13 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs An App

By Ajay Kumar | February 13, 2020
hospital mobile app

Neither Rome is built in a day nor your hospital. 

With all hard work, resources, manpower, and finance, you build a roof for treating patients and called it a Hospital.

Slowly and gradually, your hospital earned goodwill in the market due to serving the highest quality healthcare services. 

The quality service then increased the manpower in the hospital too in terms of staff, nursing staff, doctors, experts along cleaning staff. More employees mean more number of patients, which impacts the overall process of the hospital. 

An increase in employee base along with patients created a need for a process that will streamline the overall process of the hospital. To do so, one of the tools that can ease the process is the hospital mobile app. 

Here in this blog, we will make you realize why Hospital mobile app is so important for your hospital. 

13 Definite Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs An App

Hospital Mobile Application Development

1. Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling an appointment with doctors and other healthcare experts is a task for patients by standing in long hospitals’ queue. 

It is still okay to accommodate a maximum number of patients in case of large infrastructure. But when it comes to mid-size hospitals or smaller ones, making space for patients is a challenge. Plus, a threat of viral Remote assistance diseases is an additional challenge to curb. 

The next issue in the list is the availability of doctors. There are many incidents when a doctor gets stuck in operations or any other related tasks. This results in making patients wait for their turn to get connected with the doctor. 

Hence, to cut all the chaos of scheduling an appointment with doctors, an application can become a cure. By developing an application for your hospital, any patients anywhere can schedule an appointment with the doctor. 

This will result in ease of appointment scheduling along with having a look at doctors’ availability in the hospital. 

In short, with hospital apps, patients can easily schedule an appointment with healthcare experts. And on the other hand, hospital management will also showcase the availability of doctors along with the timing. In both ways, the process will get streamlined management.

2. Document Management

No matter whether you have a large, mid or small size hospital, the data and patients’ medical history documents will always be there. 

Also, keeping the data and documents intact is not less than a priority. Because you never know when you would be requiring a patients’ detailed diagnosis history. Then comes the number of medical visits made every day. 

Not just keeping patients’ diagnosis history intact, keeping the hospital’s staff document history too is also important. No data means no existence today in the market. An application has the capability to take care of these document management.

When you are just thinking about this, there comes another point to have an application. By launching a hospital mobile app, patients’ can also track their medical history in just a click. 

Isn’t it a dual benefit and a step towards making things digitally smart and a complete no paper waste example!

3. In-house Performance Tracker

A hospital mobile app can also be accessed by the patient through the personal id sign up process. When this is a digital perk to patients, the healthcare mobile apps also tracks the performance of in-house staff. 

Tracking the shift timing earlier was all about the diary entry. Then comes the entry of digital touch screen panels and id cards. Though this digital process is smart but a fluctuation in the energy source can cause a miss. 

The minor miss can trouble in tracking whether the in-house staff has attended their assigned work or not. This is about tracking the work but skipping the quality performance can directly impact the reputation of the hospital and create a threat to the patient’s life too.

To cut such issues before even arises, the top authority in the hospital can trace the performance of the in-house staff. All it requires is an obvious sign-up process by each and every employee of the hospital. Also, not just tracking the performance index by the highest authority, staff can also figure out how they are performing. 

This will cut down the extra effort to figure out the time spent by the staff along with tracking down the performance index. 

4. Close Monitoring Of Diagnosis & Healthcare Checkups

With the help of a hospital mobile app, doctors can have a close eye on the patient’s diagnosis and other medical checkups. 

In just a click, the beginning of the data to the end can be traced down through the application. Other than that, healthcare mobile apps that are integrated with high-class technology can provide real-time access to the treatment procedure. 

Through a general hospital app, close monitoring of diagnosis and healthcare checkups can be easily traced by healthcare personnel.

Going ahead with the hospital mobile app is a great idea to get started!

5. Regular Payment Of Bills/Infrastructural Costs/ Medical Equipment Costing Alerts

Through hospital mobile app, the alert regarding medical equipment payments, medicines, regular payment of miscellaneous bills along with infrastructural can be made timely. 

Human mind cannot remember every detail at every time. If you have a small hospital, remembering the daily details is still easy. But when it comes to mid or large size hospitals, it is nearly impossible to ensure every bill is paid on time. 

Also, fetching the information on a computer is easy but getting an on-time alert about paying bills, medical equipment purchase, new beds, etc is a challenge. Hence, a hospital mobile app feed with such information activated with on-time notifications can be a great help. 

6. Regulatory Standards (Pollution/Carbon Emissions)

The aforementioned reasons are the obvious ones to get started with healthcare apps. But an application is more than that. 

An application can present whether the hospital is following the regulatory standards laid by the government. Apart from that, whether the emission of carbon is beyond the permitted level or not can also be made available through the hospital mobile app. 

Furthermore, an application can fetch the latest government standards regarding the rules and regulations hospitals need to follow. Hence, a handy application can bring in lots of advantages, that too- precisely. 

