by version with all the different processes happening together as milestones, the development time automatically gets expedited and the result of this is seen in the lowered time to launch the application in the market.

Businesses are now able to get their app in the market in the least possible time, keeping the competition at bay.

So, here are the many benefits that come attached to the Agile development approach.

With this attended to, let us look at how we handle an Agile approach in our projects at Appventurez.

We mostly handle all our projects under two two-week sprint tests where we continuously restate until the milestone is hit. By using this approach, we have been able to handle over 500+ app projects well within the stipulated time frame and with intact supreme quality.

Now even inside the Agile process, we divide the approach into different steps, like –

  • Acceptance Test Driven Development
  • Agile Modeling
  • Agile Testing
  • Backlogs
  • Behaviour-Driven Development

Want to know more about the steps that we apply in our Agile mobile app development process? Get in touch with our mobile app developers today.

why choose agile methodoly for mobile app development


Ashish Chauhan
Ashish Chauhan

Global Delivery Head at Appventurez

Ashish governs the process of software delivery operations. He ensures the end product attains the highest remarks in qualitative analysis and is streamlined to the clientele’s objectives. He has over a decade of experience as an iOS developer and teams mentorship.

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