18 Top Unique Mobile App Ideas for a Sky Rocket Beginning

By Ashish Chauhan | October 6, 2020
unique app ideas

“Ideas are the foundation of biggest of businesses and greatest of brand stories”

Believe it or not, an idea can either make you earn an identity in the market or transform the society for a better tomorrow. Also, a single idea has the potential to let you explore your idea in reality while helping others to take the leverage of the same idea. In return, you will earn revenue, user base, and obviously a name in the market. 

Facebook, Instagram, twitter were also once an idea but look at the apps today! These apps are the heroes of the social media world and there isn’t even a substituted app that can match the level these apps have created. 

Thus, even the smallest trending app idea can turn into a billion-dollar business if taken in the right direction by using the best of technology, coming up with the transforming & innovative idea, and VOILA- you are done! Once you reach the market and enter into the hearts of users, there is no way you won’t succeed. 

Similarly, when it comes to the world of mobile applications, every day many mobile apps enter the app store as per Google Play Store statistics for helping the users and giving them a transformed version of their everyday task. However, among these number of applications, not all are capable of winning the hearts of the users because of various reasons like- 

  • The trending app ideas
  • The ease of using the application 
  • The UI of it
  • The features & functionalities of the application
  • The app icons
  • The business model

and other reasons that decide the fate of the application. 

So, not to let you waste your money, time, and resources, we will be bringing you some trending app ideas that skyrocketed in no time. 

Top trending App Ideas for the coming years

Mood Monitoring apps

Mood monitoring apps are the top apps that let users monitor and rate their day and things that affect their mood. 

Through this application, one can add and evaluate activities, events, locations that took place during the day. The gist of the app is to analyze the past activities of the users along with looking for patterns too. This will result in giving suggestions to the users for improving their mood ultimately.  

Moody is one such example to take inspiration from for your app development. 

Apps for single parents

Social media apps for single parents is one such idea which can help single parents connect with other ones. Through the medium of the app, parents can simply share their interests, experiences, tips, tricks, and thoughts.

The app can work by matching the parents based on the information provided by them. The given information might be their no of children, age of children, interest, location, and so on. 

Brand identifier app

The next trending app idea you can get started with is the brand identifier app. It allows users to know about the information of a specific brand, or a product. 

Just by scanning the logo, barcode, or tag stick into the item, the brand identifier app can list all the related information, news, articles of the brand along with the manufacturer and the product too. 

Well, when it comes to clothing brands, the users will be able to know whether the product is authentic or not. 

AR for school app

There are students who often struggle with understanding a few subjects at school that are also crucial to learn. 

The AR for school app offers students the illustration of difficult and complex materials taught in the school like Mathematics, chemistry, biology, and so on. With robust technology like AR integrated into the app, the app offers students the opportunity to visualize and understand the complexity of the subjects in detail. 

Recognition & identification app

The next trending app idea falls into the category of uniqueness that will help in skyrocketing the idea. The recognition & identification app helps users to identify songs, celebrities, along with TV shows, movies, series, episodes, perfumes, any brand, product, etc. 

Expiration date app

Everyone wants to know about the product expiry date which they are using for a very long time or just recently bought it! To solve this problem, the expiration date app allows users to keep a track of the food and product expiration dates they bought. 

This will help users not to worry about the expiry date of the food they are or will be eating along with drinks and others. 

Payment reminder app

This is the app that helps users to monitor their bills, payments, subscriptions, dues, and so on by sending automatic timely payment reminders. 

The payment reminder apps are great for people who often deal with loads of financial statistics and statements and great for the people who often forget their monthly due dates. 

Language exchange app

The language exchange app is an application that can let users choose the language they are willing to learn, read, and write along with the choice of connecting with the people with the same interests. 

With the help of the application, users and students can simply connect with their study partners along with the teachers. 

Smart cooking app

A smart cooking app can be the smartest and to invest in mobile application ideas innovative you need resources, time, and others into it. With the help of smart cooking apps, users can simply enter the ingredients they have currently. 

