15+ Websites That Will Make You A Rocking Android Developer

By Sitaram Sharma | May 11, 2020
websites that will make you a rocking android developer

Mobile app development is rapidly evolving and becoming an inevitable part of our lives. The penetration and popularity of mobile apps have skyrocketed with the coronavirus outbreak last year. Now the users are becoming more and more dependent on mobile apps, be it Android or iOS.

Due to the increase in user interaction, more than 45% of the businesses already have a mobile app while 15% of them are planning to dive into the world of the mobile app. In the future, the majority of entrepreneurs will be going to implement mobile app development strategies to discover more business opportunities in the marketplace. 

Small businesses, on the other hand, are now planning for a paradigm shift to iOS & Android app development to expand their customer base & deliver an excellent experience. No doubt, mobile apps are a great way to enhance communication with users & dissolve inefficiencies in the process. Hence, it gives us a big reason to enlist the best Android app development websites for seasoned programmers. 

Table of contents 

1- Best 15+ Websites to master Android App Development in 2021

2- Websites to stay updated

  • Official Android developer website
  • Android Authority
  • Android Central
  • App developer magazine
  • Android Weekly

3- Websites to learn Android app programming

  • The New Boston
  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Coursera

4- Websites for tutorials on Android app development lessons

  • Android tutorial by Vagella
  • Android tutorials by Java Code Geeks
  • Android Tutorials By Core Servlets
  • Android tutorials for beginners by Slidenerd
  • Android Tutorials On NewThinkTank By Derek Banas
  • Android tutorials by Simplified coding 
  • Android tutorials by w3schools

5- What are the top trending resources for Android app developers?

  • Stack overflow 
  • Open handset alliance
  • Android Market
  • Google Team Android apps
  • Android tool project sites

6- Need help to code your first Android app? Get guidance from experts at Appventurez

There is an endless number of possibilities for the mobile app in the present world to give a push to the internal business solution. However, with possibilities comes the struggle to choose between the platforms. 

But you might be shocked to see the search term result of apps for both popular platforms i.e iPhone vs Android startups first choice as per Google Trends.

As shown in the graph, the global interest of the users around the world is more for Android apps as compared to iOS in the last year worldwide. Android apps are extremely popular around the world with Google Play Store entertaining us since 2008 and today, it holds the global user base with more than 3.48 million apps across the world.

Google play store statistics are increasing with time due to the increase in the popularity of Android apps. With this growth in the Android app development market, people are searching out for ways to keep themselves updated and learn something new.

What can be a better way than exploring websites to get more exposure to the Android world through which people can learn and be updated about the latest trends, updates, and new additions?  

are you a dedicated android programmer

Go through this informative blog to find your answer! 

Best 15+ Websites To Master Android App Development in 2021

For a learner, there is no endpoint. There is always something to learn, be it a new update or a language. The same scenario goes with Android programmers who’re yet to explore how to manage remote developers

Still, there is so much to know that you will always be in the race to learn and be updated with everything (that is not possible).

So, get yourself a hot cup of coffee before diving into the world of top websites for Android developers that can keep you updated and help you learn all about Android app development & technologies. 

Websites To Stay Updated

#1 Official Developer Android

official developer android

The Google-owned website,  Android Developer website is specially designed to ensure that the Android community is well-informed. The website includes all the latest updates for the developers and also a fresher who wants to start with Android app development. You can consider it as two in one option to choose from the websites for Android developers. 

For the updates, the visitors of this website for Android developers stay updated about all the major additions in the Android app development. This includes the latest version, insights on games and podcasts, and so on. The developers can also access the sections for Jetpack, Android Studio, Kotlin, Google Play, and Platform.

Apart from these, there is a section that is all about tutorials for beginners who want to learn how to create an Android app from scratch along with basic knowledge of tools for Android app development

It includes documentation for each topic for developers in which they can learn all the aspects of programming an app. From the developer’s guide to sampling code, quality guidelines to test, and even Google play distribution, this best website for Android app development has covered it all.

