The Guide to Top 6 UX Mistakes to Avoid

“What’s necessary for a good mobile app UX” The answer is EVERYTHING! Everything is necessary for a good mobile app UX.  Users are a gem for any business, and losing a single user is like losing the shine of the business.  In the world of mobile app development and applications, a single miss in the […]

Updated 16 February 2024

Ashish Chauhan
Ashish Chauhan

Global Delivery Head at Appventurez

“What’s necessary for a good mobile app UX”

The answer is EVERYTHING! Everything is necessary for a good mobile app UX. 

Users are a gem for any business, and losing a single user is like losing the shine of the business. 

In the world of mobile app development and applications, a single miss in the app can create a huge gap between the success and failure of the app. Thus, developers while developing the application always ensure each thing they are using for the app should be accurately placed and used!

However, as per Google Play Store Statistics, there are already more than 2.2 million Google apps whereas Apple App Store is also in the race with apps somewhere close to 2 million. This shows that the app market is filled with a great number of applications, that are not just competitive but also great in terms of features, functionalities, ideas, and others. Thus, missing a scope for making the app outstanding in the competitive app market is a little challenging and often missed by the developers too. 

The issue can be eliminated smoothly if the developers come out to the made-shell filled with more guidelines. They need to show empathy towards the business’s ideology along with what the user must be expecting from the mobile application, and how the app can give them a solution to every problem they are going through!

Out of technology, other things play a great role in making or breaking the application. Many a time, it is the User experience! Thus, here in this blog, we will be discussing UX mistakes to avoid when designing an app, as it is also a key part of any application. 

Let us first begin with why UX is so important before knowing what UX mistakes to avoid. 

Why User Experience Is So Important?

“UI without UX & UX without UI is just not possible, no matter how awesome your idea is”

User experience is so important because you are ultimately creating an application for them. If your users are not responding nicely to your application, you are missing something. An app should have everything that entices the target audience.

For UX mistakes to avoid when designing an app, it is highly important to come up out of the shell and bring elements to the app that can satisfy the users’ needs.

UX is the culmination of each element you are placing in the application aside from features, functionality, colors, and other crucial things. To get started, the UI/UX design should be aligned with the business goals and user demands. The purpose of developing the application should be crystal clear, as, without the base, it will not be possible to understand what to do and what to skip.

Losing grip over any of the elements, intent, purpose, and market demands, the app development, in the end, will be hazy, less competitive, or maybe another failure. 

Now, to understand, how users will react to the app, come up with an MVP version of the app, and always be open for feedback- both negative and positive.

By being open to feedback, you will always be able to understand the loopholes and things that are bothering users!

How UX Helps A Business?

UX can help businesses in several ways- 

  • UX helps in making the brand’s ideology presented in an enticing way
  • It helps in identifying the target audience and how they are responding to the app
  • Helps in understanding & implementing digital marketing strategies
  • If designed right, UX helps in higher user engagement
  • Lets businesses save money & resources if things aligned nicely
  • Helps in building the brand if users of the app are satisfied with the services rendered
  • Encourages more users to use the application
  • Creates an aisle for the apps to enter the global marketplace

Now that we got some idea about how UX can help businesses and why it is important, let us now move to the most important part of the blog- UX mistakes to avoid when designing an app.

UX Mistakes To Avoid When Designing An App


Forgetting About UI

The very first and most common UX mistake often done by app developers is skipping the essence of UI. User Interface is the most important aspect of any application that can break or make the application. Bad UI results in more users leaving the application while others abandon it fully.

When working on the app’s UI, it is good to create a layout that is always on point. Features should be made intuitive, they should not go over the cage or under the land, a short help or tutorial can be good to let users understand what element is important and what element can let the user accomplish. 

Assumptions Made

Assumptions are bad when it comes to mobile app UI and UX. Thus, they should be kept under the UX checklist for mobile apps. Anything made for the app without doing in-depth research, competitor analysis, and other required parameters, the chances of getting results that do not align with the desired result will become higher. 

There might be chances when the app idea and UI look great on paper, but when they are converted into the digital model, they result in nothing but failure despite heavy investment. 

Starting from how much it cost to develop a mobile app, to how long it takes to develop an application, everything will go in vain if the app is made through assumptions. 

Thus, just like a mobile app launch checklist, it is crucial to look at the UX checklist for mobile apps too!

Confusing & Complex Layout

A super responsive UI and ill-made, or complex layout will result in nothing. It is good that you are making the speed of the UI great but hiding the biggest and core features of the app under a complex structure is not a great practice. Features put under layers of menus can slow down the process and result in bad UX. 

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Thus, for UX mistakes to avoid, make sure you are giving users a simplistic path where browsing and using the features are easy and smooth. 

Never let your user assume things on their own. Give them a passage that is easy, smooth, and does not require a lot of experiments and elements to go from!

Not Giving A Solution

There are millions of apps like yours that are performing well in the market. To succeed in the market, you need to come up with an app that is not just competitive but also appealing. Until or unless your app is competitive, enticing, hooking, or one in a million, chances of it getting success are a little challenging. 

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Also, as you are developing applications for the users, not giving them a solution in the form of a digital medium will result in nothing but users leaving the app. This is the second most common UX mistake to avoid when designing an app. Never let your user stay in the dark, give them a solution for whom they downloaded the app. 

Direction-Less Designs

Whatever you will be designing into the application is a way of taking users from one point to another. Be it top web design trends or top mobile app UI design trends, or modern design trends, all of them contribute to enhanced UX besides software. 

Experimenting with bringing top-notch experience sometimes becomes the most common UX mistake. Thus, instead of leading users to nowhere, come up with designs that are not directionless but directed to their desired action. Opt for some motion, incorporating storytelling concepts or another that can hook users to the app. 

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Feedback Adaption

As mentioned above, MVP is one of the best ways to gather real user feedback and responses to the application. The feedback always helps in seeing the area of improvement and the loopholes too. 

Also, to mitigate UX mistakes to avoid in your software, make sure you are not neglecting negative feedback too. Praise the positive feedback and respect the negative feedback, as both are the source of pushing you towards polishing the application. 

How Can Appventurez Help You Eliminate The Most Common UX Mistakes?

We being the leading mobile app development company with 200+ projects delivered efficiently, know the market standard and the top trending approaches. For offering you the best of the best experience, we employ our top experts for the projects along with using the right approaches and trending technology to deliver phenomenal results. 

With no trace of UX/UI issues in the app, your app will always be the best in its way. Connect with us today for great results. 

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    Ashish Chauhan
    Ashish Chauhan

    Global Delivery Head at Appventurez

    Ashish governs the process of software delivery operations. He ensures the end product attains the highest remarks in qualitative analysis and is streamlined to the clientele’s objectives. He has over a decade of experience as an iOS developer and teams mentorship.