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Top 10 Programming Languages in Trend- 2019

top 10 trending programming language

The most vital skill to be learned today in this era of digitalization is knowing how to write code for a particular program. The world is becoming digital at a faster pace than expected and computers are being used in every sector. Ranging from autopilot mode in aircraft or a digital speed-o-meter of your bike, computers surround us in various forms. Computers play a vital role in any organization in scaling up well. The days when we used a pen or paper has passed. Computers have simplified the process of storing information.

There has been a revolution in the digital world and we have seen it many forms such as websites, mobile app, web app and much more. Reports state that the number of mobile apps has increased tremendously in the past few years.

With the same pace to meet out the users demand many new programming languages were introduced with frequent updates in the past ones.. The same improvement and innovations have made many languages outworn. Let’s take the example of Java and Kotlin, a 50 line of code in Java can be modified and used within 30 lines in Kotlin.

A beginner in software field may confuse you a bit while choosing a language for building software and games. But no worries, we understand your requirements and we’ve enlisted the top programming languages in 2019. The below listed top 10 programming languages will serve as a roadmap in deciding which one to go with as per your requirement.

But before we proceed we should understand that each of the languages has its own set of strengths and it totally depends on your purpose and requirement which one to go with from the list of top programming languages.

Let’s go through the top 10 most popular programming languages for 2019

1. JavaScript

java script logo

JavaScript is amongst the top programming languages for web development. It was introduced on 4th December 1995. You have been using mostly while using a browser – even if you don’t realize it. It’s a language which is executed in the web browser, so anyone who has surfed the web using the browser must have used it. It not only ranks amongst the top web programming languages in the world, but it also is compatible with a massive number of devices and platforms.

Being used by the tech giants such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and YouTube it enlists itself in the top programming languages in 2019.

JavaScript is a very powerful language and developers can even write code for DVD using it.   

java language

JavaScript is preferred mostly because of its compatibility feature with all major versions of the browser as well as its flexibility with the syntax it holds. It is a front-end language and can also be used for server-side rendering with the help of Node.Js.

2. Python – One of the most powerful languages yet clean and simple

python logo

Python is a general-purpose programming language, which can be used for building almost anything with ease with the help of right tools and libraries.

Python is a great language for web development, backend, data analysis, scientific computing, and artificial. There are many developers in the community who love exploring the potential of these top programming languages in demand and have to build various games, productivity tools, and desktop apps. Hence, there are enough content and resources through which a developer can learn and execute them for their project.  

Python has a great community and developers can easily enough content, resources, and documentation for exploring the features of this top trending programming languages.

Because of the large community more can easily get help as more people will be investing their time in building useful tools and resources so as to ease the process of development making Python rank high in the list of top 10 programming languages of the future.

python language

3. Java

java logo

Java is an open-source language which is used for creating server-side applications. It has been in demand and is amongst the top programming languages in 2019 because of its diversity in features which helps in the development of the apps for mobile, web and smart devices.

This programming language is amongst the top programming languages to learn for mobile app developers as many famous games like TempleRun, Candy Crush Saga, and Angry bird was developed using Java as a programming language.

Java is preferred by many Fortune 500 companies as well as government firm because of its secure and robust nature.

java language

Image: Popularity Stats of Java
Source: StackOverflow

4. PHP

php logo

PHP known as Hypertext PreProcessor started originally in 1995 as PHP tools (Personal Home Page Tools). PHP, a powerful scripting language is used for building dynamic websites and independent applications. This language is open-source and is used for server-side scripting. It’s easy to learn, widely popular, platform and OS independent and can be used to build interactive pages for the web by embedding scripts of PHP in HTML.

Firstly it was developed for web development but now has gained its popularity as a general purpose programming language which can be used for accomplishing the various tasks.

php language

It has been used by more than 200 million websites including tech giants such as WordPress, Facebook, and Yahoo.

5. C

c logo

Tough, C is one of the oldest languages used for programming, it is still widely used for writing application and software codes and rank amongst the top 10 programming languages. It is mostly used for building high-performing embedded ad computing system which requires flexibility and speed.  

C is also termed as the other language for most of the top programming languages to know such as Java, C++, and Python.

It also eases the path of learning modern languages such as PHP and C++ much easier. C is the base of most of the popular and in-trend operating systems like Linux, OSX, and Windows.

Its flexibility in use and strong support of coding with the simplified management of memory has user-friendly programming language to be explored.  

c language

6. TypeScript

type script logo

TypeScript was launched by Microsoft almost 7 years back but it has been in discussion vividly in the year 2019 and is amongst the most in-demand programming languages in 2019.