If you want to learn the whole concept of Android app development methodology then it is best to go for the certification. Official Developer Android offers the certification for the Associate Android Developer that follows a whole process of learning, exams, interviews, and getting a certification. 

android for developers

#2 Android Authority

android authority

For technology enthusiasts, Android Authority is the best platform that helps in giving an understanding of the latest updates of Android. The website includes major versions, videos, apps, etc. about Android technology. It is a great website to get updated information about Android and features in the latest android mobile apps. 
More than 7-8 articles on related topics of Android mobile app usability, designing, development, etc. are daily published on the blog section of this website for Android developers.

android authority screenshot

#3 Android Central

android central

Another name in our list of the best websites to learn Android app development is Android Central. The site gives the latest updates about the Android platform including the app comparison, new additions in the Android world, versions, etc. This keeps the android app developers updated about the latest additions, techniques, and tricks to experiment with next-gen enterprise mobility solutions technology for Android.

android central screenshot

#4 App Developer Magazine

app developer magazine

App Developer magazine is all about the latest news about the development world & digital transformation trends related to iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps, & other popular technologies. This news website for Android developers also highlights the latest updates of the Amazon App Store, Google App Store, and other App-based platforms.

app developer magazine screenshot

#5 Android Weekly

android weekly

To keep you updated with Android App Development, Android Weekly sends out a newsletter weekly that keeps the developers alert & informed about what’s going on in the industry.  

Additionally, the newsletter from this best website to learn Android app development for free includes the libraries and code, videos and podcasts, and the latest news and updates on digital transformation technologies that may influence your Android app development in 2021. 

android weekly screenshot

Websites To Learn Android App Programming 

#6 Udemy


Udemy is an online learning platform & of course one of the best websites to learn Android app development on which users can select from thousands of courses & get lessons from the professionals. In addition to this, the website offers lifetime access to learn as per the user schedule. 

This is indeed a great platform for beginners to learn the basics of building Android apps and get a detailed guide to use popular mobile app development frameworks. There are several tutorials for Android app development, from beginner to advanced & it has covered all.

udemy screenshot

#7 Developing Android Apps – Udacity

developing android apps udacity

For the app industry, Udacity is one of the topmost platforms for users to learn about Android platforms at their own pace. From beginners to advanced levels, Udacity has covered all the aspects of learning & building digital mobility solutions on its Android app development website.

They also allow help from the experts, personalized code review, and real-life projects to give a better idea and experience to the students. So, if you want to learn Android basis or Android development, Udacity is a great platform to get an essential mobile app backend development guide for Android OS. 

udacity screenshot

#8 Coursera Android App Development Specialization


Coursera offers specialized courses on its website for Android developers to help them master their skills and teach them about all ins and outs of computing robust apps for Android OS. The course includes Java programming languages & related frontend JavaScript frameworks guide, software languages, features.

It also covers core Android components such as Java I/O and mechanisms. It is a great opportunity for mobile app developers to enhance their knowledge and create interesting apps using Android components, Android Studio, Material Design and Flat design, & software patterns. 

coursera screenshot

#9 Core Servlets Android Tutorials

core servlets

CoreServlets follows a proper set of tutorials on its website for Android developers to ensure that they work on every solution of the development. There are several tutorials for Java developers that give a better understanding of Android development.

core servlets android tutorials

The tutorials include widgets, layouts, coding style, localization, and the list goes on. It has covered all the major aspects of Android. If you are fresher then it can be a great platform to start your learning journey for Android app development. 

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Websites For Tutorials On Android App Development Lessons

#10 Android Tutorials by Vogella


Vogella is another of the top tutorial websites for Android developers who’re desirous to learn more about Android apps. From beginner’s tutorials to interface development, you can find a full package of a featured guide to API development, Google services, Location API, Toolbar, Library Projects, and Testing.

