Top AI Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

AI has become the in-thing in the enterprise realm, especially during the global pandemic. Here is what to look for in the coming years concerning AI talent, devices, values, and other major concerns. Ever imagined motion images of freedom fighters that might seem out of a surreal world? In a recent viral post on social […]

Updated 3 April 2024

Ashish Chauhan
Ashish Chauhan

Global Delivery Head at Appventurez

AI has become the in-thing in the enterprise realm, especially during the global pandemic. Here is what to look for in the coming years concerning AI talent, devices, values, and other major concerns.

Ever imagined motion images of freedom fighters that might seem out of a surreal world? In a recent viral post on social media, you must have noticed the images of some patriots (Swami Vivekanand, Bhagat Singh, Bal Gangadhar Tilak – To name a few) coming to life. That is possible just because of Artificial Intelligence. 

The AI-powered technique can now be used to bring old photos to life by animating the photos, adding head movement, flicks and blinks of eyes, and even lip movement. Images can be turned into short videos too. 

As we move onto the bedrock of the era of digital transformation, businesses continue to automate their day-to-day operations with the top AI trends. To cut a long story short, Artificial intelligence (AI) should be on everyone’s radar in 2022 and the foreseeable future. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Originally coined by John McCarthy in 1955, AI and ML are used in development that is programmed to think and respond like humans with the ability to solve problems. AI is designed in a way to be able to build agents/robots that can replicate human behavior and even make decisions on their behalf. 

The design and development of computer systems that have the knowledge and skills required to perform the tasks which usually require human intelligence to undertake – AILab

How Many Types of Artificial Intelligence Are There?

Based on functionalities, there are four types of artificial intelligence: Reactive machines, Limited memory, Theory of mind, and Self-awareness.

Reactive Machines

The oldest and most basic type of AI system is Reactive Machines. These machines do not have memory-based functionality i.e. they cannot learn and cannot use past experiences to influence their present-made decisions.

They can only be used for replying automatically to a limited set of inputs – perform basic operations.

A popular example of such a type of artificial intelligence is Deep Blue, a chess-playing supercomputer created by IBM in the mid-1980s.

Limited Memory

Limited memory AI stores previous data/predictions and uses that data to make better predictions. As the name implies, the memory of such a kind of AI is short-lived. 

Limited memory can use the previous data only for a brief period and cannot store it into its library of experiences.

Theory of Mind

Theory of mind AI is an advanced level of technology. Though it exists only as a concept, researchers are putting their heads together to turn it into a working prototype. Such type of artificial intelligence will be able to have a thorough understanding of people’s feelings, sentiments, behaviors, and thought processes.

This kind of AI isn’t fully complete yet. Robots Kismet and Sophia, created in 2000 and 2016 respectively, are two of the noteworthy examples of such types of AI.


Perhaps, in the foreseeable future or a parallel universe, when AI will achieve nirvana, it will become self-aware. 

Self-awareness is the last stage of AI development which currently exists only hypothetically but is considered to be the most advanced form of AI ever known to humans. Such types of AI will not only be able to understand and replicate human-like actions but also think for themselves and realize their feelings. 

Where Is AI Being Used?

Artificial Intelligence is transforming every walk of life. Over the decade, artificial intelligence has blossomed into a powerhouse of extraordinary technologies giving a competitive advantage to businesses across different verticals like Starbucks implementing AI in mobile apps

Analysts forecast global AI spending will more than double over the next three years, topping the US $79 billion by 2022. 

Presently, AI is integrated into the following fields or things:

  1. Agriculture and Farming
  2. Security and Surveillance
  3. Virtual Assistant or Chatbots
  4. eCommerce 
  5. Transportation systems like Google Maps
  6. Self-driving cars or Autonomous Vehicles
  7. Production and Manufacturing
  8. Sports Analytics and Activities
  9. Healthcare and Medical Imaging Analysis
  10. Warehousing and Logistic Supply Chain

The industries deploying AI solutions are gaining the most traction and creating the most value within an industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is mushrooming by leaps and bounds and already benefiting both big and small businesses. From Siri to speech recognition technology to big data warehousing, AI applications are making lives better – one step at a time.

Now that you are well-acquainted with the advantages of artificial intelligence, types of AI, and what artificial intelligence (AI) is used for, check out the top AI trends 2022. 

top ai trends

Top AI Trends

There has been a visible shift in leveraging AI during a pandemic. The word has it that 2022 is the golden year for AI empowered apps for startups. ‘Artificial intelligence’ , an umbrella term for an array of technologies, the genesis of discussions, is accelerating at unprecedented speed and unearths endless future possibilities.

As companies fasten their seatbelts to steer towards new digital capabilities in order to be resilient and adapt to the post-pandemic futuristic world, current trends in AI will play a significant role in helping them cope with the increasing demands of the user. 