7. Infrastructural Management

Agree at this point or not, but figuring out infrastructural requirements in the hospital manually is a laborious and time taking task. 

Through healthcare mobile apps, looking at the deficit requirement digitally is as easy as clicking a button. 

Along with that, seeing the necessary renovation of the wardroom, or any part of the hospital can be seen through the app again. 

8. Feedback

Well, this point will cover both the sides- hospital side and patients side. 

With an application, a patient can provide feedback according to the medical facilities and rendered service. And on the other hand, staff can also provide their feedback to the higher authority directly digitally- something which is a little difficult in reality. 

Ditching the paper filled feedback form, providing a digital medium is a smart move.

Once attending the feedback, you can get started with what can be done to improve services or where are the loopholes.

9. Staff Concerns

There are some sensitive issues that are often not reported or highlighted in the work area. The issue then leads to other major issues that include suicide, murder, and other activities. Workplace sexual violence is quite obvious these days. 

Hence, a general hospital app can save a decent one and punish the accused. 

Integrating the hospital apps with a feature that is only meant for staff is a great move towards sexual or workplace inequality. 

Anyone in the staff can fill up their concern that can only be seen by the authority while keeping it confidential. 

Furthermore, not just sexual violence, misbehave or inequality, other concerns like sanity, medical instruments and equipment requirement can also be presented to the authority. 

10. Healthcare Personnel Listings

The hospital is a blend of healthcare personnel of every kind of disease or illness, further followed by juniors. 

An application can offer clarity to patients about the doctor’s slot and their respective practicing area. The clarity made the appointment scheduling easy. 

Also, an app with doctors’ respective areas and available time can make people aware that the hospital cures other diseases too. 

This results in more number of patients, ease in streamlining medical treatments, concrete data about patient’s daily visits, etc. Revenue is a flowing asset then!

11. Remote Assistance

There occur medical emergencies sometimes that require the immediate presence of a doctor. 

The case can be taken care of through a hospital mobile app. A patient can alert the medication personnel.  On the other hand, a quick remedy can be given while the help is on the way.

Immediate help to patients in critical circumstances can make your hospital’s reputation on high. 

Isn’t it amazing?

12. Reminders For Staff

For making staff aware of current medical facilities and related aspects, timely workshops are very in. 

A mobile application can also work as a reminder notifying staff about the meetings, workshops or related things in advance. 

13. Payment Mode

These days the maximum number of people is more into digital payment. Taking hard cash seems like the talk of the past. 

Hence, not just making credit/debit card payments acceptable under the tangible hospital roof, you can also offer many options for people using your app. 

The process will ease the transactions too!

So, these are the 13 ultimate reasons to have a hospital mobile app. 

Let us give you a few examples as proof!

Top Hospital Apps

1. CareAware Connect

One of the very first Best healthcare apps in the list, CareAware Connect renders mobile solutions to complete workflows along with managing clinical communications. 

Through the app, different teams can access, collaborate and communicate for care coordination improvement. Apart from that, people outside the organization can access patient data too. 

2. Marbella

With the help of this app, healthcare personnel, nurses and other caretakers can easily manage patient rounding. 

Marbella allows one to specify patient data that includes quality audits and safety. Furthermore, the app simply integrates with vendor systems along with offering real-time alerts and tracking for further follow-ups. 

3. Epocrates

The next Best healthcare apps Epocrates helps doctors and healthcare personnel to figure out medical information other than calculation patient measurements. 

4. Isabel

For both the platform- Android and iOS, Isabel database is currently filled with more than 6,000 disease symptoms. The app also offers a useful feature for the queried result. 

5. DSS Inc.

The app DSS Inc., for hospital management, helps in coordination the functioning of hospitals. It helps in improving the effectiveness of patient treatment while reducing administrative costs.

Also, the app is filled with tools that are helpful in case of an emergency situation. 

These are just 5 health and wellness apps, there is a list of Best healthcare apps in the category. 

Hence, if you have made up your mind, make sure you are choosing a reliable mobile app development company

But even the smallest of things requires cost, so does your hospital apps. 

The next few scrolls are dedicated to the hospital app development costing part. 

Let’s get started- 

Cost Of Developing A Hospital App

The cost of developing a hospital app depends upon the number of features, functionalities, complexity level. Hence, providing a concrete price tag is not possible. 

Meanwhile, there are some parameters that add up to the cost of a hospital app. 

1. MVP Model

Developing a hospital app is a complex task. The smallest of loopholes can cause the biggest of issues. Along with that, the app is the amalgamation of many important features.

Hence, before displaying all the features and functionalities at once, you can opt for the MVP version of your mobile application. The statement implies- first launch your app with minimal yet the most important functionality. And once understanding how users, as well as the in-house staff, are responding- introduce or make changes into it. 

The process is not just economical but also an opportunity to get an insight into what users are staff is looking for!