It is a great platform to learn about Android app development starting from the basics and then progressing to the advanced level. However, the course is mainly as per the Java programming language. So, if you are aware of Java then it is best to move forward with it otherwise it is essential to start with frontend JavaScript frameworks guide before learning Android.

vogella screenshot

#11 Android Tutorials by Java Code Geeks

java code geeks

Android app development tutorials on this website for Android developers are well presented by the Java Code Geeks website. This includes the tutorials for all the major modules of the Java programming for unity app development which is very crucial for building awesome gaming apps & mobility solutions for varied ecosystems. 

The course includes the beginner’s guide for a quick start, fundamentals, user interface design controls, views components, layouts, animations, services, communication, media, third-party integrations, and so on.

java code greeks screenshot

#12 The New Boston

the new boston

If you are interested in video tutorials then “The New Boston” website for Android developers can be the ideal choice for you. It includes approximately 200 videos for users to view Android lessons & its mobile app development lifecycle for free. The videos are available on their YouTube channel from where the users can access them easily and start learning Android from the beginning. 

#13 Android Tutorials By w3schools


The name of w3schools comes to mind whenever we talk about the best Android app development websites for learning purposes. 

The tutorials include an overview of Android programming, history, concepts, frameworks, Architecture, Environment, Fragments, and so on. 

However, the users should have a bit of understanding of the Javascript performance optimization & programming language to clarify the concept of the framework in a better way.

w3schools screenshot

#14 Android Tutorials For Beginners By Slidenerd

OV0d6GhMjmDUVNo5 XyNANhzkJMqUDDC4iuIKDMzHCxhfGQ5x95olVfJrK7HyOFZmYIu4RJjAp T4FwLJSitLk7D8ysjqIZaUVzliln3PCdmixPcZsincsu GYreXgw4XFku1C9p=s0

For those who’re building an Android app for the first time, Slidenerd’s website for Android developers is a perfect place to explore step-by-step tutorials for beginners.   

You can find hundreds of guides & explanatory videos to learn android programming with tried & tested tips to host business mobile apps for Android users. The tutorials on this website for Android developers are prepared by well-versed & skilled programmers who explain each & every step of the Android app development process with deep detailing. 

The platform is popular among the global community of Android app developers who’re looking forward to achieving brilliance in modern mobile app development technology & methodology. 

slidenerd screenshot

#15 Android Tutorials On NewThinkTank By Derek Banas

Z9e3ZZw8i lBW SP WtSK3eNeNQwCwiyxrezc5k2QNc IA4X5 gnJERg G R7 iWONb sA9b j2 NZd0wRUBVInYRIZBlu6BoeTM0W3GzygkFqgLtp09zcE4cxEKtI PA ABTolI=s0

When it comes to the most popular websites for Android developers, Derek Banas presents a professional platform named as NewThinkTank & a YouTube channel to teach everything about android programming based on the Android libraries list.  

From beginners to professionals, learners choose to go through his Android tutorials to sharpen their skills in full-scale Android app development. There are 25 videos in the playlist to learn Android development in high-quality visual & voice. Currently, there are over 1.14 million subscribers of this Android tutorial channel. 

new think tank screenshot

# 16 Android Tutorials By Simplified Coding 

5ze4WbH6aihiJM1TiNOwAMXb7JLAswttmgQOoki7xA x0EkCKc8T1h7waD4uiIl 8i9 8WySzJlk3Cg7mKSET8ia5qjaTdX3vB3inuYwIwwmMwozW5E07f87nR56N CicEU7sdNR=s0

Well, if we’re discussing backend development tutorial for Android, it makes sense to mention Simplified Coding as the best-rated site to find tutorials to learn Android programming.  

Apart from being ranked as one of the best websites to learn Android app development, its YouTube channel is breaking records of popularity with 99.3K active subscribers from the developer world.