By analyzing the entered ingredients, the app will provide the user the dish they can prepare with the limited or available resources. Also, the app can let users get some great cooking tips and ideas too. 

Used item giveaway app

There are people who believe in the concept of donation, charity. With the help of the used item giveaway app, users can donate whatever they are willing to donate, the things can be household items, clothing, food, school supplies, and others they are not in need of. 

Also, with the help of such an app, the user can also search for items based on the location, and the type of item they are willing to donate. Furthermore, using this app, users can auction items for charity purposes. 

Police scanner app

People do want to know about the criminal activities or the criminals around to safeguard them from any possible threat. Hence, through police scanner apps, users can easily see and look at the most wanted criminals in their area along with their information and the things they have done. 

Other than that, the app can also hold the database of the criminal activities updated regularly by the users and the professionals too. Also, via the application, people will be able to press the alert button in case of any emergency. The alert in return will inform police along with showing them the location via GPS. 

Interior designer app

People with the fine taste of decor and other home-related items often find it difficult to put the right item to their home accordingly. Thus, with the help of an interior designer app, users can click the picture of their room, house, or place they want to decorate. 

Once done, the users can visualize the room with different interior designing options like curtains, wall paint, carpets, and other decorative items. Apart from that, users can also connect with the nearby product’s dealer for their interior decoration requirements. 

Blockchain IOT security Control

Security devices and tools are quite common and used by people at their homes and also to their offices. Thus, with the help of Blockchain IOT security control applications, the application allows users to control the security systems and devices through Wi-Fi. The process then allows users to answer people at their doorstep without moving out while viewing the footage too. 

Get to know how smart home automation ensures a safe and healthy life. 

The concept can be given a reality using IoT app development and Blockchain development

Cloud presentation app

Getting the whole presentation nicely for the next meeting is a lengthy and calculated process. However, there comes a time when one needs to prepare the presentation within a day or two. Hence, for pushing the process quicker and letting things done in a nice way, cloud presentation apps can be your next big investment. 

The app allows users to skip using the traditional method of making a presentation and collaborating all the team members together using a cloud API for the making of presentations online. This way, team members will be able to give their ideas, feedback, and conclusion together resulting in no wastage of time, energy, and hard work. 

Disaster alert apps

If one is about to visit a place and want to know the weather there, disaster alert apps are the savior. The disaster apps automatically alert one about the expected natural calamity or risk associated with the place. 

Also, these disaster apps are also capable of letting one be informed of the current weather conditions while offering them suggestions about how to be saved from it. 

Eat together app

This is the app that allows different users to invite and accept invitations for eating together. One needs to provide the whereabouts along with the schedule and whom they would like to eat and one is done!

The top on the other hand connects one with another who meets the criteria nearby the restaurant, cafe, and to the convenient schedule for the purpose. 

Book reviews app

There are millions of books available in the market for avid book readers. However, with many numbers of books available, one needs to get through a lot of lines and reading to understand whether to go ahead with the book or not. 

Thus to eliminate a lot of hard work and also to get things done, book review apps can work greatly. Through the app, one can simply click the cover photo of the book, load it to the app and get instant opinions of the readers of the online source in a few clicks along with the information and price of the book at different stores. 

Collective shopping app

Buying a few units or a single product costs more as compared to buying products in bulk. Thus, to help users and shoppers with many benefits like free delivery, offers, discounts, etc, a collective shopping app is the solution. 

Through the collective shopping app, users can identify another user in a certain region who is interested in buying a similar product from the same supplier. 

These are the top ideas you can surely invest in, however, there are some simple app ideas that make money that is already cherishing in the market like- 

and so on. 

Now that you are equipped with a great number of innovative mobile app ideas, it is equally important to understand how to get started with the app development. 

On-demand app development and basic mobile app development are becoming the dire need of the society and the users. 

Get a look at a few things before getting started with the core understandings of how to get ahead with the simple app ideas to make money. 

Here are the things- 

Once done with it, let’s see how to actually come up with the trending app ideas- 

How to come up with unique mobile app ideas ?

how to choose your mobile app idea

Solve the problem

If your mobile application innovative ideas is not capable of solving the problem of the users then it is of no use. Thus, always come up with some trending app ideas that can be a great help for users and the market. 