2. Level Of Expertise

Along with the features and functionalities, the price of hospital mobile app development depends upon the experts associated with the project. 

Naturally,  hospital mobile app development is a work of detailing, intactness, exactness, and preciseness of information, medications, etc. Hence, experts are an obvious part of the project that will add up to the cost of the app.

There are parameters that determine the costing too- 

  1. Size of the hospital- you will be charged not just for the hospital size but for the reputation too. 
  2. Choice of Hospital Mobile Application Development country
  3. Reliability of the hospital app development firm

3. Number Of Features

The cost of hospital app development depends upon the number of features and functionalities the app will have.

More number of features mean more cost. The app will also be made as per patients’ ease and Hospital staff. Hence, both the side of features will incur a cost to you.

4. Platforms

The choice of medical mobile app development platform will also distinguish the cost. If you want to develop an app for iOS or Android or for both the platform, the costing part will be greatly different. 

 How To Earn Money From The Hospital App

1. Freemium

Here you can kill two birds with one arrow. By offering a freemium app version, you are letting patients access the free version of the app with basic features. In case of a patient wants to unfold other features of the app, he/she will be required to unseal the advanced functions by paying. 

By offering the advanced features, you will be able to earn from the paid version of the app. 

2. Advertisements

Advertisements are the second most used monetization strategy used by organizations. 

You can also adopt the same by promoting other businesses too in return for charging advertisers. The strategy can revolve around cost-per-click, cost-per-action or cost-per-view.

3. Premium Content

This monetization strategy revolves around peer to peer notion. Here, both the doctor and patients for accessing other advanced features of the app need to pay.

4. Paid Subscription

One of the widely used monetization strategies paid subscriptions is about accessing features until the paid amount ends. Once the subscription ends, both patients and doctors need to buy another subscription. 

These are the most basic monetization strategies often being used by hospitals. 

With it, let us know to figure out the trends in hospital mobile app development

6 Trends About Hospital Mobile App Development

1. Patient-Generated Health Data

As per different surveys, it has been proven that people use health and wellness apps to measure their health metrics. Due to this, the popularity of patient-generated health data is on high-demand. 

These healthcare mobile apps in return offer user data that includes heart rate and other related information through mobile devices and wearable devices. 

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The healthcare apps are capable of presenting patients’ medical records along with making them receive updated data in real-time. The data includes- 

  • In-depth information on the patient’s health, habits, and lifestyle.
  • Patient’s biometric data
  • Diseases symptoms
  • Suggested treatment

Furthermore, these applications have numerous clinical benefits. Through the app, the gap between clinic and patient data gets minimize making doctors make more accurate decisions. 

2. Geolocation

Geolocation is one of the most used technologies integrated into healthcare mobile apps. Through technology, it becomes easy to figure out the nearby pharmacies and hospitals. 

Furthermore, the technology is handy enough to offer personalized information delivery that includes- 

  • Treatment fee as per disease, rates, guidelines, and others
  • Health education as per patient’s requirements
  • Constant updates on health-related risks and hazards
  • Medicines and drug names
  • Healthcare news and updates
  • Real-time information on accidents, natural disasters, and other calamities.

Know also– Everything You Need to Know About Geolocation App Development

3. Healthcare Chatbots

As we have mentioned earlier, it is easy to schedule an appointment with a doctor through an application. Also, receiving a personalized recommendation along with showcasing test results via messenger can also be done through an application. 

To ease the process, integrating a healthcare chatbot can streamline the process. The bot is generally driven by Artificial Intelligence. The bot is basically used for- 

  • Offering personalized and smooth real-time responses
  • Scheduling an effortless appointment with doctors
  • Helping patients in medical emergencies through the assistance
  • Providing reports and results notifications

4. Preventing Diseases

In the healthcare domain, every second count!

For making detection of disease along with prevention measures quickly, hospitals use Artificial Intelligence, machine learning algorithms apart from neural networks for detailed analysis.

These digital algorithms make a huge amount of data faster and accurate as compared to human scientists or healthcare personnel.

5. Telemedicine

Telemedicine is one of the fastest-growing areas in the healthcare system. It has been predicted that by 2025, it is expected to reach $113 billion. 

The technology basically helps in providing medical assistance and consultation through videos and chat by cutting waiting time. 

6. Medication Reminders

We have mentioned earlier that a hospital mobile app is capable of notifying patients and doctors of upcoming meetings, taking medicines on time, and others. 

Also, it is difficult for patients with dementia to remember taking medicines on time, thus an app can provide a concrete solution. Through healthcare apps for patients, no worry of when and which medicine to take on time. 


The aforementioned points are portraying a clear picture of why and how healthcare mobile apps are so important. 

For both patients and doctors, the app can be presented as a miracle in every way. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and neural networks can make hospitals diagnose diseases more precisely.

If you still have doubts, our experts can bring you a solution. Connect with us today!

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