The main host of tutorials is a Google developer expert who is truly dedicated to educating present-day developers with his comprehensive guides & tutorials. The featured playlist of tutorials includes a guide to develop Android apps using Kotlin, Android MVVM architecture series, whatnot, standalone app, Android PHP MySql series, & more.

simplified coding screenshot

Even If you’re a master in innovating apps, you can see a room full of resources to learn the know-how of Android app development. 

With several updates & trends coming on the way, you will be enthusiastic to grasp more lessons in coding android apps not only for expertise but also to experiment with new technologies as defined in beginners guide to natural language processing

So, here is our checklist of the best websites to learn Android app development: 

#17 Stack Overflow 

Stack Overflow is empowering millions of mobile app programmers including emerging Android app developers. This is one of the top featured websites to learn Android app development for free with various additional features & services to offer. 

We can’t stop discussing this website for Android developers as it’s a prominent platform to reach out to the global programmers & experts to get answers to your questions or queries on mobile app development challenges, techniques, trends, tools, frameworks, etc. 

stack overflow screenshot

#18 Open Handset Alliance

Another ideal website for Android developers was introduced when a group of 84 tech giants came together to redefine the standards of operating systems for mobile devices under the flagships of Android. 

open handset alliance screenshot

#19 Google Team Android Apps

While browsing for the best website to create Android apps for free, this resource by Google presents sample apps with demonstrations, training, & tutorials to learn Android app development as per the ongoing technology trends in 2021

google team android apps screenshot

Need Help To Code Your First Android App? Get Guidance From Experts At Appventurez

These are the major websites for Android developers that can be a great learning and development of an app. The best thing is that you don’t need to be experienced in Java programming to understand them. Just the basics can help you learn the Android app development in a better way.

Android apps development is not difficult to learn if you know the purpose of it. It depends on what you are looking for. Do you want to learn about the whole development process? Or the basics? Or do you want the latest updates on Android?

No matter what your requirements are, these Android app development websites will be able to cover your requirements and keep you well-informed about the trends and tools of building powerful apps for Android OS.

These are just the basic websites to learn Android app development that includes top-notch knowledge for the users. Appventurez as a leading mobile app development company also offers updated information to the users. Not only this, but we make sure to include the expertise of our android app developers to offer the best knowledge in the market.

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Q. 1- Is Android App Development Easy?

When it comes to coding, you can’t predict anything to be easy and Android app development is no different. There are several things that you need to grasp such as SDK< Java, Features, and so on to progress successful mobile app development for startups. Hence, no android app development is not easy but it is not impossible to learn and develop a unique and successful app. 

Q.2- Are there learning apps for Android App Development?

There are a number of apps that help in learning about android apps easily at a few fingertips. Here are some major names:

  1. SoloLearn
  2. Grasshopper
  3. CodeHub
  4. Programming Hub
  5. Khan Academy
  6. Encode
  7. Codemurai
  8. Mimo
  9. Programming Hero
  10. Tynker
  11. Enki App
  12. Easy Coder

Q.3- Where can I get started with mobile app development?

If you are a beginner then we will recommend you start with the official Android developer website that covers all the major aspects. Apart from this, several platforms can help you understand Android app development in a detailed way. 

Q.4- What are the top categories for android apps in 2021?

There are several categories of android app that are thriving in the market. This includes

  1. Social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  2. Video Streaming Apps – Netflix, YouTube, Disney+
  3. Rewards Apps – Google Opinion Rewards
  4. Music Apps – Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp
  5. News Apps – The New York Times, Vice News, NPR News, Flipboard
  6. Sports – theScore, ESPN
  7. Healthcare & fitness- Generis, Teledoc
  8. E-learning- Perlego, Duolingo
  9. Dating apps: Tinder, Bumble

These are just a few categories of Android apps that are ruling the market. There are several more that will be seen in the market in the coming years.

Sitaram Sharma

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