Identify the pain points, the frustrations, and issues of the users. Research and try to find apps that are already available and how you can come up with better solutions. 

Ensure that you are not competing with the already existing application but bringing more better solutions, ease, and results that can actually help users with their frustrations and pain points. 

The business model

There are apps that offer services to the user by charging some fees whereas there are apps that don’t charge users for the same. 

As you will be entering the market, it is recommended to go ahead with the mobile app monetization model that deals with the freemium business model attracting users to download the app. Offer them a few features for free and others by charging them. 

Check out- How free apps make money

Improve the existing idea

If an app is not capable of offering a complete solution to the users, it is good to improve the existing app. Research about the existing application, figure out what they are missing, and how you can fill the gap for an ultimate solution. 

Analyze the app in the market, identify those existing apps with their plus and loophole, combine the insights, and come with the filling that can make users download your app too. Use the best of the right technology stack for the app. Opt for top mobile app UI design trends, go ahead with the MVP app version, make improvements in the app, and work accordingly. 

Though, improving the existing idea and making changes into the app is challenging but advantageous too. 

Brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming is great for great results, however, if it is not done in the right direction, it can result in a waste of time. 

So, to make everything work nicely, here are a few things to understand- 

  • Keep some topics in mind. Frame the context nicely you are trying to work upon. 
  • Think about the worst ideas possible too. Write down those terrible ideas too and see how you can turn them into the right solution. 
  • Challenge assumptions, think about what kind of app you can also make. Ask why you want to make that app, how you can make the app, how you can be the right person for such an idea, and so on. 

Look for the industry with no apps

There are industries in the market that are quite popular but do not have the availability of mobile apps. Thus, look for such industries, products, or brands, and come up with an app-based solution for them. 

This will not only help the business get more customers from online mode but will also help users on the other hand to get their things and products remotely. 

And as and when users will download your application, it will be easier for you to gain revenue, a great user base, and experience. 

Mobile app trends

The top-notch mobile apps in the market are made by the best of mind, innovators. Also, these apps are the results of using the current technologies, the current market demands, methods, and so on. Thus, before coming up with mobile application ideas innovative, it is good to identify the latest and top mobile app trends.

User research 

Without a user, your app is nothing but just a digital piece of your idea! Thus, come up with a development idea that is based on the target audience and their needs. Thus, go ahead with in-depth user research. 

Check out things like- 

  • How are your users solving their problem currently which you can solve after launching the app?
  • If they are using apps, what kind of apps are they using for their problems?
  • What kinds of apps do they highly use?
  • What is the plus of those apps and what are the loopholes?
  • What are the apps missing and how can you come up with a better solution?

By figuring out such questions, you will be able to serve what users are willing to have.

Make users living easier

As you are developing apps for the users, it is good to work for them and make their lives easier and better. Also, see what repetitive tasks they are performing and how you can let them solve the speed of their repetitive tasks too. 

Keep a notepad

During the process of simple app ideas that make money, you might come up with a great number of things, processes, ideas, and sometimes a great plus. 

Thus, to not forget anything, keep a notepad with yourself and write every single thing and step that is involved in the mobile app development process. 

App localization

Mobile app localization is quite important when it comes to spreading the roots of the mobile app. 

Check out the international market, come up with the innovative mobile app ideas, study them, tailor them as per the market you are trying to endorse your app in.

By doing all the research parts nicely, you can create your app as per the local audience too in their native language resulting in a better user base and revenue. Always remember not to clone the mobile application innovative ideas fully, bring some good points in your app and tailor it as per the requirements. 

unique app ideas of app development


We have mentioned the top mobile unique app ideas which are not just unique in nature but also a great help to the users and for the market. Recommending the top and unique app ideas, we have also mentioned to you the pointers about how to actually find out the trending app ideas. 

Also, there are more trending app ideas that are great enough to let you invest in them. Connect with our app experts and get to know those awesome ideas too. 

Ashish Chauhan

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