Probably it may be sounding like a new one but it’s an old language which is currently used for building Angular applications. It is designed as such to spread JavaScript app development on a large scale. It can be termed as a language which is used for building a JavaScript framework.

TypeScript can manage to close the gap between features for different versions of JavaScript automatically. TypeScript is quite easier to debug as compared to JavaScript.

7. Swift

swift logo

Next on the list of top programming languages in 2019 is Swift which was developed by Apple on 2nd June 2014. Swift is a general purpose, open-source, powerful coding language which is developed by Apple Incorporation, If you are about to develop an app compatible on iOS, Mac, watchOS, or tvOS then going with Swift as a programming language will be a good choice.

Introduced in 2014 it within a short time Swift gained its popularity and was rated as the most loved programming language on Stack Overflow.

The language is 2.6x faster than Objective C and 8.5x faster than Python. Influence by Ruby and Python Swift was designed to be a beginner-friendly language which was fun to be used. This language can be coined amongst the ‘top programming languages to learn’ as because of its security, easy to debug and read as compared to its predecessor Objective-C and faster development features.

Swift requires less code and can be read easily because it resembles somewhat Natural English. Tech developers who have prior knowledge of Python, C, C++, Java, JavaScript or TypeScript can easily learn Swift without any hassle.

Besides all this, essential to state that this language has a confined community, and its frequent updates make it less stable as compared to the other top programming languages used in the industry.

8. Ruby

ruby language logo

Next on the list of top ten best programming languages is Ruby which is an open-source dynamic language for programming. Ruby focuses on productivity and simplicity. It has its origin in the mid-’90s in Japan. This language was designed with the aim of easing and making the programming environment fun to be used.  

Ruby on Rails framework, a web framework for full-stack development. It has a dynamic nature and does not have any hard rules to be followed during development, which has made this programming language, much similar to the English language and easy to use.

ruby app development

You can build application easily with capacity less lines of code but the major challenge is that Ruby is a dynamically typed language and hence it’s not simple to maintain and because of its flexible nature it’s a bit slow.

9. C# C-sharp

c language_logo

C# is an object-oriented programming language which was developed by Microsoft Corporation way back in 2000. C# is a powerful language and is used for developing applications for desktop and recently being used for Windows 8/10 applications using .NET framework.

C# is a tough competitor for Java. The history behind its origin is that Sun was not accepting the involvement of Microsoft in Java, so C # was created as a new programming language.

C# has a variety of features which makes it easier to learn for the beginners. The code is consistent, and logical as compared to C++.

c programming language

As C-Sharp is a statistically typed programming language, the codes are checked before being deployed into applications and hence the chances of tracing errors increases.

Summarising the facts, it’s a perfect language for developing applications for desktop and web, and can be used in 2D and 3D as well as virtual reality games. It is also used for building cross-platform tools like Xamarin which make the mobile app compatible with all the devices.

10. Kotlin


Kotlin runs of Java Virtual Machine, it is a statistically typed language and is fully interpolable with Java. Kotlin is an officially accepted language which is used for building an Android app, along with Java. It is a new language as compared to other languages for programming but it ranks amongst the top 10 most used programming languages because of its scalability and easiness to write codes.

Kotlin is supported as an official language by Google for Android app development in 2017 and ever since most of the leading mobile app development company has started exploring its potential to avail its benefits.

Similar to Java, default language for Android development, Kotlin runs on JVM(Java Virtual Machine), and is used as a JVM language for developing Android applications.

If you wish to build an Android mobile application then, you can go with Kotlin as a language as its officially supported by tech giant Google.

Some of the reasons why using Kotlin as a language for Android mobile app development are listed below:

  • It simplifies the Android mobile app development process.  
  • With lest codes required as compared to Java Kotlin eases the development process.   
  • Seamless integration with Android Studio.
  • It can be used along with existing libraries for Java.
  • It is backed by Google for Android mobile app development.
  • It’s highly secure and so companies like Pinterest have started using the language for their Android mobile app development.  
top 10 trending programming languages infographics 1


Each language has its own set of strength and the choice of the right language entirely depends on the purpose of the app, your requirements, characteristics of the language and local ecosystem. There are some other languages like Go, Rust, MATLAB and it will be fair to mention that these languages have tremendous potential and are amongst the top used programming languages.

With this, we conclude with the top ten most popular programming languages for 2019 and we hope this blog will be beneficial to you in deciding which language to go with for establishing an online identity for your business.

You can reach out to our tech experts in case of any challenges you face or any confusion you have while choosing the right language for your app.

Ashish Chauhan
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