What are the most likely top AI trends in 2022? Scroll down to browse to the near future of artificial intelligence. 

Automated process discovery boosts RPA efforts

The future will be more efficient. Using modern process discovery technology, business executives can see their organization’s automation possibilities. “While these technologies aren’t just focused on automation prospects, they will bring process-related knowledge that can’t be obtained any other way,” says Wayne Butterfield, director at ISG. 

Process mining, task mining, and the up-and-coming conversation mining put “lean on steroids,” according to Butterfield, allowing the organization to know the facts & figure of rpa before constructing robotic process automation (RPA) pipelines more autonomously.

“In 2022, these technologies will truly take off, amplifying the use of Intelligent automation in the process.”

Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

To keep up with the behavioral insights, the Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is one of the top AI trends. IoB can collect, analyze and process data from multiple sources including data from government agencies, commercial customer databases, social media, and location tracking services. 

Public and private entities can use this information to draw useful insights, use those insights to create new products (from a human perspective), and influence customer behavior. 

To cut things short, the Internet of Behaviors is all about using data to change behaviors via feedback loops. 

AI enables effective supply chains

In the future, intelligent supply chain applications should become the norm rather than the exception. “In 2022, supply chains will need to be continually transformed, AI-enabled, and, most crucially, future-proofed, from supply and demand forecasting to digital manufacturing and logistics,” according to the report.

Do you need help with integrating AI into your business? Connect with our experts to learn how the use of artificial intelligence can strengthen your workforce.

Improved Low Code and No-Code Technology

Companies are beginning to leverage out-of-the-box foundation models as they begin to apply AI in the business, decreasing time-to-value for AI solutions in areas like language, vision, and more. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a tremendous influence on citizen development. Thanks to AI advancements in low-code technologies, everyone will be able to become a citizen developer. Citizen coders will be able to communicate the problem they’re trying to solve in plain English, and conversational AI will generate the necessary code.

According to TechRepublic research, more than half of businesses (47 %) now use low-code and no-code in their operations. One-fifth of those who haven’t used the technology yet said they plan to do so within the next year. In the days ahead, the pace of adoption will rise.

Edge Intelligence

Edge computing will become commonplace by 2022. Edge computing, also known as edge intelligence, is the processing and aggregation of data at the network’s edge. Industries aspire to employ the internet of things (IoT) and data transformation services to integrate edge computing into their business processes.

At its most basic level, edge computing moves data processing and storage closer to the devices that gather it, rather than relying on a central location hundreds of miles away. This is done to guarantee that data, especially real-time data, does not suffer from latency concerns that might harm an application’s performance. 

Improved Natural Language Processing

Some examples of Natural Language Processing (NLP) that are used in business operations are to analyze data and detect patterns and trends. In 2022, NLP is likely to be used for rapid data retrieval from data repositories. NLP will have access to high-quality data, resulting in high-quality insights.

Sentiment Analysis, Twitter Analytics, understanding Customer Satisfaction, and other areas will see increased use of NLP.

Cloud-Based AI and Data Solutions

Cloud-based solutions will become increasingly popular. Massive amounts of data are already being generated. The problem is gathering, labeling, cleaning, organizing, structuring, and analyzing this huge volume of data in a single area. The solution will be a cloud-based platform. 

The next several years will be crucial in the Data Science and Machine Learning in development industry’s battle for minds, arms, and budgets with Cloud Computing behemoths. Although AWS looks to be in a stronger position than its competitors, GCP’s challenges may be a fascinating aspect of market restructuring in the next few years. Simultaneously, Microsoft Azure looks to be retaining its dominance in North America.

business values are predicted by ai types

How Appventurez Can Help Businesses Integrate The Power Of Artificial Intelligence?

In the wake of the profound economic impact of COVID-19, the business landscape is undergoing a survival-of-the-fittest scenario. The omnipresence of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives underscores the importance of embracing current AI trends to redefine businesses and enhance customer experiences. Staying competitive requires businesses to stay well-informed about emerging trends, carefully select an AI app development company, and strategically leverage AI-powered solutions. This proactive approach is crucial for reaching new heights and extracting maximum value from the transformative capabilities that AI offers in these challenging times.

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Q. What is the scope of artificial intelligence in 2022?

By 2022, companies are anticipated to have 35 artificial intelligence programs in place. By 2022, the AI and machine learning market are predicted to grow at a 44 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to US$9 billion. In recent years, there have been several developments in AI and machine learning technologies.

Q. What will be the future of AI in the coming future?

Artificial intelligence is influencing the future of almost every sector and every person on the planet. Artificial intelligence has functioned as the driving force behind developing technologies such as big data, robots, and the Internet of Things, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Q. What is the smartest AI today?

Google's AlphaGo might be the best AI on the planet. The Google DeepMind team's AlphaGo is the first artificial intelligence computer to defeat human players in the game of Go.

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